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10 October 2002, 03:55 PM
This is the final version of my lego car render. I created my own ldr probe in terragen, made a background (a garage), and addad DOF. Hope you like it.
The models are made in blender, the rendering is done in lightflow. (took about 40 hours to render)

comments and suggestions are welcome.

10 October 2002, 05:33 PM

that so much looks like a photograph..
i knew blender was versatile, but this is amazing.. good job! :applause:

10 October 2002, 05:54 PM
i think it looks much too dark. i wouldn't say it looks like a photo. i mean, it's good, but not photoreal. the dof is a little bit extreme, but the main thing is that its too dark.

10 October 2002, 07:31 PM
Totaly agree with wgeddes.

Sorry man, but 40 hrs rendering is way to much 4 that picture !!!
What were your settings, what system did u render on?

10 October 2002, 11:59 AM
I agree on thje darkness, and the DOF. I must have been way to busy with this pic. So I didn't really notice I guess. I will rerender.

I don't think this is very much rendertime considering I use lightflow (which is very slow), and use very high AA settings for getting the DOF not to look grainy.

Anyway thanks for the comments. I will update in about 40 hours :)

10 October 2002, 01:55 PM
doesnt look very good with the outdoor HDRI in the background.
And i also think itīs to dark.


10 October 2002, 02:03 PM
Hey! I actually have that Lego Garage! ;->

Very nice image..

See Ya,
Philip Nelson

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