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04 April 2005, 07:42 AM
Project Status & Recruitment

The last few months over 127 supporters on Nest Egg Studios website and 77 Community Forum admires’ have been asking us about the status of Nest Egg Studios and our future projects. Behind the scenes we have been reorganizing the work structure in order to release the HB Demo; however personal issues of the development team have requited, interrupting the efficiency of the projects.

Nest Egg Studios was started over 4 yrs ago and the HB Demo over 2 yrs. The proper direction of the business and its projects suffered from the independent development of a business, poor planning and little to know funding. However as a result of time, patience, new understanding, growth, recognition and reorganization; reopened opportunities have emerged for the company and its projects. Nest Egg Studios has full design documentation & synopsis of all current projects, expending future documentation on productions (books, entertainment sector establishments), update business plan (building architectural prints included), first hand experience and extensive market/competitive analysis in both the game and adult industries.

Refining our business plan in realistic open dialogue and continuing advisement of our financial and business contacts; Ms. Regina Rodman, Executive of Mattel Corporation (Hasbro Sub), Mr. John Simmons (Independent Business Advisor), Mr. Simmons CEO of Medical Software Co. and Mr. Ferrari CEO of Convergence Ventures, have granted us with critical networks, and continue to believe in the future of this company. In as such; as a result, we have welcomed a new Producer- Co-owner, Mr. Tiziano Cirillo;who is an experienced veteran within the game industry.

From this change, many things began to take focus from both the business and the game development perspective. A major step in this development of changes; is the following decision to scrap 3DGS development of the HB Demo and move to faster development with the Torque Engine.

However we have found to exorcise this change; would mean to form a more stable and dedicated group of individuals. Though we boast a good development team; only some have elevated past all expectations and continue to offer to these projects. So we have decided to work on new recruitment, towards Indie inspired game enthusiasts. This will help with revamping and the stabilization of workflow. (details on positions below demo outline)

Demo Schematics Brief Outline(full Demo Synopsis details our within our teamwork area) The main goal of the demo is to present the best and most interesting features of HB to investors and future clients. The best way to do this is to create a hub-based demo, which includes a small map with access points to other areas. Users can return to the original map to choose different access points when they have had a sufficient look. Throughout this interaction, a guide will direct the user with what to do next. This will include a voice over and subtitles, as well as a graphical character that will appear and follow the player. This will inform about interesting features and what to do in the different areas.

The different areas of the demo should include: character creation, movement, genres/guardians, society/sexuality, mythologies, and features/ethos. Each of these areas will consist of a different area that is accessible through the hub.

This will show up as soon as the demo is launched (I need to double check, but a config box should come built in with Torque, in which case it will save as some time)

Info Copy
Disclaimer, copyright info, etc…

Short Intro
With the intent to give a representation of the player experience to our investors (as if a customer bought the game and gets introduced and mood-set into the game), a short intro will play before the splash screen comes up. For the demo we will develop a smaller version of what a full-length introduction to HB background story would be. This intro will show static artwork, like comic cells in a way, with an intro music bed; an effective and to the point sequence of scene to give a clue to the viewer about what he/she is getting into. (Optionally if time allows we could have 3D static scenes instead of color artwork, but due to time constrains a 2D Artwork into actually show to be much more effective and stylized)

Title Splash
Basic screen would be the plain HB title; hopefully we may have time and resources to render this more attractive with some visual effect to add a hint of movement and shine. START would show centered at the bottom of the screen

This is where the interactive part takes place. Hub is where the player will meet his/her guide and eventually be introduced to character creation, background story, training area and portals. The player will be told that he/she can choose to learn more about the HB universe or move to character creations first. The guide will mention that the other areas like portals to the worlds won’t be accessible until a body has been created.

Riffed Mythologies – Planetarium – Library
These three sections are all about learning more about HB.

Riffed Mythologiesrolling sequence about the Riffed Galaxy; goes much deeper then the short intro at the start of the game
Planetarium A 3D representation of the Riffed Galaxy with context sensitive info pop outs
Library The Riffed Galaxy Books… Images and Text info about all there is to know.

The gardens area will be open as soon as a character is created. The player will be allowed to wander around the gardens followed by the guide. By clicking (or action key) on certain items (3D subject meaningful statues + billboards) a training event will take place.
Raw description: Gardens is where the player will become familiar with how to do basic things in the game.

These are the arches/portals to the worlds. Portals will pop from underground with particle dust effects accompanied by audio cues. Only 2 of a certain number of portals will be actually active in the Demo. For the demo each of the 2 active worlds will only be a prototype version of what the world is supposed to be and will contain one sub game in addition to social elements and sex. World content will follow soon, as for the sub games, possibly a driving game prototype and a small flying game will be included.
Currently we are recruiting
(2-3)modelers/ textures (2) 2D artists, for the current demo development. Positions are entry level (1-2 years experience/or active knowledge recommended) and require that the individual be over 18 years of age to view adult materials, an understanding of groupware/content management systems, a willingness to work within a team structure, consistently produce under a tight schedule, and follow directions. An incentive program is active within the team workforce, awarded monthly to 2-3 workers, and is a great way to show our appreciation for all your hard work. Some positions compensation is provided, please inquire.

Artists/ Modelers & Textures
• Particle effects
• Background graphics
• Dynamic shading/ lighting.
• Character Modeling
• Environmental Architecture
• Creating the map environments. (ie. starry midnight sky, world maps)
• 2D silhouettes
• Crumbling ruin pre-fabricated objects (ie. pillars, piles of rubble, archways, debris)
• Statues
• Portal arches, with shimmering threshold object.
• Guide model + animation (ie. talking, walking, gesturing)
• Mouse cursor icon
• Firefly icons
• Artifacts (ie. broken swords, pottery, coins.)
• Vegetation ( ie. mushrooms, random foliage, moss decals for ruins, vines, trees, crossed shrubs)

3D Director -
3D - 2D Artists;
• Maya /3D Studio Max/ Pandromeda Mojoworld/ Poser /Swift3D /ZBursh
• Flash / Photoshop/ Ulead/ Carrara/ Sketchup/Corel Bryce/ Maxon/ FMV/ ...
• Ability to learn quickly and adapt to changing animation needs
• Strong experience with 3D Studio Max or Maya in modeling high poly objects for normal mapping, and creating scaled-down low to medium poly versions..
• Create innovative designs as 2D or 3D concepts, ability to translate 2D concept art into 3D models, cleanly translate 2D layout-schematics into core 3D architectural structures, and synthesize the aesthetics and functionality of gameplay-related architecture, mathematics background
• Emphasis on rigid objects such as weapons, vehicles, and smaller architectural prefabs, with a solid grasp of human body proportions and facial structure, on organic character designs
• Experience creating, high resolution tillable textures, high resolution texture skins for mechanical, mechanical-architectural, natural-organic surfaces & organic objects and characters in Photoshop


I as the founder and lead designer, I hope that you will continue to support our efforts; as an independent multimedia studio. We wish to bring to you new ideas, innovative freedoms, which only the adult gaming community can express. I am relying on this community to be expressive, supportive and offer us any suggestions as we continue to embark on this long road. If you believe you can contribute to the project in any way feel free to contact me.

I wish to thank you for your patience and supportiveness of Nest Egg Studios.
Ms. Vera Odessa Newman
CEO Founder / Designer

Mr. Ji Simmons
VP / Co-owner/ Business Liaison

Ms. Tiziano Cirillo
COM /Co- owner / Producer
I will leave you with some words from an inspired enthusiast

Wow! Way to go. Lots of respect to you! Nice stuff on Nest Egg Studios. So many people love games and want to make that their living, and want to take it further as an art form; as an entertainment form, but end up being another slave in an EA sweatshop churning out drivel. People like you are freedom fighters. I know it must be a hard life as an indie, but I admire the courage to even just try! It is not gonna be EA that changes what games as a medium can do, it will be you!


Marque Pierre

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