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06 June 2005, 12:25 AM
Hi Guys, I've a little test script here for use with this character (Wink Wink)

And his very similar best mate Kink Wink... They're stereotypical stoner alien teenagers...

It's meant to be fun and tongue in cheek... I'd really, really appreciate any advice on how to make it more effective at grabbing the audience, and standing out from the crowd as memorable... Cheers

Wink Wink Final Rig Test sequence

Title: Character audition 01

Black screen, title fades in, fades out…Fade in from black screen… A little red circle flashes in the bottom right corner of the screen We see Wink ‘in pose’ on a pedestal like a wooden artists mannequin… He is held up by a metal pole up his back passage. We watch unsuspectingly as Wink rotates a full 720 degrees over 6 or so seconds. Upon his third revolution, Wink looks directly at us, he has an uncomfortable expression on his face… He goes round… The camera jiggles a little and we hear a male voice trying to contain his laughter (Kink) …Wink is watching us again as he comes around and notices that Kink is giggling at his discomfort…

Wink: Stop laughing man…

Kink: (Finally lets laughter seep out)

Wink: (frustrated) This bites.. There’s got to be a better way to get this gig Kink?

Kink: Nah dude, I’m telling you, this is the only way we’ll ever get ourselves animated man, every body’s doin it… Don’t be such a primadonna (Laughs a little louder and loses a bit more control of the camera)

Wink: Maan… I don’t care how great these animators are to work with… No gig is worth this!

Kink: Dude, you don’t get it, it’s about how much you’re willing to sacrifice for your art…(snickers to self some more)

Wink: (makes a feeble attempt to get down) Nup! (points at camera)You don’t get it… This (points at large rectal pole) is degrading man… I’m outta here..

Kink: (Snickering to self now..) Yeah… Funny thing about that ay… I knew you’d wimp out so I kinda used this (shows us a tube of super glue) instead of the the lube to get the pole in… You aint going nowhere ‘til we finish this vid bud…

Wink: (Starts to lose his temper… Then pretends to calm down..Speaks thru clenched teeth ) Good ol’ Kink… Always one step ahead aint you…

Kink: Uhuh (chuckles)

Wink: Alright then, let’s do this… Can we slow down the spin first though, I’m getting dizzy

Kink: (Moves forward toward control)

Wink: (Swipes at him frantically) You F*&&$($

Kink: (jumps back and laughs…) One step ahead…ehehh

Wink: (begins really losing his temper… He’s crazily rocking back and forth to try get off the pole, the whole time directing anger at Kink and trying to grab him)

Kink: That’s it dude.. Keep it up, this is pure gold!! (leans toward him as a tease..then pulls back just out of reach)

Wink: (gets angrier and angrier and closer and closer)

Kink: Yeaheah dude, that’s it, this’ll get us the gig for sure…Wooo

Wink: (stalls almost reaching Kink.. His expression changes to fear as he realizes what’s about to happen…then he is whisked back onto the floor…smashes his head and is out cold)

Kink: Aaah dude, what’re you doing… that was just getting good… Some people just aint got what it takes eheh… Sorry ‘bout that (chuckles). (turns camera on self) We’ll have to umm take a raincheck on the audition for now… (looks over shoulder at Wink) Looks like we might be uhumm ‘busy’ for a while too… Until then.. Why don’t you check this guy out… He’s got the goods man… (places business card on screen)… (Peers around side of card) seriously… Check ya (winks then pushes off button on camera)

Scene fades but card remains… Then some behind the scenes stuff comes in, with the credits… 1 last cutshot back to Kink filming Wink in a really compromising position…and laughing about it

Kink: (quietly) Pure gold dude, pure gold…

Fade to black…

Any comments or advice is greatly appreciated ;)

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06 June 2005, 12:25 AM
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