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06 June 2005, 04:00 PM
Hi there fellow companions, I'm gonna need a nice demoreel, so i've been thinking instead of showing in the reel just random stuff, about making a bit of a comovent story with some characters(let's just hope i survive the gigantic task ahead:rolleyes: oh...the Global illumination...)

Now, i need to spend some time to make a good pre-production, so that the entire 3dshort doesnt get a waste of time, so i made this animated storyboard.

I hope you guys can gimme some critics&suggestions to make it better(or if u think the idea complety sux) , if u like the timing, the music etc.

Just so i don't forget - I picked up this chapter from Gantz manga, and i thought i was really cool, so i based my 3dshort on this edited piece of Gantz Manga chapter.

Notes about the Wip storyboard:
1- When she hits the ground, then suddenly she already is up is like that in the original manga. I'll have to make her stand up slowly in Cg, in that moment.

2- When they hug, that scene is pretty long since i wanted to have the camera moving in 360 around the 2 of them in slowmotion.

ok...that's pretty much everything i can say

here's the file:

and may the force be with u:)

06 June 2005, 08:17 PM
You've taken a rather large bite to chew on. Most of the scene is going to require extremely subtle expressions mixed in with the extremes. I know that you are using the manga as a guide, but you might consider redrawing scenes yourself.

A comic and manga artist has several tricks that works well for them, but do not work in the 3D environment. For example, the girl is not standing after she has been sliced. The artist put the viewer underneath so that the face could be seen more clearly. In a 3D environment, that would place the camera underneath the cement. Additionally when the girl with the katanna is first shown from the back, it looks like she is three or four stories up; however the buildings are only two stories when drawn from a different angle. Because the artist redraws each frame individually, they have the ability to use these errors to great effect. Try to do the same thing in 3D, and people immediately notice it is wrong.

Since you are using the manga as your camera point of view, my suggestion is that you redraw the scenes from a different angle, and show where you are placing the camera and the lights. This will make you more familiar with your stage, and hopefully keep you from making a shot that only works in a 2D universe.

06 June 2005, 04:58 PM
i suggest you to make an animatic with those images,try to animate them in 2d (a raw animation), record all voices and sounds and put them together before you start animating, that will give you a solid idea of how to make some things in 3d , and will give you the sense of timing also, how long avery scene should last. keep it up!!

06 June 2005, 07:08 PM
thanx for the repplies.

i have done the start of the storyboard into a 3d animatic, very blockly&simple, but actually using the 3dstage i'll be using for the final animation(without texturing or lighting). My greatest fear would be that the times wouldnt match, but they actually sorta do.
I've tested a few times but she still might be running a bit too slow in the first shot.

well let's see what can be done of this:shrug: , or i'll probably have to find some simpler demo reel to do

PS: Btw:D the "girl" who slashes the other girl is actually a long haired man :P

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06 June 2005, 07:08 PM
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