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05 May 2005, 06:25 AM
Anyone in San Diego?:buttrock:

05 May 2005, 06:09 PM
I'm Insane Diego my bruthha! North county - Max shop.

So when do we drink beers? :buttrock:


05 May 2005, 03:27 AM

Perhaps when school is not in (im a very busy person!). Are you going to the Siggraph in L.A this year?

05 May 2005, 12:59 AM
I'm down for a beer or five! I am in San Diego as well, go to school in the college area (La Mesa) Lets hook up for sure!

05 May 2005, 01:25 AM
Hhmmn,, fresh students.. (hatching evil plans).

Well there is a 3DS Max meeting here ( tonight and every first thursday if that is your thing.

I'd like to get beyond the typical dog & pony show and do some focused critiques, work out real issues right in the software, and strategize marketing angles and team building. Oh wait, evil plans are best kept secret.
Or if you are traveling by spaceship:
Typically this is the beer and late eats gig:

05 May 2005, 01:38 AM
Sounds good maybe after class who knows!

Evil plots are great! Let them begin.

05 May 2005, 03:13 AM
Sorry I cannot attend - midterms are still in progress :sad:.

But please let me know in advance so I can make plans (I live in Mission Valley).

Thanks for the invite!

05 May 2005, 11:54 PM
I just started a membership here, so a newbie to this CG community. I live not far from La Mesa off of 54th st. south of University. Eager to hook up with people to get/share ideas.

Does anyone out here use Lightwave and/or Z-Brush???


05 May 2005, 01:50 AM
Nah never touched either of those, but I have seen some z-brush stuff on a students demo reel from up in Canada, I was blown away. Am definately looking to get into it for sure! And hey, I go to school pretty close to where you live remcv8, maybe we can hook up sometime, do a drink thing at Effins or The Tower.... none the less, welcome to CG Society!

05 May 2005, 11:25 PM
You know I almost started up at Platt last year, but needed the income and time at work to pay home expenses. Didn't really have the time to attend school after working 12-16 hours a day. Did that for about 3 years at Grossmont...miserable.

Anyway, what are you learning there?

Are you using XSI, Max, Maya?

Do you work on group projects like short films?

Do you freelance outside of school or do you work for a company?

Sorry turning into a survey of sorts... just curious.

I'd love to hook up at Effins or the Tower. Maybe after this week, towards the end of next week. Thurs, or Fri ?

Working towards paying some bills this week, Tight-Ass budget/goals/getting ahead.

On a 3D note I am comfortable with Lightwave so I generally use it. Sometimes I use Cinema 4D it has a good rendering engine, especially for transparencies, caustics, and radiosity. I've played with Maya and Max a bit, but never touched XSI. I'm enjoying Z-brush alot and am learning how to bridge the gap between Z-brush and Lightwave. Lots O' Fun.

I don't consider myself as a professional more of a hobbiest. Would like to prgress to the next level though. I think that I need some direction and possibly budget my time more to it so that I can progress.

Blah blah blah

I have some stuff on Renderosity under remcv8. It's pretty old stuff except for pic of The Fool.

See ya,


05 May 2005, 02:10 AM

As to answer your questions, currently I am not working in the field, I help and I tutor those who are interested in the field just working their way in. I find it helps to keep me fresh with the basic concepts while I am working on the harder ones.

The only program we use here is Maya, but I am very interested in learning Lightwave 3D, ZBrush, and 3DSMax, kinda hoping to get our friendly Shea will give me a few tips and tricks once I get my hands on a students copy.

Right now I am working on character development, modeling and animation. I am in the "Game Design" class right now, which is awsome because its game design that I am really searching for.

I am an environmental artist, I love to work on environments, my top environment, low poly that I am working on right now is my train yard, once that is done Ill be posting some stuff, though ya know, when you go to school, sometimes your personal projects need to be put on the backburner.

Anyways, Im talking too much, gotta get to scanning my project and modeling. Take care!


05 May 2005, 02:57 AM
WHAT!?! Another rooster in the Hen House! Younger and closer,.. this will not do.. I keed, I keed. Welcome Robert. (Withers, release the hounds).

Too bad our little crew here is like the Tower Of Software Bable (deep echoing voice),.. I guess when it comes right down to it a vertex is a vertex is a vertex, and sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Alrighty, major backup time - I like a slow burn, make my dvd's the ole fashion way, roll my own at 2x.

Remember the first rule of fight club!


05 May 2005, 12:06 AM

I miss the class environment especially when there's a group project with group effort. Everyone seems to feed off of each other with new ideas which help to push you along. You also get to be around different skill levels which you learn from thier examples and can help out with those that need it. Either way it's motivational. I tend to work best through inspiration of others work. Right now I am trying to get back into the groove of things and motivate myself. Been out of the loop for a while and am a bit rusty but it will all come together.


I checked out your web page and was completely blown away. Cool stuff.

Soft Watches!!! Sweet!!!

Dali is my favorite!!! My wife bought me the Dali Tarot for my B-day and I have few great publications of his work of which my favorite/most recomended is the Taschen "Dali The Paintings". I have it in the form of one HUGE book which has been republished as a two volume box set for about $35.00 at Borders. Get it

I also have his early autobio "The Secret Life Of Salvador Dali" published by Dover. Great insight from a really bazaar/creative brain.

What I love about Dali is if you look at his work from like 1930 and then look at other work from that time, you might think that he was from the future.

Anyway, makes me want to read a Stephen Hawking book or watch Donnie Darko and question everything...Hee...Hee

See ya,


05 May 2005, 01:28 AM
Hey SanDiagans.

We need to start planning a meeting of sorts, a sorta greet and meet, a way to really get our Chapter off of the ground. See if we can put together a time frame that is good for everyone within the next month, and then work from there on place and exact time.

I cant wait to meet all of you guys!

05 May 2005, 05:36 AM
Sure, I'd like to start something like that - hence we are the San Diego Chapter! Next month sounds fine - just need a specific day. Any ideas?

05 May 2005, 01:25 PM
I'm in if you are. For me, a weekend day or evenings during the week will work.


06 June 2005, 08:12 PM
Typical Shealien late notice, but the 3DS Max Abuser's Group is tonight, yes a whole month has already rolled past - and have we hooked it up yet? Anyway later.


06 June 2005, 08:23 PM
I got night classes... :sad: and finals coming up. DOH!

06 June 2005, 12:28 PM
No hook-up. Thread dead. Peops too busy with school.

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06 June 2005, 12:28 PM
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