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View Full Version : !!! Problems with Brushes in CS works fine in 6.0! Any help please?

04-15-2005, 12:53 AM
I just bought a copy of Photoshop CS.

One thing I really am having a problem with is the bruhes when coloring. I use a wacom Intuos 2 tablet. I currently do my coloring with the airbrush with 6.0 cous Photoshop CS is driving me nuts.


Photoshop 6.0 - The drawing cursor shows a light round circle varying on the size. You draw with it soft you get the softstrokes the size of the circle, you draw hard, you get the hard strokes the size of the circle! (SIMPLICIty is nice)

Photoshop CS - Going along the same idea, in CS I have the cursor circle and draw and it gives me strokes 3-6X smaller then size I chose?? I should not have to keep going to my opacity to get lighter strokes. Also if I press hard it does the same thing just a little darker. I tried changeing the settings to where the brush size would be what im looking for but then it stays a constant hard stroke even when I draw lightelly.

I drew an example of what is going on, please anyone help as I would love to use the CS brushes like the 6.0.


04-15-2005, 07:08 AM
Hi Shaun (Sel). As a computer tech for ten years, my first suggestion would be, to make sure you have all the latest updates for Photoshop CS and for your Wacom Tablet. If this all checks out, then, it is simply a matter of adjusting your settings in Photoshop CS.
A. To get a soft airbrush effect (your first exsample), do the following:
1. Under the MAIN brushes palette> look under Brushes Presets> make sure the only boxes turned on (that have a check mark in them) are the following- Shape Dynamics, Other Dynamics, Airbrush, and finally Smoothing. All other boxes should NOT have any check marks.
2. Make sure in the Brushes Preset Picker (the one on the upper left of your screen where it states "Brush") that you have a "soft round # pixel" selected.
3. Hardness should be at 0%.
4. Opacity and Flow, at the default of 50% (you can play around with these setting also to get different effects, but for now, stick with the 50%).
5. When selecting the brush tool in the tools palette, make sure the little "airbrush" icon in the middle/top of your screen is pushed in.
6. Now, just paint away. Just as if you were in PS 6.0

B. To get your hard brush painting effect (your second exsample), do the same as above except for two things.
1. Under the MAIN brushes palette> look under Brushes Presets> make sure that you NOW UNCHECK ONLY "Shape Dyanamics". So, the only things turned on should be- Other Dynamics, Airbrush, and finally Smoothing. All other boxes should NOT have any check marks.
2. Set your "hardness" in the Brush Preset Picker, to around 50-60. This will help from getting those dredded 'little circles' when one try's to Hard Brush Paint.

And finaly, your "Mode" can be whatever you want (depending on the effect your going for).

Hope this helps.

Dragon, out.
My Master and Servant 2D enterance:

04-16-2005, 07:13 AM
Thanks a lot dragondragon!

I really appreciate the response and your time. I just figured out that what you said really is the only way. I guess the newer versions of Photoshop wanted greater ability to change the brushes and add effects though I really only need 2 brushes, hard and soft airbrush! Thanks for the details, it helped in finding and creating the right brushes! Much appreciated!


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04-16-2005, 07:13 AM
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