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05 May 2005, 06:41 PM
hi guys, i would really like some advice on the career as a 3d graphics designer ( or perhaps c++ programmer )

Ok, firstly.. im 18, i live in the uk and i enjoy making 3d models, idea's, concepts...
I enjoy making textures, modelling and rendering.

from my past experinces i have made several websites, but mainly using dreamweaver.. though sometimes i've had to go into the html code and try and fix it.

So, my programming level isn't high at all. I find it quite hard to remeber all the commands etc, so my decision at the moment is weather to do a course which is titled "graphic design national diploma" where you arn't tought 3d at all, only illustrator stuff.. and a lot of traditional techniques.... or the other choice being national diploma in IT.. which breifly describes ( in my college book ) that you learn 3d modelling via computer, c++ and other such code and a few other things...

Do you think i'd be able to cope the last course mentioned even though i'm not good at code? ( i'd be willing to try my best of course )

the reason im posting it here is because this is a crucual time in my life where courses are still free and decide what i'll be doing for the next two years.

Im also posting here as im presuming some of you are into games and im pretty sure ( may be wrong! ) that there are people who specalise in areas, so the IT course shouldn't expect me to be good at coding.. so hopefully they will consider me..

Thanks a lot.. i hope i havn't posted in the wrong section, it just seemed logical.. thx :)

05 May 2005, 03:18 PM
I am an electronics engineer in usa and recently entered the field of computer graphics.I used to design my website using dreamweaver and I worked with 3dsmax (modelling,no programming).I had zero programming first assignment was with maxscript.It took time but belevie me programming was very easy just with very basic knowledge of c.especially in graphics we just use existing libs and use languages to communicate to the have done modelling right!so what ever produre you udes to draw a square you can put that in words.everything in nature can be written down in codes.
so the second course would be good .

05 May 2005, 08:44 AM
Only advice I can give you

Most important - decide what you really want to do. Do a project that involves creating a model, texturing, animating and lighting / rendering it. Next write an expression / script ( or more ) for your scene. Don't know what 3D package you use, but there are a lot of resources for MEL, MaxScript, Softimage scripting, C4D's COFFEE etc. After all this find out which of the both areas you enjoyed more.
Then invest more time in your chosen field, be it on your own time or going to uni etc
Learning traditional art and design is always good ( but be sure it's something for you, i.e. you can enjoy it, otherwise it's a waste of time )
Try to find out how indepth and what exactly the IT course covers. You don't really want to waste your time to learn how to setup windows, networks etc, since this can be easily looked up on the net when it is needed. What you want is a course in programming, and if your college offers it, a course that is geared towards 3D & graphics programming. If your college doesn't offer such course consider to learn this on your own time, using books and resources on the net.
Whatever course you're going to sign up for, always do some research - try to find out whether it's really for you, what other students thought of it etc.

Finally, at some stage these resources might be useful for you too:

05 May 2005, 11:28 AM
wow thanks a lot guys, you've helped me there.. i'd just like to point a few things out.

firstly, i'm just finishing an art and design course, they open'd my mind up to use other materials - which im happy that they have accomplished that.

i can do any national diploma course ( 3 a levels ) to get into university, and i'm pretty keen on this computer graphic nat dip IT one, as i feel it's more right for me... i've been in the class for computer graphic nat dip ( not IT ) and i find what they learn pretty useless.

They don't use or teach flash MX, they only learn the following programs:

directory mx (suitable for DVD interactive screens )
photoshop (i knew photoshop before i joined art and design course)
the students in there (not being horrible) but they seem very dim, and i really don't think i would enjoy their enviroment - also there is nothing else in there that would interest me. If they covered flash mx in a big way, then i may consider, as it stands at the moment i find learning how to make interactive dvd screens quite pointless.

I checked out some work covered by the students in the other course and although very basic and easy to my standards, i would still like to do it. For example, their 2 tasks at the end of year one ( course is 2 years long ) they had to make a bouncing ball and a jack in the box. I've had a look at the courses at uni and there are some ones that i would really enjoy, one of the courses you to know a 3d package, and they will teach you it and you get to produce your own animation with sound too, using cubase sx etc. As i enjoy making music in my freetime i feel this would be ideal, but of course i have to complete a national diploma one first.

I have a few gnomon dvd's, i mostly watch the tutorial on drawing cars on paper, still trying to master that! :D.

I use cinema 4d, im trying to learn maya and 3ds max but i think i'll need to cover some tutorials on them a little more to give me a push start.

thanks for all your links ghopper!

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