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05 May 2005, 09:28 PM
2D Preparation For Compositing In 3D
(Volume 1, SPACE SCENES)

We all learn to walk before we run.. Same goes for compositing in 3D. YOU NEED TO LEARN HOW TO SET UP THE 2D ELEMENTS FIRST! Well, that's what this DVD is all about. Create your own elements and refine found elements to work wit the latest 3D compositing software. Once you grasp this, the rest is all downhill. Learn from Instructor Chris Maynard and his years of image manipulation experience in this 1.5 hour DVD ROM. This DVD is in both High Definition and Standard Definition for your convenience. Quicktime is recommended for playback.

This part of the DVD goes into great detail on making believable planets with gaseous atmospheres. Many believable scenes are much easier to achieve with the proper 2d techniques. Do your planets look flat and out of place? Chances are even great shaders for 3d programs take longer to build than a final composite scene in 2D. Don't waste your time in the wrong places. Learn how to manage the proper workflow for you scenes.
Starfields and Dust Clouds:
No space scenes would be complete without the proper atmosphere. Many of you have tried building space scenes in 3D, only to find out how disappointing the results can be. This part of the instruction takes you through a dozen plus techniques to get the job done to your satisfaction. Don't settle for that bland 3d render. Learn why matte painters often get the job over a geometry jockey. These techniques are easy to learn and can be used by movie artists to get amazing effects.
Setup for your compositing application:
Whether or not you are going to keep this 2D or bring this into 3D, it's always best to break down the graphics into proper arrangements. With the power of Photoshop, you can get your layers into a proper format to import into: Shake, NUKE, Digital Fusion, Flint, Flame, Inferno, Toxik, Combustion and more. Learn how to create for the proper workflow and OPTIMIZE your digital pipeline. (Even if your a small shop)
Breaking Down Found Imagery:
This could be one of the more important parts of the DVD. Many times you ge images created by a 3rd party company working with your company on a production. The Art Director sends you the graphics to be modeled for the shot, BUT the budget will not allow for a complete recreation of the assets. NO PROBPLEM! This kick ass technique with custom based color selections will allow you to blow their minds in a very short time. Show them that you can do a weeks worth of work in 2 hours, with no rendering needed! (A must see!)

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