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05 May 2005, 03:15 AM
This is going to be a diablo style hack'n'slash dungeon exploring clone, no crazy features and no plans on making it big (maybe we could make some cash out of donations if people enjoy it). This is a project I just plan to put on my online portfolio ( as a complete and fully customizable game with tools. I don't expect this project to take longer than one or two months, so if you want a fun and complete game in your background, please read on.

There will only be two types of characters (melee and caster, maybe more if people like the project).

The game will feature basic rpg elements. The player will be able to level up and use skill points to raise their strength, dexterity, stamina and energy. The character will have an inventory, be able to equip and loot items from corpses and nearby chests. Players will also have a spell list to train more spells.

Most of the features this game will require are already complete, such as: map structure, object selection, collision, lightmaps, bump mapping, real-time lighting/shadows, water reflection/refraction, particles, texture splatting/tiling terrain and even physics are available through my engine.

This is a couple screenshots of the dungeon editor application I started a few days ago that may give an idea of how the levels will be constructed and gives an overall look on what the game might look like (i had to use quake 3 textures..) ( (

in-game shots ( (

If you are wondering what the game looks like in motion, this video (2.5mb) ( will help.

The design doc will not be longer than a few pages but I will begin working on that asap.

Looking for an ideal candidate to help assist me with creating an all around fun game. We all enjoy hack 'n' slash games :)

Artist Duties: You will be responsible for the art aspect of the game. Creating various static map objects as well as character and enemy models. Being able to texture and/or rig and animate models is not prefered but of course is a plus.

Note: I am also looking for a 2d artist capable of creating textures for the maps.

Ideal Artist Candidate Skills:
Strong familiarity with 3D Studios/Maya and/or Milkshape.
Experience with Milkshape and Adobe Photoshop is a plus.
Excellent communication skills.
Ability to work in a team environment.
Strong problem solving ability.
Creative/Innovative thinking.

This game will be undergoing thorough multiplayer testing sometime tonight when I get the master server built.

Contact Information
AIM: Legend768
Yahoo: jonathon7989

Thank you,
Jonathon Davis

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05 May 2005, 03:15 AM
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