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06 June 2005, 06:05 AM
Hey everyone,

This is actually a pre-recruit recruiting post you could say. I actually have not started "officially" signing people up yet, but I decided that due to the respect I have for all the people and their talents on this website I would give you all a heads up. I am in the process of creating a new animated series in the vein of a comedy aimed towards the adult audience. This project has been in the works now for nearly two months, and I personally have done a great deal of the work.

Up to this point I have been the creator, Lead Writer, Lead (and only) animator, and every other position. I have had help in the writing area, and I have people signed on for various things including the audio, website, and communications (which will be necessary as I am expecting a geographically spread out group to be involved)

I should explain the premise of the series so that I can show why we're so excited to get this project finally into the animation stage of development. The series is going to take place in the future (year 2167) and will be about a small core group's adventures. I am not going to give out any more specific details about the story or characters until I release the website to the world. If someone shows enough interest in the project I will share more info in order to find out how well they would fit.

The animation will be somewhat stylized. We don't want photorealistic, but a simple character design in engaging settings. I have created some models as early development ideas for writing and other areas, but with the addition of any of the talented animators here I'm sure the models will be far improved.

I would be happy to share some pieces of the script for those seriously interested. For now I can say that the style is similar to something found on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. The target audience is the same as for that segment, but in no way is this to be a mimic of those shows.

The issue of money is fairly simple with this project. I am doing this because I enjoy the script and the story so much, but also because I can have another thing to be proud of in my portfolio. The person I've recruited to handle the recording and mixing is a college student majoring in sound engineering who also is doing this for those reasons. It is the same for everyone involved so far. I am making the initial investment for this project, but as soon as I publish the website and the animations are released, any income will be split evenly among all the members of the project. I will only pick 4 or 5 animators (one I will hopefully give the control of lead animator to) so that should turn out nicely if any money is made.

If anyone is interested feel free to email me at Please send me a list of all the 3D animation programs you know how to use in the order that you most prefer to use. Also please send anything you would like me to see as that will be one of the most deciding factors here. I will be putting up the website soon if anyone is simply interested in following the progress and story of the series. It will be titled "Galaxy B.C." and I can't wait to show it off to everyone.

Thanks for reading all the way through that, and once again feel free to contact me with any questions or interest you may have.

-Anthony Veach

06 June 2005, 05:43 AM
Hey again for anyone interested, here's a quick update:

I have received more response that I had planned on from my posting on this forum. For anyone that still wants to fill a position, I have some interest for a couple modelling and animation positions, but I am still looking for at least two more people. I want to clarify that I am going to recruit the 4 or 5 people, and then hopefully give up the lead animator duties to the person that I feel best understands the style and direction of the series. If you are someone that would be interested in that role (for credential purposes or any other reason) then feel free to note that in the email.

Take it easy,
Anthony Veach

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06 June 2005, 05:43 AM
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