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06-27-2005, 11:29 PM
On they have an old Mel syntax highlighting file/wordfile you can download but its from late 2001. Is there an updated wordfile for Mel for UltraEdit?

06-28-2005, 12:36 AM
There should be one on Highend3D.

I use UltraEdit all the time. me likey.

Haider of Sweden
07-19-2005, 07:46 PM
Any idea where this can be found? I've been using UltraEdit for a while, and use some of the existing syntax highlighting :shrug:

07-19-2005, 08:10 PM
you can use mine:

/L20"MEL Script" Line Comment = // Block Comment On = /* Block Comment Off = */ String Chars = " Escape Char = \ File Extensions = MEL
/Delimiters = !%^&*()-+=|\/{}[]:;"'<> , .?`
/Function String 1 = "proc [a-zA-Z]* ^([a-zA-Z]*(*)^)"
/Function String 2 = "proc ^([a-zA-Z]*(*)^)"
/Indent Strings = "{","window","columnLayout","layout","rowLayout","tabLayout","formLayout","menuBarLayout","scrollLayout","frameLayout","paneLayout","shelfLayout","gridLayout","rowColumnLayout","shelfTabLayout","columnLayout","layout","rowLayout","tabLayout","formLayout","menuBarLayout","scrollLayout","frameLayout","paneLayout","shelfLayout","gridLayout","rowColumnLayout","shelfTabLayout"
/Unindent Strings = "}","setParent","showWindow"
/C1"Data Types"
/C2"Boolean Constants"
on off
/C3"Flow Control"
if in
continue case
default do
/C4"Other keywords"
** $
/C7"MEL Commands"
about abs addAttr addAttributeEditorNodeHelp addDynamic addNewShelfTab addPP
advanceToNextDrivenKey affectedNet affects aimConstraint air alias aliasAttr
align alignCtx alignCurve alignSurface allViewFit ambientLight angle
angleBetween animCone animCurveEditor animDisplay animView annotate
appendStringArray applicationName applyAttrPreset applyTake arclen
arcLenDimContext arcLengthDimension arrayMapper art3dPaintCtx artAttrCtx
artAttrPaintVertexCtx artBuildPaintMenu artUserPaintCtx assignCommand
assignInputDevice attachCurve attachDeviceAttr attachSurface
attrColorSliderGrp attrCompatibility attrControlGrp attrEnumOptionMenu
attrEnumOptionMenuGrp attrFieldGrp attrFieldSliderGrp attributeExists
attributeInfo attributeMenu attributeQuery attrNavigationControlGrp
attrPaintCtx attrPresetEditWin autoKeyframe autoPlace

bakeClip bakeResults bakeSimulation basename batchRender bessel bevel
bevelPlus bindPose bindSkin blend2 blendShape blendShapeEditor
blendShapePanel blendTwoAttr blindDataType boneLattice boundary boxDollyCtx
boxZoomCtx bufferCurve buildBookmarkMenu buildKeyframeMenu button

camera cameraView canCreateManip canvas capitalizeString catch catchQuiet
CBG ceil changeSubdivComponentDisplayLevel changeSubdivRegion channelBox
character characterMap characterOutlineEditor chdir checkBox checkBoxGrp
choice circle circularFillet clamp clear clearCache clip clipEditor
clipEditorCurrentTimeCtx clipSchedule closeCurve closeSurface cluster
cmdFileOutput cmdList cmdShell collision color colorAtPoint colorEditor
colorIndex colorIndexSliderGrp colorSliderButtonGrp colorSliderGrp
columnLayout commandEcho commandLine commandPort commonPaintCtx
componentEditor computePolysetVolume condition cone confirmDialog
connectAttr connectControl connectDynamic connectionInfo connectJoint
constrain constrainValue constructionHistory contextInfo control
convertFromOldLayers convertSolidTx convertTessellation convertUnit
copyArray copyFlexor copyKey copySkinWeights cos cpButton cpCollision
cpConstraint cpPanel cpProperty cpSeam cpSolver cpTool createDisplayLayer
createDrawCtx createEditor createMotionField createNewShelf createNode
createRenderLayer createSubdivRegion cross crossProduct ctxAbort
ctxCompletion ctxEditMode ctxTraverse currentCtx currentTime currentTimeCtx
currentUnit curve curveAddPtCtx curveCVCtx curveEditorCtx curveEPCtx
curveIntersect curveMoveEPCtx curveOnSurface curveSketchCtx cutKey
cycleCheck cylinder

dagPose dateString defaultNavigation defineDataServer defineVirtualDevice
deformer deg_to_rad delete deleteAttr deleteShadingGroupsAndMaterials
deleteShelfTab deleteUI deleteUnusedBrushes detachCurve detachDeviceAttr
detachSurface devicePanel dgdirty dgeval dgInfo dgtimer dimWhen
directionalLight directKeyCtx dirmap dirname disable disconnectAttr
disconnectJoint diskCache displacementToPoly displayAffected
displayAllWindows displayColor displayCull displayLevelOfDetail displayPref
displayRGBColor displaySmoothness displayStats displaySurface
distanceDimContext distanceDimension doBlur dolly dollyCtx dopeSheetEditor
dot dotProduct doubleProfileBirailSurface drag draggerContext dropoffLocator
duplicate duplicateCurve duplicateSurface dynamicLoad dynCache dynControl
dynExport dynExpression dynGlobals dynPaintEditor dynParticleCtx dynPref
dynRelEditor dynRelEdPanel

editAttrLimits editDisplayLayerGlobals editDisplayLayerMembers editor
editorTemplate editRenderLayerGlobals editRenderLayerMembers effector emit
emitter enableDevice encodeString env equivalent equivalentTol erf error
eval evalDeferred evalEcho event exampleUI exclusiveLightCheckBox
executeForEachObject exists exp exportComposerCurves expression
expressionEditorListen extendCurve extendSurface extrude

fclose feof fflush fgetline fgetword file fileBrowserDialog fileDialog
fileInfo filetest filletCurve filter filterCurve filterExpand
findAllIntersections finder findKeyframe findMenuItem findRelatedSkinCluster
fitBspline flexor floatArrayEq floatEq floatField floatFieldGrp
floatScrollBar floatSlider floatSliderButtonGrp floatSliderGrp floor flow
fluidCacheInfo fluidEmitter fluidVoxelInfo flushUndo fmod fontDialog fopen
formatPrint formLayout fprint frameLayout fread freeFormFillet frewind
fromNativePath fwrite

gamma gauss geometryConstraint getApplicationVersionAsFloat getAttr
getClassification getDefaultBrush getenv getFileList getFluidAttr
getInputDeviceRange getMayaPanelTypes getModifiers getPanel getParticleAttr
getpid globalStitch glRender glRenderEditor gmatch goal gotoBindPose
grabColor gradientControl graphDollyCtx graphSelectContext graphTrackCtx
gravity grid gridLayout group groupObjectsByName

hardenPointCurve hardware hardwareRenderPanel headsUpDisplay help helpLine
hermite hide hilite hotBox hotkey hotkeyCheck hsv_to_rgb hwReflectionMap
hwRender hwRenderLoad hyperGraph hyperPanel hyperShade hypot

iconTextButton iconTextCheckBox iconTextRadioButton iconTextRadioCollection
iconTextStaticLabel ikfkDisplayMethod ikHandle ikHandleCtx
ikHandleDisplayScale ikSolver ikSplineHandleCtx ikSystem ikSystemInfo image
importComposerCurves inheritTransform insertJoint insertJointCtx
insertKeyCtx insertKnotCurve insertKnotSurface instance instancer
internalVar intersect interToUI intField intFieldGrp intScrollBar intSlider
intSliderGrp iprEngine isAnimCurve isConnected isDirty isolateSelect isTrue
itemFilter itemFilterAttr itemFilterRender itemFilterType

joint jointCluster jointCtx jointDisplayScale jointLattice

keyframe keyframeOutliner keyframeRegionCurrentTimeCtx
keyframeRegionDirectKeyCtx keyframeRegionDollyCtx keyframeRegionInsertKeyCtx
keyframeRegionMoveKeyCtx keyframeRegionScaleKeyCtx
keyframeRegionSelectKeyCtx keyframeRegionSetKeyCtx keyframeRegionTrackCtx
keyframeStats keyTangent

lassoContext lattice layerButton layeredShaderPort layeredTexturePort layout
lightlink lightList lightListEditor lightListPanel lineIntersection linstep
listAllMenus listAnimatable listAttr listCameras listConnections
listDeviceAttachments listerEditor listHistory listInputDeviceAxes
listInputDeviceButtons listInputDevices listMenuAnnotation listNodeTypes
listRelatives listSets listThisMenu listTransforms listUnselected loadFluid
loadNewShelf loadPlugin loadPrefObjects lockNode loft log lookThru ls
lsThroughFilter lsType lsUI

mag makebot makeIdentity makeLive makePaintable makeRoll manipMoveContext
manipMoveLimitsCtx manipOptions manipRotateContext manipRotateLimitsCtx
manipScaleContext manipScaleLimitsCtx marker match max memory menu
menuBarLayout menuEditor menuItem menuItemToShelf messageLine min
minimizeApp mirrorJoint modelCurrentTimeCtx modelEditor modelPanel move
moveIKtoFK moveKeyCtx moveVertexAlongDirection movIn movOut
multiProfileBirailSurface mute

nameCommand nameField namespace namespaceInfo newPanelItems newton
nodeIconButton nodeOutliner nodePreset nodeType noise nonLinear
normalConstraint normalize nurbsBoolean nurbsCopyUVSet nurbsCube nurbsPlane
nurbsSelect nurbsSquare nurbsToPoly nurbsToPolygonsPref nurbsToSubdiv

objectCenter objectLayer objectType objectTypeUI objExists obsoleteProc
offsetCurve offsetCurveOnSurface openGLExtension openMayaPref optionMenu
optionMenuGrp optionVar orbit orbitCtx orientConstraint outlinerEditor
outlinerPanel overrideModifier

pairBlend palettePort panel paneLayout panelConfiguration panelHistory
paramDimContext paramDimension paramLocator parent parentConstraint particle
particleExists particleInstancer particleRenderInfo partition pasteKey
pathAnimation pause pclose percent performanceOptions pickWalk picture
pixelMove planarSrf plane play playbackOptions playblast pluginInfo
pointConstraint pointCurveConstraint pointLight pointMatrixMult pointOnCurve
pointOnSurface pointPosition poleVectorConstraint polyAppend
polyAppendFacetCtx polyAppendVertex polyAutoProjection polyAverageNormal
polyAverageVertex polyBevel polyBlindData polyBoolOp polyChipOff
polyClipboard polyCloseBorder polyCollapseEdge polyCollapseFacet
polyColorBlindData polyColorPerVertex polyCone polyCopyUV polyCreateFacet
polyCreateFacetCtx polyCube polyCut polyCutCtx polyCylinder
polyCylindricalProjection polyDelEdge polyDelFacet polyDelVertex
polyDuplicateAndConnect polyEditUV polyEvaluate polyExtrudeEdge
polyExtrudeFacet polyFlipEdge polyFlipUV polyForceUV polyGeoSampler polyInfo
polyInstallAction polyLayoutUV polyListComponentConversion polyMapCut
polyMapDel polyMapSew polyMapSewMove polyMergeEdge polyMergeEdgeCtx
polyMergeFacet polyMergeFacetCtx polyMergeUV polyMergeVertex polyMoveEdge
polyMoveFacet polyMoveFacetUV polyMoveUV polyMoveVertex polyNormal
polyNormalizeUV polyNormalPerVertex polyOptions polyPlanarProjection
polyPlane polyPoke polyProjection polyQuad polyQueryBlindData polyReduce
polySelectConstraint polySelectConstraintMonitor polySeparate
polySetToFaceNormal polySewEdge polySmooth polySoftEdge polySphere
polySphericalProjection polySplit polySplitCtx polySplitEdge polySplitVertex
polyStraightenUVBorder polySubdivideEdge polySubdivideFacet polySuperCtx
polyTorus polyToSubdiv polyTransfer polyTriangulate polyUnite polyUVSet
polyWedgeFace popen popupMenu pose pow print printMemory progressBar
progressWindow projectCurve projectionContext projectionManip projectLight
projectLightEditor projectTangent projFileViewer promptDialog propModCtx
propMove putenv puttyCtx pwd

querySubdiv quit

radial radioButton radioButtonGrp radioCollection radioMenuItemCollection
rad_to_deg rampColorPort rand rangeControl readTake rebuildCurve
rebuildSurface recordAttr recordDevice redo reference
refineSubdivSelectionList refresh refreshAE rehash reloadImage removeJoint
removeMultiInstance rename renameAttr renameSelectionList renameUI render
renderer renderGlobalsNode renderInfo renderLayerButton renderManip
renderPartition renderQualityNode renderThumbnailUpdate renderWindowEditor
renderWindowSelectContext reorder reorderDeformers requires reroot
resampleFluid resetAE resetTool resolutionNode reverseCurve reverseSurface
revolve rgb_to_hsv rigidBody rigidSolver roll rollCtx rot rotate
rotationInterpolation roundConstantRadius rowColumnLayout rowLayout
runAllShelfItems runTimeCommand runup

sampleImage saveAllShelves saveAttrPreset saveFluid saveImage
saveInitialState saveMenu savePrefObjects savePrefs saveShelf
saveToolSettings scale scaleConstraint scaleKey scaleKeyCtx
sceneUIReplacement scmh scriptCtx scriptEditorInfo scriptedPanel
scriptedPanelType scriptJob scriptNode scriptTable scrollField scrollLayout
sculpt searchPathArray seed select selectContext selectedNodes
selectionConnection selectKey selectKeyCtx selectMode selectPref
selectPriority selectType separator setAttr setAttrMapping
setConstraintRestPosition setDefaultShadingGroup setDrivenKeyframe
setDynamic setEditCtx setEditor setEditPaintCtx setEscapeCtx setFluidAttr
setFocus setInfinity setInputDeviceMapping setKeyCtx setKeyframe setKeyPath
setMenuMode setNodeTypeFlag setParent setParticleAttr setProject sets
setStartupMessage setState setToolTo setUITemplate shadingConnection
shadingGeometryRelCtx shadingGroupDialogDaemon shadingLightRelCtx
shadingNode shelfButton shelfLayout shelfTabLayout shellField
shelveAllMenuItems shelveMenuItems shelveThisMenu showHelp showHidden
showManipCtx showSelectionInTitle showShadingGroupAttrEditor showWindow sign
simplify sin singleProfileBirailSurface size skinCluster skinPercent
smoothCurve smoothstep smoothTangentSurface snap2to2 snapKey snapMode
snapshot snapTogetherCtx soft sort sound soundControl source spaceLocator
sphere sphrand spotLight spotLightPreviewPort spreadSheetEditor spring sqrt
squareSurface srtContext stackTrace stitchAndExplodeShell stitchSurface
stitchSurfacePoints strcmp stringArrayCatenate stringArrayCount
stringArrayIntersector stringArrayRemove stringArrayRemoveDuplicates strip
stroke subdAutoProjection subdCleanTopology subdCollapse
subdDuplicateAndConnect subdEditUV subdiv subdivCrease
subdivDisplaySmoothness subdListComponentConversion subdMapCut
subdMapSewMove subdMatchTopology subdMirror subdToBlind subdToPoly
subdTransferUVsToCache substitute substituteAllString substring superCtx
surface surfacePaintCtx surfaceShaderList swatchDisplayPort switchTable
symbolButton symbolCheckBox sysFile system

tabLayout tan tangentConstraint TestAllAttrEditors testAllMenuItems
testAllOptionBoxes testAttrNameSize testCmdFlags testCmdsWithObjects
testMenuAnnotation testOptionBoxesForOneMenu testThisMenu texManipContext
texMoveContext texRotateContext texScaleContext texSelectContext text
textCurves textField textFieldButtonGrp textFieldGrp textScrollList
textToShelf textureDisplacePlane texturePlacementContext textureWindow
texWinToolCtx threePointArcCtx timeControl timePort timerX toggle toggleAxis
toggleWindowVisibility tokenize tokenizeList tolerance tolower toNativePath
toolButton toolCollection toolDropped toolHasOptions toolPropertyWindow
torus toupper trace track trackCtx transformLimits translator trim trunc
truncateFluidCache tumble tumbleCtx turbulence twoPointArcCtx

uiOnDemandExample uiTemplate unassignInputDevice undo undoInfo ungroup
uniform unit unloadPlugin untangleUV untrim upAxis updateAE userCtx
userPaintCtx uvLink uvSnapshot

validateShelfName valuePaintCtx vectorize verifyCmd view2dToolCtx viewCamera
viewClipPlane viewFit viewHeadOn viewLookAt viewPlace viewSet visor
volumeAxis vortex

waitCursor warning whatIs window windowPref wire wireContext workspace
wrinkle wrinkleContext writeTake wtPaintCtx

xbmLangPathList xform

** -a -b -c -d -e -f -g -h -i -j -k -l -m -n -o -p -q -r -s -t -u -v -w -x -y -z
** -A -B -C -D -E -F -G -H -I -J -K -L -M -N -O -P -Q -R -S -T -U -V -W -X -Y -Z

Haider of Sweden
07-19-2005, 10:13 PM
Hey thanx man! Very kind of you :)

07-24-2005, 01:45 AM
There should be one on Highend3D.

I use UltraEdit all the time. me likey.

ever tried MEL Studio PRO?


Haider of Sweden
07-24-2005, 07:22 PM
Nope. I once downloaded a demo, but hadnt have the chance to try it out.
Does it work internally in Maya?
What benefints does it have?

07-24-2005, 09:19 PM
It's a window inside maya, so it's completely within Maya. Which means you get a nice MEL editor, syntax highlighting and other nice features you find in UltraEdit, but right in maya. So executing your script, sources directly in maya like it would in the script editor. It's very convenient.

08-09-2005, 11:54 PM
Hey Iconoklast, i tried out yours but it didn't work very well. It didn't seem to highlight MEL commands that weren't inside ``. I got the one available here and it works very nicely, except it's for version 5.0.

08-10-2005, 06:55 AM
that's strange, it highlights them as they should here.
With the commands in blue, and flags in a lighter blue, even within the ` ` things.

08-10-2005, 07:45 AM
Yeah, it was weird. It also happened with the mel.txt you can download from the ultraedit site. But this one from seemed to work. So i just now need to update the MEL command list. The highlight you put there, what version is that for?

Haider of Sweden
08-10-2005, 09:22 AM
Did you do the folowing?

Copy Iconclast's code, and paste it into wordfile.txt
Ultraedit: Advanced/Configuration > Syntax highlighting/Language/Mel script

08-10-2005, 12:37 PM
It's not really version dependent, but I created it (well, modified it) to fit scripting I was doing whilst using maya 6.5.

08-10-2005, 09:53 PM
Ok then, i'll just copy those MEL commands into my wordfile.txt

08-16-2005, 06:00 AM
ever tried MEL Studio PRO?
I've tried LE, but not PRO.

I like it except that I always have to sift through my other Maya panels (hypershade, hypergraph, AE, etc.) because it likes to get stacked. and then I get annoyed.

With a simple Alt-TAB I'm over to UltraEdit and I'm happy.

Sell me on MEL Studio PRO and I'll give it another chance. I've just gotten used to creating a button that sources my mel.

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08-16-2005, 06:00 AM
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