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06 June 2005, 04:27 AM
Hi, I'm wokring on a game called Dreams: Essences Of Life

It's a PC RPG, and as of now My team has:

Voice Actors

2d Artists

3d Artist



Anyways...My game Has a 2d battle system mixed with 3d Environments...And I need someone to design the monsters for my game's battles.

If You'd like to work, You'd get a description and a Name for the monster, and you are FREE to DESIGN it, to make it look however you'd like it to look (as long as it fits the description)

The monsters should be standing in a 2d Fighter Way, and when I say a "2d Fighter" way I mean that they should be standing on a single, horizontal imainary line..look at the image:
As you can see, the background looks like it has depth, but the characters' feet are practically in the same imaginary line.

well..that's the best i can explain it :P


The monsters should be in an anime-ish style..

here's a little example of a blob

This is a very choppy and sketchy version of it..
the final monsters should be made with neat lines and coloring..also the backgrounds should be TRANSPARENT!

Anyways...monsters are very important in an RPG.
and if you feel interested please contact me:

MSN Messenger:
AIM: DreamsDieg

Thank You!

If You p[articipate you'll be in the game's credits!

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06 June 2005, 04:27 AM
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