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04 April 2005, 09:18 AM
The Battle for Peace

ďThe old cathedral was empty and abandoned. It had seen many events accure during itís two centuries of existence, but this one would be surtenly the greates of all. A massiv battleground had been shaped in the presence of this holy cathedral, covering the whole area around it with no determination to ever leave these sacred grounds.

But even this holy relic, this symbol of hope and peace that hat supported mankind during its existence, had become a victim of hatred and war. It looked cumbled, not only from the outside, but also from within, like and old man waiting for his final day to come. Bricks and pillars lay scattered on the floor, covering the ground and making it impossible to enjoy the legacy it brought with it. The glory and beauty it once knew had flown away, like a summer breeze that liftes you from your daily life and in to dreams for only a mere second, before it puts you back to the harsch reality that is your life.

That was exactly the way the General feeled. Considered the greatest of fighters, many battles had been won because of his strength and determination. But even he didnít know how this fight was going to turn out. Was this going to be his last fight? Was he to be given a simular faith as many of his enemies had experienced? A gruwsome death that no living being could possibly wish or phantom. Even he, with all his wisdom and experience didnít know the outcome this time. But he had to be strong, to give that strength to his soldiers so that they could march our of this war as the victors. But only God would know the outcome in such unpredicteble times like these. Was he destined for a greater cause, by proving on this planet that he was the strongest of fighters? Or was God sick of his battles and the pains he caused?
Not a day went bye when he did not thinkabout the innocent people that had fallen by decisions he had made. Many had died because of his faults or because he pushed his enemies too far. He could still here the screams, see the tears and misserie when the battle had endend and the fog disappeared. Only death and decay was what remainded. Families torn apart, futures broken. Buildings laid scattered on the ground. And for what purpose? To prove who was the greatest? To prove that one was more worthy than others? How useless it seemed to him now. He would undo it in an instance if the oppurtunity was given, but he knew that even his deity wouldnít grand him this. This was the burden of his life, he had to learn and live with it. There was nothing that he could do, but to revenge the innocent victims that had fallen because of decisions he had made. Let his God be at his side when he rid the world of all this evil.

In a flash the light inside the room brightened, bringing warmth but also hope. The general looked at the statue as it began to glow a bright yellow light and it showed him beauty, even when it was wrecked by the battle his enemyís had caused. The statue radiated life and strength at the same time, like it was telling the General wat it had always known. His God was truly at his side and whith that knowledge he left to prepare him self for the greatest battle in the history of mankind. The battle for Peace. ď

Some commentes would be nice, just posting something i made 1,5 years ago. Max4d

04 April 2005, 09:40 AM
Well, it's a setup. :)

Who is he fighting and why does he believe winning this war will finally bring peace to all of mankind (hallelujah)?

I assume the text was supposed to read "Not a day went by when he DID NOT think of the enemies and innocent people that had fallen by decisions he had made."

Inner conflict is a nice trait in a character, he has the potential to be interesting to follow.

So, what's the plan with all of this? Epic feature, here we go? :)

Btw. I had to highlight all the text to read it on my monitor, black on dark grey is not a good combo for reading.

04 April 2005, 10:30 AM

well, this battle for peace can be looked upon in tow ways, the other battle the general is fighting an trying to win but the greater battle is the one within the cathedral, the one within the general and the conflicts he has with himself, what he has done in his past and what he is afraid to do in the future. Evene when his god is beside him, he doesn't know if this all justifies the killings and pain and suffering he causes to others.

Manuel Ponce
04 April 2005, 05:40 PM
Is this a narration for a script?
just a question, because of the "quotes". It would be nice start for a begining of a screenplay and maybe have someone with an english accent, brackish, older or mature as a narrator.

just my two cents $, I have a screenplay in the works too...

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04 April 2005, 05:40 PM
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