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04 April 2005, 04:00 AM

This sure knocked the sense outta me. I am in a middle of a gig that I must deliver by tuesday, unfortunately, I have been experiencing a series of unfortunate events...ok I have Radeon 9200 running om my main workstation but it often crashes when I try to manipulate a scene in layout. I downloaded the necessary update to no avail. I always thought that freaking 9200 was a waste of time because when I got fed up with all the hassle, I yanked it out and guess what? I did'n see any workstation had the same speed...same everything. I wonder what exactly it was doing anyway. I am not trying to solve this problem 'cause I am done with ATI products...don't care if this is a problem with that particular card.

Can anyone recommend a good stable one with video output...something that won't send my bank account six feet under.

Ok I thought that was enough headache but I was wrong. I also noticed that after rendering, one frame would be missing. Geeze...I got all the setting right but I couldn't figure out why I always got one frame short after rendering. Note that my output mode is uncompressed AVI files at 24fps. The only way would be to add an additional frame so that in the end, the additional frame would be lost and it won't have any impact on the actual video...but that is pretty dumb. Who the heck would waste their time on unwanted frames...imagine doing that twenty times(there are twenty shots on the project).

Please, if any of you fella had this problem before, please let me know how you took care of it...I'm down on my knees...ok that didn't come out right, but you get the idea.

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04 April 2005, 04:00 AM
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