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06 June 2005, 12:57 PM
I am currently playing around with the demo of Vue 5 Pro.
Can anyone tell me how well you can load a Lightwave scene with animated objects into Vue Infinite? I would like to know if you can load bone deformed objects in or does Vue only accept these from Poser?

Mark Wilson created Point Oven which allows you to exchange deformation data between Messiah, Lightwave, Maya, C4D, Max and XSI I think. Be great if a version of Point Oven for Vue was developed as well. It would be very Handy!


06 June 2005, 07:10 PM
The short answer is, you can't.

You can import LW objects although you're better off using obj's as there's some serious issues with textures, obj's offer quite random results but lwo's are just useless. You can export to Lightwave but not with the demo.

07 July 2005, 01:04 AM
Well for the first time, I'm glad I waited and didn't spend my money yet...

Lightwave objects are important to me as a Lightwaver! So how to I get say City Block 01 (from the Cityscape thread) into Vue 5 Pro (demo)??

I converted the textured city block object in LW to OBJ, but upon loading the obj into Vue 5, the textures are missing.... :rolleyes:

What route is needed to get this city block object into Vue 5 Pro demo, properly textured?? I have LW, XSI etc - any pointers appreciated...

I can't see myself buying V5I now until I can get my textured LW objects into it...


07 July 2005, 10:10 AM
I posted a question about this quite recently, there was a solution by using a seperate, free application to simply open & save the OBJ's. The problem with OBJ's actually starts with Lightwave as it doesn't export the texture information. I managed to use Deep Exploration to convert from LWO to OBJ & it kept all the textures intact but it was still hit & miss when they were opened in Vue.

The only way that Vue would be useful for me now is if it could load Lightwave camera & light data so that I could render landscapes in Vue & everything else in Lightwave.

07 July 2005, 10:51 PM
First of all, in my opinion, any interchanging format like "dxf, 3ds (damn I hate it), obj" to synchronize between most common 3d apps is undoubtedly waste of optimization. As far known, such formats are widely known for most of the time but expanding the set, subversions and interpretations make software packages understand more difficult, they give much more effort (like, if I`d say this in my own landuage, I wouldn`t use such long sentences and you`d understand me easier).

Secondly, vue, as its object handling perspective, regardless of the format impressed me very much. Not only it`s own format, but also denser formats like USGS DEM, she can handle quite well. I wasn`t expecting her to handle a lwo in the same manner. I loaded my lwo, and oops, she yelled ;) BUT , I converted my lwo to lw5 format, and she behaved EXACTLY in the same manner she handled her own format and the usgs dem, so CONGRATULATIONS to vue team.

Third, I never rely on a 3rd party buffer for exchange and exchange and exchange. It`s just a matter of parsing data. You parse it once, you let it go. An american speaking english to american. OR, an american, speaking english to a chineese , chineese talks to the Turk in english, the Turk talks to american in english. Just the same. With the probability of perfection kept hidden as a coincidence. ANYWAY

Expectedly (yes, the answer is coming), vue is promoting it`s interchangebility with industry leader 3d packages like XSI, Maya, LW, C4D and MAx. And it has exchange plugins in the bundle CD.

Me, as a Lightwave user for years, exporting to vue and importing from vue in lwo did not loose a pixel in detail and did not kill me working on the loaded object both side. (damn, vue uses lots of transparency definitions that makes lw consume a lot render time). Same goes for the opposite. But there is another way from vue developers, called VueSynch.p, a native compiled plugin, it mentions to handle exchanges. I couldn`t make it work, I didn`t need it (what I couldn`t do in vue, I just animated and rendered in LW and passed). But here is the readme of the plugin.

// Vue 5 Infinite synchronization plugin for LightWave 3D v8
// Instructions


The compiled plugin file is named "VueSynch.p"

To make the plugin work just add it manually within LightWave like any other


Launch the VueSynch plugin once it has been added. Once opened, select in the
list the objects you want to synchronize among lights and cameras then click
on button "Synchronize" at the bottom of the dialog.



hope this helps a bit.

The Best 3D software package in the market IS,
the 3D software package you can use best.

best wishes


07 July 2005, 12:45 AM
So am I to understand that you have this plugin but STILL couldn't get (as an example) that CityBlock01 object from LW into V5I with textures intact????

Sorry for all the ???'s but I need to know if I can do this because it's NOT WORTH IT TO ME if I can't...

I'm not willing to run around through more than one simple export procedure.

I realize that LW is stripping the texture for its OBJ export (considering Newtek's "just to get by" development habits, we lucky we even got OBJ export at all).

But Vue's stated features as you said yourself, is it supports "industry standard" formats and LW was listed.

I tried exporting to LW5 format cause I figured Vue wouldn't be up on LW8's enhancements. Still no joy (I believe it only exported diffuse color cause I didn't see image textures like I do in Layout.

I'd still like to know if a Vue5 owner can get cityblock01 into vue, properly textured and what steps it took - this is paramount to my purchase.


07 July 2005, 12:29 PM
i would like to be able to help you but im not a lw user myself so i have no idea, but i dont have any issues with importing/exporting from other applications so i would be puzzled if lw/vue cant manage this and by the answer that kivanc posted heīs able to export from lw to vue aswell (itīs just the plugin that isnt working for him).

however you should be able to sync cameras even if you cant export from lw to vue, which means that you can render what you need in lw and the rest in vue.

Anyway, the v5Infinite demo is out now so check that one out instead of the v5pro demo, v5Infinite has alot more capacity when it comes to this stuff.

07 July 2005, 06:40 PM
Well, to be clear :

1- You can not load boned objects from LW to vue
2- Yes I`ve loaded elements from LW to vue but it has exceptions
3- VueSych works, but it is funny
4- Why ? Vue renderer is not a state of art rendering engine. The case should be "exporting to RIB or Mental ray capable renderer". Vue is perfect on Natural environments, so easy and rather short rendering times. Try compositing. Vue has a perfect G-Buffer/Multipass options to dump. But I wouldn`t import everything to vue to render.

You can export high polygon objects to vue from lightwave but this does not mean you can export complex abjects and high polygon does not mean complex. Objects with bones and multiple layered textures etc. are pain for vue to handle. On the other hand, the classical objects, full of triangulated polygons, yes vue can handle them. Don`t expect vue to handle SubPatch phase of an object. You must freeze the polygons to send it to vue.

VueSynch only reads "render options" tab for anim length and exports the render camera, I couldn`t export lights as well. The coordinate system in LW is metric, vue has units. So, if you want to position your camera in vue, just divide by 20 (vue sync did it) what you read at LW, and here is what in VueSynch gives. It handles spline changes I think but I`m sure not the expressions. VueSynch is not a complete solution for scene elements exchange.

Anyway, if you want 3D natural affects, Vue is cool. The other hand, It is not a "all in one" perfect animation suite. Maya is. LW can be but vue is not.

07 July 2005, 10:19 PM
As a Vue4 owner, I understand what Vue is...

I'm not expecting complete lightwave scenes into Vue, but I did want Vue for what it's supposed to be for; being able to drop buildings and some Poser6 people and perhaps a spaceship or car or two - I'm not expecting the world (no pun) but I do expect to be able to drop a CityBlock type object into Vue5I, textured and be able to create an environment around it.

That's all I'm asking (the successful methodology) since it's not as simple as the Vue webpage(s) leads you to believe.


07 July 2005, 12:01 AM
as far as poser goes that is how easy it is willbelljr, import, sync (vue detects if you update the pose in poser and syncs it acordingly in vue) render.

You guys should bump e.on regarding the issues with lw.

07 July 2005, 09:10 AM
I don't know if this could be useful, as I haven't tryed it, but it might be:

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