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04 April 2005, 07:11 PM
Note about good will payment:

The project itself is non funded. However I will offer every now and again during the year a small cash gift to say thank you for your help on the project. This isn't an offer for employment, we are just in need of help from your spare time if you have alot of spare time that is.

When the project receives any profits, these profits will be split between members equally, plus half will pay for server running costs for the game itself.

<b>Team name:</b>

<b>Project name:</b>

<b>Brief description:</b>
New project idea, 2D spaceship combat game with online gameplay.

<b>Target aim:</b>
Online shareware and community website

Any credits received if successful will be distributed to members.

Probably C/C++

<b>Talent needed:</b>
Programmers, Artists and Sound Producer

<b>Team structure:</b>
Just me: Game Designer/Textures/Music
Not yet


Hi, I am seeking members (preferably European) to start a new game project. The concept may seem simple, but it is quite big since it involves interaction via an online server. There is currently no website as it is very early for that. The game itself will be shareware with the aim of gaining popularity online. So members will receive donations if it is successful. Please join this project if you are financially covered and do not need definite money.

Game Type: 2D Ariel View Scrolling Space Shooter (Online) with 3D visual style.


The aim of the game will be to complete solo/team/free4all mission tasks on pre saved mission maps, based on futuristic space ship combat. In solo mode the game will run offline with standard set of missions and the player may submit their scores and achievements on the game website. In teamed online mode, the players can organize rooms for a teamed mission game, same applies to free 4 all mode only there are no teams.


As a team we will gather ideas to make this small concept addictive and appealing to different audiences by inputting various features found from other games and our own ideas.

Game Features:

Customized spaceships, customer weapon set, custom maps as well as pre-created online maps and solo mission maps. Progressive player advancement with power ups, additional skills and experience for added strategic gameplay.

My Request:

At the moment I am only seeking members for a leading position in programming, artwork and sound effects. I plan to recruit more at a later stage when a full concept is put together. There isn’t multiple frame animation to do in this project as each spaceship will only have one frame. The hardest aspect of this project will probably be the programming particularly with online code.


Model Artist:

To design the look of the spaceships, weapons and overall look of the game. Although it is a 2D game, it will have a 3D feel to it, so all images will be textured with shading. Can be done in 3D render software or 2D painting software, the spaceships will be 150x150 pixels big. No animation.

Map Artist:

To take care of the map elements including textures, backdrops, props and basic animation such as for water. I need you to help put together mission maps. I will personally give a hand in this area.

Web Developer:

To create and manager the website for the team and the game itself once completed. The graphics for the website will probably be produced by GUI artist, however you will need to setup a forum, update text and provide an area for team members only by use of login and password forms. The technology is optional as we have no host yet. ASP Perl what ever you need to put together a quality site.

GUI Artist

To provide GUI graphics for the game and for web site use. If you are good at drawing icons, power ups, buttons and logos with 3D style then we need you.

2D Character Animation Artist

Not much animation so don’t worry. What is needed is character face portraits for players to select as there own spaceship driver. The character will have various emotions like ‘worried’, ‘happy’ and ‘angry’, plus they will do simple talking (perhaps 2 frames, mouth open and closed) for text dialog.

Sprite Animator

To animated explosions, weapon fire, level props and other sprites.

Please contact me at this email address if interested:

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