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04 April 2005, 03:25 AM
Ok, so ive nearly completed a short animation and i have a tonne of sound effects ive bought and recorded myself to use in this but the problem i have is with the soundtrack. Its a cute, fun animation about a young boy who dreams of having a dinosaur so i need some uptempo, exciting music, only problem is, where the hell do i find this!?

Not alot of comercial music really fits the bill and theres legal issues involved, and any royalty free music i find from extensive searches on google just sounds rubbish.

What does everyone else do when it comes to music for a short animated film? Can anyone point me in the right direction of websites that have music for this purpose or can give me names of bands or artists that may have music that i be suitable. Im willing to pay if i find a good track i like, i just dont know where to find them,

Thanks alot guys

04 April 2005, 06:58 PM
I would love to know the same thing... Anyone? I was going to make a thread about this... I guess I don't have to. :D Anyone? Speak up..

- Ian

04 April 2005, 09:57 PM
I generally make my own music. But I've been focusing on dark sounding, spacey music lately which would definitely not fit in with your dinosaur theme (think Babylon 5/Cathedral type music). One of the bands I work with though, does a jazzy type of style that may or may not suit your taste. They recently completed a soundtrack to a Winsor Pilates workout dvd. Contact me off list if you would like me to hook you up with them.

Otherwise, my other recommendation is to go on over to the composers forum and ask there.

That forum runs the gamut from beginners all the way up to guys who are composing music for tv shows and films.

04 April 2005, 12:14 AM
you can also check ( got a catalog from them and i went on the site. they have a lot of royalty free cd's you can buy use in your own creations. prices vary. you can listen to samples and decide what you like. i like the orchestra cd's so far. they have alot of cinematic based cds also.

04 April 2005, 04:58 AM
I don't know if older music is up your alley or not - but I beleive that any recordings over 75 years old are legally considered to be in the public domain (save for a few celebs - raymond scott for example). But most old cylinder recordings aren't going to bring in a gold mine. And as long as you aren't planning on building a new summer estate off of your animation royalties - most public domain recordings should be just fine.

anyway - just a thought I thought I would share. . .

04 April 2005, 06:49 AM
You can also make your own. Perhaps you can try Acid Music Studio or the more powerful Acid Pro5. Check them out at:

I will be making a CGI film as well and plan on using Acid Pro 5 to make a basic music bed. It's had good write-ups so I'm hoping it will help.

Good Luck!


so happy I could die
04 April 2005, 08:54 AM
On the Converse site ( ( you can download over 100 tracks made for their 24-secondfilms you see on tv.. But I believe those are only licensed for those films about Converse.
These are the ppl who made those tracks, you could contact them: ( ( ( (

there's a big deal of choice on the converse site, you should really check it out.

Sid Barnhoorn
04 April 2005, 09:11 AM

You can also check my site and see if it's anything you like. I'm a composer myself: (


04 April 2005, 03:42 PM
Thanks alot guys, alot of very helpful advise here. I will try all the sites you suggested but i did get a reply from a member called SoonerFan who is going to have a bash at making some music for me. I would have loved to have done it myself but due to time restrictions i dont think i'll be able to come up with anything that will work. I will definatly give it a go in the future tho.

Cheers for the help and i'll post later to tell you how it all went

04 April 2005, 06:51 PM
hey sid, the music you composed sounds pretty amazing....

Dale B
05 May 2005, 12:24 PM
Just as a reference for anyone looking into this, another option readily available are the Magix Soundpool DVD's; you can build a theme in any multitrack sound editor that reads .wav files, and with the better ones like Adobe Audition and Acid Sound Pro, where you can alter the duration without distorting the envelope, you can get a lot more mileage out of the loops than you would first thing. And they are available at most places that sells software for a reasonable fee.

05 May 2005, 06:04 PM
I am a composer looking for a few short films to write music to.

If you want custom music for your shorts send me an email.

vorrik at

05 May 2005, 05:19 PM
My name is Randy Jones and I'm a composer looking for work. I have
composed music for several production music libraries and music
production companies. I have experience scoring to picture as well as
providing library for syndicate programming.
Randy L. Jones

Samples at:

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