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05 May 2005, 12:48 PM
E-Team is recruiting 2D artists: See the positions and terms below the game description.

About the game design so far:

Spacecrafts Game Description:

Spacecrafts is a game currently under development by E-Team (Entertainment team) and Thunder-Power Software Development Workgroup. The game is a RPG based in futuristic outer space and planet locations. Players must create their own space craft and progress through the game buying extra parts and weapons to take on the main enemies. This game will have two versions; Normal Version (Single Player Campaigns) and a Multiplayer Online Version.

General Features:

Moderately large maps

Fully customizable ships and maps

Storyline and scenarios

Multiplayer Features:

Number of players per map; undecided yet

Dedicated server for login features


Different game modes


Map Editor

Ship Editor

The Game-play:

SC (Spacecrafts)

The player will run through a series of maps to complete the game. These are the only maps based on a storyline to be later created. After spaceship creation, the game begins from a peaceful environment with easy ships (Neutral Armies). The player must build his own skills and experience to take on harder foe.

The experience system in this game is very short: Level 1 20. So during the solo game, new ships are bought for each mission. The solo game ships cannot be used online, as they are based on storyline and cannot access all powers and weapons.

Players can also entertain themselves in other areas, such as the ship editing, exploring maps for hidden treasures, completing non storyline quests and testing out their weapons on other ships (Neutral Armies).

SCO: (Spacecrafts Online)

There will be different game modes, for players to test their skills against each other in combat. This is a chance to show off their spaceships and their abilities.

The games will run a scenario that lasts until the map objective is made or all foes are defeated.

There is no limit to what weapons players can choose, the only limit is that they must be levelled enough for the level of the weapon.


At this point we are seeking 2D artists to fill in various roles.

The focus for the game promote it as a popular product to be sold in later full versions. All profits will be shared between members when and if this does happen.

We are not a fully funded business and will not be handing out regular payment to members, but we will be handing out occasional gifts of good will for your work, you will gain all credit for you effort and you will be paid in full if the game is a success

More details about the 2D art and programming is at the website: (

In brief we need textures, ship designs and plans, concept art.

Contact me through this email address if interested:

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05 May 2005, 12:48 PM
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