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06 June 2005, 08:02 PM
Going to a weeding with a girlfriend...
So I had to post early. Please wait until SATURDAY to post.

"outdoor wedding"


We will try to post one of these topics once a day for your enjoyment.

These are the rules:
* Post only your FINAL piece on this thread, based on the topic on the thread.
* RESOLUTION : The image can have any aspect ratio up to 800 x 600
* They can be done on any medium.
* If you wish, you can add a brief text description about your piece.
* Only original compositions. No "tributes" or plagiarizing, unless is it an integral part of the challenge.
* The topics will be posted every day between 10:00 - 12:00 am US EST.
* The artist also has to post total length of time it took (Thanks Clanger for the idea) and program used.
* Only final pieces can be posted on the thread. They must have been done AFTER the topic has been announced.
* Any piece caught breaking the rules will be taken off the thread.
* The topics will be picked at random from the list on this thread
(The author will be given credit). So guys keep them coming.
*You can add multiple entries, but please dont post WIP (Unless you intend to update them). NEW RULE!
* Ill post ANOTHER thread to quantify and track WHO has participated the most on these threads.

Good luck

PS To submit your topic ideas and suggestions go to this thread:
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06 June 2005, 11:26 PM
all in one.. two classical.. underwater wending and jaws :P

06 June 2005, 12:23 AM
Open Canvas, 20-25 minutes
@sogan: my one is also bit wet

06 June 2005, 12:55 AM

I'll be gone this weekend, so I'm posting early.

06 June 2005, 03:11 AM
nice entrys

06 June 2005, 03:55 AM
Yay! I suck! :D

I think I'll try again. This has no dynamics, colour or anything really.:sad:
PS 40 mins wacom.

06 June 2005, 03:55 AM
Damn nice work Daniel!:D

06 June 2005, 04:16 AM
Wow! danielh68, lovely scene..
here's my version :hmm:
photoshop, bout an hour..

06 June 2005, 05:28 AM
I'm a long time lurker, but this is my first entry in the daily sketch thread. I'd like to paint faster, and I figured this thread is the best thing I could do to speed up, so hello all, and here is my first sketch. This was 2.5 hours with Photoshop & Wacom, (most of that time being spent on background that I eventually cropped out, which is one of the things I need to get better at planning beforehand) I would love some criticism, so fire away! (

06 June 2005, 05:42 AM
Hey Justy,

Nice sketch and welcome! ;)

06 June 2005, 06:24 AM
Here is my horrible entry.
danielh68 nice work on the rock surfaces.
Justy welcome aboard.

ok. so mine was somewhere around 2h with PhotoshopCS
I need atleast 100 hours to create a good pic.. So uhm u know how good 2 hour pic looks like.

06 June 2005, 08:07 AM
first time i've clocked over two hours... about 3hrs 15min with painter and photoshop...
and welcome aboard Justy.

06 June 2005, 08:13 AM
Wacom tablet in Microsoft Acrylic (beta 4.0d); Imported into GIMP for scaling and touch-up work. Total Time: 130 minutes;

Despite being still fairly beta, Acrylic has a very nice feel. It is a bit like a vector version of Corel Painter.

redfrog - not a shotgun wedding, perhaps a spearpoint wedding? Tonework is very nice, and I like all of the little details; Lighting is well done.

Falcor_ - a nice antique feel to this; I like the transparency on the dress and the (to be) married couple really looks in love. Good job.

Justy - yikes! Interesting interpretation, if a bit grotesque

Zietwolf - certainly an outdoor wedding! Next to washing a car, this is probably the best method of making it rain...

06 June 2005, 09:55 AM
my very first daily sketch I think... lets try something like preshistoric outdoor wedding :)

Photoshop7, about an hour of fun...

06 June 2005, 10:22 AM
painter, about 2 hour

06 June 2005, 10:28 AM
Nice to have you here NinjaASSN :thumbsup:
Ok from this day on you will be doing 2 headed turtle picture quality every day in a hour :twisted:

Just kidding. Have fun! :bounce:

06 June 2005, 10:49 AM
hehe, thnx Falcor_! Is this one really sooooo bad? :D

06 June 2005, 10:50 AM
Trying some new brushes I've been working on. This is supposed to be some kinda secret japanese wedding between two rival nobles, but it kinda lost the atmosphere somewhat:

PS 1hr wacom (still, it's an improvement on the last one!) :D

06 June 2005, 11:04 AM
I've been lurking for some time and this is my first time to submit something, I've just received my Wacom yesterday. I'll be trying to post a submission for each following Daily Sketch Topic and to learn how to draw.


It's about someone playing a wedding with his finger puppets :P

06 June 2005, 11:08 AM
Welcome Mantra.

Hope you find the daily sketch group both enjoyable and helpful.

06 June 2005, 11:27 AM
Hahaha, Ninja, what a pic! Looking at those
glowing eyes and her frame I wonder if he's ever
gonna untie that rope

ouch,man, that's no marriage!


06 June 2005, 11:33 AM
Hey Mantra,
welcome and have a blast!

06 June 2005, 12:04 PM
1h15, Photoshop + Wacom. :)

06 June 2005, 12:42 PM
only 10' one in photoshop. (

06 June 2005, 01:16 PM
about 2 h, wacom, photoshop & painter

with kind regards

06 June 2005, 01:36 PM
No words! :buttrock:

06 June 2005, 01:41 PM
wow, salamander, that's completely awesome :eek: ....the light on the bride's hair...the fog... but I have to ask, is the lightning hand-painted too??
Koekebakker, I like that one a lot too!:thumbsup:

06 June 2005, 02:10 PM
2-3 hrs in pencil with minor touches in GIMP.
Tried to do good with this one... forgive me if some people aren't seated correctly!
Best wishes to the newlyweds, Roberto!

06 June 2005, 02:21 PM
thank you very much guys, i'm pleased that you like the pic...
@elmasfeo: of course you may ask:) ... i used the ps-plugin KPT Lightning to get the basic shape, then i painted over, tweaked it a little bit and added a few details in ps. finally i used painter to get some more glow... so its actually "half-handpainted"....:)

best wishes and a nice weekend

06 June 2005, 06:07 PM
NinjaASSN: No its not that bad! :thumbsup:
Koekebakker: Great colors and cool idea.
SalamanderCoral: Beatiful :thumbsup:
Hexaditidom: I can see some progress! Your atmosphere is beginning to show. Good good. Keep at it. People might give you level up award. After you get the composition and shapes right concentrate on the colorwork

06 June 2005, 07:39 PM
Wow! There are some amazing sketches here!

06 June 2005, 09:18 PM
Great sketches everyone :applause:

Here's my entry.
~30 min / photoshop

06 June 2005, 12:41 AM
Thanks Falcor :)
It seems many of us depicted it with rain, while others took a more... unique approach. I applaud those efforts as well. :thumbsup:

Keep sketching, everyone!

06 June 2005, 04:31 AM
Hi everybody,

I just thought i'd participate with a quick entry before i went to bed;

06 June 2005, 12:55 PM
a little more than a sktech, not even gonna tell you how much it took, hehe,
i just kept working on it

this is two people just knowing they're going to be together forever ; they
have decided to spend an afternoon in a nice secluded place together to
celebrate the realization of this.

so it's sort of a stylized wedding , even if there's no priests or stuff around :)

06 June 2005, 01:37 PM
I like it Squibbit :thumbsup:

I based mine on a video game, GTA2 type style

PS + Mouse = 50min MAX

06 June 2005, 01:50 PM
hey squib, thats great... looks very romantic!:thumbsup:
i wonder if such a place is really existing somewhere in finland...? would be cool...:)

06 June 2005, 02:19 PM
i wonder if such a place is really existing somewhere in finland...?

Yea maybe in a much much smalller scale, Finland's a relatively flat country with
no big height differencies (<-- dunno how to say that correctly) in terrain,
especially such sudden and steep ones. It's all forested though and we got
thousands of little lakes scattered all around the land, so it's pretty nice.

I think our biggest hill (heh can't really call them mountains, they have another name,
but I don't know the translation for it) is somewhere around 1KM tall (0,65 miles).

haha, that pic of yours is just crazy, MWarsame


06 June 2005, 04:17 PM
So many cool pictures here! I love Panu's (what a romantic scene!) and also salamander's.

Here's one I tossed together:

06 June 2005, 04:19 PM
and u got such great colors in your pic, paperclip !

are the colors from your head or some pic ?


06 June 2005, 04:43 PM
I've been studying bouguereau, so the colors are largely inspired by his stuff. I color picked a couple of his stuff before, added it to my (huge!) swatch mixed that with a lot of swatches from my head (pretty much all the 'picked' swatches are in the sky)

06 June 2005, 06:28 PM
Didn't get a chance to finish this one, but thought I'd post it anyway... (

06 June 2005, 08:04 PM
30 minutes painter. Kinda turned into a not so obviously outdoor wedding, but whatever.

06 June 2005, 10:35 PM
A late one, and a quick one. Photoshop, 50 minutes.

06 June 2005, 07:20 AM
PS - 2 hrs


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06 June 2005, 07:20 AM
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