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05-13-2005, 08:48 PM

I'm editing in and working on the sound design of a little short I have been working on. I'm using premiere pro and after effects. My question is, when I watch the film on my computer with the base setting on low, the base sounds great. Now when I burn it to a dvd and watch on a mono television, I cannot hear it at all, or when I watch it on my stereo speaker set up it just sounds ok. Is there a technique to beef up the base? Maybe adding a track in premiere thats just sampled base, or adding a mono track on top of my stereo track? How do they normally set things like this up? I was thinking of having a stereo track which had the sounds in both speakers, as well as a mono track with sounds in both speakers. Then two more tracks dedicated to one or the other speaker? Is this how they set things up, or just crazy talk?


06-10-2005, 07:26 PM
I have the same problem with FCP HD. It sounds fine in the G5, but once I export to film, beta, tape, DVD, web... the sound was way too low. It had to do that I had two controls. G5's internal audio control and the speaker's audio control. Now, I have my G5 audio set up at max and from there I can control the levels within FCPHD, while lowering the external audio if it was too loud. Also, always keep an eye on your level meter. -12 db is the standard meter rate for audio, but I always increase the audio just a bit, just to be satisfied.

Lesson: -12 db is avg. rate (always watch for peaks!) and increase a few notches without going to high (yellow or even more dangerous red!)

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