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06 June 2005, 05:38 AM
Okay, I decide to bite the bullet and join up with a challenge on cgtalk (haven't been in one for two years). My scene will be be a car chase between a remote control car carrying a bomb and a car being driven by the hero of the story that is chasing the rc car and trying to defuse the bomb. I will have limited special effects. The main thing I plan on doing is shooting the cars driving at much slower speeds so that it is easier to make them do stunts, and coordinate between the remote control car and the real car, and then mess with times to get it to look like they are going alot faster. The other thing I will be doing is shooting the cars separately against he same backgrounds, then putting them together into the same shots.

So far, ideas for shots are:

Some how the story needs to be introduced and the chase begins. For this I'm thinking it could be like it's continuation of a longer story. Maybe a close up shot of a radio with an announcement that the villain has a remote control car packed with explosives heading for city hall that must be stopped in 2 minutes. Next shot could be the hero launching out into the street and spinning out. I can cut to some kind of tracking device map that is being used to locate the RC car. Various shots of the hero driving down streets. They will meet at a cross street, the hero's car will have to make a hard left with tires screeching and fall in behind the RC car. Next, the rc car will weave in and out of traffic. (for this shot, I was thinking I would shoot in a parking lot with parked cars, or very slow moving cars, and do close up shots of the rc car driving under cars). Next the two cars will try to push eachother off the road. For this shot I was thinking I would shoot each one separately but mark out where each one needs to drive with chalk on the pavement, then match up both shots. This way I can have each one hit the other car and veer off dramatically, without having to actually do this. Another shot could have several more rc cars appear on screen, and the hero has to quickly figure out which one has the bomb by taking out the fake cars (driving over them perhaps?

For the final 'take down' shot, either it should be the hero car finally catching up to the rc car, and pulling up beside it. Then he will have to drive his own car while defusing the bomb. Right at the end maybe he defuses it at the last second.

Another suggestion was instead the RC car will be flipped over, and a bomb squad team will jump out of the hero car to defuse it.

Other shots that I will cut to during the chase, is interior shots of the hero driving his car, and of the bomb timer.

I'm thinking there will be no dialogue, just music (chemical brothers) and over the top sound effects.

Next, I need to check out some locations to shoot this footage, and make a storyboard. I'm going to head out and take some test footage as well.

06 June 2005, 11:23 PM
SOunds elaborate! I'm looking forward to it!

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06 June 2005, 11:23 PM
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