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04 April 2005, 02:58 AM
Open call for CG modelers (and animators)

Route 32 Productions has immediate need for several top notch modelers to help in our cg/live action short film "Snowball's Chance in Hell" which is well into production since September of 2004. This is a non-paying gig with the intention of making a good quality short film to put on the film festival circuit for a year and then leave everyone with great souvenirs in the form of both the finished piece and a corresponding "making-of" documentary. Once the short is released, the intention is to make all of the elements available to anyone who is interested and share with the community.

About the short:

The short is ambitious in that it is striving for near-photoreal cg elements, three of which are animated rabbits who are also the main characters, and integrating these elements and HD live action elements for a piece approximately 15 minutes long. We will also be bringing together multiple disciplines, some of which generally not associated with the film industry, so challenges will abound in addition to giving people the opportunity to poke their noses into new areas and learn a thing or two. To see the "unofficial" webpage to see who is currently involved and how, please go to: When we get close to release, a "real" webpage will magically appear, so please don't be put off by this low-tech placeholder. Also, this is not our "production" web page -- that is somewhere else (and even more unremarkable).

About our immediate needs:

We need several really good modelers: we have 29 cg assets left to build (two characters, three sets, a few simple stand-in elements, and the remainders are props/set dressing). With the exception of the stand-in elements and the characters (because they will be covered completely with fur), these props and sets are going to need a fair amount of work to put in the detail necessary to help sell the "photoreal" aspect. In fact, some of the cg props are needed to duplicate real world physical props, making the difficulty level even higher. So, the more talented volunteers helping out, the easier it will be to just give everyone one thing to do and share the load. Er, share the fun I mean.

About our pipeline:

We have both defined a pipeline and built a content management system specific to this project so that people from locations around the world can participate easily as well as not cause the production problems by introducing undue complexity. Also, we will be rigging, texturing, and animating exclusively in Maya; however, the models can be done in whatever package floats your boat so long as it can ultimately be exported as an obj file. Once the model is essentially "done" it will be incorporated into our Maya pipeline and forced to adhere to our defined conventions before being submitted for final approval, but at that point "it ain't your problem anymore."

About our current (non-cg specific) status in a stream-of consciousness burst (verbs are for the weak):

The script is done, the actors cast, the voice recording done, the storyboards mostly finished, design work done, physical prop construction well underway, costumes just now starting, prosthetics work halfway complete, and will be shooting the live action in September.

How can you help?

Contact us! Heck, start with me ( as the buck stops here anyway. I obviously don't mind typing, so ping away!

What are the production's future needs?

We will need animators! Legions of them! We want enough animators to stage a coup and take over Rhode Island if we need to. However, we don't need them now but in about 4-6 months from now. So....... if you know any animators who might be interested (yourself included, duh) you may want to point them this way so we can start building a list of who might be available. We will be thrashing the bushes again at that time like we are doing now for modelers, but it would be nice to get a leg up in that area anyway, so it never hurts to ask.

Thanks for reading this far, although you should be concerned that you had nothing better to do then read this post. Hopefully, this project is something that interests you and you can fill that void in your life more productively in the future with it.


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04 April 2005, 02:58 AM
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