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06 June 2005, 11:40 PM
How did you start digital painting ?
Im a beginner. I started drawing with pencils and charcoal a while a go. I draw Mostly poitrait and still life. I was drawing just for fun. Most of the time i coppy from a photo (in a movie or book)
Now i really really want to learn digital painting
The problem is that i've never took any painting classes in my life. So i dont know how color works.
I know Photoshop pretty well, understand most of the tools. I start out with a nice drawing and scan it to my computer. Then i use PS to paint, but it always turns out awful.

In my opinion, i think i should first learn how to paint in real life, learn how to mixing color and all the basics before i start painting on my computer.
So i just bought a few books on oil painting, and try to learn by myself.
But water color or oil ? Or just go pick up some color design book and learn about color.
Please give me some advices ! Because im blind right now. There are only black and white color in my world:sad:....
I wonder How did you start digital painting ?
If you can tell me what books or Dvds are good for beginner ? It would be great!

Here's the book tittles i bought :
The Complete Oil Painter: The Essential Reference Source for Beginning by Brian Gorst
Timeless Techniques for Better Oil Paintings by Tom Browning

Thank you very much !

P/S: Some of my works , so you know where my level is :

06 June 2005, 02:22 AM
i think you've got a good base with pencil/charcoal. thats what i started with. then, just like you, i wanted to paint. i decided i'd start with watercolour. which i sucked at haha. so i did more digital painting instead.
first, about watercolour: its not as simple as it looks. unlike oil, you cant just scrape off whatever you did the day before. the paper absorbes the water, and thats the end of that. of course, layering is possible, but erasing isnt. so practice lots if you wanna.
about oil: i know almost nothing on this subject, cause i have not the financial means.
about digital painting; you dont need to know in real life how to paint before learning CG. ex: me! i still dont know much about traditional painting, but i think i understand cg pretty well. of course, i still need tons of practice, and am no where near where i'd like to be, but i didnt take any colour theory classes, or art classes at all for that matter, and i seem to be gettgin along all right on my own. its great that you have books, read them thoroughly. but remember that thats only theory, and its gonna take more than that to paint well, ie. practice. so dont rely completely on what you read, because it's not going to be always the same when you start painting. also, for cg, i suggest getting a tablet. its good investment if you want to learn digital art. (:

the best of luck to you!

ps. i think digital art is easier. you can 'undo'. [and its not cheating!!]

06 June 2005, 02:46 AM
Thank for your reply, peaches !

I know what you mean. Practice, practice and you will get better.
So i guess i wasted my money on oil painting, didnt i ?:(
Does Anyone know any books or Dvds for Digital painting on Photoshop ?

Thanks !

06 June 2005, 03:15 AM
First of all, welcome to CGTalk, Einstein. You sketch very well -- your shading skills are exceptional. I've been doing digital painting for a year now and I started by scanning my pencil sketches and coloring in Photoshop. It wasn't until I began working strictly in Photoshop that my work began to develop -- coloring between the lines was really holding me back.

My advice is to work in Photoshop as much as possible. Draw circles, triangles and squares in different colors. Learn how to shade and highlight in PS as easily as you do with pencil and charcoal. Learn about using opaque color versus changing the opacity levels to mix colors. Learn when to use the Burn tool (sparingly) to darken a color and why shading with black is a bad idea. Check out tutorial lessons on this site -- there are plenty of good ones in the WIP 2d forum. Even if you think you're familiar with PS keep trying new things --there's plenty of other useful features you'd never dreamed of. Draw as often as you can -- post a picture in the WIP section and try coloring it. People here have good advice and will let you know if your colors are out of whack. If you can't get to a computer, bring a set of markers with you and play around with them in your sketch book. For a long time I was working only with pen and ink and never gave color a second thought. I got a job in an art store and everybody I worked with was into graffiti art and always carried markers with them. For awhile it was like a foreign language, but I got used to it bit by bit. I'm still learning, so trust that it won't happen over night.

Hope that helps.

edit: You might find this thread useful, especially the link for Color Theory:

06 June 2005, 04:39 AM
What a great forum ! Your replies are helpful. I really appreciate !
Any more comments are more than welcomed !

Thanks you guys !

06 June 2005, 09:45 AM
I would recommend Painter as an alternative to Photoshop. Painter feels and looks far more like traditional mediums. The brushes actuall behave similar to real life brushes. Photoshop is great for editing, and you can certainly paint with it too, but it cannot do wet-on-wet painting at all, and blending in Photoshop really lacks compared to Painter's brush engine.

The books you got are great. You'll learn tons from them. I know I have.

You might want to consider the d'artiste: Digital Painting book as well. Look at the link in my signature.

06 June 2005, 02:43 PM
Thank for your reply, peaches !

I know what you mean. Practice, practice and you will get better.
So i guess i wasted my money on oil painting, didnt i ?:(
Does Anyone know any books or Dvds for Digital painting on Photoshop ?

Thanks !

haha no you didnt waste any money. it'll come to good use, you'll see. for books on digital painting, well, i dont own any, but i've been wanting to get D'artiste. you can order it off i think. but i find that for me, what i use the most is other people's work, for an idea of how i want to paint myself, on how to shade of whatever, and also for inspiration (:. online tutorials are aewsome too.
heres a couple:
and of course all those that are in that sticky thread

i have tons more. but seemed to have misplaced them.
good luck.

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