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05 May 2005, 02:27 PM

I am working on the idea for local charity (anti-littering) and I would like to know what you guys think. It is for TV ad which will last 30-45 seconds and I'm open to any suggestions.


The ad starts with a dimly lighted squatter camp silhouetted against an orangish-yellowish dawn in the background. You can see the vast landscape beyond the squatter camp.

The camera pans slowly down behind the lopsided fence with sharp razors to reveal a silhouette of a stationary rooster in a cock-a-doodle-doo pose. As the camp lightens up, we realize that the silhouette of the rooster has been a heap of rubbish.

Cut to the front door of ill-proportioned shack for a moment. Pieces of paper, plastic bags and old newspapers are flying around and rubbish is littered about.

Suddenly, the front door swings open and an african character in a blue work uniform with some oil stains here and there, steps onto the threshold to stretch out his arms.

Cut to an obese woman and an extremely old fisherman, the african character’s neighbors. The obese woman is watering/tending the plants while the old fisherman is sitting sleepily on a bench. She greets the african character jovially by beaming her chequered teeth and the old man moves his hand constrainedly to greet him.

Cut back to the african character waving at his neighbors and suddenly an airborne newspaper wraps around his face. As he removes it from his face, a headline of stale newspaper catches his attention. He starts walking towards the broken gate.

Cut to the blurred close-up view of a peeled banana lying on the curb near the broken gate with the character walking in the background. The lying banana eventually comes into focus.

The character is walking closer and closer. When his brogan (work shoe) is only several inches away from the banana, it suddenly stops airborne. He lowers his stale newspaper and glares witheringly over it. He scoffs at the banana with an “I-am-not-stupid” facial expression.

Cut to the character (still glaring at the banana), he folds his newspaper, puts it under his shoulder and with oblivion to the approaching taxi behind him, he steps exaggeratedly over the banana to cross the dusty lane. The camera pans slowly along with the character to reveal the speeding taxi. By the time he senses the dangerous situation, the taxi is already upon him! The screen goes black with sounds of a collision, passengers screaming and the taxi overturns and catches fire. When the sound fades away, the title “Pick it up!” appears on the screen and is then followed by the relevant telephone number or/and website address of the charity.

Note: We might need to show the banana surrounded by the rubbish again to remind the audience.


05 May 2005, 11:39 PM
I like how you described it, I was able to visualize it very well.

05 May 2005, 01:41 AM
yea i agree, visual immergery is powerful. Using very well known context and objects; viewers can immediately know what the situaltion is, but not the message (point) untill the very end; not sure if you want to keep that surpise of what this commercial is about, but it does make it more powerful. Would look nice with linear camera movement, that doesnt cut but travels a path that captures all that is going on. my 2cents.

05 May 2005, 11:29 PM
Like the others above have stated, your desciption was very lucid. A very intersting short. :):thumbsup:

05 May 2005, 10:59 AM
Hey guys!

Thanks for the positive replies.

I am not sure about the camera movements yet, but I think animatic will help. I dont want the movements that are too distracting and I want the audience to feel engaged and completely forget that they are watching the commercial.

I will post the animatic as soon as I have enough scene entities to make up, along with some of early doodles.


05 May 2005, 03:28 PM
First of all, like the others said, good description. A couple of comments though. I like the set up and concept of this as an anti-littering spot in this shanty town-esque setting. I like the rooster shot and characters. But a news paper blowing in the face of a guy and the idea and set up of him avoiding stepping on, and presumably slipping on a bannana peel only to be run over by a speeding taxi is actually kind of humerous. I busted a chuckle. Which isn't the impression that I got that you were trying to convey. I mean no one actually steps on a bannana peel and slips, except in like a Tom and Jerry cartoon or a Three Stooges film. As a suggestion, maybe you could be more subtle in making your point without the obvious visual set ups, like the shot with the rooster.

05 May 2005, 07:45 AM
Hey ohknats!

Thanks for positive comments. I appreciated it. However, the sound for this commercial will be very humourous and cheerful but until the last part which will be very realistic.

"The screen goes black with sounds of a collision, passengers screaming and the taxi overturns and catches fire"

Do you find it humorous?

Maybe you watched Chuck Jones' cartoons too much... :)

Thanks again

05 May 2005, 02:15 PM
Hey Braam, Liked it a lot! I think it'll work great. Only suggestion I got is perhaps having him step over the rotting banana peel first then he gets hit in the face with the newspaper, which prevents him from seeing the oncoming taxi cab. He removes the newspaper and the taxi cab comes into view - honking loudly black screen.

Have fun with it! Good luck!


05 May 2005, 05:04 PM
If you mean the script to be satiric (nothing to do with the storytelling, just conceptual level), it seems all right, perhaps a bit vague but so what? Doesn't have to be in-your-face. Sorry about the "if", by the way - but I'll leave it on, at the risk of handing the point and game over to you :hmm: .

A little detail which could make the start a bit more lively: make the rooster silhouette take up the position just before he crows: the deep intake of breath before the wake-up call. Instead of continuing, it would then crumble farther back from that position, simultaneously with sunrise which presents us with the reality.

06 June 2005, 07:11 PM
I do believe the message is lost somewhere. I've done a few scripts of that kind here, and know that the message must be very apparent. If I had to write it, I'd give that guy a child, and after he avoids the banana, it's the child running after him that trips on it (The consequences of that depend on your penchant for the dramatic). Love the mood, though.

05 May 2006, 02:18 PM
Hey guys,

Sorry, I've been busy working on other stuff lately. It is good to have time to work on this personal project again. I changed some ideas and it is getting better. I've started with some serious props and character modelling...


ANIMATIC Project/wip_2006_08_23.mpg ( (4MB)
(Right click - Save target As)


The scene opens with a high angle shot of a dimly lit squatter camp silhouetted against an orange-yellow dawn sky. Beyond the camp a vast landscape stretches as far as the eye can see. The camera moves vertically, traveling slowly downwards until it rests at ground level, with a rusted mini occupying our field of view. The camp is littered with rubbish.

Duration: 175 frames
Camera: moves down slowly, completely handheld (not too mechanical)
Shot 001

Cut to a medium shot of an ill-proportioned shack. Pieces of paper, plastic bags and old newspapers are flying around.

Duration 50 frames
Camera: zooming in slowly, slightly handheld
Shot 002

Cut to a close up shot of the same shack. The front door suddenly swings open. An African man in an oil stained blue work uniform steps onto the threshold. He pauses, and greets the new day by stretching his arms and torso.

Duration: 90 frames
Camera: handheld
Shot 003

Cut to a new angle. A medium shot of an obese woman working at a fruit stall (another shack). She is sweeping the dust from the platform where she stands.

Duration: 40 frames
Camera: slightly handheld
Shot 004a

Cut to closer view of the same character. She stops sweeping and greets the male character jovially by beaming her chequered teeth and waving.

Duration: 45 frames
Camera: slightly handheld
Shot 004b

Cut back to the main character waving back at her. The takes out a cigarette box from his pocket. He shakes it to release one, but he realizes that it is empty. He discards it carelessly.

Duration: 95 frames
Camera: handheld

Cut to a close-up shot of the cigarette box landing on the ground. A moment later, it starts to twitch and is suddenly pulled into motion as it is sucked off screen. Surrounding rubbish - plastics, metals, glasses and papers - start to follow.

Duration: 130 frames
Camera: completely static
Shot 006

We cut briefly to a bird’s eye view of pieces of rubbish moving through the camp towards a single point. Volumetric dust effects add dynamism to the shot.

Duration: 30 frames
Camera: moves slowly in the direction of sucking
Shot 007

The camera now travels at ground level, caught up in the flow of tumbling litter. Ahead of us, we see the rubbish converging to form a large humanoid figure. Once formed, the garbage monster utters a very loud bellow and turns to stumble menacingly towards the stall.

Duration: 140 frames
Camera: handheld, moving slowly up and handheld from when it is completely formed
Shot 008

Cut to medium shot of the obese woman who is backing away from the source of her fear, knocking things over as she does. The monster starts destroying the fruit stall. Chaos ensues as the fruit begins to fall down.

Duration: 60 frames
Camera handheld
Shot 009

Cut to the main character on the landing. He has completely lost his composure. He is riddled with guilt and has no idea what to do. He is waving his hands in attempt to distract the monster. Then he notices something. He bends and picks up a compressed can and casts it at the monster.

Duration: 84 frames
Camera: handheld
Shot 010

Cut to frontal view of the monster as the can bounces off its head. It pauses briefly, contorting its face angrily.

Duration: 35 frames
Camera: slightly handheld and follow one of rubbish quickly for the next shot
Shot 011

The piece of rubbish that has just bounced off the monster’s head enters the frame of a new camera angle. It bounces off a lid into a nearby rubbish bin.

Duration: 55 frames
Camera: slightly handheld and zooms gently in when the rubbish has fallen into the bin
Shot 012

Cut to the rubbish monster as its arm starts to fall apart.

Duration: 34 frames
Camera handheld
Shot 013

Cut to main character. He is still casting rubbish. Suddenly, he pauses for a moment and shakes his head in a moment of realization. He looks at the rubbish in his hand and then at the empty blue rubbish bin beside him. He smiles in a scheming way and casts the rubbish he is holding into the bin.

Duration: 104 frames
Camera: slightly handheld and moves left to reveal bin
Shot 014

Cut back to the rubbish monster as another arm starts to fall apart.

Duration: 37 frames
Camera handheld
Shot 015

Cut back to the main character. He makes a face. He then looks at the rubbish he is holding and throws it into the bin.

Duration: 66 frames
Camera: zooming in gently
Shot 016

Cut to a view of the empty bin. Steps in time (time-lapse) show the bin filling up.

Duration: 51 frames
Camera: zooming in gently
Shot 017

Cut back to the rubbish monster. It is completely falling apart. It is defeated and destroyed.

Duration: 80 frames
Camera: handheld
Shot 018

The title “Keep our land rubbish monster free!” appears on the screen and is then followed by the relevant telephone number or/and website address of the charity organisation.

Alternative end titles:

Come on. Just use a dustbin.
It’s easier to throw it in a bin.
Join the fight. Use a dustbin.
You’re the monster if you don’t use a bin.
Keep our country rubbish monster free!
To keep our land rubbish monster free.
Don't feed the monster. Use a dustbin.

I hope you guys like it.


06 June 2006, 02:28 AM
thats pretty sweet, works for me:thumbsup:

11 November 2006, 09:02 AM
Hey guys,

Conceptual Sketches and animatic posted. Please see above.


11 November 2006, 10:43 AM
The project is completed and the animation can be viewed here:


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