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05 May 2005, 11:57 PM
Hello everybody,
How many of you remember that great game 1991 Moonstone? Im sure not few, as if you had an Amiga you probably played it, here few reminders, GORY, BIG swords, challenging, unique. I hope that helped to refresh your memory, and if it dind't well is not a problem.

Im part of the SOG team, a team which is inspired by that great game, and with great knowledge of modern videogaming, we are developing a game (action RPG) currently named "Servant of God". We are aiming to bring back what we think that modern videogames have lost with time, that feeling that made us immagine to be in a great new world, and by the time the game ended we felt almost sorry to complete it, sorry to be back to our world without magics.

Our team is made by few but really good people, we also had a couple of guys which where so good in what they where doing, that they found job in famous videogames companies thanks also the the portfolio provided with material from our project.

So, what we are offering here is a place to a 3D animator and modeller which can produce rendered 2D animated bitmaps, on the following link there's an example of the quality that we are looking for, keep in mind that this screenshot was taken in august the knight model is totally remaded

So the applicant not also will have all his material copyrighted on his name, but will be able to use it as a piece of personal portfolio on permission of the game producer. And at project sucessfuly completiotion a percentage of the "possible" income will go to him/her, to keep everything in order you will be also required to sign a contract.

For more information post here, or send an e-mail at you can ask as much clarification as you wish before accept the offer.

Thank you from the SOG team .

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05 May 2005, 11:57 PM
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