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Sledge Hammer Productions
05 May 2005, 09:03 PM
Project- Existence

Lead Designer: Troy Gann
Assistant Designer: Matthew Tapias

Lead Concept Artist: Matthew Tapias
Concept Artist:
Coloring / Texturing: Matthew Tapias
Web Art: Matthew Tapias, Bill McAdams
Shading Production:
Pixel Artist:
Texture Artist: Mat Tapias,
GUI and HUD artist: Mat Tapias
Lead Writer: Troy Gann
Story Concept: Troy Gann, Matt Tapias
Character History: Troy Gann, Mat Tapias (Team)
World History: Troy Gann, Mat Tapias (Team)
Editing: Troy Gann, Brenden M. Rheaume

Lead 3 Dimensional Artist: Joel Bowen
Animation Production: Erkan Sirin,
Cinematics Production: Erkan Sirin
3d artists: Bill McAdams, Erkan Sirin, Joel Bowen, Jim Burchfield, Freelance artists
Environmental Design: Jim Burchfield

Lead Programmer: Brenden M. Rheaume
Artificial Intelligence Programming: Max Shay, Brenden M. Rheaume
Character Interface Design/ GUI: Brenden M. Rheaume, Robert Russel
3d Graphics Programming: Brenden Rheaume, Robert Russel
Network Programming: Brenden Rheaume
Game play Programming: Brenden Rheaume, Robert Russel

Lead Sound Composer: Barry Ryerson
Sound Effect Coordinator: Troy Gann, Barry Ryerson
Sound Effect Designer: Barry Ryerson, Troy Gann, David Platt
Character Voicing: Stephanie Woods, Kevin Macavera, Michelle Denoma, Jason Gann,
Sound Track Composition: Barry Ryerson, Troy Gann

Production Coordinator: Troy Gann
Marketing: Victoria Gann
Production Spokesman:
Advertisement Representative: Victoria Gann
Legal Representation:

Webmaster: Bill McAdams

Existence is an open ended FPS with Roleplay and Space simulation elements. The project is manned by an extremely dedicated team that puts on average of 20 to 40 hours a week into production. If you seek a project that is dedicated and professional, we are what you seek.

Currently we are working on the world of Trinity. This world is artic and has a Viking theme to it. The artists that apply to join the project must meet nessasary standards and be flexible with their work. You will be working with the 3d team as well as the Lead artist to produce works that are within the vision of the game. We allow for artists to put their own ideas into the game if they pass the requirements. If you are at all interested in seeing some of the previous works or simply want to know more about the project, take a few minutes to visit our site located at (
Here you will find loads of content and articles describing the way this set of worlds work. At this time we cannot offer paying positions within the team until we are able to find funding from sponsors or publishing. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Troy Gann
Project Lead
[link] (

Sledge Hammer Productions
06 June 2005, 12:23 PM
Update: We have recently gained one programmer, concept artist, sfx designer. We are still seeking the above mentioned personel.

Thanks for your time.

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06 June 2005, 12:23 PM
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