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04 April 2005, 07:55 PM
We are making a game(mod for half life 2) and we need concept artist/s.
There will be 3 figures:
Dragon(fire), looks like a dragon/deamon ,but as a human to.
Angel (light),looks like an angel ,got wings and all that.
Wood elf (nature), looks like an an elf who lives in the wood, reminds us about Night elves from Warcraft.
There will be more chracters later.

A lot more info , contact me ( (Leader).

Im asking here becaus you all look like to be good with photoshop and painting :P
We really need your help :/, thank you

Alex Drake
04 April 2005, 10:52 PM
Alot more information and atleast some indepedenant progress will be needed before people start leaping at your project. Mod projects tend to get the cold shoulder around here without some indication that the concept is solid and the project as a whole is going somewhere.

Your post has almost no relevant information that would convince someone to even give it a second look. Do you have a webpage? Have you started development? What is the premise + story of the project. What is unique about it, etc.

Just listing jobs, especially unpaid ones, without anything compelling to back them up is a sure fire way to be ignored.

04 April 2005, 01:46 AM
Yeah, check out my thread. It's 5 pages in word, and I still don't have anyone wanting to join :P CGTalk is a rough place, but the best of the best hang out right here.

04 April 2005, 03:47 AM
It is rough to find help in here, partly because alot of trash comes through EVERY day.
People come in with a few minutes of desire and leave just as fast...I sometimes wonder if they had a couple drinks and stumbled onto the collabs during a tipsy web surf...then decide "hey, wouldn't it be cool if I could be the leader of a team doing an HL2 MOD with scuba divers snowboarding Everest with rabid panda's from hell...oh, and I'd make it 10 times bigger and better than LOTR, cause I kinda like that movie...."

I've replied to some of the more interesting/seemingly serious HL2 mods, but you know what, some don't even bother returning your emails once you ask to see something working. I don't think you need tons of info to get people to joining . If you can't make an interesting pitch in a few brief paragraphs, then how engaging is your MOD gonna be? You do atleast need some artwork/renders .....what serious people need to see is someone actually get just one of their models into the game they want to MOD...put it in a cool environment and show people that they are capable of even doing that. If it looks good and the story is cool...well, then you at least stand a small chance that some of the slightly experienced people looking you up.

Biggest turnoffs are the people who want to be leaders and have no skills to contrbute other than an idea...look around ...the daily churn in here should tell you there is no shortage of those people :p

PS: I do have to say, Alex, your project Angels Fall First Universe looks REALLY good, very well presented too, I wish our links were as well managed and presented!

04 April 2005, 12:36 PM
Me and my friend's(2) deciseded to make a mod becaus we really want to make one, and thats not the only reason. After somedays the teachers at our school told us to learn these programs:
*Cinema4 D
*Dreamweaver MX
We got like "O.O", that we will learn how to use those programs, if we learn other tools of moding , we'd would be capable to make a mod! So 4-5 months ago i was already mapping for doom3. (fan art from Forsaken: ) (
I got hl2 at christmas by mom so i changed to map to Source, so i did (it was such a huge diffrent T_T , had to take allot tutorials!).
(ideas for the mod)
Anyway, We descided to have a plan for us 3. Right now we are learning moding tools to each other. I'm learning 3ds max right now so I'll learn that to my friend, and My friend will learn me XSI.
I tryed to code in 2 weeks, no luck,to boring, to hard, impossible, ill never code AGAIN, EVER!*caugh*, so we are modeling right now. And my friend is making the homepage, it's going well but we cant find a homepage were you dont get popups (you have to pay not to get popups).
We got a storyline-guy, 1 concept art girl (yey), and a really good english-language-book-guy who will make the story to sound more "fantasy-book-like". And we have descided to build the ZELDA INSPIRED MOD, INSPIRED: NOT ZELDA. ( doodeld a little somedays ago :P )
We'll maybe have this mod as an school-project. We want to finish the mod in about 2 yeras,then "I'm" off to an other country T_T.

We need real good concept artists to make coders and people to join, but we are not "finished" with ideas and stuff like that, so it would be very bad to begin a mod were you dont have stuff finished. But we recruit people if they want to join, sure, they can join, but what we need is concept artists to have a good homepage with awsome pictures for eg: for the story, ( we made some lay-out ideas for the story in a class.)

When the homepage with real concept art-pics are finished, it'll say with big letters: RECRUTMENT NEEDED GOD DAMN :eek:

When the homepage (non pictures) is finished, we'll just have this on the frontpage:
We are taking tutorials on mod-tools, so if you are intressted in joining an zelda-inspired mod, join the forum and we'll see if you are able to join our small team. We'd be grateful,thnx.

So concept artirts are needed to have a good zelda-inspired-mod start.

04 April 2005, 09:08 PM
bump , still need concept artist

04 April 2005, 05:29 AM
Sounds kind of interesting since I like celtic age games and themes (got to love zelda). I'm not a concept artist, but I have hl2 and I know c++ (i've attempted to code a bot, with no avail, but everything else seems doable). I think what might help is if you edit the first post and put a lot more information in an organized manner. Something like:

put name here, mayeb in the form of a graphic

put sotry here

put goals here

Currently needed positions:
-concept artist

Hell, you can make the text look fancy with color (make sure it's readable and easy on the eyes though), just grab their attention and show them you are serious and you'll slowly get the ball rolling. Just look at how the bigger projects organized their first post. I'd take the advice of the big boyz of the collab projects, they seem to know what works. Also, put your project in your siggy, and start making friends on this forum. The collab section doesn't get much traffic regularly, but people do like to follow the siggys of helpful and friendly people. Just tips to try to get this project started, and who knows, maybe I'll join as a coder (im not the best of the best though). Coding is fun, don't know what your talking about, lol. I can't draw, other wise I would have helped you guys out to get you started.

btw, you could have learned all those programs making a web site. And if you made it a flash website, the 3d programs would be used more then a regular site, and it's a bit simpler then a whole mod.

Good luck:thumbsup: .

04 April 2005, 05:23 PM
If you still need more help...
I have Half-life experince to be concept artist for it.
I'm a talented drawer and could help for you
Just e-mail your answer about it...

04 April 2005, 10:53 PM
I'll contact you!.. and i'll probobly make a new thread with the website taged on.

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04 April 2005, 10:53 PM
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