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10 October 2002, 01:42 AM
All done in Maya
Critics Welcome
The 2000+ Body style was too boring for me and its my wife's favorite car so i spiced it up a tiny bit.

10 October 2002, 02:20 AM
kickass...that looks better than the real thing!:beer:

10 October 2002, 04:27 AM
nice job, I like the details of the breaks. What I really like is the way the light bounces of the car's paint. Really realistic. Good job

10 October 2002, 04:41 AM
Looks great! very cool lookin rig for sure, I too really like the reflectivity of the paint job. Definitely excellent work. Man I just love all these car models coming on here lately, they look beatiful..

So is this a nurbs model or SubD's?

10 October 2002, 04:46 AM
Hey guys, Thanks for the comments. Makes ya feel good when you get some good feedback :)

It was modeled in poly's then converted to subd for the ease of creasing on some areas then back to polys.

10 October 2002, 02:56 PM

Those first two renders look great.
For some reason I don't like the style (material - lightning) you used for the third render. I might me just me, but it looks like the car isn't up the quality as the first two renders.
This might be just the headlights showing off their capacity, but still.....

When you look at the windows at the side, it looks like the A - and B- style are a bit off. Needs some work there in my opinion.
The black line (styles) aren't too thick?
The rear, where the hood closes on the bumper area looks kinda funny, but again : could be just the render......

Anyways, those render looks amazing, keep it up.


10 October 2002, 11:36 PM
Great job, I'm jealous! 2 crits, the tire treads look blurry, are they bump mapped? Also the tail light material could use a little work. :beer: :) :buttrock:

10 October 2002, 12:02 AM
I own a Celica GT-S so I might be of help on the matter. I must say, that's awfully close. Just a couple of things, since the skirt kit is an add-on, I can't tell you anything about that.

-Watch the lights. The back ones should be more translucent. The front ones are more complex than that on the inside.

-The mirrors are a little small.

-the wipers: the passenger wiper should be around 2/3 the size of the driver one.

-the hood vent shouldn't pop out as much if I remember correctly. Maybe 1/3 of that.

-The roof from the front pic: should round off even more in X.

-I didn't know you could put dual exhaust on it... maybe I should go check it out... oh yeah, can't afford it, I'm in 3D!!! hee hee

Great choice of colour BTW!

Yeeeeeehaaaaa! Animate that baby!


10 October 2002, 08:11 AM
nice. I have not other comment.... just want to know whats under the hood. :p :p

10 October 2002, 02:24 PM
180hp with turbo @ 6rpm. Redline @ 8rpm.
6 speed.

it takes cars @ 210hp because of the fuel injection and it's low weight.

You can put it in the same class as the subaru WRX, Acura RSX (type-S), Accord V6.

Love it.

It's nice to see it in 3d... or is it 3D??? ooooOOOOOH!!!

Nice job man, seriously.
:buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:

10 October 2002, 06:26 PM
Hehe, Thanks guys.

I think the weird trunk thing you are seeing is the angle its viewed at. I could have setup a better scene and you wouldnt see the weird glass thing in the last picture. I was in a hurry to get some of these images out for my portfolio so time was limited on the poses.

The headlights are more complex but im tired of working on this model :) Its missing the turn signal in the headlight and such.

The roof thing your noticing is just the angle, it was modeled to exact specs from a blue print. It was the japanese blue print for the japanese model. Maybe thats a little different than the american import. Who knows.

The ram air vent i did custom, the stock one was just a seperate peice that sat up there. I actually saw aftermarket hood like this, it looks much better imo than the stock unfunctional ram air hood vent they come with.

Thanks for the comments, No star worthy i take it though, hehe. Oh well, maybe next 3d work.

10 October 2002, 08:06 PM
...nice babe!

need some work here and there. Taillights...Just add a texture map...please. Or use a real red. Not that dark red.

"Maybe thats a little different than the american import." NEVER!!! They never would do that. Think about how much that would cost!!! I'm very sure the japnese version, the europen and the us version are very much the same execpt the lights and some other small things.


11 November 2002, 02:11 AM
yo dude wheres the wire frame!

11 November 2002, 04:27 AM
Very nice modelling and renders. Did you use Mental Ray for the rendering?

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