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10 October 2002, 04:52 AM
I was wondering if anybody had any good links to some tutorials on lighting (characters) in 3dsmax.. i'm using 4.2 I know quite a bit about lighting and i've played around a lot with it, but it always seems to be a pain in the ass to get everything on the character looking right. somtimes i'll get one part looking good and another part or texture will be too bright. I basically just need to know a good lighting set up with brightness values and colors.

10 October 2002, 11:23 PM
the 'THREE LIGHTS' method is good, but you should link the lights
to the camera (if you want to change the POV then)
& the '3 lights' method is something like this:

a spot light with shadow, angle 30 to 60 degree off the camera
point to the subject, name this KEY LIGHT.
one omni or spot in behind the subject, multiplier 2 or 3 & almost
toward the camera (with a 15 degree but try & find the best angle), name this BACK LIGHT.
now an omni or spot without shadow below the camera level,
pointed to the subject, between the KEY LIGHT & CAMERA, this is
your FILL LIGHT probably.
you should play with the light colours & multipliers.
for more accurated result you can add 2 or more lights, for
lightening the dark shadows of the KEY LIGHT on the floor & for
reflecting light from the ground, wall, etc.
this is just a basic way of lighting, but very simple & affective.

10 October 2002, 08:54 AM
linking the lights to the camera.. awesome. thanks man, i know about 3pt lighting, but the details you gave will really help. should i have only the one main light cast shadows.. i think one of my main problems is that one of the lights, the ones i put behind, will end up casting light on the upper lip and other downward faces i want dark... such as also right below the eyebrows etc... i'll make it really bright and blue and get a nice rim around the character but because its angled mostly low, it will hit parts i dont want it to hit.

10 October 2002, 05:07 AM
I generally don't link lights to the camera only because if your camera is animated, then your lights move with the camera which makes this look very odd. I usually set up a lighting rig which is basically my Key, Fill and 1 or 2 rims, parented into a spline drawn in the shape of an arrow. I then point the arrow into the camera lens and leave it there. If the camera is animated, then I just point it into the average direction into the camera.

Remember that you can do alotta stuff in post and post go hand in hand.

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