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05 May 2005, 07:41 AM
while it's not for a movie the 2d sketch forum has an online ...c omic book thingy which allows for a person to develop a concept from scratch and tie the theme into a monthly topic. I used the chance to foster an idea I've had for a comic book/film. i'm calling it the waiting room. format for the script is in comic book form so it's a little different than movie scripts but should still be coherent. you can follow the comic's creation including the first page i'm working on by clicking the link in my signature. at the bottom you'll find some jotted down ideas which i frequently keep in unfinished writing to remind myself of ideas i want to incorporate into the story. i'll be updating the script regularly. The concept is explained in the same signature link but for ease of navigation i'll repeat it here since i've changed a couple of things. instead of having him die in his sleep i'll have him killed in a similar convenience store to the site of the attempted murder.

Sage Thurmond (flexible - just like the way that sounds) is a late 20's, typical, office working corporate lackey. He spends all day playing tetris and surfing minimized browser windows on his company's computer. As he falls asleep one day in his cubicle a glitch causes a bullet that kills someone in a parallel universe to fly through his head instead. As a result, the beuracracy of the afterlife leads to the process of his death (or non death) being delayed for a period of time. to keep him 'busy' Raine is given a stopwatch. With this watch and his ability to travel anywhere within walking distance of his place of 'death' Raine can pull anyone into this limbo with him and talk to them for 3 minutes without disturbing the reality around them. the words he shares with them however will still be in their memory when they return.

I'd like to do setup with the first few months of story, him getting shot, the murder in the parallel galaxy (if i decide to keep that as the glitch, probably throw in an astronomical event) and how he talks to the people closes to him he didn't have the courage to face in his living life. And, with such a mundane living what does the afterlife hold? will he want to go back or become a laywer in defense of his own right to die? I think an over the top afterlife court room would be hilarious. i'd also like the idea of a parallel person who becomes immortal because of the glitch and will throw in ideas as the monthly topics allow. There will be almost no action because I sort of prefer dialogue to fighting but hopefully people will still be interested in the concept. I'll just link to the script i don't feel like converting to rtf

06 June 2005, 06:57 AM
script updated thru page 12.

Script (

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