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06 June 2005, 12:02 PM
Ive gone back to my personal philosphy studies again because Im also playing with the thought to drop the industry and go and study philosophy what I had initially allready planned.

I bumped into alot of definitions of art and what different philsophers saw in it.
The more I read about it the more I also think about turning into the direction of studying art.

The work of Schopenhauer was the last thing I looked into and he has some very radical takes on it.

Maybe I havent read enough yet, wich is probably the case, to have a big enough base to really discuss this issue but I would like to hear your opinion about how much you see a paralell between theese to areas and your personal thoughts to them.

06 June 2005, 10:36 PM
Schopenhauer had a very dark perspective on philosophy but his ideas aren't unheard of. Buddhists believe that life is suffering and the only way to escape it is to reach enlightenment. Schopenhauer just modifies that idea by claiming art is a bridge to enlightenment. I personally don't agree with either in their opinion that life is suffering.

06 June 2005, 10:57 PM
Art (well sort of) and philosophy merged, the duck-rabbit of Wittgenstein

06 June 2005, 01:03 AM
Philosophy is tied into my art quite a bit. But as an author, my writing is reflective of my philosophy, and my art is reflective of my writing. So the philosophy tends to get into the art by proximity. :)

06 June 2005, 10:22 AM
hehe I like the picture ;)

Well Schopenhauer may have a dark perspective but his idea is much more than a modification from the buddhist beliefs (or way of thinking).

Putting the will as main drive to all life is a very different take. He doesnt really see art as the path to enligment from what I read but more a chance to step back and be free from will and to be trueley objective. (for a short period of time before plungeing back)

Also at the first glimps his views may seem very dark but they are actually very liveley and full of hope with his discription of the neverending character besides all beeing, time etc.

Yes, writing is a strong reflection of your personal philosophy if in my opinion you actually write for the sake of writing.
Same with all artforms (I would actually class writing as an artform) ... as if you do them true and from within for the sake of their beeing I think you are on the right track.

Im still learning so I can't really say anyway ;)

06 June 2005, 04:38 PM
hehe I like the picture ;)

probably one of the most famous things related to Wittgenstein

Well Schopenhauer may have a dark perspective but his idea is much more than a modification from the buddhist beliefs (or way of thinking).

True. He liked buddhism a lot tho, and called the Christian religion some "stupid tale". ;)

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06 June 2005, 04:38 PM
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