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10 October 2002, 11:20 AM
how can i insert new nodes from the fx operator selector, if i have no 3 button mouse. i tried drag & drop, its not working. any suggestion?

ive updated my graphics card drivers and the node-lines are displayed now, yay.

holy shit, the compositing options in xsi are really great, cant await to see hows going to be in v3.

10 October 2002, 12:16 PM
oh and btw:
do you know if v3 will have a timeline editing (for simple cutting)? - i heard it will have a ram player.

10 October 2002, 03:00 PM
the file output renderer is not able to do a logical numeric system. strange. when you set a file name for example: test.pic - it's doing test.1.pic, test.2.pic, test.3.pic, etc... - instead test.001.pic, test.002.pic, test.003.pic, etc.

when i want to import a rendered sequence its not collapsed together and some particular images are outside the sequence group (because of the wrong numeric system).

how can i solve this problem in xsi (fx compositor), without to rename the files all the time?

10 October 2002, 06:44 PM
1.haven't used fxtree since it came out, gues they don't have frame padding in there yet, you could import into image clip viewer then export padded or use a renamer as you are already

2.answers from soft have been more bizarre than the absence of an editing interface ranging from "why would you need that?" to "That's what an avid or DS is for, yes its expensive compared to premier for just editing but then its real time, I understand you not expecting real time in a compositor and don't need a real time compositor(think nothing to sell), I'm not sure what you could do" to "we were the first to have an integrated compositor... oh Houdini did 5 years ago?... ours is scriptable... oh theirs is too?"
Sorry to gripe on this one I find the fxtree simply amazing in terms of speed and potential I just was frustrated and facinated by the amazing array of answers as to why not. I think that question provided more insight into Softimages relationship with AVID than asking about that realionship directly ;)

One part solution is:;action=display;num=1034879296

Editing in FxTree like Adobe Premiere (;action=display;num=1034879296)

3.Use the Operator menu drop down list on upper right.
Odd that fxtree isn't listed in the xsi keyboard mapping, never noticed that
Perhasp try finding the MS keyboard+Lclick=mclick somewhere I thought one existed
or if feeling custom make a custom tool bar with button for each:
select your fxtree and run:

set selectedfxtree = GetValue( "SelectionList" )
AddFxOp selectedfxtree&".FxTree", "Composite With Matte"

set selectedfxtree = GetValue( "SelectionList" )
AddFxOp selectedfxtree&".FxTree", "PE:Chrome"


the names for all the FXOPs are the same as in manual and FXOP slector view except Painterly

Effects, preceded by PE:

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