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05 May 2005, 01:02 PM
Remember Wasteland? What about Fallout? Ever watch MadMax or Bladerunner? Then you know what we've been working on bringing to life.

The team at CONFLICT:Omega ( is expanding from its core team in an attempt to boost production and gain inspiration from fresh blood.
What is CONFLICT:Omega? Its an online mix of driving, shooting, hand to hand pummeling, hacking and so much more.

Currently, we're at 3 modelers, 2 mappers, 2 musicians, 2 programmers, 2 concept artists and one writer - and we want you! ( (

Ive spent over 3 years developing this and have a 75 page game design document covering every aspect of the game. Of course input is always welcomed.

Gameplay overview:
(Imagine Fallout, Deus Ex, and ShadowBane had a love-child)

Its a war between 2 factions: Wastland Outlanders and Corporate Cyberpunks.
Players choose from 3 races: mutant, cyborg, or pure human.
Mutants can change their abilities with mutations, Cyborgs with BioMods, Humans use equipment.
Players choose from 2 factions: Outlanders (wasteland pa) or Corporates (techno cyberpunk)

Place your city, add buildings and fortify them. Take over your enemies cities until you own the wasteland!

Choose from multiple skills which progress through use, not xp grinding.
At various percentage levels, feats upen up. (e.g. 35% small arms skill you can choose between akimbo pistols or improved grip - allowing better character customization and roleplaying)

Strange mutant and cyborg enclaves. Corporate-controlled cyberpunk cities. Mystery, puzzle, and stealth quests, as well as the usual mmo fare.

Also included:
> Vehicles with moddable parts
> Modifiable guns
> Melee fighting styles
> Hacking simulation (like BS Hacker, DarkSigns, Uplink (
>Virus and Drug crafting

There is so much more to this that I cant list it all here.
We are in need of mappers and modelers who would love to be a part of what could be an incredible project.

Feel free to contact me through PM or here (

Thank you.


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05 May 2005, 01:02 PM
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