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06 June 2005, 09:20 AM
Looking for somebody with a maya crowd simulation software such as AI implant or a good understanding of particle instancing to generate a crowd scene for a concert performance. I dont need much heavy animation, and dont really need super detailed models, faces arent even important, just the basic body shape in varying clothes, since the lighting will be dark rim lighting and we will be viewing them from the back....if i have to provide those models, no problem. I basically need like 4 animations....

Crowd jumping up and down hysterically

Crowd waving hands side to side

People in crowd holding up one hand with a lit lighter, waving side to side in a rythmic motion

Standing around swaying side to side in a smooth, rythmic motion

They should also be blendable, able to go from one animation to the next with no visual problem. There will be no walk cycles or anything....everybody will be standing in one spot. If i can get varying heights, body shapes on the characters, that would be great. Once again, im using maya on os x. Each animation shouldnt take i guess longer than 50 frames, since i will be looping them to meet my needs. I will gladly give credit to anyone who can help me with this.....If there is anybody interested, i will post back a pic of how the crowd should be laid out in relation to the stage. Thank you all, and good day

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06 June 2005, 09:20 AM
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