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06 June 2005, 04:44 PM
right, well i started using this tutorial ( to do some renders of projects here at work. It worked great with Maya 6.0 complete and never had a problem. Recently here at work we've upgraded to Maya 6.5 Unlimited and now when i render the same files, it just shows black, as in nothing is being rendered (i'm guessing it's because of no light source, because when i place a light source it renders, but not in the style we've grown used to here at work)...none of the settings are changed. I can open the older files up again in 6.0 and it'll render, but i have some new files created in 6.5 that won't load in 6.0...

any ideas of how i can fix this? or another tutorial where i can have the basic white background realistic style?

(if the link doens't load up, it's basically creating a white sphere, placing the object in the sphere, having a plane of a very bright white being the light source, no real light source, using MR and Final Gather...)

06 June 2005, 03:22 AM
I just tested an old 6.0 scene with IBL and came up with the same behavior.

The objects seem to be in the scene, because when I turn on FG diagnostics, I see the FG points on them. But then, after checking just about everything, I notice that the image file name is correct, but the directory above it somehow changed from sourceimages to lightMap. After reselecting the file, everything worked again.

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06 June 2005, 03:22 AM
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