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04 April 2005, 04:20 AM
Okay so I am in sort of a predicament. I am 22 live in Washington and I went to school in 3d. Iíve been playing with 3d for the past 6 years and do to a bike accident I hurt my back and working on the computer day in and day out, it hurts. I love movies and have been making silly little movies with my puny high8 camera for fun and enjoy it a lot, and then I took a small class in video/audio editing and figure out that I really enjoy filming shit and wanted to get into it as a career. I know nothing about filming, I bought several book on script writing and have been writing small scripts and filming them with my high8L.

I got accepted to both VFS and Brooks Institute of Photography. I have read a lot of person comments about both and there are a lot of pros and con<usually from people that didnít put much into the school and came out with nothing and wonder why>. I donít want to start an argument so if you can mostly post Pros and I can just judge on the most pros and feasible pros, without people throwing personal attacks at each other<its just not fun when that shit goes down>. Or should I just take the money and film shit till I get some sort of job out there, I donít know if there are any film studios out here. If I go that route I would like to know of some really awesome books out there and really helped people and or tutorials I found one forum that had some really good books, if we can get a mod out there to write up a stick with some awesome books and tutorials that would be riotous and easier to find through this forum. I would really like to upgrade my camera<I am sorry but I donít thing the 8 will cut it. I see a lot of technology being thrown around, but I still donít know what to get I donít wanna throw down 10k for something thatís crap and I could have gotten something betterJ. Well thanks ahead for all the help you pros can help me with, I really appreciate it.


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04 April 2005, 04:20 AM
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