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04 April 2005, 03:52 AM

Leaders of many collaborative projects listed here on CGTalk have expressed their need to have an easier way of announcing their art talent needs. It's easy for these postings to get lost in several pages of project discussions and WIP progress postings. So I have created this thread, which will remain sticky at the top of the Collab Forum listing, to make it easier for project leaders to announce their current openings and needs.

It will be up to the project leaders to post and update the listings within this thread as their positions change or are filled with willing artists. I've outlined a few posting rules below. Please take the time to read them carefully before creating a post in this thread. Any post which doesn't follow the posting rules will be deleted.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions,

Kirt Stanke
Collaborative Team Project Forum Leader

POSTING RULES You must already have an existing thread in the Collab forum prior to posting within this thread. All listings must contain: A link to your project thread. A brief explaination of your project. Position title and description of duties for applicant's consideration. Listings are for projects being managed on CGTalk. Posts which contain links to projects elsewhere will be removed. Keep your post short and to the point. Additional information should be contained within your project thread. Image posting within this thread is not allowed except for: One banner ad to promote your project, measuring 700 x 80 (see above banner) Sample images may be included using the attach image function of the forum. This will allow users to click thumbnail images and keep thread load times to a minimum. Don't list for positions that you have no immediate need for. Members will get easily discouraged if they apply for a position on your project and you make them wait for a specific milestone before they can begin work (i.e. posting for animators when character designs are still being created). Replies to listings or any post which is not a help wanted listing will be removed from this thread. This thread is for help wanted ads only. Any ad that is linked to an inactive thread (no updates or posts within 3 months or longer) will be removed.

04 April 2005, 05:15 PM

Shirowproject is an experienced, dedicated and friendly team established in 2003. We were one if not the most active and productive team participating on CGT's collaborative forums.

We produced multiple high quality sets in both stylized Photo Real and Cellshade styles.

SHIROWPROJECT's website, had most of it's traffic come from the CGT collabs and was peaking over 12,000 hits a day...the original team thread here at CGT is now archived, but it also did well with 165,659 views ..the team was front paged more than once at CGT, had a gallery page and multiple letter of the month inclusions in 3Dworld, a soft and hardcover team book printed, and shout outs from mods like Roberto.

We are currently STILL planning a REBOOT and are inviting advanced artists in texturing, scene setup, lighting, rendering to assist in finishing our scripted scenes. eMail us your skill set info

In 2012 we're hoping to take the entire project full access open source.
If youcan help in the deployment please contact


Some comments we received>

...Speechless!! Excellent work and kudos to all involved!Pro Level...congrats on the front-page.

...Would have thought it was a clip from from GitS:SAC if I didn't know better.

... I'm a big admirer of your will to push forward this project....Everybody loves your rendering style, and so do I...The cloaking effect is very cool. Really well done.

...The voice of the fuchi is excellent and the over all feel was excellent.

...My congratulations! deserves a 10!

...Haha lovely, You guys are insane hehe . Really really nice work.

...I think that is AWESOME. personally i think it should be on the front page, as a demo of what colabs are all about, but thats just me. love it

"How do I sign up?!": Send us an email ( listing your skills and tools. Please also provide 3 working links to your best samples of work.

Stumbled upon a ton of old team vids. Posted them at vimeo.

Some are fuzzy due to the lo rez we had to render back in the day...before HD video uploads...remember that? :) ( ( ( (

PROJECT LINK: shirowproject (

Some of our Team's Milestones>

LOMAG Interview 3MEG .PDF (

Shirowproject Collectors edition DATABOOK (

Sllink's Shirowproject COMIC BOOK. (


Realtime MotionBuilder Rigging (

Stealth MODE vid clip WIP (
Stealth mode clip 2 (



HEY SD! :wavey:

LWG feature article (

Cell Shade Scene WIP (

Cell Shade Texturing (

Dropship teaser stills (

Dropship Teaser clip 5meg DIVX (

3DWorld Letter (

City sets (

3DWorld Gallery (

Guges Mecha (

Active Scenes>
Tower Basement set (

Dropship TEASER (

Dropship Cockpit (

Factory/Fuchikoma (

Collaborative forum (

Gallery/Finished Work: 3D (

Gallery/Finished Work: 3D (

Tower scene (

Tower Dock set (

City Street set (


Or join the collaborative artists network collabunlimited! (


11 November 2009, 09:37 PM

We are no longer actively recruiting for our CG Short Animated Film. We finished our film and put it on-line in January. It's started the festival circuit and has already picked up it's first award.

The film is a cartoony style set in the clouds outside Heaven's gates. The premise is that Devil, Cupid and Death (female) are caught in a love triangle while they battle it out over the War Room of mankind's love lives. Here's our thread. (

11 November 2009, 10:45 PM
Legend of Arad is a fantasy story that takes place 4500 years ago.

Arad is shot on green screen. Estimated running time: 11 minutes

Trailer can be found on our videos page. Also on youtube:

The link to project thread (
Project website (

We are currently looking for:

Character TD (Maya Rigging)
Character Modeler (zBrush/Maya)
Environment Modeler (zBrush/Maya)
Matte Painter


01 January 2010, 05:19 PM

Link to project thread (

KAIJO is a short film (around 2 or 3 minutes) about a brief interaction between a mouse and a robot arm. It takes place in a kitchen atop a counter, where the robot arm is located.

I have much of the set built (though untextured and still unfinished) thanks to KingSRS, and so now I'm looking for someone to either rebuild my mouse model or at least make it look better. And, quickly after that, I'll need someone who can make a good rig, including facial shapes. The mouse doesn't do much in the movie, so it doesn't have to be that fancy of a rig, but I want it to at least work (and if I did it myself, it probably wouldn't). And perhaps as well I'd like to someone to redesign the robot arm. I might be able to build it but if there are any good hard surface modelers here, that'd be great. A rigger might also be needed for that, too. Here's a shorter description of the jobs I have for anyone who's interested:

Someone good at designing robotic things?
Character modeler
Character rigger

If you're interested at all, please message me or post in that thread. Thanks!

02 February 2010, 03:46 PM

Short film, "Lighthouse Keeper", needs 3D and 2D artists.


07 July 2010, 08:47 AM

2000 years ago, humanity left a toxic Earth in search of a new home among the stars, leaving behind an army of synthetic organisms to terraform and re-cultivate the planet as a failsafe. Now, a human military scout returns to a home he’s never known and comes face to face with a biosphere that has evolved and become very hostile to humans.

Principal Phorotgraphy: August 2011
Location: Federal Way/Seattle, WA
Shooting Format: RED Epic 5k
Final length: 8 minutes
Short Description: A science fiction short about humanity’s return to Earth, featuring heavy use of both practical and computer generated (CG) effects.

Project Thread:
Project Website:

Current Needs:

- 3dsMax modeler/lighter/generalist

05 May 2011, 09:59 PM
Hey guys,

I thought this would be a great opportunity to see if there was anyone out there willing to help with our project we have going. We are currently working on Pre-Production for "Irirangi the spirit talker" which is a 3D animated short film with great visuals. Not to sure yet whether I will be directing towards photo realism as we do have to think about our limited resources. I'm a teacher at a 3D animation school in NZ along side one of our main artists Jared Wikeepa, so I'm always willing to help if you are learning. This type of stuff I teach at the school and have 6 of my current students helping so they also can get the experience and maybe have something for the portfolio.

You can check out our thread for this short Kenworx Thread (

We are currently looking for more Concept artists of all mediums to help with the following:

Environments e.g Landscape
Stone sculptures (Maori design)
Plantation (Spirit world)
Creatures (Fantasy)
Assets e.g. Boats, Weapons
No I am not trying to re create anything that has been made. I'm from New Zealand and my story is based on Maori/Pacific design and history. The positions are non paid, all I can offer is creditability.

If you are interested contact me

Check out some of the Artwork already being created at (

09 September 2011, 07:20 AM

Hey everyone,

The Automat is a CG Animated Short about a lonely guy in a not too distant future where our planet is invaded by a giant alien species who took our water sources. Even though they are not aggressive, their sizes and their search for liquid resulted in great devastation and our civilization crumbled. In that future, our lonely and nameless hero strikes a one-sided friendship with a woman in a picture on a vending machine. And when that automat is taken by aliens for the liquid inside, he goes after it.

You can see more details in our project thread here. (

We are already in production but we still need:

Texture Artists

If you're interested, you can contact me at

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