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05 May 2005, 09:38 PM
Hi all... This is an interesting chalenge and hard to make the things look real ... well I wish a good luck to every body ...

Talk about this ...Ive done some test and saw that this is realy hard to do ... well I want to know if anybody have the same problem with the sofbody simulations... I mean .. I was testing with sofbody and find that this class of objet act like a ruber bouncing ...I saw a nice deformations in the impact moment but frames befor the box (my temp car) back to the original shape ... if I down the shifter value and up a damping value ... the things looks good but the model try to back to the original form... I think If you look a crash video you can see two things.. 1) the deformation in the structure this is for a short time and there is the point were all the energy is lost but there is a rest of energy, and this is the fact 2) the structure dont experiment more deformation but it continus travel in the resulting direction ... well with sof body I only have a deformation and all the energy is lost in this point and the deformation is more that I need if I change values then the deformation is good but it bounce and bounce and retur to the original form.... well I talk to much and so bad (sorry for my english) but I need to know if some one can helpme with this or give a new point of view about reactor simulation...

Ok see ya people

05 May 2005, 06:47 AM
yup, ran into the same issues

one hint, stop the simulation

05 May 2005, 05:58 PM
Well here Im ... I have to thnks to Ivo how give me some opinions about how it can be done and take the time to saw my tests ... another thnks to michaeljr his hints help me to see the problem from other side ....

well this is what I have done in this days ... take me a long time to understand the pproblem I dont know If what I do is the rigth choise but look like it works is more liek "stopmotion"...With the things I know there is now way to tell a rigid body become soft and a soft become rigid... I found that the only way to do this is stop the animation ..changes the settings to soft and resimulate it like a soft for a short time ... and after that make the same but like a rigid body ...
Then I have free moving rigid that impact with nice deformations and keet movien like rigid until it stop it self ...

Well there is where Im confused I make this but I have to stop the animation and resimulate it...the deformation and collitions are dynamics but Im the "triger" for this changes ...this count like a "keyFrame" or "realtime" animation... If some one find that this is wrong or are out of the rules of the challenge please tell Here is the test (

05 May 2005, 06:51 PM
from what I can tell there is NO WAY to do a completely physically accurate car crash simulation in off the shelf software. no way that I have found and I think the challenge leader is going to have to make that choice when it comes time to vote what he consideres to be as close as possible to real dynamics as possible...

I"m using dynamics as far as I can till I can't do to software limitation. but looking at the rules again, I think from the way it is worded that it is only to LOOK as if the car is REAL.. there is nothing in there stating you must have an engine block on engine mounts to shift weight dynamically or it's not real.

but on the flip side, I hope (for my sake) that having the engine on engine mounts to simulate the engine being pressed into the passenger compartment will help make the car look more real than the next guys. (oh, I'm giving away to much :-) because things like energy transfer, engery loss, and shifting weight is what makes a car behave the way it does when it moves and more importantly, when it wrecks.

oh and here is another hint for you, look outside of dynamics to fix some of the issues you are asking about....

06 June 2005, 06:24 PM
Hello people.. well I start modeling the car ... And here some speed test (

Well is not much but I think that is in the way

06 June 2005, 02:54 PM
Mmm may be I mis understand but I see people posting and talking about a extension... :( .. I lost my time thinking that this is over ...or Im wrong...?

Well I dont realy understand but if I have some time then I will use it ...

here are some olde pictures of my car...I only have this to upload... :( I have the finish one in my home ...and make some testing that I will post tomorrow

06 June 2005, 03:33 PM
head turnage till july 4th ie, extension till july 4th or most likely to be safer, july 3rd 12:00midnight.

otherwise, only one person had entered on time.

07 July 2005, 01:36 PM
First I would like to thank Samuel Kvaalen for coding this voting page and hosting it.

Go >>HERE<< ( and post your infromation if you want your animation to be part of the voting on Monday night.


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07 July 2005, 01:36 PM
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