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04 April 2005, 04:37 AM
HI all this is Nathan Staton

My question is about illustrative technique. I look at so many artists around like (Bengal, Sparth Colab, Jean-Francois Bruckner, Yoji Shinkawa & Art of Homeworld 2) and they all share the same French-like illustrative style (well not Yoji Shinkawa) In my own opinune its the most inspirational form of art out there. When i try to come up with something like that it starts to look to soft and not near as crisp. You can plainly see on Bengals art that he always keeps the color sharp and he merges in to the next color smoothly. does he us low Opacity to merge colors or does he use a flat 100% opacity color and uses the smudge tool? And that raises another question how do they come up with the off the wall color palettes that start the whole style? I guess the fact of the matter is that It does'nt look as hard as it really is!!! So im looking to some edvice on proper technique in this style.

Here are some links to the artists



04 April 2005, 10:56 AM
Well, Bengal's work looks to use the normal technique of having opacity mapped to pen pressure.

04 April 2005, 10:47 PM
Most of them seem to adapt their techniaue according to their wishes. Seems to me that there wasn't one artist in there using a single technique. The artist working on homeworld concept art seems to have such a good grip on colours that he doesn't need to create more intricate colourplay by smudging. He seems to go only for soft highlights if the source of the light is somewhat obscured.
In Bengals work I see strong stylised ideas, but never an accurate colour, but he also mixes several techniques and uses colour to a diffrnt extent, to exagurate certain aspects of his paintings.
That Sparth guy, needless to say has enough skill to blend all techniques. What strikes me hear is that it's a mix bettween the two, sytylised/exagguration of certain effects and very smart use of colours.
The next on adds another thing to the list of techniques, strongtextures, I think. and a very high difference between the contrast in environment texture and charactertexture. He's defining the characters far more clearly/smoothly. I personally don't like that though, very immature style imo. But that's just me.
The last one has his strength in his line art. He seems to just use colours for emotional charge of them. I'm quite sure though he'd be able to produce quality paintwork. These guys don't stick to any technique if you ask me. They just choose what works for the idea or what they're most comfortable with.

Well, that was fun. Got some extra bookmarks now, thanks for that:thumbsup:.

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04 April 2005, 10:47 PM
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