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04 April 2005, 03:27 AM
Cataclysmos Online is an experimental MMORPG making use of the Ogre3D library. We currently have a team of 12 made up mostly of game designers and coders.
We are looking for 2D sketch artists and 3D modellers/animators to assist with creation of game content. The Ogre library has exporters for a number of the popular 3D modelling packages
The setting is a futuristic earth after a major cataclysm that has warped space. The game world will have both technology and magic elements.
If you are a student or genrally have too much time on your hands then please consider joining the project..
If you are interested in joining our team then please contact me at [tonyhnz at cataclysmos dot org] or PM me at CGTalk.

05 May 2005, 05:50 PM
We have a lot of content to create so still looking.

05 May 2005, 12:23 PM

I would be interested in the project. I am a graduated student from a computer tech school in computer support and network administrating but dont have a job hence lots of time on my hands. I have done concepts in the past and want to improve my art.

Currently im being coached by an other artist (a freind) and am looking to go into animation if the opportunity arrises.

currently my style is a little cartoonish but im trying to shift it to realistic art. Codeing is also an interest, I'd learn a lot from talking to your team.

here are a few preveiws of my art: (nudity)

there all pritty recent. Ive started working on peception ect... the art is pritty simple. deatail is still an issue

you can contact me at : or

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