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06 June 2005, 09:18 AM
I'm the lead guy for a mod called Warriors of the Apocalypse. Its a gritty, humerous & creative HL2 mod with a lot of talent, we need one or 2 more guys to help us out by making vehicles within the 2 to 4 thousand polygon range.

Here is an example of what we need more of:

Its not very post-apocalyptic looking right now, but we plan on having damage models for vehicles (similar to GTA), as well as modifications that players can make on vehicles. Besides, as I'm sure you know we can always add a machine gun, flood lights, a roll cage, a few 2x4's wrapped in barb wire and a snowplow to this bad boy later on :P

Now trust me, this mod isn't just all talk. Here is some of our most recent work:

Our mod has been around for a while and has been featured on various half life 2 news sites.

The full story can be seen here (just incase its not front page news anymore on (

Now I know a lot of you guys here enjoy modelling vehicles, the WIP threads are full of high end car models :P Why not help out in making something really great? This project would make a hell of a portfolio piece. Its also a good way to learn a few tricks.

So stop by ( and check out our stuff (site is a little outdated, we're about to put the new one up so no sense updating what we have currently

Feel free to sign up on our forums at

Any questions or comments? Contact me however suits you best.

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06 June 2005, 09:18 AM
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