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04 April 2005, 09:03 PM

|Background Story|
Reign of Militias takes place in a dark future not to far from today. The world’s economies have collapsed. A nuclear disaster in Antarctica has caused the western ice sheet to break off and fall into the ocean. The resulting displacement of the world’s oceans causes sea level to rise twenty feet across the globe. As governments struggle to cope with the wreckage, a global body of corporations takes control, and the world returns to a feudal system. The class gap widens, and the lower class expands exponentially. Those in the lower classes are left to fend for themselves against bandits, corporations and other desperately poor people. With governments unable to maintain order, these miserable people come together and form militias for their own protection.
In spite of these catastrophes, corporations manage to keep technology moving forward. Medical, computer, and energy production advances change the lives of the rich and privileged for the better, but make the lives of those in the lower classes worse. The advent of Artificial Intelligence leads to millions of job losses. Modern weapons and augmented soldiers make rising up against corporations impossible.

|The Game|
You will play as one of three character types:
[Militia Member/Leader]
A militia member is one of the huddled masses that have joined with other urban poor to try and eek out a living and protect themselves from bandits and other militias. There are two types of militia members:
• Militia Leaders
• Militia Members
Militia members try to capture waypoints. These waypoints give the members of your militia money every 'tick' (currently 60 seconds). There are several types of waypoints ranging from small residential spaces, to huge laboratories. The larger the waypoint, the more money you make per 'tick'. Your ability to capture a waypoint is based solely on the value of your militia. Your militia value is the sum of all of the value points of each of your militia members.
Every player in the game has value points. These come from a number of sources:
• The player’s kill/death ratio
• The player’s skill points
• If the player is alive or dead
• If they're augmented
If you have a small militia, you will not be able to capture many waypoints. However as your militia grows, you can capture more and more. There can be many different militias.
In addition to capturing waypoints, two militias can declare war on one another. In this case, when killed, no member of either militia in the 'war' will respawn until after all of the members of one of the warring militias have been eliminated. The side with at least one surviving militia member will win the war, and get a reward. The losing side will be penalized.
Militia leaders can recruit/ban militia members, manage captured waypoints, and declare war on other militias.

Solo operatives working for the highest bidder. As a freelancer, you take missions consisting of stealing software/information and assassinating militia members.

[AI Votary]
A pawn of one of three rouge Artificial Intelligences, the Votaries are highly augmented and well armed. There will only be one AI Votary for every ten people in game. As an AI Votary, you will take missions that include stopping software/information theft and assassinating militia leaders.

|Additional features|
[Skill system]
There are multiple skill categories, such as Melee Weapon, Pistol, SMG, Carbine, Rifle, Heavy Weapon, Hacking, etc. These skills go up as you use them. When a particular skill is low, you will do poorly when trying to use it; however, as your skill progresses, you will become much better at it.

As a player you will be able to purchase various weapons (melee weapons, pistols, SMGs, carbines, sniper rifles and heavy weapons). Each weapon in the game can be modified and improved. Modifications include, silencers, clip extensions, recoil reduction, firerate enhancers, laser sights, telescopic sights, full auto kits for pistols and secundary fires (grenade/rocket launchers, shotgun). Most of the weapons will not be able to use all of the modifications; rather each weapon will be able to use different modifications than others.

[Weapons behavior]
Weapons will require skill to use, the more skill you have in a certain weapons class the better you are at handling its recoil. Running will lower accuracy severely with precision weapons such as carbines or rifles, pistols and submachine guns are more agile so they will not be affected. Crouching affects accuracy a great deal; crouching will increase your accuracy with precision weapons and lower recoil a great deal, but not as much with a pistol or submachine gun. Your current stamina also affects your weapons accuracy; if you have been running for a while expect your aim to be off a great deal. Your health level will reflect your maximum level of stamina.

Augmentations are very expensive nano/genetic technologies that give your player special abilities. Current augmentations are:
cloaking devices - energy based invisibility;
energy conversion packs - used for energy based weapons;
remote drones - hovering spying devices;
impact redirection - damage absorption;
muscle enhancement - weight limit and health increase;
speed enhancement - advanced velocity;
wired stim packs - personal and third-party healing;
enhanced vision - object/player information display.

Each Armor type will absorb impact differently, alter your inventory, or even be a prerequisite to activate an augmentation.

You'll be able to buy miscelanous equipment such as binoculars, medkits and grenades (close combat, EMP, flashbangs, smoke grenades and Concentrated Nitrogen Bomb).

[Critical Damage Model]
Some damage will cause more than just hit point loss. Players can suffer broken limbs and concussions. Until these wounds are healed, the player’s ability to perform will suffer.

[Alternative income opportunities]
As a player you will be able to earn money by accomplishing missions and holding waypoints; however, you can also make money simply by killing your enemies, and selling their discarded loot.

[Freeform Game Play]
A major goal in the creation of Reign of Militias was to create a game that transcends standard deathmatch and team play. To that end, there is no one set winning scenario for Reign of Militias. Players will join a server on which a game will run for more than an hour. The players will be able to increase their skills, earn money, join militias, and take missions, etc. for the life of the game. After a period of time designated by the server, the game will ‘end’ and players will be able to see how well they and their teammates fared. At that point a new game will start, and the adventure will continue.




|More Media|

We're looking to expand the current team, everyone that is trully dedicated to a project can join but we specifically need:
>Weapon/character animators;
>Weapon/character skinners;
>Map texture artists;

These are unpaid jobs. We're using the UT2004 Unreal Engine.


ICQ: 96970935
AIM: DerMuffinMensch
Or GeneralDisaray at our forums.


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