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06 June 2005, 10:55 AM
A few weeks back, I made a comment that it's better to make a quick short in a couple of days and get it done, as a back-up film, than let all the houseplants die and forget to pay the phone bill working on something very ambitious, and suffering through a missed deadline. Here are some quickie premises anyone can use or adapt to their needs. Comedy tends to be about pretense and confusion.

20 Quick short funny scripts on the theme of "CHASE"Giant robot victim of time-freeze ray: you get the joke, everyone but the hero is frozen in time

Donkey and elephant walking around red/blue map: are you sure you didn't give me the election? I think you brought it on yourself with that fag amendment? What? The flag amendment?

Venus fly trap and fly: take your pick -- fly reading newspaper at bus stop, when Venus flytrap takes seat beside,...

Hot babe mannequin in window being torn down by male mannequins who say she's a snob and has no money and always wants to spend yours

Game of jacks -- I have you now! says ball...

Ninja leprecaun staring down other ninja, who know he's a leprechaun

Pan and nymph on treadmills in gym

Baseball bouncing -- it's not like you're working on ending world hunger, pick me up already!

Approaching bus and turtle too far away seeing other turtles getting on

Dog chasing scent

Yawning soundtrack for spaceship chases: at end, driver apologizes for not getting enough sleep; a passenger comments that you get more oxygen that way, so they don't mind...

Cement drying

Sideburns (see cement above)

The perfect tan -- raisins looking for stardom and promising they won't get stuck up after their big break...

Second hand of watch


Rainbow chasing

Whale pretending to be shark chased by ship, playing accordion afterwards

Cigarettes -- chain smoking

Merry-go-round (could be computer terminals)

Diploma as bait on mousetrap

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06 June 2005, 10:55 AM
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