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06 June 2005, 11:34 PM
Hello there!
Theres not too much of a back story to this idea, so I'll try to drag it out a bit ;)

A friend of mine did a wipeout ship in Maya for a collage graduation assignment.
And a day ago I tried getting some of my character models into Unreal Tournament 2004 just for fun, to see if I could do it. I got the 3dbuzz bonus dvd so I managed, and today when my friend woke up I asked him if he could send me that ship model and textures, so that I could try to get it into the game.
I figure the UT2k4 engine is pretty sweet for a wipeout mod what with the static meshes and that whole UED story :)
So I managed to get the ship into the game ( ), and now I'm trying to get a (at first) short mod together.

Doesnt have to be huge really, maybe just stick with this ship and another and a race track, just to get a demo going and to see if it's possible :)

I don't have a ton of ideas right now since I'd like to get a team together so we could come up with stuff together. I don't want a bunch of peons working on my ideas, but on stuff we think of together!

Gamespot has got a few movie clips from Wipeout which could maybe sweeten the deal.

I am myself a character animator, so Im afraid theres not a ton of work in it for me.
But I can take care of the animations and exporting, and could do some models in Lightwave and then get it into Maya for further work.

So what this project would need is:

One leveldesigner for that one demo track, of course skilled with Unreal Editor and a 3d software, depending on how we figure we want to do the track.
Could talk about track ideas in private, but if I would brainstorm for a while I'd go with something like in the first movie in the link below, a sort of snowy mountains track that doesnt have too much of surrounding details like a city, but just mountain peaks.

Programmer I guess, beeing a graphics artist I don't really know what has to be done on that side of mod developing, but since my original idea is to keep it short and just do a demo at first, I dont think it would require all that much time or effort really.

Perhaps a modeler for a ship or two and perhaps static meshes for the race track unless the leveldesigner(s) don't figure they can do that themselfs :)
Don't really care what 3d program is used for the models,
aslong as it's all uv mapped and textured by the end it reaches the Maya > Ut2k4 exporter it's all good.

What I figure that the project allready has - or has a great chance of having, is:

Me the animator and exporter, animating and exporting out of Maya.

The friend who did the original model for a totally other project, could maybe do one or two more. we havent talked about the mod at all, I've just told him about the idea so I dont know if he is up for it, but I dont doubt that he will.

Music / SFX producer. I could maybe take care of some basic SFX like for the engines and stuff. got a friend who has been producing electronic music (trance, which I actually think would go quite well with wipeout) who has been supporting me with a few projects before. he is currently talking with sony music about producing a track, so I hope he's got time :)

So if you're gonna spend all summer infront of your computer, let's use that time to get this mod together. I doubt it will take too much time, atleast on the graphics side since it's almost too easy to get custom stuff into this game! :)

Please contact me on:

And we'll work something out! :)

Thank you

06 June 2005, 04:00 AM
so I've been learning unreal script for about two days now trying to get the ship in as a hovercraft instead of a player character.

tell me that wouldnt be fun as hell on a serious wipeout looking racetrack :)

still a few stuff missing on the demo model (like uvmaps for the engine), gonna talk to the guy about that or something :)
but Im liking my progress so far :)

06 June 2005, 09:09 AM
Nice clip- It's basic, but You've got more happening than some seem to be able to do in a port. Kudos! :thumbsup:
.... a bit curious about why you chose wipeout, since it is already a done game and has about everything that you could want happening in it.

06 June 2005, 11:37 AM
heh thanks :)
well I havent played wipeout for ages really, and I just feel like killing time so I decided to learn how to mod unreal :) it's real fun to mod this engine's just setup the way I like it, not like Id's engines Im afraid
it's not that I want to make something wipeout has failed to produce itself..just wanna mod :)

been messing around a bit now..done some track parts like straight, bend up/down and sharp turn..made them into static meshes and was gonna build them like a lego on a jungle terrain, but Im not so sure now after trying it out, might just do the whole track in 3d and export it from there..hmm :)
thats about the size I want it I think..never mind the high polycount hehe :)

yeah its very basic ;) but I was so happy about getting the ship to fly in the engine :D
gonna do it all over from scratch later, gonna make it roll when it turns aswell :)

06 June 2005, 12:23 PM
Not bad so far, kudous for getting it to work. But you have alot left to do :)

First off the ship is still in the gun position, and with all the WipeOut games...'purists' like my self prefer the original look. So you should strive to position the model to be right in the middle of the screen with the camera just about above the exhaust and the ship alittle out in front.

Other than that learning how to use the physic's engine in Unreal should prove interesting, but there is defintely going to be some needed "physical" attributes in the area's of friction, thrust and gravity which will lend to the whole overall feeling for flying that bad lad.

On the flipside, you on the right track...I own every wipeout game ever made. I really hope you pull it off. :thumbsup:

Good luck and defintely watching.

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06 June 2005, 12:23 PM
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