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10 October 2002, 05:34 PM
Just wanted to let everyone know that I updated the sculpting section of my website.

Take a look @ NickZ.'s sculptures. (


NickZ. : )

10 October 2002, 06:05 PM
Great job, any thoughts on converting to Cg to texture and animate - have you seen the Brilliant's timelapse video of his conversion? I'd love to see the clown! He'd be a lot of fun to animate. The dog's hair looks a bit unform on the bottom, and looks a bit unesseiarly dense. Great lil' tut too. So do you model only - no textures etc.?


10 October 2002, 06:17 PM

Yeah, I do textures as well. Everything on the site was done by me. I would like to show the models and textures I've made for the project I'm working on now but I don't think Sony would like that very much.
(I'm an artist on Star Wars Galaxies ( )


NickZ. : )

10 October 2002, 06:42 PM
WOW!! These are great! When did you do all these? I've also been meaning to ask you what clay you use. Great stuff. We need to do another art night sometime.

10 October 2002, 07:10 PM

Was up. I'm just using straight Super Sculpey. Next time I'm going to mix it with some Fimo for color. Art night needs to happen for sure. Get the gang together and let me know!


NickZ. :)

10 October 2002, 08:04 AM
my GOD man!!

your sculptures are great but i literally dropped my jaw when i saw your leviathon. HOOOOLEEEEEEEE CRAP! that is one mind-warping insanely good model. :surprised :eek: :insane:
they really need a Smiley where the guy just blows up out of amazement bc that's the only way to describe the leviathon. reminds me of Laocoon and His Two Sons in both pose and quality. :bowdown:

i am still in awe here.

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