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04 April 2005, 10:38 PM

Linda Bergkvist is the new international superstar in fantasy art. Her award-winning artwork is known throughout the digital art community for their exotic and ethereal depictions. She has been awarded numerous EXPOSÉ awards in both EXPOSÉ 1 ( and EXPOSÉ 2 ( for her astonishing character digital paintings.

Linda was an author in the D’artiste: Digital Painting digital artists master class book (, sharing her techniques and tips on achieving her unique style of paintings. She is currently working on her collection of short stories entitled 'Furiae', which will be published by Ballistic Publishing later this year. Linda is an active Forum Leader on CGTalk, where she openly shares her techniques and participates in the community.

Linda Bergkvist was born in Sweden - in Umeå, where she still lives. Her main interests have always been art and language. When she was younger, she did little but draw pictures and tell other kids long, intricate stories about imaginary creatures. Sometimes, she pretended these beasts were real and spoke of the 'monsters' with such enthusiasm and emotion that a lot of the kids actually believed her! Living a fairy-tale life, she would go hunting for witches in the woods.

Not sure about her artwork, Linda chose to study Language at University with the intention of becoming a teacher while painting and practicing art on the side. When the offer to become an artist at a local computer company emerged, she took the chance and has been a professional artist ever since. Having worked as a comic book colorist, Linda now freelances and is furiously preparing artwork and stories for her upcoming Furiae book. She also teaches at the University of Umeå part time.

Asked about her style of paintings, Linda responds, “I love the visual element of fairytales. Things that are fantastic and unnatural and not quite real fascinate me to no end. I suppose I am in love with old, cruel tales and the wickedness that comes wrapped up in lovely forms. I suppose, in a way, I still enjoy the very same things that I have all of my life - a mixture of fantasy and horror with a little twinge of romantic idealization.”

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Joe Burnham
04 April 2005, 11:06 PM
Linda. Inspiring beyond words.

04 April 2005, 11:14 PM
Your works always amaze me. You alwaze seem to capture the luminosity of skin - your characters always seem to have a life-like glow about them. How do you do it?! It's more than just studying light, it's how it reacts with the materials that make up people, and it always looks different in each painting - you never seem to repeat the same skin tone! What should I be studying to achieve this?! Can you give some tips please?

Also, about your art, your characters always seem to be deeply thinking. I can't imagine one of your characters to be the easily enraged type, to just fly off the handle and explode. Your characters seem very controlled of their emotions. Do you think that represents you? :) Can you paint someone going absolutely berserk for me? :scream:

Thanks for taking the time! Huge fan!

04 April 2005, 11:22 PM
Do you ever paint guys?

04 April 2005, 11:29 PM
Hi Linda

As everybody else I would like to start by congratulating you for the excellent quality of your work. Also I would like to thank you for sharing your artworks with all of us, they are really inspirational and I believe they encourage everyone who sees them to improve their own work.

Could you tell us a little about those artists that you think had an influence in your technique as well as those artists who inspired you in any other sense such as theme.


04 April 2005, 11:33 PM
Tja, Linda! " Inspiring beyond words" indeed! you are one of the many artist on this site that Inspire me every day. God bless. :)

My master & servent art (

04 April 2005, 11:36 PM
This is probably a silly quesion, but when did you start painting these masterpieces? And do you remember the first time you were like "hey... I can do this..." ?

Needless to say, your eye tutorial is well appreciated :D thanks for that!

Your work is just stunning.

04 April 2005, 11:43 PM
First off, thanks for having me :D I'm both excited and a little terrified about this. Anyway, since I'm up late this Sunday night, I thought I could start answering some questions.

Joe Burnham -- Thank you kindly :]

Tevih - Why, thank you. I'm not entirely sure if there's any way to study something in particular to learn skin tones -- except for people. My best tip to you would be to take photos of one person, a friend preferably, in a lot of different settings. You can do it like a fun day of fun photos - go all over the place, from morning with morning sunlight until the evening. Even snap pictures at night time if you can. Keep the subject's face at the same angle. Then shrink all these photos to a smaller, thumbnail size and set them up next to each other. If there's a better way to get a quick crash course in how skin tones are affected by different environments, I honestly don't know. After you've done this, do very, very quick referenced skin tone shots of each and every little photo (meaning, don't paint a portrait, just try to imitate the skin tones), and try to get a feel for it. Phew, that was a long assignment, heh.

And, yeah... well... I am a pretty controlled person. I have two different settings - serene, or full-out loony, heheh. For some reason, I've always found serenity, quiet romance, silent seduction and just... calmness... more interesting in paintings. I've promised someone already to do a painting of my comic book self, but I'll try do something very emotional following that. I promise.

THX -- Oh yes I do. Rarely guys as other people view them though. There are so many artists that do this already - and much better than I would. When I paint men, I paint them as I would see them in a fairytale: beautiful and exquisite and elegant. Most tend to mistake these for females, and I don't mind. I get a lot of requests to draw more manly and muscular men but I simply do not find drawing them interesting (in no way do I belittle buff men, it's just that not all things fascinate you as an artist if you know what I mean: some people never paint chubby old ladies, I prefer not to paint men of Conan the Barbarian's disposition).

Mahtan -- Aw, thank you :]

My biggest artistic inspiration as I grew up was John Bauer. He has left an unfading impact on me, both in subject matter and in the 'feel' of a painting. Brian Froud was another of those artists that was an early influence... but the first time I saw a Tim Burton movie, I'd found my main inspiration. I find the feel of his movies, the mood of them and the flow of them to be beyond inspiring. The colours he uses, the music he chooses (Danny Elfman being another inspiration) and perhaps most of all the spirit that lurks beautifully underneath the surface have left a huge impact on me as an artist. Whenever I feel uninspired, I sit down and watch one of his movies, and I'll paint like a madwoman for hours after.

As for technique -- I learned a lot about colours and forms from a few of the artists that seem to be so popular among the digital art community: Bouguereau, Lawrence Alma-Tadema and Frederick Leighton among them. For me, though, technique is never as inspiring as subject matter, and though I love these great artists' work -- they've had little impact on me when compared to John Bauer and Tim Burton.

Samuraikuroi -- Hej hej, and thank you :} !!

Jakiloblanco -- Well... I got my first wacom tablet when I turned twenty - that is now seven years ago. My first digital paintings were, well, 'horrible' would be too mild a word. They looked plastic, awful, drab and icky. I found that progressing on the computer was far more quick than doing so on pen and paper though (for me, at any rate), since I grew daring and bold with trying new things. I'm still not sure if I can say I've had a 'hey... I can do this' moment: I feel like I'm constantly learning new things and when I look back six months, I feel embarrassed with my old paintings (it's a funny, scary thing doing that. It's left me very vary of patting my own back as far as any of my work goes: I know I'm likely to loathe it half a year into the future).

04 April 2005, 11:45 PM
I just wanted to thank you for some truely inspiring work. I love your stuff. Also, your contributions to the community just go to show what a true professional you are.

I'm so happy I found this forum and get the chance just to say thank you to such great artists.

04 April 2005, 11:45 PM
Hi Linda,

Great to have you here, your works inspire me and have done so since I 'found' them.

1) How do you go about planning your paintings? Do you have a general method that you use for composition, value finding, etc?

2) What were your inspirations, artistically, when you started out and what are they now? Not just subject matter wise, but other artists/painting methods, &c.

I love this Q & A forum, it makes so much sense to have a focused question area, instead of having to search through all your posts to find gems of wisdom... ahem...
I'm off to bed now, it's well past my bedtime!
Tack så mycket once more!

04 April 2005, 12:06 AM
You know the whole DSG community are fans, so I'll skip the praise and get straight down to the nitty gritty:

How's the hand? :sad:
You seem to do a LOT of side projects. How much of your work is commercial and how much is for friends and your personal collection?
Describe a typical "I'm going to paint something today" day.
How important is your environment to your working style? Not just your desk, but your house. Could you ever move abroad to work, or is home where the heart is (and azrael for that matter)?
What is the longest stretch of time spent on one piece of work?
You are one of the most inspiring and influential artists I have met on this forum.:D

04 April 2005, 12:10 AM
Linda, I admit. As much as I don't appreciate "Ars Gratia Artis" and the perfection of the painted material, I can't help my heart muscle going Samba when I am in the presence of your work. There is something beyond "Art for the sake of Art" in your work and I can't seem to figure it out.

Here is my question: You have inspired thousands of young people already, what is your maximum objective in your art/life ?


04 April 2005, 12:22 AM
What they ( ^ ) said :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: .

Linda where can I see some of your work done in traditional media ?

04 April 2005, 12:26 AM
I love the work of Tim Burton as well
It seems to me that you give great importance to inspiration.

Am I right on this, I mean have you ever painted not being inspired and what do you do in those cases?
Would you consider inspiration as important as technique or even more important?

One last comment
Your work has become as inspirational as a Tim Burton movie

04 April 2005, 12:35 AM
*cracks knuckles* I'll answer these, and then be off to bed.

Sacslacker -- Aw, well, I'm honoured. Thank you.

Paperclip -- 1) welllll... this is a difficult question to respond to, for me. It depends wildly on the painting. I must say that the best paintings always start out with an idea. The idea always has colour, and after the colours follow the shapes. If I decide to plot out a painting carefully, I'll do several colour sketches (very blotchy, very simple) in different compositions before I decide which way to go - but if it's a highly inspired painting, I will leap right into it. I'll let the theme guide me, splotch the colours around until I feel satisfied, and then start picking the shapes out that I was looking for. I know that planning well ahead is the best way to go about things, but looking back - my best paintings weren't so much planned, as exploded. I'll have an idea and then jump straight into the fray.

2) O my. I sort of responded to this one, already, but it's difficult to say. The embarrassing thing is that my main inspirations remain the same, years after. I could say that, perhaps, the biggest change is that the contemporary artists that inspire me tend to change depending on where I'm currently roosting (meaning, which forum, gallery, 'place' I like to visit online). At the moment, some of my main sources of 'wow' that make me want to paint are hanging out at the same forum as I am, which is incredibly nifty to say the least.

The problem with listing inspirations, for me, is that beyond the artists that I hang out with and chat with (and love!), my main influences are not other painters, but music, nature, books and poetry. I'm far more likely to look at a movie or read a book if I need immediate inspiration - this is not to say that I can't drop my jaw just like anyone else when I see a lovely picture, it's just that that 'thing' that I look for in art I often recognise elsewhere as well. Does that make any kind of sense? I'd be loathe to have to mention names for the people I know that I find inspiring. The list is much too long. I have some of them linked from my website, but a good many of them sneak around at CGtalk these days.

Erilaz -- 1) Thanks for asking :] The hand is much better now. It still starts hurting if I paint for any extended amount of time - I still do it, though, but it's not as much fun, heh. Evil cat.
2) Well, a lot of the side projects are all of the above. When I do a piece for my 'furiae' world, I fully intend to be able to use it for quite a few of the side projects. When you see me post a painting that has a little story attached to it, it might well end up in both a book, and the rpg that I'm planning in the future, as well as feature in personal role play outside the commercial world. Does that make sense? When I do something for my friends, well - that doesn't happen quite as often, but I'll do it occasionally when one of my real life friends have been absolutely cute with me. They're lovely people, and I like to be nice back.
3) Oi, oi. I get up in the morning, I sketch like a mad person. I take the cat for a walk, I stalk around the flat, I take a long bath and then sketch some more. If needed, I'll call a friend up for quick reference photos, and/or snap some pictures of myself. I might set fabrics up on chairs or place a big mirror next to the computer. If I take breaks, it's to watch movies, listen to music, take more baths or go for a walk with the cat. Eat, I'll do in front of the computer (pathetic, I know), and I'll be obsessed and weird when people try to talk to me on the phone, ha ha. They'll try to chat about whatever's going on in their lives, and I'll exclaim, "This DAMN eye! I just can't get it right! Should I go with blue or green?" My friends know better now than to try to get me to function normally on my painting days.
4) Very important. I can't see myself living or working elsewhere. It's not so much the actual flat I live in, as my friends, my family, my cat and the environment surrounding me. I love Sweden, I love the city I live in, and I am addicted to my friends and family. Home, for me, is definitely where the heart is. I can't see myself living, nevermind working, somewhere where my friends aren't.
5) Stretch, as in, 'work without pause'? I'd say about 30 hours, if that's the case. Back when my insomnia was really bad, I could go three days without sleep, and sometimes a good amount of that time would be used painting - not necessarily getting any good paintings done, but at least painting.

Ashakarc -- Thank you :] My maximum objective? As in - where I want to go? I never truly think that far ahead. I never originally intended to paint for a living. My dream, as such, would be publishing my Furiae world in all manners possible. I'd like to work on nothing but it, and my personal paintings. Mainly, I just want to sit around and paint and be happy. I'm not a very ambitious person :)

Vegan -- Heheh, I've not done any serious traditional painting since six or seven years back. I have a large oil painting planned out for this summer, I'll promise to post it when it's done. I miss the traditional media - I gave up with it when my scanner broke, and then later, when Azrael became something of a nuisance (the latest water colour I tried was two years ago, upon which the cat spilled the water over the entire thing. If I am to paint, I have to force my parents to take care of him while I do it)

Mahtan -- Yes, inspiration does mean a lot to me. Since it's my job, though, I'll have to paint while uninspired at times. I hate doing it, though, and I usually abhor the result. It looks dead and lifeless to me, and these paintings rarely end up seeing the light of day if I can help it. I consider inspiration far more important than technique - a quick, clumsy sketch with a lot of heart can be a LOT more catching than something that is technically flawless, but dead.

And, to your last comment - thank you.

And thank you :} I'm off to bed now, I'll answer questions again tomorrow (well, technically 'today', but later anyway)

04 April 2005, 12:38 AM
I have one question Enayla, actually 2,

How long did it take you to learn all the Digital Work?
Do you have secret brushes on Photoshop, whatever I do, I just can't get any closer to your painting technique :)

Tack så micket

04 April 2005, 12:41 AM
:love:I have always admired you since I first saw your art. I don't know any questions except one;

Will there be any event where you will participate in, in sweden? I mean, where you have a conference or something the like, showing of your work or techniques?

It would be such fun to see you explain live. :arteest:

04 April 2005, 12:45 AM
Hi, this is Ameer Magdy from Egypt, and if it comes to questions, I have alot, but I won't bug you with it, because you've already given us the whole answers...
I want to say that you are my Idealist artist and as so to many others, when I talk about art, I start with you, I've been showing my friends in the faculty of fine arts your great works, and I've requested the D’artiste: Digital Painting digital artists master class book (, specially for to see your techniques, but still have a question though,

How do you define your scene? I understood the part of the people inside yr' work, but when it comes to the environment around them, I wonder how perfect that is? are you using a reference or from your imagination, and which is harder or I mean to say, take longer, the people you draw or the background??

- Are you teaching any kind of courses outside the university? private lessons?

thad you very buch (Bilbo Baggins)
Ameer Magdy / Alexandria - Egypt

04 April 2005, 12:46 AM
I just discovered your work a week or two ago, and am majorly impressed. You manage to illustrate beautifully a lot of designs that I've not had nearly as much luck at (the dragonfish mermaid in particular, is eerily similar to some stuff I've been trying to do). Major kudos.

My questions:

1) What sort of things are difficult for you to paint, and why?
2) What are some of the most valuable lessons that you've learned doing this over the years? Realizations like "wow, suddenly A, B, and C make sense" to "god, I'll never do -that- again" are what I'm aiming at.
3) What unexplored topics do you want to delve into in the coming years?
4) [this may be a dumb question] What is the DSG community erilaz referred to? Google turned up mostly german-language sites.

Thanks for taking the time to do this! You are an inspiration.

04 April 2005, 01:21 AM
Yeah, hi Linda!

This is Corey Loving , and I have a question for you my fair lady! How do you go about choosing your colors for a scene, you know like for the characters and background? I suppose what I mean is like, do you choose the colors, for your character's shadows for example, based upon the background or do you just use reference to make color choices? An artist named Anry (, once told me to choose your colors based off your background...

Also , I cant seem to make something look as photorealistic as you can, even if i use reference...I've been studying this, and trying to find the secret to really making something look photo realistic...At first i thought it might be grain...But i'm sure you can make any object look realistic if you choose the right colors. I'm just curious as to how you know which colors to use for things. Not just human flesh but trees, metals, ect...anything really ...If you could lead a young artist into the right direction I would be very greatful!

04 April 2005, 01:35 AM
Hi miss Enayla: [all of the former praises expressed before on this thread go here].

I have 2 questions:

1. At least I sometimes feel like i'm flying a kite while drawing, and at some points the whole thing starts to fall beyond saving, or gets stuck on a tree or something... What do you do when things start to go wrong with an illustration?

2. How do you feel about your characters? do you create them (from your head, from a concept, form an urge) or do they appear from and on the white canvas as you roam it with the pen? in other words, this life you seek to imprint in them, is an expression of your self or are they live on their own sake? (hope i explained it right).

2 1/2: I'll hear with most attention to the answer to Bonedaddy's second question.


Sir Patroclo

04 April 2005, 01:36 AM
Hey Linda.

1) How does it feel to be one of the most renowned artist on CGTalk? Can you find yourself restrained by it or inspired?

2) What's your advice for someone who feels inadequate when it comes to being able to draw, how did you go about training up your spatial perception?

3) We're couple of student in Skellefteå currently attending a CG education.. And we're wondering if you do any seminars?

Thank you Linda for being a great inspiration source for me and my fellow friends up here in the frozen wilderness of sweden.

04 April 2005, 02:03 AM

Thanks for taking the time!

I do believe that you are one of those rare artists whose work has stepped out of the realm of art, and into the sublime.

I think watching your development, is to watch art history in the making (I feel privileged - don't we all!)

This is not so much a question, as a request - obviously one you may decline.

Would you have a problem posting some of your early works - to give us a glimpse of your development (just where did your wonderful journey begin). Images covering the span of your early development - I mean childhood and teens - glimpses of how you got where you are.

*edit (several)*

Was your lifelong passion nurtured by a particular individual? If yes Who? and what was the context?

What is your first memory? Fondest memory?

(I hope I am not getting too personal)

Gord MacDonald

04 April 2005, 02:07 AM
Hey Linda. Thought your q&a session wasn't supposed to start until tomorrow. 0_o

Anyway, I can manage a few questions:

-One of the things that I feel separates your pieces from many others is your use of the negative space; your backgrounds never seem to be too fully-defined (except with some such as "euthanasia", an excellent painting btw ;)), but they're never dull or flat. There's always something about that space that contributes to the rest of the space - a color tone that compliments the rest of the piece, or that brings out some contrast in the scene. And the backgrounds almost always have this "textured" look to them. I guess what my question about this would be is, how do you go about visualizing how to use this space? Is it sort of a trial and error thing or just a style that you've developed well-enough over time to be able to add to each piece with ease? Do you actually visualize how you want that background to look when you're thinking up the painting?

-This may border along the lines of those "what brushes do you use" and "what software do you use" kind of questions that can miss the more essential topics one should focus on when beginning to learn digital painting...but what the hell. Basically, I'm curious to know how extensively you make use of layers in your paintings, if at all. Obviously, breaking a digital painting into separate layers can be extremely helpful (for separating the background from a person in the foreground, for instance). But when I first started out, I'd isolate things like shadows and highlights as separate layers, in order to make use of different blending modes and opacity settings to adjust the shadows to get it 'just right', instead of thinking about just coloring one layer with the right colors right from the start. I think that with the way I used to break things down into so many different layers, it would often lead everything to being either very oversatured, or undersatured, which I haven't had as many problems with since changing. But then, maybe I just need more practice with working with multiple layers to get the technique down. Any thoughts on that?

-Just thought I'd add that, in reading Leanord's intro post, this made me laugh:
Living a fairy-tale life, she would go hunting for witches in the woods.

Though I of course did similar things. ;)
On a similar note though, you mentioned (from what Leanord quoted) that you're "in love with old, cruel tales and the wickedness that comes wrapped up in lovely forms."
Any particular 'tales' come to mind? :)
Also, more of an obscure question, but do you find that your environment contributes much to your imagination? (Example... being out at my old house always seems to fill my head with a thousand new ideas; it's dozens of different environments all rolled in one. At the end of the field behind the house, there's this creepy little forested area. The trees are still living (and look absolutely amazing in the summer time), but always have this sort of 'dead' feel to them. The ground is always covered in leaves, regardless of the season. And to top off the effect, there's this little stream running through the center of it all that's been bordering towards drying out for the past few years. It's like something straight out of a C.J. Cherryh novel. There's nothing like that in the surroundings of my drab dorm room; no houses that kids would swear are haunted, no crevices that you could imagine going on forever, nothing of any sort that leaves much to the imagination. I usually need to get out and get away just to think well enough to sketch out ideas) Would you say that your workplace and/or home help your imagination in that respect?

Heh, well I've run my mouth of enough for now. :)

04 April 2005, 02:14 AM
you just played with filters in photoshop with pictures you took(right :D ;) )

04 April 2005, 02:56 AM
hi ^^

whats ur pc specs ? =)

Serious Samm
04 April 2005, 03:56 AM
Hey Enayla! I just love your attention to color and detail.
All of the characters that you color in your paintings have this distinct glow to them, it's almost like looking at an actual photo instead of a digital painting. It's just beatiful!:eek:
But i was wondering, do you think it is nessesary to attend an art school to be able to produce art as great as you do? I'm asking this because I recently got a wacom tablet and have been attemping to paint digitaly and i'm finding it alot harder than I though it would be.
I have no experience at all with natural media (except for drawing and sketching with a pencil which is what i'm better at). I hope i'm making sense.
What do you think? Was it easy for you? Do you think it would have been harder to paint digitally if you had no background with traditional media? Maybe i need more practice but it gets hard especially when it seems like i'm not improving or a particuar work in progress seems to be going downhill with no rescue in sight.

P.S. Oh and keep up the good work!:thumbsup:

04 April 2005, 04:28 AM
Hey Linda, Im a huge fan of your work and you never cease to blow me away with your paintings.

-I was wondering if you learned/developed your painting skills traditionally with paint on paper/canvas and moved over to digital, or if you really started painting seriously when you started digital? For me painting on a tablet is much harder than using oil on a canvas. Do you like to sketch with pencil and paper or do you always visualize in color?

04 April 2005, 04:37 AM
Well, probably by the time I get through these questions (which will have to be tomorrow) there won't be anything left to ask. I'm sure of this. So instead of asking a question, I'd like to leave you a little note that is incredibly true for me.

And here it is:

Ever since I discovered your art, I have become determined to be as good as you. You are such an incredible inspiration for me and I usually can't wait to see a new picture. If ever I feel want to feel inspired, all I have to do is hop online and check out your website. My parents and all of my friends know your name because I talk about you so much and have shown them your work. Your attention to detail is astounding and your mastery of color and emotion in a painting is just incredible. (I'm sorry if this sounds like I'm a stalker or something, but you inspire me as much as Tim Burton inspires you. But I'm not a stalker ;) ) I just love your art. Every piece is just so inspirational. Oh, and did I mention that you were the first person to introduce me to androgeny. I didn't know what that was before I saw your art! =D

Ok, I do have one question. One the first post in the thread, with all those pictures of yours in the one with the two people kissing an image to go with your "Calamity of Touch" image? Because the girl has the same hair and dress, and she was cursed for making love to man. I'm just curious. :)

Thank you for taking the time to post your art and being an inspiration to me and many other people.

Oh, and I'm glad your hand is feeling better. :)

04 April 2005, 04:39 AM
hey linda,

i'm a newbie to CGtalk so i just discovered your work as a logged in for the first time. your work is amazing. i'm a junior in the game development department of scad. what i really want to do is concept work i.e. characters, and landscapes and what not. along the lines of the work that you do. on top of that, no doubt, i'm a modeler and texture artist.

besides all that.. questions... :)

in your paintings; do you draw and paint your figures from scratch or do you have live models that pose for you?..

where do you come of with the inspiration for your original environments?

no doubt i'm sure you are a master at the figure and of the landscape, but i tend to have a difficult time coming up with believable poses and/or settings for my characters.. what inspires you?

thanks again for showing off your amazing peices

04 April 2005, 04:59 AM
Hi Linda! I wanna tell that you're a HUGE inspiration for many people, incluiding me of course, and I don't know how you don't consider your work as true art, maybe we can do digital paintings, but yours are in other level completelly, cause you're talented by nature. Thanx for share with us your art.

Now, questions for you ;) :

1. When your book will be ready? I'm so anxious for to see it! I think apart for the illustrations, it will have stories, am I right?
2. As you said in other opportunities, you do your paintings in a huge canvas sizes, so, my question is, do you use huge brushes too? Cause in my paintings, doing them in a big canvas size, I need to put the brush size in 100px or more o_O and it took me ages for to finish the paintings even with that size of brush... maybe I'm too slow ¬¬
3. Again your paintings: you choose the color of the skin based on the bg or the bg is addapted to the skintones and clothes of the character?

And, that's it, I hope your hand will heal lots day by day, and lots of huges to Azrael (by the way, I still have the Azrael wallpaper on my desktop =D)

04 April 2005, 05:00 AM
Howdy L

I've seen a lot of artists who are obviously heavily influenced by you. That's probably a good sign that you have attained a certain place with your art, when people are consciously attempting to emulate your look and feel.

It can be flattering, but I know other well known artists who have seen this happen don't always feel comfortable with it. What's your feeling on that?

Anyway, keep up the great work, you are a terrific inspiration!


04 April 2005, 05:37 AM
A true goddess!! I would say IMHO that Linda produces the best artwork hands down on CGTALK, out of all the artist she builds magnificent 2d masterpieces. A true prodigy. Well done Linda ! ! I have great respect for your style, always a joy to see your next piece :bounce:

and Enayla seems like a darn cool person too, responding to all the posts like she always does! respect ! :)

This is in no way fanboyism etc! its darn right worship! :buttrock: keep em comin lady!

04 April 2005, 05:43 AM
Hi Linda!

I hope I am not to late in joining in on the questions...

My Question relates to WACOM tablets and line smoothness. All of the lines in your paintings are smooth and impecibally blended, and I realize that painting at your caliber and skill level takes years of practice and study (plus a natural apptitude towards the arts) but What I want to know is ...

Do you think the quality of the equipment that you use plays a big part in the ease of your painting? See, when I paint in photoshop with my little WACOM graphire I get..."jagged" lines. It helps when I zoom in and then paint, and It does seem to help to paint at 400 DPI...
but still, It feels like my stylus isnt properly translating the line...even with opacity and size jitter set to pen pressure.
Do I need an INTOUS to improve my line quality or is there something I am doing wrong?

What DPI do you paint at? Do you prefer Photoshop or Painter?

Thank you for your time!


04 April 2005, 05:45 AM
Hi, linda.

I would Like to tell you that your paintings are the real vision of human dreams. You can almost walk inside those fantastic fairy worlds you create. Nowing that your work is so inspired by the fairy and fantastic ideas, I would like to propose you a way to find more increadibles universes and crazy ideas. Eduard Grieg, I think he was norwegian, He created on 19 century a simphony called Liric suite, op.54. It is an increadible description of fantastic tells including the famos Trolls. I see that it sounds extrange to create using music, but I wander what could you create using your master skills ..... I hope you like it, and if you already hear it or have use music as inspiration, please, can you post any.... Or where can I see one...

Finally, I would like to ask you a question, It coul be basic, but by browsing in the internet I have not find a very specific answer.

How do you calibrate your monitor in order to obtain the best relationship between shadows and lights?

Thank you for give us this opportunity to ask you questions and talk to you.

04 April 2005, 05:57 AM
Hi Linda, I dun really have any favourite artist until I saw your works here & then ur web site.. I simply love your paintings, they are beyond words. And thanks for sharing with us your knowledge & imagination.

04 April 2005, 06:42 AM
Hi Linda!
I felt in love with your artwork when I saw it first time on, and you just become my favorite artist at all, I like very much works of other digital 'pro's' but among them your the most shining star for me, my inspiration and guide:)
I'll observe your amazing work ...and will try to be like you;)
Keep up the great work and never stop.
Thank you!

04 April 2005, 07:49 AM
Hello, Linda!
Just like all of these beautiful people, I've been inspired and thrilled by your paintings so much! I remember the first time I saw you painting - I think it was Nightly Forests - I was left staring in awe for a few good, long minutes, and then I rushed off to check out the rest of your work. That painting is still one of my favorite paintings by you, and I have a pretty print hanging on my wall.

Most of the questions I wanted to ask have already been answered, so I won't bother re-posting them. I have one (rather strange) question for you. I've been following your Master & Servant painting progress (and am very excited about it :D) and you mentioned you've been referencing from a mask you made. I know you like making masks, and seen a few that you made (on devART, mostly), so I wanted to ask you: how do you make them? What materials do you use? When I was a child, I just loved making masks (out of paper and cardboard, though :P) and I'd like to make one again, I'm just not sure what materials to use =/
Any general mask-making tips would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for having so much patience for us hungry-for-Linda's-advices people :) You're the best! *hug*

~ Donna

(edited for typos.. >_<;;)

04 April 2005, 08:44 AM
Good morning,Linda! When I look at some your works,I have an ideas about traditional painting in old style... with thin lacquer glazing , with superb caught lighting.Do you have a wishes to transfer your ideas on a canvas, to take in hands a brush, oil paints or acryle?I see your creative force in works-,,eyreequel,,euthanasia ,,Cunae,, and thith boy on the stone.They deep, in them there is something NOTexplaning,real.This is inspiration....I wish you today inspired day.Respect.

04 April 2005, 08:58 AM
Thanks for being such a great inspiration to us all... also wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer everybodys questions, they are a good read.
Keep on inspiriing us to do greater work :D

04 April 2005, 09:28 AM
You're not real. You can't be.

04 April 2005, 10:01 AM
Hi Linda

Hope your enjoying this Q&A


1) Tell us about Furiae, id love to hear more about it, the world, the characters and how you came to have this magical world develop in your mind.

2) You seem to be in love the with Romantic and Dark side of Mythology, so, if you could be either a Vampire or a Drow(Dark Elf), which would you choose?

3)My Favorite painting of yours is "Ladies of London", you mentioned this was for a RPG, is that game still going? What happened to the lovely ladies portrayed in your image?

4)Which is your Favorite Burton Film?

Looking forward to these answers, give Azreal a stroke for me!:)

04 April 2005, 10:37 AM
I'm going to type myself to an early death, I just know it.

MWarsame -- Well, I've been painting digitally for soon eight years. But I'd like to think I'm still learning - lots and lots, every single day. As for brushes and secret tricks, hm, not so much. Tell you what... these are the brushes I'm using for my current picture. Take a look and see if you find anything good there - a warning though, they're in terrible disarray (unnamed for added confusion)

InAction -- Thankee :] I do stuff like that on occasion, for the most part back here at home. I'm always a little uncomfortable in front of a crowd (which I'm sure the people who saw me speak at SIGGRAPH would agree with), so when I can avoid it, I'll not do it. I'll be doing something like that a little later this year at some local conference, I'll see if I can get you in :]

Ameer Magdy -- Well, firstly, thank you kindly :} As for your question regarding the backgrounds... the same thing goes, very much, there as with the people in my painting. I sometimes need reference, and sometimes not. I always start sketching the backgrounds out in colours (look at my Master and Servant picture, it's pretty typical of my process), and if I find that something isn't working out right - the trees look horrid or the angles just won't flow - then I'll look a reference up. I find it's best to always lay out the colours before looking at a reference, to make sure I'll only reference the shapes and not the colours (means you'll not misuse the reference). The backgrounds are much more difficult for me than the subjects - I've been painting people for a lot longer and I've got the people-painting techniques pretty much down pat. With backgrounds, I'm VERY much still learning.

I teach classes at the local university, but they're extremely basic. I've promised someone I'd tutor his daughter for an hour or so, but I've not managed to get around to it yet. For the most part, I am very content to teach through the internet, at my own pace, whenever I feel like sharing something. Teaching in itself, when it comes to art, is a little intimidating. There's so much I still need to learn!

Bonedaddy - 'Bonedaddy', as in Jack Skellington? :D Thank you... and now to the questions -
1) I hate painting feet because I hate feet. I find them intolerably unattractive, heheh. Anything that I don't like looking at, in fact, is very difficult for me to paint (meaning - I paint eyes and lips well, especially lips, because I'm obsessed with them... but I paint feet and legs rather poorly because I don't find them nearly as fascinating).
2) O my, this is a difficult question. I think my very first 'wow' was back when I first started out, and realised I painted much nicer colours if I didn't start with a black or white backdrop. Because of this, I try to tell everyone not to paint on white, black or transparent backgrounds but instead always pick a colour. It makes such a shockingly major difference. Secondly, the colour picker in photoshop is your best friend - it's a small thing, but it helped me so much when I first found it, and I use it compulsively. Thirdly... skin tones. I used to make that mistake of shading pink skin with pink and adding white highlights. I sometimes used dodge or multiply or burn to get my colours 'right' and the end result was always plastic, or clay-like. I know now that even if the skin is blue it calls for shadows and highlights of different colours to be believable. This is a lesson I've been continuing to work on this past year - which has been what I'd like to call 'skin tone' year where I've been trying to teach myself about all manners of different skin variations. I honestly can't think of any other revelations at the moment, I hope those will do.
3) Unexplored topics... hm... well, I'm thinking about delving a little more into stylisation. I'd like to really bring my comic book self out into the open - see how far I can mix realistic with stylisation before it just looks weird (my avatar, for instance: majorly weird, but I still love it). I also have a feeling I'll be jumping into horror themes again once the book is finished. I've had a mind for bloody and grisly things at the moment.
4) DSG is Daily Sketch Group - it's a part of CGtalk, where people post iddy sketches in topic threads. Wonderful thing, I tell you.

CoreyArtE -- Hi Corey :] How do I go about choosing the colours? That's a very difficult question, and I don't know quite how to explain it. You know how most people get their ideas in concepts or shapes? Like, "I want to paint a wizard"? Well, when I get an idea, it'll go, "Oh my! Purple and blue, with touches of rose, and look - his eyes are all smouldering yellow to touch the other colours off, and yeah... he's a lonely man with a broken heart and his hate is great... the light will be cool on his face but warm on his hands because he's a man of action, and --" The simple way to answer it is - colours come first. I think in colours. If I bring a name to the front of my mind (of my friends or family), I'm thinking of a colour along with them. My good friend Ulrika who poses for so many of my paintings, she's gold yellow and summer blue and quiet green. Mikaela, who is another friend, she's blue and lilac and purple and bright, vivid wonderful red. Johan is an earthy, gentle brown with touches of green and bronze-gold and shades of ivory white. See? Colours aren't ever a problem for me.

So, man, that wasn't exactly what you were asking about, but... if I paint a picture, all the colours are laid out, and I'll be watching it and try to figure out the colours of the shadows on the skin or the shadows on the ground. Part of it will be artistic license - I'll pick something that looks good - and part of it will simply be what I think would be natural. It's always a mix of me ignoring every rule of the world, and me trying to paint something that doesn't look entirely messed up. That make any sense?

As for photorealism... I'm starting to feel I've approached it with too much ardour. Be careful not to be carried away in making it look 'real', it seems to get me into a lot of trouble. I don't 'know' how to use any colours for things, I'm still trying to learn - and I learn by studying things. I have a little exercise I do now and again, where I just take a lot of random photos and then study them and try to understand the colour relations. I'm a terrible photographer, but all you need is a digital camera and some patience. Don't try to copy the pictures, just the colours, and just to grasp how they relate.

Sir Patroclo -- Hey hey :] 1) Oh yeah, a lot of my paintings get out of hand. There are really only two things I can do at that point. Well, make that three. The first is to keep at it and try to get past the problem. I have to admit that this never works - if there's a problem that's big enough and I really feel stuck, I'll lose the feeling for the picture and in losing that, it all goes to hell. The second thing I might do, is to just give up. I scrap more paintings than I'd like to admit, more ideas than I can really afford to. Such a lot of times I get ideas that I 'think' will be lovely and it ends up looking like crap. The trick is to know when to call it a day and not waste time on a hopeless subject. On the other hand, the third option is to put the painting aside and leave it for another day. I think this is the best way to go. If a painting still has SOMETHING that might be worth to salvage, leap away from it, leave it be, let it rest until you can figure it out. It's a pity to throw nice ideas out the window.
2) Oh, my beloved characters. Some of them leap out at me in the middle of a movie. My friends have become used to (and respond with giggles or rolled eyes) to me calling out while we're watching something "DUDE! I have this idea for a picture! There's this guy, he was born under the shadow of a tree and the spirit of the earth --", and they'll say, "yeah yeah, can we please watch the movie?". At other times, I'll be sketching: perhaps just a simple portrait, or doodles, or anything, and a character will come sneaking up on me. I think every character I create is a vivid mix of me, and of their own stories. Even in the really bad ones, there's something I'd defend because I recognise it (which is rather scary, since some of them are really twisted, but none of them have become wicked for the simple sake of being wicked.) Does that answer the question? :]

CgMonkey -- 1) O, now that's a scary question. I never was much for fame and I haven't got a clue of how I got where I am today. I still remember uploading that first picture to Epilogue and thinking they'd turn me down because my images were awful. I honestly try not to think about it - I don't feel any different now than I did then... every image I submit scares the heck out of me, and every reply makes me all bubbly (or, alternatively, very teary-eyed and miserable). I know a lot of people get a distance to people and what's going on once they're well known enough, but I don't seem able to. I still take all the comments very much to heart. The 'bad' thing about being sort of well known, then, would be that with the people who appreciate what I do, there are people who will absolutely HATE it. I didn't use to have that before I became semi-well-known.
2) Never feel inadequate. There are tons of people out there who are so much better than I am and who can paint things I'll never paint - I'd break my own heart if I sat around feeling lesser or poorer for it. Having said that, I'm embarrassed to say that I learned a lot of what I learned through trial and error. I was very prolific when I was younger. I went to the university and had a really easy time at it, so I'd churn out a painting a day under a long period of time. Considering that you learn new things with every painting you do, this was very helpful for me, and that first year I learned more, I think, than all the other years put together. Try doing lots and lots and lots of rather quick paintings - do at least one every day over a period of thirty days and see if you're not learning an insane amount :]
3) Well, I wouldn't be completely opposed to it. I'm a little intimidated with speaking in front of an audience, but I could do it if you really want me to :]

gordonm -- Thank you very kindly <3 I don't have a lot of my early work with me. The pre-computer ones are all wrapped up tight in the basement under a hoard of litter... and since I always become hateful of my paintings about six months after I've made them... imagine what I've done to computer files that are five, or six years old? But for you, I went and dug up some of my veeeery first digital paintings. Be warned, they ARE really horrid. *yucks*
- I remember using a reference for this pose - from some hottie I'd seen a photo of. But the most memorable bit about this is that this is one of those characters that I 'got back to'. His name is Eyreequel, and I've got a much more recent, changed painting of him that could be seen in Exposé 1.
Eh, don't even ask me about this one, no idea what I was thinking.
I've had a thing for painting statues. I've been considering 're-doing' this one.
Heheh, I remember thinking that the dress and hair were SO pretty.
The veeery early beginnings of some sort of comic style, I don't know. I just saw this one and realised that her face looks a little like my stylised face (as seen in avatar).

Anyway, are you happy now? I'm publicly humiliated :D

As for my passion being nurtured... my parents, my friends, my brother... all the people I love and will always love have always been there for me. I am always saddened when I read about people not getting any support from home, because I've always received so much love and help and cheers from my folks. I can't think of any particular instance, but whenever there's been opportunity, they've been there by my side, cheering me on. I fear my heart will burst with love sometimes.

My first memory is of someone, I presume my mother, giving me a bath in the sink at my grandmother's place. I have no idea of how old I was, but I remember loving it. Loving the attention I got - loving how cool the metal of the sink was where the water didn't touch. I had little chubby hands and I was trying to grasp at the tap. I can't really say what my happiest memory is. There are so many. One springs to mind very keenly, though, and that's the day I found my Azrael. Dragged along by a friend to a shelter, and the guy there opened this little cage on the floor and out bounced a black, furry, exuberant little thing that practically slammed into the wall because he was in such a hurry to make a spectacle of himself. He's been my best buddy ever since. Love at first sight exists very much with friends and animals as well as the other kind.

Okay, I'm taking a little break before getting back to the rest of the replies... my hand is starting to hurt. I've not forgotten anyone, it's just SO much to respond to.

04 April 2005, 10:54 AM
Hallå Linda,

Have you attended an art school?



04 April 2005, 10:54 AM
u ever eaten flowers ?

or is this painting only related questionaire ?

could you consider eating flowers while painting ?

04 April 2005, 11:09 AM
I'll you what... these are the brushes I'm using for my current picture. Take a look and see if you find anything good there - a warning though, they're in terrible disarray (unnamed for added confusion)

Oh my gosh Linda! I am completly shocked! All this time I thought you used painter! But you use photoshop! I feel so weak inside O_O I was so blind...oh so very blind...*corey rushes to his room and cries*

-I dont understand, how can people blend so very well in photoshop, I personaly have alot of trouble trying to blend things with that program in comparison to painter! But both you and Olijosman are like my 2 favorite artist, and you both use photoshop only. I just dont know whats going on now...I mean the smudge tool is slow for big size pictures, I usually work5000X 5000 pixels and above so the smudge tool can be a curse for me... I feel so lost now :sad:

04 April 2005, 11:19 AM
-Vormav- -- Oj, long post :]

The empty space. Well. It's so difficult to pinpoint any one way I decide to use it. I think I'd have to go with it being part of a style, I don't really give it much thought anymore. A lot of the things that demanded thought and planning back when I first started out work out more like an instinct now. Sometimes, the empty space is there from the get-go - it has an actual purpose which is planned into the very feel of the image (to use an example - my 'Pale Voice' image was never intended to be cropped close. Originally, it had even more empty space on top - you had to scroll FOREVER to get to the boy, but I gave up a little of it because it didn't feel right). Sometimes, I'll look at an image and I'll find it a little empty, if one can say so, of empty space. Emptiness has a lot to say, too, it's not just here because there's nothing else there.

To your second question... hm, well, I'd like to say that I never use more than six layers at any given time when I paint. I should have mentioned this in the 'wow' revelations, because once I figured out that while layers are your friends, they can be backstabbing friends, I stopped using them as extensively as I had. It's better to create a layer, paint what you like on it, and then flatten them down. Otherwise the painting often ends up looking as if though you HAVE used layers. Not a very good thing at all. For the most part, I'll have the character on a layer until the background is sort of done - then I flatten it down. I'll paint features on a separate layer and as soon as I have the shape I want, I flatten them down. I work in such a large format that I really can't keep too many layers even if I wanted to.

Tales that I love, huh? Well, anything illustrated by John Bauer. I loved Pippi Långstrump. (Pipi Longstockings in English, I think?) and some of my favourite stories were written by Astrid Lindgren: Mio min Mio, Ronja Rövardotter, Bröderna Lejonhjärta. I adored the old versions of the stories that Disney, eh, Disney-fied. I adore the bloody version of Cinderella, I loved the sad, sad Little Mermaid story (man, she's supposed to die! He's supposed to turn her down!). When I was seven years old, I got my grubby little hands on my first copy of an Edgar Allan Poe book. I'd like to say that was the end of any hopes of me turning out to be a normal person. Poe changed me a lot. Poe led me to HP Lovecraft, who guided me to Stephen King, and from thereon... well... it's pretty much a straight line to where I am today (stomping through lots of Fantasy literature on the way here, but abandoning it a few years ago).

And, yeah, environment contributes greatly. I write better in my parents' cabin, for instance, where the shadows will stretch long and blue across the snow now -- than I do in my flat where the great big bed beckons. I can paint well enough when I'm at home - my mind goes wherever it likes to - but writing seems to call for that creaky old house, the stairs, the basement I could never enter at night time, or the strange door to a slanted closet that sort of rasps and creaks late at night.

cha0t1c1 -- Hahah, yeah, I wish :D Man that'd be a time saver!

Deffectx -- O my goodness. I don't know. Let me call my brother and ask... (calling)... he doesn't seem to be home. Tell you what, he comes home in a couple of hours or so - I'll ask him when I can, and then edit this post for you. Check back tomorrow. I seriously am a complete computer dummy. He set my computer up for me.

Serious Samm -- No, I don't think it's necessary to attend to art school. But if you don't, you need to be really serious about teaching yourself. It's a matter in that case of looking everything up on your own, of being highly critical of your own work and trying to work outside the frame. The art school I went to was not very fond of my style of work. In fact, they tried to nudge me into far more modern type of art, and I lost heart for painting for a few years until I got my hands on the wacom. I think the right kind of art school can be lovely aid, but I don't think it is absolutely necessary: you'll just have to work a lot harder. By having said that, I don't mean that you can just jump into the fray and start painting. Learn anatomy on your own if you're not in school. Learn all these things they'd teach you. It's not a matter of being able to just SKIP them, they're necessary, the computer doesn't supply you with any short cuts. Just practice and practice - even if it doesn't seem like you're improving, I promise that you are. Paint a sketch every day for thirty days and then do a comparison, you'll see :]

andersh2404 -- Hi there :] I started out with pen and paper. Watercolours and acrylics were my favourite poison for a long while... then I lost interest in painting for a couple of years and when I picked it up again, I was working on the computer. So it's both a matter of knowing the stuff from before, and starting off fresh - there's a huge gap between my last traditional painting (which was, well, many, many years ago) and the work I produce now.

Sylvana -- Thank you kindly :] That really warms my iddle black heart :D It's wonderful to hear that I can inspire someone - a little strange, though, as I consider myself very much still learning. And, WOW! You spotted the Calamity of Touch picture D: Yeah, it's for the same story, it's the same girl, I'm thrilled that she was recognisable. Ha ha, you've just totally made my day.

Dethol -- Hi there, and welcome to CGtalk :] I'm glad you like my stuff, thank you. As for your questions... I don't have 'live models' as such, but I have friends who are glad to spend an hour letting me take snap photos of every possible angle of the pose I want, in case I mess up when I start working on the painting late at night. Not everything is referenced, but some bits are if that makes any sense.

The inspiration for the environment is almost solely from places I've been to. Someone once pointed out to me that the light scheme in my environments is usually very subdued, and I think that's a result of this. I don't like to be out in the stark sunlight so when I'll usually be walking around, it will be a clouded but lovely day, the shadows will be blurred and the sky a soft grey. It's definitely reflected in my work. Sometimes, I'm inspired by movies - sometimes by music. Sometimes by a gorgeous photo, sometimes by something a friend tells me about. I hope that answers your question :]

Libellula -- Hi, and thank you :]
1) I'm not entirely sure. I'm working hard at it but it's a little slower than I thought. And yeah, it'll be both stories and illustrations.
2) Occasionally, yeah, I do use huge brushes. I tend to sketch in a smaller format, though, and then enlarge the sketch massively and paint over it. When I detail, I'm always using sort of smallish brushes.
3) Heheh, difficult question. I think I pretty much pick all of the colours at the same time: I settle on a colour scheme and a palette (sometimes painting the palette out before I start the actual painting) and then adapt everything accordingly. I think it's a little risky to be 'matching' colours (as in, matching the background to the skin, or the skin to the clothes, etc), and it's always better to have a general colour scheme and let everything move along with that flow :]

Francis -- Heya Francis :D There are, indeed, a few artists that imitate my style now. I'm not sure how I feel about it. On the one hand, it's nice to inspire people, on the other hand I feel a little sorry for them as finding one's own style is one of the most important parts of painting, in my eyes. I've worked all my life to keep from painting like everyone else, to keep my own feel, my own heart and my own eyes visible in everything I do. When someone else tries to imitate all of these things, they're simply not showing enough of themselves, if that makes any sense? It can also be... well, I hate to admit it, but a tad hurtful. I've put so much heart into developing my personal style and theme, I'd hate for it to be taken out of my hands. But I'm sure most of them will pick their own poison up soon enough and leave the influence behind... I used to try to imitate other artists when I was little (much younger, like, in my early teens), and I moved beyond that when the time was right. I hope I'm making any kind of sense? Thanks - you're a huge inspiration to me, too :D

I N F I N I T E -- Eep! Heheh, thank you, now you made me blush D:

Desiree -- Hm, well, the smoothness is a problem. My wacom has a little bit of a problem not making a long line a little jagged, something I'll have to go back and correct with an eraser. The tools are always in the way, even when they're helping us. But, yes, when you have the money, you should try an Intuos out. The intuos has about twice the pressure sensitivity that the graphire does, so the difference is pretty immediate and obvious. Do you know anyone who has one, you could go over and try it out? I prefer Photoshop over painter but I usually use both for an image. Most of my paintings would be at least 5000-6000pixels tall or wide. I always work at 300dpi.

AGU-ART -- Aw, thank you :] Heheh, Grieg is a wonderful guy (or was, anyway). I've got nearly everything he composed and he's a huge inspiration for me when I paint. Thanks for thinking of me and pointing him out to me, even if I already knew him. He's one of my favourite composers, next to Bach and Orff. His 'in the hall of the mountain king' seriously sends chills down my spine.

I am terrible at calibrating my monitor. I used to do it with Adobe Gamma... last week, a friend dropped by with some weird tool. I have no idea what it was, he put a thingie on the screen and we waited for five minutes - then the screen was flawlessly calibrated. You see, I'm a complete dummy when it comes to the actual 'computer' side of what I do. Everyone else does that work for me :D

RealCapri -- Thank you :D I'm honoured.

Whoops, I have to take a typing break again. This time because Azrael has plopped down on my knee (and the tablet) and is demanding attention. I'll post this, and then get back to responding when he decides he wants to do something else.

04 April 2005, 11:47 AM
misiek1125 -- Hey, I'm glad you like what I do :D Thank you.

D-NA -- Ah, Nightly Forests :] It's probably my most popular painting to date. I'm happy you like it.

About the masks... I use papier mache powder. You mix it with water and you get a kind of clay which hardens really well and is easy to paint. It's a little clumsy to sculpt in, the first time around, but I've not found anything better to make masks in - mainly because most clay is much too heavy to be wearable once it's dried. Try to check with your local art store if they can order the papier mache powder (it's basically just paper mashed into iddy biddy bits, and possibly some glue added? I don't know the mix). Good luck <3

inky2 -- good morning to you, too :] You're pretty much spot on... I want to do a big, big, detailed oil painting. I'll have to re-learn the materials - it's been well over eight years since I touched oils - but I want to do it, hopefully this summer. I'll have to let my parents take care of the cat for a week and then just leap into it. I miss having my arms covered in paint up to the elbows. I miss accidentally wetting the brush with my tongue and getting paint all over my face - that stingy, icky taste in the mouth, too, I even miss that. Sigh.

Swoop -- Aw, thank you :] I feel I'm mostly confused and I ramble, when I reply to questions - I'm glad they can be a bit helpful.

Erikoinen -- You're right :D I'm actually just a handpuppet, ruled by my cat. He's responsible for all the pictures. Really, I swear. (Thank you!)

ANARKY -- Hi Andy, and thanks! I am enjoying it, I feel like I've been typing SO much, though. Now to the questions...
1) Furiae... hm, well, there's such a lot to tell. When I was sixteen, I realised that not a lot of girls were playing roleplaying games, and I thought - hey, I can try this, I can do this, I can attempt something that will appeal to both girls and boys. So I started writing on this world, and I invited four girl friends to try it out. We had a blast. Soon the group had grown - I had loads of people playing in this world, on and off, probably about twenty of them separated into smaller groups. From then on, I've been working on it, rewriting the background and adding to the mythology. There's really a little bit 'too' much to put into a reply like this. Furiae is a world where the surface is very, very beautiful. It was created, after all, by a bunch of very vain and lovely Gods -- but they were flawed, their hearts were flawed, their spirits are sometimes wicked and often egotistic and it's left its imprint on the world. Just underneath all that prettiness, there's something brewing. There's murder and betrayal and black, soiled souls hiding under pretty faces, there's rot under the shining cities, there are things happening that people like to pretend would never happen. Not in a place like that, not anywhere, not ever. Furiae isn't, of course, filled with only pretty people - that's not what I mean when I say that it's a beautiful place. It's more that it's something I'd like to paint, the landscapes are deep and rich, the forests are vast and stunning, the cities point their spires high, high, bravely to the sky and the gods have eyes like crystal beads, with emotions like colour underneath. See? I can't really go on like this, I'll write an entire essay.
2) Haha, a vampire or a drow? I'd prefer to be neither. Vampires ruled by their bloodthirst, and me a vegetarian, and drows being slaves to their queen - and I think she's got something to do with spiders, right? There are spiders involved somewhere? *shudder*
3) I've not actually kicked the campaign off yet :[ I've simply not had the time to finish it, and my players haven't all written the small essay I demand on their characters before we start off. So, I can't really give you a reply to the question yet, heheh.
4) Oh my goodness. That's a cruel question. I honestly can't say, it so depends on my mood. I love Sleepy Hollow - I have a huge poster that's almost as tall as me hanging on my wall. It makes me shiver and squeal with joy whenever I watch it. Just the most beautiful movie I've ever seen, and the horror theme is spot on what I love. I ADORE Edward Scissorhands - it's a flawless fairytale, there's just so much about that movie that I could gush about. The contrast between the bluish, smooth, fairytale colours of Edward and the all-too bright tones of the suburbs is just one of the many things that make it rock. Then we have Big Fish *happy sigh*. I could watch that movie a thousand times and still love it. I had no idea that McGregor would fit so well into a Burton movie, but there you go. Then there's Ed Wood, oh man.... Beetle Juice! One of my early favourite movies, ever. Vincent! Whee! And, oh my god, Corpse Bride and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - I'll be so bowled over it won't even be funny. And last, but not least, Nightmare Before Christmas. *drool* That movie changed my life. It honestly did. I've watched it more times than any other movie I've ever owned - I should guess it'd add up to about fifty or sixty now (I'm not kidding). I'll flick it on in the background when I work, I'll listen to the soundtrack when I'm sad... oh my, I'm such a helpless fangirl *weep*

anim_ziggy -- Hi :] Well, it depends on how you define art school. In Sweden, we have something called 'Gymnasiet', which you attend to in between the ages of sixteen and nineteen (or just abouts, three years, you can be a bit older if you apply at a later age). During these years, I studied art, but also language, maths, history, etc. They even made us dance and play music D: Lots of life drawing classes, sculpting, photography and such to keep me happy though.

Squibbit -- haha, you're such a darling. The weird answer to your question is -- I've already tried eating flowers. Both of the hoity toity kind (like candy violets, yum!) and ordinary, regular flowers, just because I was curious (when younger) if roses tasted as nicely as they smell. I'd say, no. No, they don't taste very nice. I don't think I'd care to repeat the experience, unless someone finds a really tasty kind of flower for me to munch on :D

CoreyArtE -- Hahaha, aw, I'm so sorry to disappoint. I do occasionally work in Painter but I mainly do texture work there. I can't seem to be as precise and detailed when I use it, as when I use Photoshop. As for Photoshop being slow... I actually find Painter slower, hehe. What you need to do is work big, with big brushes, make the nice transitions and blendings with pressure sensitivity and huge soft edged round brushes to begin with, and then only smudge the iddy biddy parts when you zoom in. Can't use huge smudges, that really makes the computer hiccup.

And, yay! That's it! I've caught up! *prances, proud*

04 April 2005, 11:47 AM
Hey linda,

you`re the artist who made me so furious and jealous that i started drawing a year ago :P i even got a wacom cuz of you, and now it all might be turning into a career :D so thanks alot for that, you`ve been a great inspiration. in fact your nose tutorial pushed my art to a whole new level.

I`m wondering if you`ve heard of tablet pcs. its basicly a wacom tablet, but with less pressure sensitivity and intergrated into the screen of a lap top. i dont know if you travel much (i got one because i have to) but its nice for working outside if you get a ruggadized one. pretty cool little thingy

1)do you still do traditional painting and have you tried it lately?
2)were you ever frustrated with having a small audience?
3)how many sites do you post on? any ones you particularily recommend?
4)does hate mail make you sad?
5)how did you come up with your names?
6)hows mr. kitty? tell him i said hi :P mwaha

aand finally. i have an idea and its one my mom and i came up with. i want to paint it, but it uses the characters you came up with in your world. its sort of fan art but not really. i read before that you are really close the to characters in your artwork and such. would you be offended if i did it?

04 April 2005, 11:49 AM
dam it,too late

04 April 2005, 11:57 AM
thanks Linda for replying! Keep us inspired please...

ps..I remember gymnasiet.. have lived in Stockholm for a couple of years! He he and I took the same subjects.

04 April 2005, 11:57 AM
Hello Linda,

First i want to thank you for sharing your art with us and make us discover your tips and technique :love:

My question is about 3D...

What about 3D graphics in your works and in your mind...?
I mean do you think we can express feeling in 3D as much as in 2D painting and did you ever think to learn it and try to reproduce your style in a 3d composition ? Did you think about that or are you focused on 2D painting only ...?

Thanks in advance !

Sorry for the english btw :\

04 April 2005, 12:03 PM
yea I guessed u might have tasted flowers,cool

I don't remember doing that , which is a bit odd .
I wonder what might have stopped me

anyways to aquire such a memory I'll test a couple
of flowers during the summer and if i find a tasty
one i'll send it to u :thumbsup:

04 April 2005, 12:06 PM
Hey Linda! Wonderful to see you in the Q&A section! I was wondering when they'd pick you to be a guest. YAY!

I'm VERY new to digital painting, but I'm lovin' it... and seeing your work (among so many other talented artists in the CGTalk community) has inspired me GREATLY. I won't ask you much in the way of technique... I love what you do and how you do it, but I'm still trying to 'find' my stylistic approach to the digital medium. *sigh* lots of trial and error ahead for me, I'm afraid. Love reading thru your answers here too... learning ALOT about you, tee hee!

Just wondering when your book is due to come out... and where I can grab a copy of that sucka! I love fiction and I love art... A BRILLIANT COMBINATION!


04 April 2005, 12:10 PM
Yulias -- Hey, that's awesome :D I'm thrilled that I could help inspire you into getting into painting. Whee! And yeah, I've heard about one of those... but I bought a hugely expensive bed just recently, I'm sort of broke. *sheepish*
1) No, I don't. I honestly wish I had the time for it but it seems like all I do these days is sit in front of the computer and paint - or hang out with friends and family (or read! I read massive amounts). I've not even got any traditional material left, no pens, no paper. It's pathetic.
2) No. Not really. I never really aimed for any kind of fame - it was by chance that I uploaded my first paintings to Elfwood (man, that's a lifetime ago), and I sort of slipped into all of this without meaning to. I love having an audience, I get so much input from the people around me, but that was never why I did any of this nor did I think about these things when I uploaded pictures to a new gallery.
3) At the moment... I'm really only updating my own site, and CGtalk. I do have oodles of galleries out there, many of which I've long forgotten about or abandoned, but I ended up losing heart. It was just too much to keep up with, too many questions asked and so many upset emotions when I couldn't answer it all. It's nicer to be able to keep up with one community than to try to keep up with (and fail!) five different. From what I remember, I liked both GFXartist and Epilogue.
4) Yes. Yes it does. People have been at it ever since I first started - it might have something to do with me being a girl, I know some of my friend female artists have the same problem. It always seem like a "die bitch" will cause a lot more damage than a "I like your work" helps out. It's horrible that it works like that but I'm a very self-critical person. I have a much easier time accepting harsh criticism than I have accepting praise, if that makes any sense. I've grown a bit more thick-skinned over the years but some things still get to me. I try to be as nice as I possibly can to everyone, help anyone who asks out, and do what I can for the community - I just don't know what it is that I do that should call for such hatred, you know?
5) I have a very weird mind. Names are so easy to come up with, but they're always sort of weird. I just come up with a sound that fits the character. Sometimes, they're inspired by characters in old mythology but for the most part I just blurt them out.
5) Azrael's doing splendidly. He's howling for a walk out in the sun, so I think I'll have to give him just that when I've taken a bath (it looks like a bird has built a nest on top of my head)

As for painting something with my characters - I don't mind at all :] Just give credit where it's due, and send me a link so I can see it.

Cipher -- I definitely think that 3D can express as much as 2D can. I'm not talented at it myself - I tried and failed miserably, and I just can't seem to wrap my mind around the technical side... but I'm learning a LOT from the 3D art community. I think 2D artists should take a long, careful look at how 3D artists are handling their subjects and try to relearn some of the things we think we know. I don't think I'm going to jump into it, though, it's a little too technical for me, too many things to think about, too much to learn. I still feel like I have so much to learn in 2D art, nevermind trying to get into something entirely new.

Squibbit -- Hahah, yay! sounds like a splendid idea.

Artjunkie -- Whee, thank you :D Are you new to digital painting?? D: I couldn't have guessed, looking at how you paint. Awesome. I'm not sure when the book is due, man, I wish I knew. I have to rewrite some of the stories and rework some of the stuff, it's slow work, I've been feeling a little down and blue lately which doesn't make it any easier, you know?

Now I'm going to go take a bath. If there are any other questions when I return, I'll get right on them. No one's too late :]

04 April 2005, 12:27 PM
okay, thanks so much :D im not sure when ill get that picture finished because its a bit difficult. ill email you or something when i do get it done and ill credit you for all of the characters

thanks alot

04 April 2005, 12:33 PM
Hi Linda!!!

Really wonderful of you to be willing to help us out like that!:thumbsup:

I didn't want to ask anything, but since there are seemingly more noobs around I will. Everybody seems to have asked a load of relevant questions. And I must say it's very enlightening.

I'm just getting my first gazes at colour painting, I only did some lines for amusement in the past. It took me a while to figure out that I want to entertain. But now I'm there and want to get dead serious about 2D and 3D. Trouble is I'm being trained for other stuff, filmstuff.:sad:Only production designers get the traditional/2D training. And well, it wasn't mindboggling.

So I've made three colour paintings on my computer, and twice that many ever. So I'm fresh to this, but I'm going to have to teach myself everything so here goes:

1) Does one have to be Swedish to paint well?

2) What should really be on my mind on a second to second bases to learn fast and well? In regards to painting on a computer. I mean, there are loads of resources but I haven't read them and I have little time to read them all. What books knowledge has helped you best. Or was it enough to be inspired again. (gees is that one question, :rolleyes:)

3) What would you personnally want to tell artists in all fields? I mean, if they haven't found their hold on the jugg yet?

I forgot the rest:D...




04 April 2005, 12:48 PM work hard and make enormous progress ........

04 April 2005, 01:55 PM
Hei Linda.

1. I have heard that you're making a fairytale book, but I don't recall hearing its title. What is it going to be called and will it be relesed all over the world?

2. When rolepaying, what class and race do/did you usually play as?
3. Do/did you roleplay whit computer/video-games, on a forum or traditionally?

04 April 2005, 02:04 PM
Reading over so many responses it amazes me how much you help everyone. I'm one of the many people who you've inspired to work more on my wacom tablet than I ever have over the past few weeks and I've already started to see a drastic improvement in my technique. Before I merely got the tablet to work on some matte paintings (very slow in comparison to just painting), but now I can't put my pen down. Starting off as a 3D artist, I'm REALLY enjoying the change of work. For this I wanted to say thank you.

Now to a quick say that nature, movies, music, and a little bit of other art are your influences, but I was wondering if there was any specific form of nature that really interests you. I know when I'm trying to draw, my imagination runs wild if it's storming outside with the rain beating on the windows and the roof. It only becomes a problem when the power goes OUT! Also when I have to drive to work very early in the morning I always pass by this collection of lakes/ponds that have very thick mist on top of them usually which always makes me smile as I drive by...I was wondering if there were any little things in nature that spark your interest/imagination like this.

I also read the part where you were talking about working uninspired is considerably more difficult than when you are really into a piece. I feel the same way, but when I'm having trouble getting into something all I have to do is load up a few artists portfolios that I feel are disgustingly good (your website would be at the top of that list :D ) and I'm instantly back into the groove since it's my goal to achieve that level some day. Do things like this not work for someone of your level?

One last thing before I get to start painting! A few people already mentioned your book, Furiae, which I'm extremely interested in getting a copy of as well. Although I'm not an avid reader, when I find a book that keeps me interested then I cannot put it down... REALLY looking forward to that one and anxiously awaiting the day there's a headline about it on CGTalk!

With how much you have to read, I'm sorry I posted something this long, but getting the chance to talk to someone who inspires me so much gets me worked up. I can't wait to see more of your work! Back to Photoshop I go!

04 April 2005, 02:05 PM

Have you ever thought about teaming up with an animator and bringing your paintings to life in motion? You could either map your work onto 3D models as textures or a traditional animator could create rough animation in the form of line drawings and you could then paint the final frames based on these. I think that would be awesome...

Would be SO much work though.

04 April 2005, 02:26 PM
jmBoekestein -- Hi Jan-Mark! Heheh, I'll get straight on to your questions -
1) Haha, no. Funny thing though, there seems to be a large amount of digital artists coming from Sweden, when compared to what a small country we are (about nine million people, you could squeeze us all into London). I don't know why this is.
2) Don't be afraid. That's my biggest suggestion. Try everything you can - you have an idea? Leap into it! Grapple with it! Paint with bold colours, paint with soft colours, paint in any way that occurs to you for the moment. Save a dozen different versions of every image while you're experimenting, but never, never, never think 'I'm afraid to try that out, maybe it'll ruin the image'. That's the good thing about working on a computer - you CAN try everything out, any which way, you can paint upside down or clockwise, you can flip the image every ten minutes to get everything right (I thank whatever person who came up with the 'flip horizontal' thing when it was first implemented into digital art programs). Paint something lovely and then do a colour overlay on top of it, just to see if you could've done better with a different colour scheme. Don't be afraid is the motto of the beginner, or any artist for that matter. Just playing around and experimenting will get you fast ahead. Perhaps most importantly, in the beginning, is the fact that you need to be prolific. You can't just do one painting every fifth week and think that it will get you somewhere - you'll develop very slowly if that's how you work. Just churn them out, even if they're not good. You'll learn something new with each and every one. I've not read any books on art that I can think to immediately tip you on - I think exercise is the best way to get there. And learning from your fellow artists - I started out at elfwood, moved to epilogue and then to Sijun, to my own forum where I learned LOTS, then on towards other forums and finally here. There is no better place to learn than among your peers.
3) Just to hang in there. I get so saddened when I see people putting themselves and their art down... wanting to give up, give in, just scrap everything. Even if everyone can't end up working in the business, everyone who feels a need to paint or draw has something to offer. It's all worthwhile, all of it wonderful and amazing stuff and there's no need to feel depressed if it's not as good as what the guy next door is producing: there's someone better than him, too... and then there's someone better than that guy or girl, and someone who tops whoever that is. The only person who you should be competing with is yourself. If that makes any kind of sense.

noah-kh -- thank you <3 I find your artwork very inspiring.

Lady Medusa -- 1) Weellll... I think it'll be named Furiae. Furiae something something or other, anyway. Ballistic Publishing is publishing it, so I imagine it'll be available to anyone who has a computer.
2) Oi, difficult question. In traditional rpg, I tend to go for human. Online, I try everything I feel like at the moment - often leaning towards human, or elven, or possibly... well, I like the fae.
3) I started off with traditional rpg when I was eleven years old. Hand in hand, of course, with computer rpg. I've only ever tried out one mmorpg, and I wasn't too fond of the way it worked - so I think I'll stick with what I know and love.

Shad0W6600 -- Thank you :] I'm thrilled to have inspired you. As for your question (which isn't as quick as you might think, hehe) --

I'm obsessed with rain. There is nothing I find as inspiring as the sound of raindrops. Nothing that gets my creative juices flowing as much as taking a walk in dark, dreary autumn weather when the rain is the pitpat of little silver feet on the ground. You know early in the morning when the mist rises in the rain, and the air is so moist it's almost as if you're inhaling water? I sometimes get up at four in the morning and take Azrael for a walk just to experience that. If there is the smell of wet autumn leaves in the air and my feet, and his paws, make a nice splishsplash voice when we walk, I'll be drawing obsessively for hours when I get back home again.

I'm sorry to say that while other artists' work truly DO inspire me, they generally don't help me to paint. I think I've got a block somewhere in my head keeping that from happening. I don't want to paint after I've looked at someone else's painting, too afraid it'll influence me, I suppose. Like I said, movies books and music are another matter altogether.

Ninja Dodo -- Hey, that's a lovely idea. No, it hasn't occurred to me before but I wouldn't be adverse to it. I just don't know where I'd find the time for something like that, if you know what I mean... not to mention, I'd have to trust that animator absolutely to let someone have a go at my work in that manner. Hm. I'll give it some thought, thanks for the idea!

04 April 2005, 02:32 PM
Wonderful work - the masterful transparency of the hands of the blond woman sitting on a stone is the touch which brings the image to life. Your best images have always a kind of watery movement - which are also my favorites. The transparency of edges of the flowers and birds is a technique, which you use, and most probably already know that Dutch classical artists used in their still lives. Iranian classic artists used this very much in there Venice artwork but much more on their characters. Wonderful artwork!

04 April 2005, 02:34 PM
After reading through this thread and your interview (linked in the first post) I feel
how much lifetime I lost with just scribbling arround.
I really love it, how you can draw emotions and feelings so well and how the whole mood of a picture touches my own feelings.
It is the main reason why i want learn to paint and seeing your pictures gives me so much motivation to keep trying it. (one of my favorite paintings by you is "these woods")
Now, that the most questions i wanted to ask, were already asked, i have at the time only one left.

Do you often remember your dreams and do they influence your work in some way ?
Did you ever draw a scene or a picture from your dreams right after you woke up ?

Thank you for sharing so much knowledge about your drawing methods and especially about yourself.

04 April 2005, 02:42 PM
:DThanks Linda!

You're a well of inspiration as always! Thanks a heap!!!:thumbsup:

Going to startt another one right away!:scream:

04 April 2005, 03:44 PM
Alright, I thought of another question that was influenced by one of your answers.

How did you learn to think in blocks of colors? You said that you see your friends in colors, and in such colors that most people would never expect. Did you train yourself to think that way or does it come naturally. And how do you pick out those colors? Is there someway you post a picture of your friends with a quick shading and thumbnails of tha colors your see them as? If that makes any sense... :/

Thank you for taking the time and being an inspiration!

04 April 2005, 04:12 PM
suzana_kilic -- Thank you kindly :]

Vyse_soa -- Hey, scribbling around is no waste of time. It's great fun. I think that quite a few of my dreams inspire my work. I have very, very vivid dreams - in particular, the nightmares. I've dreamed some pretty grisly things in my days that I wouldn't want to paint but that can still be drawn into the paintings in a discreet, gentle manner. I don't think I've drawn a picture straight from a dream, mainly because dreams are very personal and a little too much so for me to want to paint them for all the world to see.

Sylanya -- Hm. Don't think I've 'learned' it so much, as it coming quite naturally to me. Try to think of emotions as colours, or events as colours - like anger can be a dark, rusty red or perhaps an ashy black and grey, and happiness can be a sparkling blue mixed with yellow at the edges. It's difficult to explain, but if you put a little bit more colour into your life and explain your feelings with colours, you might understand. People say that they're feeling 'blue' for instance, when they're feeling down. So what kind of blue is that? Blue doesn't always represent depression for me - it's highly depending on the blue. I decide on feelings for the colours and then, often, I paint using the coloured feelings rather than just picking what looks cute. So when I'm thinking of my friends in colours, it's a mix of what they're like, how they present themselves to me, what we've been up to when I last met them: it changes depending on the time of year, the time of day, and what silliness they blurted out to me on the phone last time we talked. Please don't confuse this with New Age opinions about aura and such, it's got nothing to do with that. It's just a demonstration on how I think in colours. Say, if someone asked me how I'm feeling today, I might tell them I'm okay - tired, but with a headache. Or I could say (but people would think I'm nuts if I did) that it's a little greyish with dashes of crimson and green.

Here are four of my best friends (not posting photos of them, I think they'd dislike that),

It sounds like such mumbo jumbo when I put it like that, but it's really just a way of using colours to describe things you'd usually use other words for. It helps when you want to paint these things, later on.

04 April 2005, 04:30 PM
Hmmm...I think I understand what your saying here. I think for me to fully understand this I'll have to experiment a little, but I think I understand. It's more about the colors they have on the inside than the outside, right? Like the colors reflect their personalities? Very interesting.

So say this pic here represents how I'm feeling right now:

You would be able to guess my mood exactly, right?

I think that really cool.

04 April 2005, 04:33 PM
Hey Linda,

Thanks so much for lending us your creative mind for this thread. What a phenomenal idea this is! I know the community is very excited to see you doing this.

My questions to you are these as others have already bent your ear with my other questions.

How do you deal with creative artistic block? I know you've mentioned walking with Azrael (unfortunately, my rabbits wouldn't cooperate with that as much as I could try *lol* although, it could be that they are too pampered...*grin*) Are there any technical exercises you do artistically aside from stepping away from the painting or getting out and enjoying the rest of your life, friends and family?

What is the best advice you have been given on creating your art? What critiques have really hit home for you?
What is the best advice you could offer to an artist who used to practice a lot, but after many years of allowing people to opressively tell her it wasn't practical, has finally come 'home' and found herself VERY out of practice?

I am sure there are other questions I could ask, but this is a lot so I'll leave it here.
As always, looking forward to your response and thank you again for the inspiration you provide. You are one of the artists that has inspired me to get back into my art again and for that I'm grateful.

Take care,

04 April 2005, 04:36 PM
InAction -- Thankee :] I do stuff like that on occasion, for the most part back here at home. I'm always a little uncomfortable in front of a crowd (which I'm sure the people who saw me speak at SIGGRAPH would agree with), so when I can avoid it, I'll not do it. I'll be doing something like that a little later this year at some local conference, I'll see if I can get you in :]

Whoa, that would... I mean... I'm out of words. I would so love to be able to go. :love:

You have any idea of when it might be? I mean, what quarter of the year? (Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4)

I'm a guy who plans alot, almost too much.

Oh, just a quick question (or maybe not). Do you have any tips for a beginner to start 'painting' digitally. I do know how to sketch, but do really need to start with realism. No need to tell things like use real life references and such. I mean, is there some small things you haven't mentioned in here that made some things hell of alot easier for you when working? Would be nice to know. Some times the smallest of details are the most worth ones. :)


Oh, one more question. I know alot of artists think negatively of the more asian comic styles like anime/manga/manwa. What is your opinion about it? Do you also see it as a bad thing for beginners to start drawing a comic style in general, may it be asian, american or france?

04 April 2005, 04:36 PM
Hello Linda,

I just really want to personally say "thank you". Because of the work created by you and several other artists, I've taken a renewed interest in sketching and creating digital artwork (I used to draw prolifically years ago, but school began to take up more of my time, so I had stopped).
Your artwork has such a refreshing-original, "clean" quality to it that I've never really seen before in other artists. As I said before in your Master & Servant thread, if I can ever get my skills up to even a tenth of what you can do, I'll consider myself very lucky. :)

I do have a few questions in regards to your digital painting.

1. Do you sketch directly into Photoshop, or do you first sketch your ideas out on paper and then scan it into PS?

2. You mentioned that you paint mostly in Photoshop, rather than Painter. Did you decided on that mostly because you were more confortable using PS brushes rather than Painter's, or also because of other reasons (like that PS handles layer management much better than Painter)?

3. When using your PS brushes, is the "painter"-like effect of your brushstroke created through changing brush settings such as Color Dynamics, Texture, or Opacity Jitter - or is there other factors as well?

I'll appreciate any of the answers that you can give for my questions.
And again, thanks. :)

04 April 2005, 05:01 PM
Tell you what... these are the brushes I'm using for my current picture. Take a look and see if you find anything good there - a warning though, they're in terrible disarray (unnamed for added confusion) (

Wow, you have some pretty cool textured brushes. I had a lot of fun finding there shapes on a blank canvas. I was wondering (sorry for asking so many questions) how you make some of your textured brushes. Do you make them in Photoshop or Painter? And if its Painter, which tools do you use? (I've made probably one in Painter using the Watercolor brush, but I don't know what other ones to use to make some other cool brushes). Just curious is all. Again, I'm sorry for asking so many questions...:blush:

Oh, and could you call me Steph instead of Sylanya? Thanks! :D

04 April 2005, 05:08 PM
heya Linda, it took me a while to read through but i made it. (: You dont seem to mind to answer everyone not even when its already answered before. You are not only a natural in painting, you are also a very warm person too! (: So.. ehm what shall i ask.. what are your favorite ps shortcuts besides ctrl-z? I like resting my thumb on B (brush) and my other fingers on E (eraser) and R (smudge) while i hold my wacom-pen with the other hand. And often, i increase the brush size with [ and ] and opacity 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0. Sorry, if its a silly question, i didnt come up with any better.

ps: ulrika is the first color colour, mikaela the third. See, i did read everything through. (:

04 April 2005, 05:28 PM
Tjenare, Linda!

I've always wondered how you get your paintings to "pop" in the ways they do. You seem to have so much more insightful shading technique than any other artist I know of. They look like brilliant 3d-renders. When I saw the thumbnail for "Ladies of London" I immideately was thinking "I wonder what renderengine that modeler is using?".
I fought for hours to pick up my jaw from the floor after I found out that it was a painting. :scream: How do you do it? Seriously?
The funny thing is that I can't always point out the lightsource in your paintings, still they seem to pop out from my screen. It drives me mad, I can't get down that effect so nicely. The illusion you get is so perfect. How do you think when you are shading?

Thank you so much for taking your time to do this and extra big thanks for sharing your SUPERNICE brushes. :bounce:

Fortsätt rocka fett! :buttrock:

04 April 2005, 05:55 PM
You are a great inspiration to many, and I mean it. :)

1- You are always saying how shy you are, and then you manage to have more than four best friends. What’s the trick to fight your shy person? or is it just luck?
Do you think that the people around you, outside of your family, have helped you, so to say, to fight your shyness, and if so, how?

2- Would you kill me if I sen't your left arm to Tim Burton? Metaphorically speaking, of course.

3- What do you suggest a man with brown afro/Che Guevara looking hair, brown eyes, latino coloured skin, and with a rather skinny figure to wear? You got some style and a great colour sense to go with that, and a whole lot of what I currently keep in my closet is sort of ready to be thrown away.

4- I’m getting into drawing. Bought a sketch book today and I’ll start with dimensions and cubes, after that I’ll imagine that we are all ugly robots, made with only basic forms, and I’ll draw that. It’ll be nasty and boring, but do you think I am on the “right” way?

I would also like to compliment on your work in d’artiste, my sister got it today, you see. Beautiful gallery, intelligent tutorials. :)

04 April 2005, 06:44 PM
Steph -- You got the right idea, there :] Generally speaking, the colours might represent different things to different people, but I've always been convinced that at least a part of every painting should be for 'you', not for everyone else. So I use colours in my own little way, drawing out emotion that is in me and that everyone might not even grasp when they're looking at the work. Many layers of a painting, emotionally and technically, makes for more interesting viewing, I think.

Elaeria -- Hey there :] I'm liking the Q&A thing so far, it's fun. A lot of work, but fun. Now to your questions -

Artist's block is not easy. I really haven't found one sure-fire way of dealing with it, I have to tackle it differently every time. Often, I do something relaxing (take a bath, take the cat for a walk) and sometimes I do something creative, but of a different kind (making masks being the main among these... it might also be asking my friends to go do a fun photo sessions with costumes and feathers and makeup), and at other times, I watch a movie, listen to music or read a book. Even then I can't be sure I'll get inspiration. It might strike at the most inconvenient of times, or refuse to strike when I absolutely need it.

Best piece of advice... hm, gosh, that's a difficult question. I really can't remember any one instance of advice that changed things around. It's usually little things. Kind comments that helped me and nudged me along the road. Something offered in a rude manner, no matter how useful it could have been, is just plain ignored by the stubborn part of my mind: I hate bad manners... while something offered nicely will leave an imprint on me. It's also a matter of being receptive on a particular day when advice is offered to you - I might be in a poor mood and it won't even properly sink in. I think one of the major things was an artist I very much admire telling me, a long time ago, that while he really liked my work, I had a tendency to make the skin colours seem a little bit plastic. It was an eye opener, I'd heard it before but I really needed to hear it on THAT day, and after that I spent the next six months furiously practicing skin tones and I think I really made some progress.

As for what advice I could offer you... well, just first make sure that you have fun with what you do. Make the first pictures just for yourself and don't show them to anyone but friends that you know will be kind and careful with their advice, and take all their advice to heart. Start with a small audience, it's dangerous to just leap right into it. Being out of practice with the art might mean you're a little out of practice in dealing with harsh criticism, too. Just stick with it, paint what you love and like and as your style and technique evolves, still stick to your guns. Don't let anyone tell you WHAT to paint, just how to do it. I hope that answers your questions a little bit, it's sometimes hard to find the right words.

InAction -- Heheh, I'm not sure, they didn't give me a definite date. I'll get back to you when I know, if it's still happening, or else when it might be a question about me doing it elsewhere.

As for Anime... well, I'm not particularly into that style of drawing myself. I enjoy some of it - love some of it - and find it a little sad when it's used as a crutch to hide behind. Now, don't get me wrong: I don't think all art should be realistic, nor am I a technical snob that can only love when someone is very skilled... but what I do love above all else, is looking at someone's very personal style and recognising it for what it is, and seeing the person himself, or herself, in the style. I think a lot of young artists in particular drop their style in trying to emulate all that is anime. Am I making any sense here? I love anime art when it's original, done with class, and when I can recognise the artist behind it. I'm not so fond of it when it's a matter of people trying to copy other people's way of drawing. The same goes for other types of stylised ways of drawing. I'm also a little inclined to like any kind of comic style far more if the person executing it actually knows how to draw something realistic before hopping into the stylisation of what's realistic. I'm not saying that you have to be an expert at portraiture to be able to draw a comic character face, but it's nice to see some kind of understanding of the facial structure rather than someone fumbling blindly for the shape.

ArtisticVisions -- Aw, well, it's my pleasure. I'm happy you've found inspiration to draw again - it's so much fun, isn't it? :D
1) I sketch entirely in photoshop, and I have ever since my scanner broke many years ago. I'm glad that I do, as that led to me starting to sketch in colours rather than in stupid lines - the latter which was crippling for me when I worked.
2) Lots of reasons. I think for the most part, I just like the flow of Photoshop better. I like the brushes, I like the layers, I like the 'feel' of it, and Painter runs excruciatingly slow on my computer when I paint as large pictures as I do. I don't know why, it just does. I'm not trying to speak ill of Painter - it's an absolutely awesome program. I think I might learn to love it if I had more time to practice in it. Whenever you change from one program to another, you have to relearn a lot of your technique... and I've been working in Photoshop for seven years and counting. There would be a lot to relearn.
3) Well, for the most part, I'm only using a hard edged round brush. I'm really a very simple mind, I like to keep to the basics if I can. At times, though, and for special effects, I might well play around with a lot of settings until I've got a brush functioning in a certain way to accomplish a special kind of texture, but for the most part I'm not actually doing that.

Steph -- heheh, hi again. I make my brushes in both Painter and Photoshop. I can't rightly recall exactly how nor in which program I've made which brush. In Painter, I play around wildly with all the different brushes and settings until I have something fun... in Photoshop, I tend to paint the brushes like I would any textured background: with lots of love and fun. Good luck :]

Jånnis -- heheh, lots to read through, eh? And, aw, thank you kindly for your compliment. I'm a pretty easy going girl for the most part, I try to behave online as I do in real life (though admittedly, my friends and I have a pretty rough and insulting jargon, but it's all with love). My favourite shortcut above ALL others, would be the colour picker. Oh man, when I found out about that shortcut, it just changed my life. So, I've got my thumb on the Alt key, and I've got my little finger on the Ctrl key (since I often work zoomed in, it's a good thing to be able to move around the canvas without having to make a mess of it). The rest of the short cuts that I feel like, I can reach with the remaining fingers :D

Nardes - Hallå hallå :] Oj, man, that's a difficult question. How do I make them pop? I'm not always entirely sure I do (both 'know' and 'make them pop'). For the most part, it's, I think, a mixture of what something actually looks like, and how I think it would look pretty. I paint rather realistically but I take artistic liberties with lighting and colours. I zoom out pictures to take a peek at what they'll look like at a distance, and it's pretty easy to see, then, if the picture has any power or if it'll just fade away. I'm not entirely sure if I think anything in particular when I sit down to shade something. I just aim to make it look 'right', but my own brand of right - meaning, romantisized and prettified. If I'm not getting things to look right, I'll make several different versions in different layers, flip through them to see what looks best, and then settle for that version... deleting the others. It's really just a trial and error thing, and a 'feel' you get for your own style once you've worked at it long enough.

Lystmaler -- Thank you :}
1) Well... I used to be really shy. I suppose I've grown used to hiding it, partly thanks to my friends and family. Most of my friends, I've had since forever. Ulrika and Mikaela, we got to know one another when we were thirteen years old. I consider them as close as if they were my sisters, if not closer. Fighting your shyness, well, it's a matter of trying to dare to do things you'd rather not. Talking to people though you wish you didn't have to, and challenging yourself when you could have just chosen to back out. When I say I'm shy, I mean to say that I'm uneasy among people I don't know, I don't like to speak in public and I always feel a little uncomfortable meeting new people. It's not a crippling kind of shyness like it used to be. I was bullied for quite a few years, it takes a lifetime to get back on top.
2) Ha ha, man, I'll miss my poor arm! Nah, I won't, but I'll bite my nails down to the, well, the knuckles, honestly.
3) Ooo! Here, you've suddenly found my biggest weakness. I love clothes. It's embarrassing, but I do. I love picking out outfits for people, I love buying clothes for myself, I love choosing colours that other people fit in and I love designing hairstyles, choosing makeup, and finding shoes, and -- er, I should just shut up right there, man, in some ways I'm still such a girl. Anyway, you sound like you have very nice colouring. I really like how rusty brown/red goes with latino type skin, not the glaring kind of red but the murky kind... almost like dried blood (here are some quick colour suggestions, earthy, nice tones - ). With skinny figure, go for a pair of low riding pants and slim fitting shirts (very sexy). Spice up with some nice t-shirts with cool prints (both of the geeky, fun variety and nice and sassy, stylish things) Other colours you might want to try out would be murky green and red-purple (you know, the kind that's deep and rich, almost velvety in itself). I'd need to see a picture of you to know for sure, of course... but you know, finding a pair of jeans/trousers in the red I suggested would spice an entire wardrobe up, all shirts and jackets and other things could be in more neutral shades if need be.
4) That sounds like an excellent idea. Just don't bore yourself too much and lose the heart for it - that's always a danger. Reward yourself with a fun, silly sketch for every five 'boring' ones that you finish.

And, thank you :}

04 April 2005, 06:55 PM
InAction -- Heheh, I'm not sure, they didn't give me a definite date. I'll get back to you when I know, if it's still happening, or else when it might be a question about me doing it elsewhere.

As for Anime... well, I'm not particularly into that style of drawing myself. I enjoy some of it - love some of it - and find it a little sad when it's used as a crutch to hide behind. Now, don't get me wrong: I don't think all art should be realistic, nor am I a technical snob that can only love when someone is very skilled... but what I do love above all else, is looking at someone's very personal style and recognising it for what it is, and seeing the person himself, or herself, in the style. I think a lot of young artists in particular drop their style in trying to emulate all that is anime. Am I making any sense here? I love anime art when it's original, done with class, and when I can recognise the artist behind it. I'm not so fond of it when it's a matter of people trying to copy other people's way of drawing. The same goes for other types of stylised ways of drawing. I'm also a little inclined to like any kind of comic style far more if the person executing it actually knows how to draw something realistic before hopping into the stylisation of what's realistic. I'm not saying that you have to be an expert at portraiture to be able to draw a comic character face, but it's nice to see some kind of understanding of the facial structure rather than someone fumbling blindly for the shape.

I can't get a better answer than that, it was almost exactly what I hoped for. :eek:

04 April 2005, 06:57 PM
HI Linda!

I don't know is this was already asked anywhere ever, but I have few parts to this question.

#1) According to this site ( you played a role in the creation of Necrowar. But I've never seen you credited in the book anywhere.

#2) What was your role in the creative process of Necrowar?

#3) If you were involved do you think you will ever get together with Adi Granov, and Simon Furman again, to finish it?

Necrowar was the book that got me addicted to reading comics. Again! :banghead:

04 April 2005, 07:00 PM
i have a do u plan to answer over 6 billion questions??



heres a better question,as well as many other people have mentioned,u don't seem to create anything *different* all ur pieces have the same type of theme,kinda limited don't ya think?

do sum horror.and men.and not men that looks like gurls,cos well...that ain't MEN.

and ur using photoshop? thats news to me.

04 April 2005, 07:09 PM
InAction -- Glad I could help :D

Onlooker -- 1)Well, yes, I did have some part in Necrowar. I did the colouring for the first issue.
2) See the above :]
3) No... I don't think I will. The others might get together and finish it but I won't be a part of that. You'll have to ask Adi Granov or possibly Dreamwave Productions for more info on that :] Sorry I can't help you more.

NOOB! -- Heheh, yeah, no idea how I'd keep up with THAT many questions. As for your particular question... hm, no. I don't feel it's limited at all, actually. I find it a necessity that I paint the things I find intriguing or beautiful, rather than what people might want me to paint, so I'm sticking to that. There are people out there who paint nothing but men who look like men, involved in different manly tasks, and they do it wonderfully. I'll leave such to them and stick to what I love to do. It's not that I can't do it, it's that I choose not to - it'd be another matter altogether if someone came forward and paid me to paint a few gruff looking men that would fit well among the YMCA lads, dancing in costumes like Native Americans or police officers... but until such, I'll paint what's fun to paint, and I don't find it the least bit limiting :]

04 April 2005, 07:17 PM

Thanks linda and keep up the hard work :thumbsup:

04 April 2005, 07:19 PM
oooooooooh linda....i have yet another question........

how does it feel to know u have already won this months cg challenge?

oh wait that wasn't the question.heh:twisted:

my other question is,how do u go about making brushes in photoshop.

its the last question i swear.

*runs the f**k away*

feel free to ignore my ass.:thumbsup: hah

04 April 2005, 07:20 PM
I am aware of the fact that it takes a life time to get back from being bullied, I have been involved in quite harsh abuses myself, by Nazi’s and rapist’s equally.

I greatly appreciate your nice style suggestion, I’ll try it for a while. I like those colours you suggested.

1- Where can I find your CV on-line? :)

2- When you suggest practising, you always seem to suggest that one should practice one thing for a week like a mad man, but you never mention how many hours one should spend on that mad practising each day... so, is it 5 hours a day, or only 3?

04 April 2005, 08:10 PM
Hey Linda :D
How are ya? I bet a bit tired with all the questions. Well, my first one is How in hell do I find the downloaded brushes in photoshop??? I just cant figure it out (I am a noob in that prog)...

You use a Wacom? have you always had one? ( I got my intuos 3 today and am falling in love with it, my previous was total crap...)

Besides your fantastic paintings, I also like your comics, I think you have some pretty neat ideas and it is funny :P Where do you find inspiration for those?

What is your favourite season? Does weather influence your mood - that is what you paint?

Best of luck with Master and Servant. It looks fab so far, and the second concept, scary, but so you :D

04 April 2005, 08:11 PM
I was really surprised when I read that you're from Umeå, same little town as me! I mean, what are the odds for that?! I might also add that you were one of my absolute favourite artists on this forum even before I saw that.

I assume this has been asked before - haven't got time to read through the entire thread - but did you go to any art school or course in Umeå? Could you recommend any art course on the university (I am graduating this spring, and am not sure what I'll do later). Also, which "gymnasieskola" did you go to? (As for me: Waldorfskolan).



04 April 2005, 08:52 PM
Hi Linda,

Anymore plans for animation? I remember that little one you did in one of the daily sketch avatar wars and thought it was totally cute... although a little southparkish. If so, what apps are you looking into (or started using)?

04 April 2005, 09:00 PM
I dont think I have ever posted on one of you're threads. Having said that, it's nice to know theres still alot of great work like yours out there to stumble upon ;)

Great Work! Love your skin tones;)

04 April 2005, 09:03 PM
First of all - amazing work! Simply mindblowing stuff.

Quick subject that I haven't seen asked is.... MONEY... From reading your posts it doesn't seem to be your biggest concern.

1. Did you print and sell your paintings early on to pay for cat food?

3. Did you work at a fast food chain before making money at being an artist?

3. Have any big Hollywood Director types approached you with big $$ to produce concept art for the next fantasy blockbuster?

04 April 2005, 09:37 PM
linda, im a huge fan of your work. i wont ask any questions, since i dont wanna actually cause you to die from typing to much.

im just here to tell you that youre work is awesome and brilliant and stunning. i wish i knew more big english words, but these will have to do for now.

04 April 2005, 09:40 PM
Hey Linda. Good on you for answering all the questions, must be alot of hard work and it really shows your nature towards other artists/newbies and generalist's browsing this Q/A, also it shows your kind personality reflecting no self centered image. If that makes any sense.

Anyway i will try to burden you with as few questions possible, I'm sure your wrists are doing more work answering these questions than the last 20 years you been painting. :)

my questions are...

1. Is there any way i can get a signed copy of your book when it comes out hehe. pretty please :P I promise I'll be good. :)

2. You had a chance to go through any of the gnomon analog dvds? What are your opinions on these? Do you think they are a good source for learning and geting inspiration from.
Are you thinking on releasing any in the future?

Thanks alot and sorry to burden you with more questions.

Keep up the good work.

04 April 2005, 09:42 PM
I've found myself in a constant war with my characters. They mock me, distract me or simply make me stare at them in moments of inaction for lapses of dozens of wasted minutes. Something in my mind tells me "you are not doing them justice!"

Or I have this idea in my head of how I want them to look, but as soon as I start laying them on paper/canvas (what I am really used to) or currently, the digital 'format' (ack! this is weird and I can't suck on the tablet pen...!!! it doesn't have yucky paint...), they begin to transform...and most of the time I can't appreciate that cuz i really would like them to look how I imagined them originally. I keep seeing faces, traces of my own face or people I know- even if I stay away from photo-references. In the end I nevertheless embrace this, but basically it still bothers me. Do you ever 'fight' with your characters/subjects?

How do you approach backgrounds at the moment of choosing what to paint? I am interested in your train of thought- since for me backgrounds are a pain in the...

And totally apart:

Which published RPGs have you played (I understand you have your own World at the moment, but most of us started somewhere)? Which system you prefer, D20 or D10 or any custom ones?


04 April 2005, 09:58 PM

I will be short here, only because I don't want to blow up the CG Talk forum system with a Bible written here. *lol*

You are ‘Fantastic’, that’s the word.

You do work on so much Fantasy themes only because it is just you showing outside, you are a ‘Fantastic’ person.

I admire your work since Exposé 1 and you motivated me to go back to painting and CG, but always kept myself thinking of the ‘person’ behind that images.

Only by reading a lil bit here on this Forum gives me the clues of your personality for real, and congratulations, we need more people in this world like you, honestly.

Thank you for all your dedication and ‘teacher spirit’, as well for sharing your ‘heart’ with us. (yes I feel you share here more than painting techniques)

My Best wishes for you!

04 April 2005, 10:18 PM
hi Linda, thank you for sharing your knowlege, i would do some questions and thank you in advance for any feedback.

what sort of training method do you think is the best for improve panting technique, taking reference pictures to paint exactly what we want? or observe pictures and paint from mind?


04 April 2005, 10:30 PM
Thanks for the tips earlier about studying skin tones! I'll have to kidnap a friend now for my homework assignment...:)

At risk of offending - You mentioned that the tools get in the way when painting in photoshop - "Tab" will hide all the windows for you! If you knew that already, sorry..

Is your website, furiae, characters and places you've developed only for the rpg you're working on?! Am I missing all your other stuff?! :eek: Would you trust CGTalkers to submit character stories for your rpg?! :)

I just watched edward scissorshands last night! Every moment is pure Genius!! Makes me giddy... Can't wait for Tim Burton's Corpse Bride!!! :scream:

If rain get's your creative juices flowing, ever try a hurricane?!?! I can give you a few of mine you like... hehe...

Thanks for reading and replying to all of this!! I definitely appreciate it! I've read every post...

04 April 2005, 11:23 PM
Much thanks for your answers, Linda. :)

Regarding "sketching in colours", what exactly so you mean (You don't sketch out with outlines)?
Forgive me for sounding ignorant, but I've never of someone sketching out with color rather than outlining the form (does that ever cause problems with defining the anatomy?).

Tut Ankh Amon
04 April 2005, 11:24 PM
hello linda
i'm pretty much of a lurker around cgtalk, and i'd say you would be most definately an awesome font of inspiration for me, if i had any talent for 2d digital painting and actually did any LOL

your work is just great. I'm pretty much sure your paintings are the best i've seen.
Since i'm not a 2d artist or anything, i wouldn't just post compliments to your work because after all, it's obvious enough that everything is really really great
but one thing ended up popping on my mind when you talked about colors a couple of pages ago.

You've got a very special way to set up the colors for your scenes, the "feel" of the scene is enhanced A LOT by it. So, i'd like to ask, are you synesthetic?
(if you don't know what that is, allow me to make it clear: it's a hability some people have to make literal links between two senses on their heads, for example, sounds and colors, feeling the taste of letters, stuff like that)

making all this text a small phrase: Are you able to literally "see" the colors of the scene's "feeling", or you deduce them rationally?

PS: i totally agree with you about feet, they should be redesigned by whoever done them in the first place =D

04 April 2005, 11:31 PM
Gah, this was a good read. I dont have any questions but Linda, I just wanted to say, you are one of the most talented artist I've seen. Ive always loved your work, and always will look forword to seeing more of your work in the future. Keep it up!

I just hope I will paint as well as you do some day.

see you around, and good luck to you were ever you may end up.

04 April 2005, 11:47 PM
This has been said a thousand times now but, first of all, I think I owe you a really big 'thanks' for giving me back the pleasure to draw and inspiring me to start painting.
I love the mood in your paintings.

now, here is one little question for you (forgive me if it has been posted before):

What do you feel when you paint?

*stares at her and starts listening with his heart*

04 April 2005, 12:04 AM
Linda, it's really such a blessing to have such a gifted and gracious artist as yourself in this community. Your finished works are brilliant, masterpieces, but as a fellow artist I also deeply admire your DSG works, because even in their early forms the viewer can witness and appreciate your mastery of tone and form in those sketches.

Your style of painting is so distinct, so sublime, so perfectly rendered. What size tablet do you use? I recently got an Intuos3 (6x8) and am very impressed the increased resolution/accuracy, drawing space, and pressure sensitivity (as compared with my older Graphire tablet). The new stylus is nice too. I'm also curious as to what brushes you prefer to use in Painter.

I think I read a brief comment about 3d. I do hope you get the chance to do some work in 3D. It really does help one visualize and understand things in new ways and discover new ways to express ideas. It's a lot of work at first, but it's worth it. Just imagine seeing some of your characters animated :) Well, if you ever want to try it but aren't quite ready to commit to any of the massive 3d packages yet, maybe consider giving even a free program like Blender ( a try, just to test the waters so to speak.

I hope your hand is completely healed by now. You had us all worried there for a bit! I look forward to seeing your book.

Keep up the awesome work and please continue to inspire us all with your beautiful and breathtaking art,


04 April 2005, 12:06 AM
At risk of offending - You mentioned that the tools get in the way when painting in photoshop - "Tab" will hide all the windows for you! If you knew that already, sorry..
Even if she already knew that, it's certainly new to me. :)

Thanks for the response Enayla. Heh, it must be really difficult keeping up with this thread. ;)
But I just have one more question. :) You've mentioned in several posts speed issues you encounter (photoshop vs. painter, number of layers, etc.) due to the size of the image that you typically work with. So I'm a bit curious, how high of a resolution is that, usually?

04 April 2005, 12:31 AM
NOOB! -- Hahah, don't jinx me! As for your actual question... well, hm, I don't entirely know. I mentioned something about it earlier, but -- anyway, it depends a lot on what kind of brush it is. For spackled/feathered brushes, I'll be blotching stuff in photoshop, random shapes that feel okay, and then I'll select the blotchy area with the rectangular marquee tool, before picking 'define brush' or something similar in the Edit menu (in case you didn't know the actual tool process of it). If I want something more elaborate, I'll play around with brushes in Painter and then simply bring it into Photoshop and repeat the process. This will create a brush without settings, so you'll have to resave it once you've changed the settings into something nice.

Lystmaler -- Am sorry to hear you've been there, too. Those bloody bullies, someone needs to kick them around for a bit (though, sadly, that's usually WHY they bully... someone's already kicking. Oh well, nevermind).
1) My CV? Um, er, I don't actually have it online. If you need it for some reason or other, well, email me at and I'll send it over.
2) Well, I'd say at least a couple of hours/day, up to five-six might be good if you want to learn fast. The more hours, the faster you learn - but not above five or six for mere practicing, that'll get you burned out real fast.

Fooxoo -- Hey, I never get tired of the questions :] This is actually sort of fun. My fingers get tired, though, but that's another matter altogether. Yeah, I use a wacom... at the moment, my trusty old Intuos 1 - I need to buy a new one but I never seem to get around to it, sigh. The comics... well, they're pretty much my everyday life, embarrassingly enough. I do a few I never post on my site because they're rude or otherwise inappropriate (either because they're featuring inside jokes, or because there's something in them that people might misunderstand and take serious insult to - as in Azrael saying something rude about dogs, and people thinking it's actually MY opinion. It's complicated like that.)
My favourite season would be autumn. It's so pretty up here in the autumn - Umeå is the 'city of the birches', which means the streets are lined with birch trees, and they get this gorgeous yellowgoldorange colour, like the first sparks of fire, when it's fall. Also, if you like rain - which I do - autumn is best. And, lastly, thank you! <3

Quadrille -- I've found out about quite a few of us lately, we really should have a get-together all of us, heheh. I sort of went to an art school in Umeå - I went to Mimerskolan, studied Konst och Form... but that's about it, really. I loved it, of course.

Gruvsyco - Hey Mark :] I wish I had... but I honestly suck at animation. I don't think I'd be able to do much better than something Southpark-like, no matter what application I'd use (not complaining about Southpark - one of my favourite shows of all time, but, well... you know). It's a pity though. I'd like to animate my little cartoon self.

Cerreto -- Why, thank you :D

Gushy -- Thankee :] And, eek, money. I hate money D:
1) No... I'm terrible, actually, I don't sell prints. It's a major mistake on my part, but I just can't seem to find a printing company I like. I did work with comic book colouring, though, does that count? :D
2) Nope. Artsy stuff is really the only kind of work I've had. That's sort of embarrassing, it makes I have little experience in the 'actual' work business... but I pretty much hopped straight from the university and into working with what I work with today, though on a lower level.
3) Heheh, nah, not really. I've had some pretty nifty work offers but never during a time when I could accept. Besides, all of the really serious companies want me to move from Sweden and I'm not willing to do that. I honestly love my friends and family more than I could ever love any kind of job.

Mordalles -- Thank you kindly <3

Fus|on -- Aw, well, thanks :] It is a bit of work... I'm trying to keep up with the thread so I don't have to reply to thirty different people all at once (and thus missing out on something), so it's sort of cut my day up into stuff I can do between posting here.
1) Wellll... I suppose so, yea. I can't say that everyone who mails me their copy with money for me to mail it back will be able to get it signed, but I might make exceptions. You're the first person who's asked so you'd be first in line :]
2) No, I'm sorry, I haven't :/ I wish I had, though, it seems so awesome. As for releasing something similar... I don't think I will. I honestly love teaching, and helping people out, but I don't think I'd like it without the personal contact I get when I'm at a forum like this. And, lately, I've felt the focus has shifted so much from the actual pictures, to how I make them (if you understand what I'm aiming at). I'd like it to be more about the subject and less about the technique.

oz haver -- Hiya Oz :] Yeah, I see what you mean about the characters. I have a few that still elude me. It's like their standing there, faces hidden, laughing their evil little black hearts out at me. "Ha ha", they say, "You'll never be able to catch me!"

Honestly, I feel like the characters I love the most, are the most difficult to paint. I just want them to be so perfect, I want to catch every nuance of what, and who, they are... and it just comes out... wrong. So, yeah, I do fight with them. Lots and lots, as a matter of fact. As for your second question - gee, I have trouble with backgrounds as well. I'd merrily drop them all if I could, but as it turns out, paintings are actually best with a background IN them, even if I wish they weren't. For the most part, I'll have picked a colour theme for the character, and I'll figure out a background that goes in those colours. At times, I'll be settling on some symbolic meaning for bits and pieces in the background, trying to find something to 'say' with the backdrop as well as the characters. For the third question... oh, man... that'd be a lot of games. I used to go to, and here's where I turn out to be SUCH a geek, roleplaying games conventions when I was younger, around sixteen-seventeenish. During those, I tried out a LOT of games. The ones that I have played more 'seriously', would be: Drakar och Demoner (Swedish version of Dungeons and Dragons, basically), Vampire (yeah, and the system rocks), Call of Cthulhu (Whee!), Werewolf (not a favourite), and quite a few homemade ones... My favourite system would be either D20, or the D30 one I invented for my own gaming.

Djampa -- Oh, eee, that was so nicely said. Thank you very much. Warmed my little old heart <3

Renderwhite -- I think you need to do both. Reference is worthless unless you first understand how the things that you're painting actually 'work'. For training, I'd suggest using reference every second picture you paint, and paint every second picture entirely from your imagination. Best would be to try to catch a couple of life drawing classes while you're at it. It's easier to get a feel for the shapes that way :] Good luck!

Tevih -- Heheh, good luck with the 'homework'. Heheh, not offending at all... and yeah, I know that, but I get bugged when the tools disappear (mainly because I find the tab to be a little out of the way, what with my hand being practically glued to the shortcut for the eyedropper tool). And, well, most of the stuff at my website and what I'm posting here is sort of for my Furiae world... but that doesn't mean you're missing out on the rest of the stuff. The work I do that's non-commissioned has a strong tendency to belong to my Furiae world. I'm sort of stuck on it for years and years, it's silly but there you are. I do post a lot of stuff (or used to, before the M&S thing) in the DSG forums that never make it to my website, but that'd be about it. Oh, and I don't post the crappy paintings that I do... anywhere. And, yea, I hear you on the Corpse Bride thing. It's driving me nuts, having to wait for it! (About the hurricane - I think that'd freak me out a wee bit too much. I like rainy weather, not weather that could pluck my limbs from my body, haha).

ArtisticVisions -- Bingo, I don't sketch with outlines. And no, it doesn't cause any troubles, it's just that you have to think a little differently. Think in shapes rather than the lines that surround the shapes - there's really no difference as far as getting the anatomy right, goes. Just the approach.

Tut Ankh Amon -- Nice user name, by the way. One of my favourite historical characters. And, thank you very kindly. Hm, I'm now thinking... synesthetic? I think I've heard of that before, but isn't it a bit more extreme? It's not like I see colours for sounds, for instance, it's rather that my mind connects colours with emotions or impressions, not exactly sight either, just... eh, it's difficult to explain. Feelings aren't really a 'sense', are they? Hm, now you got me thinking... would be weird if it was something like -that-. And, yes, I sort of do see the colours.

JARhead -- Thank you so much <3 And good luck to you, too.

Xillion -- Gee, that's a serious question, isn't it?

I feel a lot of different things. I am always a little exhilarated when I paint. Always a bit obsessed and possessed - I am angry with anyone or anything trying to draw my attention away and if someone tries to talk to me, I get snappish, annoyed, short-tempered. I am sometimes sad and blackhearted, longing and emotional when I paint, I'll use colours that feel like they've been dipped in water and they're washed out. At other times, I'll feel like I'm at the top of the world, like I'm sailing and flying and it's the best feeling ever: all my troubles drain away, I can't think of everything else and that's a great thing. I'm very often nostalgic. Sometimes remembering bad things and often remembering good stuff. To cut a post that could stretch on for hours rather short - I get really emotional, quite obsessive, and I tend to NOT care about anything else in the world. Don't you ever get the feeling that painting enhances whatever other emotion might have been going through you when you first started on the drawing? It seems to, for me.

Robertt -- Aw, thank you :] I'm glad you like the sketches, they've been such an experience for me. I just love the sketch section of the forum.

I use a tinywhee tablet, just an A5. I've tried out the A3 and... well, I just don't like it. I paint with tiny little hand movements, very precise and very exact - and the large format really bugged me out. I suppose I might be happy with the middle size but I just really like the tablet small. It fits nicely next to my keyboard, and my poor shoulders (which I had a huge problem with for a couple of years before I lost a lot of weight) are much better off when I don't have to move the arm so much. I'm getting an Intuos A3 as soon as I have the money. I did a crazy purchase of a new bed just a few weeks ago and I'm still recovering from it. The things I use my money for, sigh.

Hm, you might have a point about 3D. I'm just not sure where on earth I'd get the time to try it out, not to mention the spirit. I get very frustrated when I don't 'grasp' things right away... if they don't come to me intuitively, I decide pretty quickly that they're not my thing (a flaw of character, I admit). The hand is, by the way, much better but there's still a ways to go. I'll get there. Thank you <3

-Vormav- -- I usually work with images that are at least 5000 pixels tall or wide. Up to 10000, with 12000x8000 being my maximum so far. My computer didn't much like that one.

04 April 2005, 12:56 AM
Thanks alot for the reply. Was perfect and totally understandable.

04 April 2005, 01:16 AM
Oh boy... more questions! If you aren't sick of me already... :)

You mentioned that your environment shows up in your paintings, that you paint the surroundings you are familiar with, with regard to light, etc. Do you ever travel abroad to get some more inspiration, a new look at things?

How do you manage to get such tight definition in your brush strokes so quickly? Your sketches in the DSG are done so fast, yet they have tremendous detail and accuracy for the time you take to do them! How?!(I don't want to make you type too much, so if its a long answer please skip this question.)

Do you ever do pen or pencil sketches? If you're sitting on a bus, do you watch and observe, or do you sketch?

What was the single most inspiring moment of your life, as an artist?

Can I stand over your shoulder and watch you paint? :)

04 April 2005, 01:25 AM
Sorry Linda,

but you've peaked my interest again. You said that training and some such are too much about how it's done instead of what it is.

I often hear people say that it's the enigma of the artist who makes them and that talent is intangibleand a mystery, you know what I mean.

I was wondering whether you would like to be teaching people the "essence" of pictures, or whether you were talking about sharing how you personnally make them what they are. Blast that sounds cryptic. And I know it's always a personal thing, but in film there are definitely rules to be followed. I imagine it could be so in still frames too. Adapting them to your own goals is an entirely different story though.

Well, and if you'd like to teach about it, how would you go about that and can you define the idea behind it "shortly"? I have to sadly admit that I just throw it on intuition.

Probably a tough one, but I guess it's what it all boils down to in the end for me.

Thanks again Linda:thumbsup:! Allready finished another painting today, such fun!:bounce:Long live the DSG!

...I think that was it...but I know it's not...:surprised...

04 April 2005, 01:48 AM
Me again =D

I read that you're inspired by sad environments, like rain, I guess snowy scene, the night, etc... What happens when you want to paint something, you really want to, but you can't find inspiration in the weather or the landscape? What do you do? I ask this because, even I live in a beautiful city (great old architecture), the weather doesn't help a lot. I'm inspired when is rainy outside too, but unfortunately, here doesn't rain as usual as in the past, we have a warm weather and lots of sun almost all the year, and that annoys me.

And second question: about fabrics and lace... how do you make that satin looks like satin? or veils like veils? and lace, Do you use patterns or brushes for to do them? or paint piece by piece of the lace? Oh! and the same goes for foliage in landscapes... I tried to paint leaf by leaf but... is a nightmare! o.O

I hope these are my last questions,god! When I'm painting I'm full of doubts, searching for tuts or good reference pics, and no one for to ask them, I hope you can solve in part the always-doubts in the second question =) Thanx in advance sweetie!

04 April 2005, 01:57 AM
Hello Linda,

First i would like to warn u that my english can be kind of messy, but i will try to do my best to make this post understandable.

I am not a man of much words, but i am a man of many worlds, for that there is no other way tham love your art, and more them that, love your "mind". What could i say? You make a farie born and grow older wich time you end a drawing. For that i need to come here and post it, you deserve a bow of every dreamy creature of this world.

Sorry Linda, but I dont have a question for you, guys here took good care of it. Looking forward for Furiae. I hope that buying these books will be possible for people here in Brazil, I am sure that me and my son would love to have it for our bed´s story time :)

And again, congratulations. Hope it never stops.

PS: Don´t know if you know that (or if the whole world knows that) but your name, Linda, in portuguese means Beautiful. Just a curiosity that maybe you would like to keep inside of the Linda´s Thoughts Box :) It is a pleasure knowing you :)

04 April 2005, 03:25 AM

Many thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge with the community. I expect that eveyone here is very appreciative. I know I am!

While many of my questions have already been answered I'd like to know if you take the time to sketch your ideas on paper before you start to paint or do you just lay down colour and work directly in Photoshop? You put a lot of detail into your art, what size is the canvas and what resolution do you work with? Is there any subject matter that you have difficulty in painting? Some artists like Boris Vallejo include themselves in their work, have you done that? For the M&S challenge, you did research into the symbolism of peaches and the peach tree, is this common practice for you and if so does it help with the overall concept or image?


04 April 2005, 03:58 AM
Alrighty...more questions for you. I'm so sorry, but they just keep popping into my head, and since your my favorite artist, I can't help passing up the opportunity to ask them.

First, though, I would like to tell you something. My favorite picture, even though I am in love with every single one of your paintings, has got to be "Nelicquele". I don't know what it is exactly that draws me to this picture, what makes it stand out from the rest for me, but I just love it. It's just so, beautiful isn't the word...exquisite? No, that's not the word either. Well, its just my absolute favorite painting of yours, even if I don't know why. :)

Ok now for a few more questions.

1) What influences the creations of some of your characters and their stories? What helps you decide they demeanor and personality, and their history? Your characters are so well-thought out and deep, I'm just curious as to where some of the come from.
2) I saw that you used to have an account on Elfwood, and while I don't like Elfwood much myself anymore, what made you leave? (You don't have to answer this one.)
3) Have you ever thought about or done a collaboration with another artist? What would you do if someone politey asked you to do a painting over their linework (obviously the subject matter and inspiration from the drawing matters, but if it appealed to you, would you do it?)?
4) How do you respond to criticism about the realism of a painting when you were going more for feeling? Did it make you feel like the emotion wasn't flowing well (not that this has ever been true of your paintings, they all convay such emotion in each of them that it is just astounding.)?
5) How long does it usually take you to paint a picture when your really inspired? Just a few days?
6) This isn't really a question, just more of an interesting observation: You are exactly, and I mean exactly, 10 years and 2 months older than me. My birthday's November 5, 1987. What do you think about that? ;) Just a silly like thing I noticed. LOL!

Anyways, continue to inspire Linda! Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions! You are such a soldier. ;)

04 April 2005, 04:07 AM
Thanks for taking time to reply Linda. And yes, those I love the most are also the hardest ones to make. I definitely understand you on the 'perfect' issue...ha haa

A forum pal talked to me about the swedish D&D and I browsed some art of it and a site he pointed me to and it looks so good. Too bad I don't speak swedish yet. -_- I've been a 'RPG geek' since lil too (13)...something I'll never regret getting into. ;-)

*BTW Linda also means pretty in Spanish, and I think it originally means Serpent which is a very interesting mythological symbol.

04 April 2005, 04:42 AM

Thank you so much for posting some of your early works, and answering the other questions. I love the first one especially why? - the wings.

I found a dragonfly by the side of the road, when I was in my mid twenties. I tucked this 'recently departed' creature in my shirt pocket, and brought it home. It had such beautiful gleaming colours and designs on its body (which soon faded), but the wings! Nature is such a brilliant architect! I drew the wings from life - each one on a 24x36 inch sheet of paper. I did not use any aids (grids etc) because I wanted the drawing process to be totally pure. I still have the drawings, and I think more importantly the wings of this beautiful creature (ok - I am weird, I kept them in my wallet for many years).

no need to respond - youv'e got enough on your plate!


While you have grown so much artistically - I think these early works are still wonderful!

04 April 2005, 06:14 AM
Hi Linda, I just wanted to ask you.. how ever do u get any work done?!?! haha.

I really like your work, the first time I saw your concept sketches (possibly years ago) like the "kah elves" I was blown away.. I promptly right clicked and saved into my inspirations basket. Your work since has always improved and is a joy to follow.. but! I am still "most" impressed by your concepts, cause they are just so loose yet accurate! they're brilliant!.

What I'm trying to say is that I can see you doing concepts for all the costume designs in all the Star Wars prequels and that your destined to be a concept artist for major studios like Doug Chiang, Feng Zhu! hehe, maybe not destined, only if your interested :)

It may involve drawing some beasties or robots as well, but who knows? you might love it!

Blah blah, just my 2c! :)

04 April 2005, 06:19 AM
Hi Linda
Congratulations :), I have always enjoyed watching your works (Real pleasure)..
What I enjoy the most is your understanding of different textures and materials and those intricate details....I wanted to ask you that where do you draw the line that the work is Finished (no more)..I mean with your talent it must be tempting to go for that one last flower on that tree.........(I hope you get what i mean..)

Sandeep Sekhar

04 April 2005, 06:49 AM
whoa i must say those brushes i stole and claimed as mine......i mean the ones u linked us too are great :twisted: *no i wudn't so that to u,they will forever be linda brushes*

i cudn't make pressure brushes before,always had to lower opacity.these are exclusives,no one else on anysite must have em *shakes fist*

linda brushes shud come with the next photoshop edition,imagine getting paid everytime sumone used ur brushes..........oh the possibilties.

thanks for answering my questions.

*cough*make sum more brushes*cough*

04 April 2005, 07:36 AM
Congratulations again, Linda :applause:

04 April 2005, 08:02 AM
No question, but thought you would like to see what I have on my Desktop as Wallpaper!

04 April 2005, 08:11 AM
I have your work on my desktop too :D :D :buttrock:

04 April 2005, 10:15 AM
Great artist!!!

yours work make me to dream. like images without time

04 April 2005, 10:17 AM
Ooooh, just thought of a question.

You have said before that you use Primerally Photoshop, but also Painter for your images.
I'd be interested to know what you use Painter for? What part of the process it come in to use? And can you give us some examples of where you have used it?

Heheh, I have another as well.
Describe you self in 5 words!
Also, what colours would you use to describe yourself, like you have done your friends?

04 April 2005, 10:40 AM
I find your paintings beautiful but I can see how you sometimes might feel stuck in a rut. Your subject does get repetitive (not necessarily in a bad way but)
Have you considered broadening your universe ever? Not just for a one off but to give the world you are inventing more types of characters. If so what kinds of characters or creatures would you most like to paint?
Out of curiosity... Have you ever painted an old woman? I would very interested to see that (wrinkles and all)!

One tutorial which would be lovely to have from you would be for clothing. How do you go about planning the outfits your characters wear and how you paint the drapery... also how you paint lace (you do it very well!)

You paint very nicely and I look forward to seeing what directions your work may take as time goes on.

04 April 2005, 12:33 PM
Hi Enayla!
I think I am one of your biggest fans, because you have one of the kind of styles I wish I could master some day (a mixture of Mullins, Justin Sweet, Stahlberg, Mon and you would be my ideal).

I am 37 right now, and I am following the book "The Natural Way to Draw" (Nikolaides), not because I think its method is nice, but because you MUST draw 3 hours a day to finish it, and that requires some self-discipline.

Well, the question is: Do you think it is possible for someone in his/her late 30s, married and with two kids, with a full-time day job, to improve and finally get somewhere in the wonderful world of Art? What steps would you advice me to follow?

04 April 2005, 12:57 PM
It may be a little rude to ask but.. -Can you paint my girlfriend if I send you pictures? A more rude suggestion -I would gladly pay for such a picture... If I want to buy every right of that picture -even including existance in your portfolio- (The rudest one is coming) how much will I pay?

I am so so so sorry to ask. But I tought this can be a good birthday present. If I offended you any kind.... My apologies..... If you want you can just bypass this one..:sad:

04 April 2005, 02:52 PM
Aaand here we go again. *cracks knuckles*

Tevih -- I would love to travel more... but I never get around to it. It's a matter of money, of the cat, of just... oh, I don't know, taking the time. That, and the fact that when I travel, I have to travel in style - I hate dingy hotel rooms and icky bathrooms that have yellow rings in the toilet and the tub. If that's how I have to live when I travel, I stay in my cosy home and travel in my head. (though I'm hoping to go to Rome this summer... we'll see if I get the time).

Ever since I started to actually work with art, I sort of stopped doing it outside home. When I'm on a bus, I'll be reading a book. When I'm waiting for the bus, I'll be reading a book. I'm obsessed with reading, nose down into whatever I'm currently into. It's sort of sad, but I feel like painting has swallowed up so much of my life already. It's taken over my entire home (since I work from home) and everything has turned into part of my 'office'. When I'm outside of home, I prefer to just do things that have little to do with art. I want to lose myself in other things.

Single most inspiring moment. You know, I really can't say. I can't claim that I've had an epiphany, that I've had one of those WOW moments - I've had a lot of them, small ones, everyday ones, I see beautiful things everywhere and they're always inspiring me, but I don't think I can point - without giving something more significance than it had - to any one given moment in time. I'm really sorry, I don't want to lie to you.

JmBoekestein -- Hey Jan-Mark... I think you misunderstood me. What I meant was: I would rather paint than teach people how to paint. The focus has become, lately, so much upon teaching what I know that I feel I want to go back to my roots and just... do it instead. Please don't get me wrong - I love helping people out, but I don't want to lose track of why I'm doing this. I didn't pick the pen up to learn something and then teach everyone else about it. I picked it up to learn, and then to use what I've learned to share my dreams :]

Libellula -- Well, when I'm uninspired, I'll pull all my tricks out of my sleeve and try to jump start the inspiration. I'll take baths, I'll take kitty for a walk, I'll watch movies - I'll bounce ideas with my friends or listen to music. Find some movies that you know inspire you, buy them, and always have them ready - don't be afraid to watch the same movie several times, I have a few I've seen... well... an embarrassing amount of times. I really can't give you more than that, I think all artists suffer from lack of inspiration from time to time. It's part of the job :]

As for fabric... it's just something you have to learn. I don't have any magic brushes or textures that help me out. I do have a lot of dresses, fabrics, scarves and similar that I've bought throughout the year - these are wonderful references. I'll fold them and drape them across furniture (or people) and study the way the light affects them. All types of fabrics are affected differently. Velvet has a rich, matted way of highlighting, satin will almost glow - lace is slightly transparent and won't have much of a shine to it for the most part. Good luck with painting - and don't worry so much. It's all a long, wonderful learning process: if you take as much pleasure in learning how to do something, as in actually doing it, you'll enjoy the journey all that much more.

amf3d -- Hey, no worry about languages. English isn't my first one, so I forgive mistakes :D Thank you very kindly for your sweet compliment - I really appreciate it. I hope that you'll like the book when it's published, but a warning is that it might not be suitable for children: the stories are in places rather bleak. Since Ballistic Publishing are publishing it, the book will be available just like D'artiste, to anyone who has an internet connection.

Rynosseros -- Aw, it's my pleasure :] I'm having fun with this. I used to sketch on paper when I was younger, a lot in fact, but once I moved my artwork into the computer I sort of... drifted away from doing that. It started with the scanner breaking down and me being young and broke and not able to afford a new one.

I include myself in paintings much by mistake. I model for a lot of the pictures, when my friends don't have the time to -- usually keeping a mirror next to me when I work to get the facial features right, and my mother often exclaims, "that's you!", when she sees one of my paintings (though personally, I know the paintings are much prettier than I am, but you get the general idea). I did a pretty creepy painting of a murdered lady, for my book, and my mom is convinced it is a very bizarre and morbid self-portrait. As for the symbolism... yeah, I usually do think a step further than just adding a flower, or just dropping a tree into the background. I'm fascinated with symbolism and I like to add little details like that if I can. It helps me the same way that adding things that people might not even notice does: I know it's there, I'll love the painting more for it, and I know that those who spot the little details will feel a little like they've been let in on a secret. Which they have.

Steph - I'm glad you like Nelicquele. She was a huge leap forward for me in technique and subject matter, it's one of the few paintings I still feel okay about even though it's been a while since I painted it. One is oneself's harshest critic, I suppose - that's very true in my case.
1) Just my brain. I'm always thinking about characters. Little silly stories that never get written down. There are always 'people' behind even the simplest of sketches, and I very much enjoy coming up with the storylines. There's nothing that influences them 'cept everyday life, the people I love or hate, and my own way of thinking. Say, for example, that for a while I was thinking a lot about the people some would call evil, and how they end up being what they are. The result was a character by the name of Yeeyan, who is one of the main antagonists in my Furiae world. He is... well, he's not a very pleasant character, but the point of it is - if one knows his entire history, one is inclined to understand him, perhaps at least a little. One of my stories might crop up like that, or it might crop up because I'm in a weird mood one day, or because I had a funny discussion with someone...
2) Well... I don't know... I just tired of it. I have no ill will towards Elfwood, it's a wonderful place for beginners... but the setup is confusing and I felt out of place in there. I was happier at Epilogue, at least for a time.
3) Yes, I get similar requests all the time. The trouble is how to find the time, how to go about it, and if I really feel that the artist's style meshes well with my own. I could consider doing it, of course, but I'm not sure if it'll ever happen.
4) I like almost all kinds of criticism, as long as they're delivered politely and because someone actually wants to help out. If someone thinks I failed the realism in a painting where I was aiming for mood, I welcome the comment - it's good to have it pointed out - but I'll probably not get around to changing the problem unless I feel it's critical (and if I wasn't aiming for realism to begin with, I probably won't think it is). I'm not too keen on criticism regarding theme and subject matter, for a lot of reasons, but I don't mind questions on the realism, no matter the context.
5) Yeah, a few days. We're talking greatly obsessed then, though. Not answering phone calls, hardly eating, only painting, and painting, and painting.
6) Heheh, that's nifty :]

Oz -- The Swedish D&D is fun. It's sort of silly, but it was fun - it was the main game I played from the age of eleven to fifteen or sixteen. I remember now that there was this other game we used to play... Mutant Chronicles, or something, some futuristic stuff - I wasn't too keen on it, I never liked sci-fi that much except for in movies.

Gordonm -- You have a thing for dragonflies too? I love them. Thanks for writing that little bit for me, that was a lovely read :]

SpaceTik -- Hi hi :] The Kah sketches... man, they were intended for a painting I never actually managed to finish. Such a pity, too. Maybe I should try to get around to it some day soon :] And -- thank you. I think doing concept sketches for movies would be one of those things I would simply love to do. I'm a sucker for costumes and designs (as you might have noticed).

Sandsekh -- Thank you kindly :] I have to draw a line at some point. When I feel like I am starting to get bored with a picture, I have to put the pen down and abandon it. I could work eternally on any given picture, but once the mood is gone, once the 'love' for it has faded, I'm always better off leaving it alone. It's almost like I have brief, but very intense crushes on my paintings while I work on them. When the crush fades, I feel a little sick and tired of the thing and just want to put some distance between it, and me.

NOOB! -- hahah, glad you like the brushes.

Olijosman -- aw, thank you <3

ANARKY -- Ooo, Andy, I like how you did that one, with the faded face in the background. Maybe I should put something similar up on my website. Hm, now to your question (found a couple of posts down)... I'll take almost finished paintings into Painter and I'll use the program to texture. Take this image for instance -

The textured background is almost entirely painted in Painter. It was extremely slow work but still much faster than if I'd done it dot by dot in Photoshop. The picture is slightly dated now, I don't remember exactly which tools I used nor how I did it I'm afraid, but Path of Petals here is probably the first painting I did so much work in Painter on.

As for describing myself in five words... man, I haven't got a clue. Passionate, controlled, escapist, pessimist and... the first 'last' word that comes to mind is 'anal', but that's not a very nice thing to say about myself, so I'll go with perfectionist instead, heheh. As for the colours, I can really only give you how I'm feeling 'today'.

Farins -- thank you :D

Womanonfire -- I don't feel, to be honest, like I want to branch out. I might paint an old lady, but that is if an old lady shows up in one of my stories - which she undoubtedly will, sooner or later. I hate paintings things I don't really feel for, that don't have a background that I'm aiming for. What I love to paint are characters I get an inkling about, that make me passionate, that I understand even if I hate them - I love those, perhaps, most of all. I love painting people that might disgust me or make me uneasy in real life, but when they're in my painting, I understand completely where they're coming from and why they're doing what they're doing.

I'll think about a fabric tutorial :] Problem is, I like making my tutorials short and concise, about something very precise - not so easy to do something like that regarding fabric.

Tayete - Hey there :D Thank you very kindly... and, of course I do. I don't think age is any obstacle at all. If you have the passion for it, there's nothing that should be standing in your way and doing what you love. Set aside a few hours every week to start off with, and then see if you can't sketch at least half an hour every day. Once art sucks you in, you'll start finding spare time for it even where you didn't think you had any - maybe one day, you'll skip a show on the telly that you might otherwise have watched, and maybe the next day you'll sit down with your kids and draw and paint with them: that's as much practice as anything else. Good luck, and I hope you get the time for it :D

Kaleith -- Hi there :] Not rude at all to ask, but I'd prefer it if you sent commission enquiries to my business email at .

04 April 2005, 02:56 PM
I am a studying illustration and 3d animation at a school in Wellington NZ.
I have been frequenting this site for about 2 years now.
This is the first time i have really felt i needed to post.
I studied martial arts last year and there is a lot of tradition involved. One thing you read about is respect for your sensei, for they have learned through hours of pain and hard work. Days of practise, injury, momoents of failing inspiration. Years of determination, and now they are willing to pass on the benifits of their life to you. You must respect them for that. Without their hardwork you couldnt learn.

Thankyou Enayla. Your witing is so heartfelt, I feel you in your posts. I find it hard to think of you as shy because you are so openhearted in your writing, tho i understand the difference. I am inspired by the way you speak of yr cat and your love of rain and your baths. (i wandered up a hill and through a forest for the first time in too long today after reading your accounts. a gorgeous forest used in LOTR that ive been neglecting). Cameron crowe would make a wonderful character out of you in a movie. Him and linklater both work to express something yr posts have. I eagerly await your book.

The nightmare before christmas was the first film i ever saw more than once at the cinema. And fight club is my favourite film (you qouted it in the master/servatn thread). When i read your posts i feel more like im reading an email from an old friend. People like you make forums feel like communities. Djampa was right, you share more than yr techniques, and it seems those parts are as beautiful a s your work. My unqualified opinion may be small praise but you have it.

Words cannot express how lucky we all are to have people like you willing to freely dedicate their time to the benefit of us. This is a gift you give us.It has taken me most of the day to just read your replies. i gave up on reading the questions hours ago, so i ask you no questions. If i could, i would run you a bath, take yr cat off yr hands for the day and turn the skies to an autumn shower. You deserve it.

04 April 2005, 03:09 PM
hi Linda

didn't want this to be another praise parade but i guess i can't help it...well last sunday I checked out your tutorial for painting an eye. I'm into 3d animation but you inspired me so much that i actually got down to painting an eye that very day...and that too with only a mouse and dear old photoshop - no tablet.

Also on sunday I went onto your website. believe me when i tell you that that day i came to know a whole new meaning of the word "fascinating" - because i guess there are so many words to describe your work, but this one word is what i felt at that moment...i was immersed in your artwork - and those little snippets from your stories that are the heart of your compositions...just amazing - you touched a live wire and went to a place where very few ppl have been.

When i read other ppl's post to you, telling you how your work has inspired them - i can truly appreciate and understand what they have felt and mean.

If someone has not been to your site already I strongly suggest that they do make it a point to visit it and check out each and every piece of art posted in the gallery - (

what I truly admire about you is your ability to express how you feel through your art...when you say that you’re inspired by the faint sounds of raindrops falling on the ground the splish splash of water ...air being so moist tht you almost feel like you’re inhaling water...Nature is hugely inspiring to me too....I need to sort of break out and be able to express myself...transfer what I feel onto a medium which I love working on...I have a lot to learn...

thankyou for being there...thankyou for inspiring...thankyou for are a rare gem :)


04 April 2005, 03:12 PM
Thanks again!:D

Like I always hear(and say), it's a mystery. It alomst looked like you had some rules of thumb nailed down:eek:. That would have been something else indeed, maybe you have:D.
And I'm glad you want to paint instead of teach it!!! Your work does more than teaching, yesterday a classmate of mine aptly stated(edit:she writes scenarios btw):
"These paintings say more than an entire movie!"

I completely agree with that. They keep me staring and thinking/fanasising again and again.

And obviously people are getting into painting because of your work! So there really isn't anything to complain about, lol.

All the best to you!:thumbsup:

04 April 2005, 03:14 PM
Hey, Linda. I was wondering about one thing that I spend time with way too much..
How much time you have to use to get your character edges clear and smooth, so they don't seem all jaggy and rough? Do you use a lot of eraser, or do you paint them so smooth the first time you try? Or do you use vectors for them instead? Or do you use masks? Or What?! :)

Btw, your "sketches", for example in your Master and Servant -thread, looks like my 3 day projects.. /wipes eye

04 April 2005, 03:37 PM
Now... I´m a little proud to be Swedish and to have such a great artist not so far from me.
All I can say is: XLNT!!!

Linda, did you ever made any 3-D work?
Hmm...I just saw in this thread that you did not.

Good luck to you :love:

04 April 2005, 04:02 PM
You know what? I have billions of characters flying around in my head too. They just don't have names yet.

I must say that I never tire of looking through your website's gallery. I could do it everyday...more than once probably, and still love each and every one as much as before.

I have one last question, and it's pretty simple, and I swear it's the last one:
When you say that you see your characters' emotions and feelings in color and can create a color scheme for them, does that mean a color scheme for the entire picture or of just the character? Thanks again!

Oh, I bet that one day, when your book "Furiae" comes out, some screenplay writer could be so inspired by one or two of the stories that he/she makes a movie out of it. That'd been really cool. I'd watch it all the time. *nods* Of course, they would have to ask for your permission first.

04 April 2005, 04:03 PM
ANARKY -- Ooo, Andy, I like how you did that one, with the faded face in the background. Maybe I should put something similar up on my website.

Maybe! Glad you like it! I love that face, its exquisitly beautiful.

04 April 2005, 05:42 PM
Hi Linda,

Thank you for the advice you offered me and for taking the time to respond to each of us. I will take it to heart. I've been working on a few concepts that just weren't materializing because I was thinking so much about what others would say about them and not doing them for me...then suddenly, when that perception shifted to what I wanted to paint, it seemed a little easier somehow. Many, many thanks! :):):) I think the change in music helped too...amazing what the music you are listening to can do for a painting...

I have a question that I've always wanted to ask you. Are you familiar with Nick Bantock? What do you think of the Griffon and Sabine series? I would be curious to hear your thoughts on his artwork and his stories.

Take care and nice progress on both pieces! Just remember to take care of yourself before pouring your all into your painting...I was sad to hear you say you were feeling down and blue the other day. I hope things are a little brighter today?


04 April 2005, 05:46 PM
Your work is nice. Some peole out there want you to draw some men, but I say keep on drawing women. Keep on doing what you like. I would like to see a forest painnting tutorial from you.

I have a question for you. Do you use the smudge tool to blend some of your colors together? If you do, what strength percentage is the best to use? Do you still use painter?
What is your favorite pizza? Do you like my signature on this forum? Do you like dogs or cats? (oops I got carried away:D)

Enayla works are dope.:applause: Rock on :buttrock:

04 April 2005, 06:49 PM
hi linda

wow man you have some fans here! well i'm definatly one of them! just keep painting women i think your the only artist that isn't painting women with size d d bras and only wereing a bakiny while holding a weapon of some sort! its refressing to see your images which are some how appealing without haveing to be bluntly sexual. i got d'artist and i can say although other artists are definaltly talented, yours work was by far the more inspiring. :thumbsup:

is faries a swedish thing?



04 April 2005, 07:58 PM
Eh, that was a terrible nap. Azrael kept waking me up every fifteen minutes. *grumps*

Cavematty -- Replies like yours never fail to get to me. Thank you so much - I'm honoured that you would think so highly of me. I'm truly, really, just an ordinary girl like any other - and like anyone else, I find myself half-blushing and feeling awkward in a situation like this. I never know quite to say. Your thoughtfulness and kind comments are truly appreciated, anyway, even if I can't properly word it. Thank you. I wish there was an autumn shower... but it is winter here, cold and dreary, still, winter on the verge of slowly thawing into spring: the streets are grey and the fields colourless. Right now, I'm only wishing for a clear blue sky or for heavy, catpaw snowflakes that cloak the world in white :]

Addy -- Thank you so much :] It will always feel strange to me that someone else finds my little pictures and bits of writing fascinating: I write them out of my heart, and I suppose it means that there are other people out there who feel what I feel and like what I like. Very comforting, in a way. And, yes, isn't nature the most inspiring thing ever? When I have more money, I'd like to buy a little house in the country side... get a driver's license and live out there with my kitty and my books and my computer, going in to town for wild shopping sprees when I feel alone. You have a lovely day, thank you again!

Jan-Mark -- Aw, that's lovely to hear that she'd say that about my pictures. Thanks for relaying :D <3

Erikoinen -- Hi hi :] Edges... well, it's difficult. I use a combination of the smudge tool and the eraser to get a nice edge if I screw it up with normal brushes. I don't use masks and I don't even know how to use vectors *sheepish*. I suppose it might take longer, my way, but I like the rhythm I've learned to work in, if that makes any sense.

Thiger -- Yay, another Swede! Like you noticed yourself, nah, I haven't done any 3D work though I gave it a brief but hopeless attempt. Well met, I hope you have a lovely day :]

Steph -- Well, that really depends. Usually, there will be one colour that sets the theme for the image - this is the 'general' mood...often influenced by the main character of the image. Say, I have Indeoque, who is one of the main 'leaders' of a powerful group in my Furiae world... his dominant colour is the pale blue of ice. If I paint a picture with Indeoque in it, it's highly likely that his personality will have something to do with the theme - and thus also likely that the picture will be prominently blue. If his brother Hajieelkhe shows up in the image, the blue will be mixed with bursts of green and we'll have a colour scheme that will remind you of Northern Lights, perhaps: blue, green, with tones of purple and lilac perhaps, and bursts of crimson because there's a lot of emotion there, lurking under the surface. Does that make any sense?

Elaeria -- I'm glad to hear that :] Always paint for yourself first and foremost - never try to make people like your work because you've attempted to adapt it for their sake... they'll appreciate what's from your heart far more. I don't think I've heard of Nick Bantock before. I might have to look in on his work now that you've given me his name - thank you :] My mood is, indeed, a little better today - I've received two lovely emails so far today, so it's all looking up.

Pushav -- Thank you :] I'm glad to hear that you think I'm doing the right thing by sticking by what I like to paint. And, yea, I do use the smudge tool on occasion. Let's see... I've got this little thingie I did for someone at some point, regarding smudgeing...
I also use the 100% setting, but I set pressure sensitivity to strength. Heheh, and -- peanuts, mushroom and curry pizza (I'm weird, I know)... nice signature... I'm a cat person but I've learned to like dogs as well. Have a lovely day :]

Bloggs -- I'm glad you like how I depict women :] Being a woman myself, I don't like to humiliate my gender. Nakedness can be beautiful without being slutty and clothes can be sensual without being too revealing. Also, a chain mail bikini would be extremely uncomfortable. I've tried a chain mail top on - no one wants to wear something like that without a lot of fabric between the skin and it. Ow, I say. Ow. Faeries are, I think, a thing of many cultures. We have variants up here in Sweden, but if I'm not altogether wrong, there are the Sidhe in England (Celtish) and different other kinds a little bit all over the place. My variations of the faeries - the Fae - aren't quite like any other though :]

04 April 2005, 08:36 PM
Ok, yeah, that makes perfect sense now. Thank you for clarifying. :)

Sorry to hear you had a bad nap. I know what that's like though, especially when my dog wants attention. Silly animals.

04 April 2005, 08:42 PM
thank you Linda, you are so great! muuuuaaaaaaaaa:D

04 April 2005, 08:53 PM
Now... I´m a little proud to be Swedish and to have such a great artist not so far from me.
All I can say is: XLNT!!!

No kidding! :D

I used to live near Linköping but moved to London not long ago.

Linda, I just wanted to say thank you for the huge source of inspiration your paintings are, and in return I have been thinking of sending a gift to you, naturally from London. Mention anything and you can find it here. Even rare Tim Burton-related stuff ;)

Cheers <3

04 April 2005, 08:55 PM
what cat do u suggest i get?

a sphynx or a siamese.

*man i'm bored*

04 April 2005, 09:13 PM

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all my questions, and everyone else's too, since I learned from those as well. I can't outdo the praise and thanks from everyone on these forums, so we'll leave it as a simple: "thank you, I really appreciated the time you gave the CG community"

Take care!

Rio Yeti
04 April 2005, 09:31 PM

My question :

Why do you always ask yourself if "you make any sense" ?

You make plenty of sense, in fact your making more sense than anyone I saw posting on CGTalk, you're making so much sense that you really got me, a doomed experimental 3D artist who is fed up with both photorealism and fantasy worlds, to look into buying a tablet so that I could draw some photorealistic fantasy pieces (and also some more obscure experimental stuff... :shrug: ) ! :)
You're making so much sense that you patiently and carefully answer each question, even if you already answered a similar question the author was to lazy to read.
You're making sense by bringing life to your paintings, thing that I haven't found in any photorealistic fantasy digital painter recently.

So please, stop asking if "you make any sense". You do ! :wise:

04 April 2005, 09:34 PM
LOL peanuts, mushroom, and curry pizza lol. That was the best answer yet.

Its me again and thanks for the reply. Yeah the smudging in photoshop is overused nowandays. I feel that painter can blend way better than photoshop. Every time I try to make a "painterly" painting in photoshop it always comes out too smooth and smudged. I have another question. Lets say you prepare a full graysacled painting in photoshop and now you are ready to add color to it. Do you add color to your painting by adding color on a separate layer with the layer set on hard/soft light? I found this to cause me problems because my paintings colors tend to be off when i use hard/soft light to add color to my grayscalepainting. They end up have a plastic-like, too smooth, and dead unsaturated look to my work (this is why I ran from photoshop.).

I have even more questions for you. Do you like mozilla firefox or internet explorer?
What type of music do you listen to when you paint?
Who do you like better ShaQ or Kobe?
Are you a PC person or a Mac fan?
(oops I got sidetracked once again:D)

and last could you make a suggestion on my master and servant progress. That would be nice.

04 April 2005, 09:43 PM
Thank you so much Linda, for answering me twice! *hugs* Keep up your outstanding art, and once again, tnx for the advices, and I'll try to learn and practice a lot, as you recomend. (By the way, I do sometimes what you told, I see Interview with the vampire when I need inspiration... I think 40 times are not enough already XD), and I'm still waiting for "Furiae" ;)

04 April 2005, 09:48 PM
NOOB! -- Hahah, to be honest... neither. Both are breeds that have been bred well beyond what they should. Siamese cats have eyesight problems and Sphynxes have some pretty serious issues with the lack of fur as well as other genetic issues. If you're getting a cat, get a sturdy, well-bred, nice looking cat that won't suffer because people have bred it for its looks :] Maybe a Maine Coon or a nice looking Birma could suit you, or if you're looking for something with short fur - Abessinians (I can't spell the English version of the breed's name, man, they're called Abessinier in Swedish) or Russian Blue are gorgeous, healthy, happy kitties that do not have a lot of genetic problems :]

Tevih -- Thank you <3

Rio Yeti -- Haha, I'm sorry. I think it's because I feel as if though I ramble on about strange, strange things and people stand around looking at me with nonplussed expressions, wondering what on earth I'm talking about :D Glad to hear I am making sense. I'll stop apologising for my rambling, I promise.

Pushav -- Well, Photoshop doesn't necessarily cause a plastic look, but I know what you mean. I love the smudge tool but it's suicide if you don't use it right. Overuse of ANY tool is bad, though - I've seen it done with all kinds of different brushes and settings, both in Photoshop and in Painter :]

As for your questions, ha ha...
-- I use Opera, neither Mozilla nor Explorer. Opera rocks.
-- It depends on the painting. Classic music (Bach and Orff being the favourites) or movie soundtracks for most of the paintings - I've fallen back to the Donnie Darko soundtrack mixed with the soundtrack for Sleepy Hollow, at the moment. Sweet, sweet music. If I'm in a different mood, it'll be another type of music. Typically, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Katatonia, Placebo, Tori Amos, Paradise Lost, Opeth, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Chevelle, Nick Cave... lots of different artists, really.
-- Neither. Embarrassingly enough, I'm not into sports.
-- PC all the way.

Heheh, I'll head to your M&S entry straight away.

Libellula -- I'm just glad if I can help :] You're welcome.

04 April 2005, 11:22 PM
OMG, i finally got to the last post.....lots of reading...:)....

hello Linda,
cuz there is so many questions i just cant found some thats not been asked.
I have to say that your art is really awsome. I have seen your art first time like 2 years ago when i joined EK. Too bad its gone, great artist were posting there. I kinda wondered how did that childrens book ended that was someone posting WIP :) i forget who was the artist though

but anyway, your art was great then, now its superb, whats the next stage :)
one thing made me sad while reading your answers, the one where you dont sell your prints :cry: You are so
I was always thinking, when i get my own flat, i'll really make him look little crazy and mystic. Enviroment that i enjoy, and something just different then normal. And on the walls put art that tells stories, something thats not just a nice painting that looks cool. But something thats when you look at it, and you have atleast some imaginations you can see story beyond the painting. I found that in your art, and then i found out also you dont sell your prints, bad girl :D
well, cuz i wont have my own flat in near future, i hope you'll start selling your prints in meantime, be greedy for a month, love money, if not for yourself then for us, your fans :)

btw, looking at your latest art, is it just me, or your art has little more of intimate/erotic elements, with more then one character like it was in previous things that you made.

and yeah, heres some croatian sun for your cold days, its yesterday old cuz today its raining all bloody day, but sun is sun :)

take care

04 April 2005, 01:56 AM

Many thanks for sharing your brushes with us. Would you care to share with us where/how those different brushes were used in your work, pressure sensitivity and opacity?

04 April 2005, 02:01 AM
Hi Linda,

First I want to say that I find your work breath taking and awe inspiring. I have been following this thread and taking notes of all the valuable information you are imparting. I believe I read earlier that you use the Intuos tablet and you have also described your brush settings, spacing and some techniques you use.

My question: During your painting do you adjust the tip feel (Soft - Medium - firm, tablet properties) as well with a particular brush to get the desired look you want?

I hope my question made sense. I'm always at a loss as to where the tip feel should be. Thank you for your invaluable knowledge, I hope we don't tire you with all of our questions.

04 April 2005, 02:12 AM
:bounce: ...and I'm just gobbling up the wisdom and good-natured fun of Linda's answers! Oh, to have a peek inside such a talented artist's head! Bwa-aa-aaa!

Seriously, thank you for being honest and kind and so-very-apparently yourself with the community; that's almost as huge an inspiration to me as the sense of wonder present in your lush, emotional pieces.

Most of the questions I would ask--if my brain would stop whirling giddily about at the idea that I can actually ASK you questions--have already been answered, but here's one (even though it's very lame):

When you were a student, how did you find the time to paint what you wanted to? Did you cleverly twist assignments to your whim? Did your social life suffer? Or did you just never sleep? (I'm dreading you telling me it was that last one...)

Thanks again, and here's some gleeful Floridian sunshine from this morning for you! *hands*

04 April 2005, 04:42 AM
hi linda,

i hope no one asked this because i really didn’t read anything other then the 1st 2 pages... but i guess its a rather pin point question in regards to brush textures. you work with custom brushes.. so a general run down of the brush tools i use would be a scatter brush for leaves and the air brush round 13 and the air brush pen opacity flow 19 i have always had problems locating exactly what the difference is between the 2... the 13 seems to draw over it self making it go opaque faster as opposed to the 19 which seems to draw one opacity no matter how many times you over lap with that given stroke. not counting stamp brushes which mostly save time on rendering parts of the image i would say i only use 3 brushes. slightly modified with the spacing and opacity controls set to pen pressure. the rest mostly comes from well ... eyes and long hours of working and reworking everything. any who i just wanted to know how you use Photoshop’s brush systems general work layout. to clear things up i am not asking how you paint just how through your experience is the most efficient way to setup Photoshop’s elements to work for you.

my best reguards slav.

04 April 2005, 06:44 AM
Hello, Linda :D

I just wanted to say a little thank you on your tips on masks - my friend knows how to make papier mache, and a few of us will probably get together in my house and make masks and have fun on Saturday ^__^ So thank you :)

I have one question for you - did anyone else recognise you in the street? Like, "Hey, it's Enayla/Linda!" Just wondering ^^;

:drool: <-- ehehee, amusing smiley

~ Donna

04 April 2005, 07:47 AM
Hi again!
This thread is turning into one of my favorite places to visit in CGTalk!
I'm sure you won't want to read another enormous piece, so here's my question:: Which mistakes do you most often see younger artists making?

04 April 2005, 08:58 AM
Hi Linda,

I've always been a fan of your work, you're my favorite CGTalk artist here. You paint wonderfully, have such a nice attitude to us peons, and are always helpful. I think you're great. :)

Anyways, I went through (skimmed) all 8 pages of this thread, but I didn't see anyone ask a fairly basic questions that i have. I'm sure I must have missed them, so if they were asked, please just direct me to the page it's on and I'll be sorry for wasting your time.


1) I recently started to teach myself to draw. While I still suck, I do seem to be getting better pretty fast, so I think I may have some highly undeveloped talent that just needs me to put some effort into developing it. My question is: Should I try to develop my photoshop skills simultaneously, or rather get good at drawing and shading on paper before I attempt digital painting?

2) I don't have a tablet, should I even bother with learning how to paint before I get one?

3) I want to draw well and paint digitally well. What would be your "path to knowledge"? How would you recommend one develop their skills? Any books? Any things I should do daily? That kind of thing.

I'm dreadfully sorry if any of these were asked.

04 April 2005, 10:47 AM

I have to admit that this is one of the few threads which I have read thoroughly word by word (at least your posts :D) I find your original way to feel/think/see in colors especially intriguing and I really should try to draw without outlines sometime. I bet it teaches a lot about form/shading.

I'm a gymnasiestudent from Oulu, Finland (you know, we have the same system here) and I'm heading to some kind of an art career (graphic design, advertisement). I find it really hard to arrange time for improving my painting/drawing skills. School and hobbies take so much time :sad:.

So, my first question is:

1) When did you start to paint seriously and how did you find time for it?

You know, art/painting isn't something you just can arrange time, like "I have 50 minutes between this and this, I could practise then". Art (at least for me) is something you just should have a LOT of time for. I can see that you've found a way to dedicate your life to creativity :D.

2) Could you recommend some book/author regarding human anatomy?

I would especially want to learn about drawing faces and hands. Also, proportions/perspective is something I quite don't handle yet. Your own tips are also OK if you prefer :).

So, Hälsningar från andra sidan Bottniska viken,
and keep up the good work :D

04 April 2005, 11:03 AM
Hi Linda!

I remember seeing a lot of your work on the sijun boards, back in the days, maybe 4-5 years ago. Allthough your painting skills was quite good back then, it's nothing compared to your more recent work. Your colors, and lighting and your anatomy, it's all become so amazingly good now, and it looks more realistic and naturalistic the way you paint I mean. Your subject matters are also more interesting now.

So what happened? It's like you've really seen the light somehow. Did it happen gradually or was it like "Bang! Aha!!", hehe! I just wonder how you became so good so fast. :) But then again, when I see the amazing amount of work you produce, how productive you are, then maybe that explains it. Lots and lots of practice? But you must have discovered some important things along the way... Any advice you can give?

04 April 2005, 11:11 AM
Hi Linda !

I'm Tham Chien Yih, an illustration and animation freak who just loves drawing and animating.

I heard alot about you from cgtalk, and have seen your work, you are a great artist !

may I ask what you did to accomplish this level? anything in life drawing involved and study of lighting?

04 April 2005, 11:35 AM
NOOB! -- Hahah, to be honest... neither. Both are breeds that have been bred well beyond what they should. Siamese cats have eyesight problems and Sphynxes have some pretty serious issues with the lack of fur as well as other genetic issues. If you're getting a cat, get a sturdy, well-bred, nice looking cat that won't suffer because people have bred it for its looks :] Maybe a Maine Coon or a nice looking Birma could suit you, or if you're looking for something with short fur - Abessinians (I can't spell the English version of the breed's name, man, they're called Abessinier in Swedish) or Russian Blue are gorgeous, healthy, happy kitties that do not have a lot of genetic problems :]

but siamese cats are sed to take the spirit of there master when they die :eek: *shud i believe that?!?!?!*

that shud have been my damn M & S entry.

hmmmm..........u know waaaaay TOO much about cats.:D i'll do a search for em cats.

*ahem* i'm off to spam ur m&s entry now...hah.

04 April 2005, 01:06 PM
I think this thread is getting dangerous now!!! People asking you to crit their master and servant-- they must be brave...
I love your newest painting- the one that was plugged a few days ago. It's just beautiful and when I look at it it makes me feel all peaceful and somehow intrigued. Your works have this beautiful aspect of mystery in them that makes me come back again and again. Does this come naturally to you or do you have a 'make atmospheric ' button in photoshop?:D

..ok, i have to dip down into the depths. Will you crit my master and servant?:blush: Sorry, I couldn't resist! Yours is stunning. The colour scheme is just as near to perfect as I've ever seen-- and when I say perfect, I don't mean perfect realistically (it is though) but perfect in terms of conveying the mood you want to put across. I could keep looking at it forever!! I really like the teeniest details you've put in- the birds, the dessicating butterfly.....beautiful.
Keep up the good're painting your name into the art books.

04 April 2005, 02:37 PM
I just came in from a walk out in the spring sun with Azrael. I saw spring's first butterfly... and he ate it.

Giggo -- An old EK member, eh? I miss the place too... perhaps most of all the closely knit community of its earlier days. I don't miss what it had turned into before the end. Heh, I'll have prints available sooner or later, I promise. I don't know why I never get around to selling them, but I suppose it's got to do with the hesitation of sending my originals away (because that's basically what any large scaled version of digital art is, an original). I'm not so sure if my work has more eroticism in it these days, but since I've grown better at painting people, I enjoy showing the dynamics of relationships when I feel up to painting more than one character. Some will interpret this as something sensual (in the case of the couple kissing in the painting for my book, heh, I can totally see where they're coming from), but I'd like to think that there's more going on in the pictures than that. Have a lovely day :]

Rynosseros -- Well, the brushes already have some of the settings I'd use for them. I really can't say exactly how I've used all of those brushes - they see different sort of uses. The ones that look a little like splotches of small dots are often used for shading, for hair, and for skin. The ones that are really textured tend to be background brushes or brushes I use to lay down colours before the detailing sets in. Hard edged and soft edged round brushes are used in their different forms in ALL the different stages of my pictures... everything from background work to fine detailing. If the little brush with three separate dots was included, that one's exclusively for painting hair before the hair is more detailed. Hope that helps a little :]

BeckyWC -- Thank you kindly :] I've not adjusted the tip feel of my Wacom beyond when I first installed it and tried it out in the accompanying test program, or whatever I should call that one. I adjust the pressure sensitivity in the program I use to paint, instead - feels easier and simpler that way.

Imriela -- Hahah, you're too cute <3 When I was a student... well... I don't think I've ever had so much spare time as when I studied at the university. I studied language most of all, and I'm a pretty quick learner (not to mention that both in regards of Swedish and English, I knew most of what we were taught already). Which meant that I didn't study much until a few days before any given exam, when I'd pour over the books and then relax once more when I'd passed the exam. I realise not everyone can do this, though. If you study something where you really need to concentrate on what you're doing, make sure to set aside time for painting. Skip something else, instead. A show on the telly or a good book. It's worth it in the end. (Oh, and also, I've suffered with insomnia for many years... I rarely sleep more than four-five hours/night. This helps with adding more time during which I can paint, but I'd not recommend it. It's not a nice thing to do to either body or brain).

Slav -- Hi hi :] The brush system... yes, it's rather difficult to get a hang of it. There are some things I never touch - I rarely use the scatter, for instance, and I've only just started to try out the angle and roundness jitter for quick and nice background textures. I've simply never really felt a need for it nor the necessity to use these things - for a long, long time the only settings I've played with have been opacity and size. I've found that the scatter works better if you're not using just one round dot for it to scatter, but make three or four semi-round dots for it to work on, and then really raise the spacing setting as the dots tend to overpaint each other otherwise. I really don't know what else to say, I'm not an expert on photoshop's brush system. I posted a link to some of my brushes earlier in this thread ( ) with some examples of brushes I use, and the settings I might use with them. Take a look at them and see if they're any helpful at all.

D-NA -- Yay, I'm glad - I hope you guys have a great time sculpting the masks. It helps to have a face cast of some kind to sculpt them on top (make it in plaster, maybe), or you'll have difficulties giving them a nice shape. As for your question... yeah, it's happened quite a few times. More and more often, which is really quite strange to me. I suppose here, it might be because I've been in the local newspaper a couple of times. Ironically, I met one of my best friends this way, many years ago. He'd seen me at Sijun, and then he spotted me from a distance when I was trying to coax Azrael out of a tree, somehow miraculously recognising me from a few small photos and a self-portrait. Heheh.

Paperclip -- Mistakes... hm... well, there are the dodge and burn tools, used without discretion and without understanding of the colours. There's the shading with black and the highlighting with white (ow, I say!)... There's thinking that the eye is an oval shape that fits somehow weirdly under the eyelid, and then leaving the bottom eyelid out. There's heavily stylising anatomy without having a clue of what they're doing - this truly takes away from how 'understandable' a cartoon picture is. There's painting on pure black or white backgrounds and thus flattening the colours out horribly. There's copying famous photos and not really thinking about learning from it (been there, done that, I completely understand the need). There's copying other people's styles and forgetting to shape their own. Then there's the abuse of the smudge tool which I find so sad when I see it, because it really IS a nice tool if you use it right. I could go on and on - I've made most of these mistakes myself when I first started out.

Virum -- Aw, thank you <3
1) I think you can develop both simultaneously, there's no problem with that. Make sure to study anatomy, light, colours and composition while you're learning the tools, though, so you don't get stuck in simply using the tools but not producing anything worthwhile with them :] I've learned SO much while painting on the computer, that I would be a hypocrite to tell people to learn drawing outside the computer first. Drawing on the computer is the same as drawing on paper, on canvas, or on a wall: it's just your canvas, it's just a tool, the basic skills that you're building up are the same, you're just learning a different media.
2) Hm. If you're going to paint on the computer, get a tablet. You can pull it off with a mouse, some people are excellent with it, but I suspect that you'll get frustrated and might get tired of trying. Paint outside of the computer until you get one - there really are some rather cheap alternatives out there. Wacom's Graphire is pretty nice :]
3) There are myriad of book tips all over this forum. Do a search for Loomis, and you'll find links to downloadable books on anatomy that are beyond helpful (or go here - . Look through ALL of the links we've linked here - Most of all, though, it's a matter of exercising, training, being critical of your own work and trying to move ahead with every new picture you make. Try to paint a picture every day. When I first started out, I was extremely prolific and did just that. Every new painting you do will teach you something new, even if it's just a sloppy, quick thing. Join the daily sketch group forum here at CGtalk, that'll be excellent help for you :]

jtuulos -- I'm glad you've enjoyed the read :] And yeah, do try out painting without lines... you'll be focusing much more on the shapes and the colours, and not think so much about the lines surrounding everything. I can see your problem with finding the time... it's all a matter of priorities. I've gone through patches where I've hardly painted at all because life's been too occupying, and then I've gone through times when I do little BUT paint.
1) I started seriously when I got my Wacom tablet, at the age of 20. I was studying at the university at the time, and as the studies were easy for me, I found plenty of time to paint. I have to say that I progressed insanely the first year - I've never been so prolific nor so obsessed with painting in my entire life. I suppose I was lucky in that way. If you're dedicated, though, and you study only at full time (not at 120% or something like that), and you REALLY study when you have to, ahead of exams and tests and such, finding time in between that and the relatively short days the university has (if your system is anything like ours) shouldn't be entirely too hard. You might have to give up on some things, that's only natural. If it's really a passion of yours, it'll be worth staying home a few nights every week to paint instead of going out with friends - if your friends are GOOD friends, they won't dump you because of this.
2) I'm going to be very typical and recommend Loomis. His way of explaining proportions is excellent, I don't think I've studied anything quite so informative. He's linked from here, along with a lot of other, awesome theory links on how to draw, paint, shade... Good luck :]

Markus_S - Hi hi :] Man, Sijun... that's a looong time ago, or at least it feels as if though it is. I'm happy you think I've improved since then :] It's not a matter of seeing the light, though, or having an epiphany of some kind. I've developed my skills gradually over the years. Every year I'll have some sort of... well... experience with a painting, it'll be a painting well beyond my usual painting skills and it'll teach me something profoundly new - it will take me about a year to actually catch up with that painting with my 'normal' skills, which is a weird thing. I have no clue how this happens but it's quite typical of me. For the rest of that year, people will be going, "oh, it's pretty, but not as pretty as THAT one", regarding every new work I'll publish and it'll be both funny and frustrating. I think I'm moving forward on sheer force of will, anyway, I just won't give up, and I'm a little obsessive with painting. And yes, it's lots and lots of practice. I don't honestly know what kind of advice I could give... 'cept that with every new painting, I try to challenge myself at least a little. I'll try something new and see how it works out. A while ago, I'd been looking a lot at 3D work and decided to incorporate skin textures the way 3D artists do them (lots of them rather than the smooth skin I usually paint) and it was a major revelation. I learned so much from that and I always try to use at least a bit of skin texture now. Some freckles here, some scars there, anything to make the faces just a little more interesting. Some time before then, this summer, I went around and took loads of photos, all over the place, as I was studying light. I then sat around and studied them, hard, trying to figure things out. Always keeping your eyes keen is a big help. I stare obsessively at any and every thing I find fascinating, trying to understand how it works and if I can... I'll incorporate it into a painting later on.

Chien -- Hi there :] I'm glad you like my work! I've done some life drawing, indeed, but most of all getting here is a result of seven years' worth of training TO get here. Seven years obsessive painting on the computer adds up to a lot of time. I try to paint every day if I can, even if it's just a little tiny thing.

NOOB! -- You're right, I know way too much about cats. I've had cats all my life though, I find them such intriguing animals.

Paperclip -- Hahah, dangerous indeed. Mystery... well... I think that comes from what I'm fascinated with. My mix of love for fairytales -- and horror stories - really helps me when I'm looking for something extra to add to a piece of work. Instead of thinking only about creating a cool effect, I try to think about the symbolism, the colours, the foreboding that might be concealed in something so small as a character's shadow looking like it's a hole in the ground.

I'll get right on your M&S entry. A warning, though, I'm not that skilled a critic - I am much too gentle and I hate being mean, ha ha.

Rio Yeti
04 April 2005, 02:50 PM
but siamese cats are sed to take the spirit of there master when they die :eek: *shud i believe that?!?!?!*

I'm sorry to diverge from the topic a little... But I can't let Elayna tell you not to take a Siamese Cat !
And to convince you here are two pictures of my "Edgar", a white siamese :

Siamese are incredibly attached to their owner, they talk a lot, and I DO mean they TALK. My family has a lot of different cats, and some of them "meow" all the time, but it is usually the same "meow" repeated over and over. When Edgar wants something, he really starts arguing with me, I answer him and we go on like this, and there really is an evolution in the conversation, no two "meows" are the same !
Like I said they are very attached to their owner (some people say the siamese are the closest a cat could be from a dog...), he comes and welcomes me at the door when I come back home, he can't let me too long at my computer before jumping in my laps.
As for their sight, it is specially true with oriental siamese. Mine is half oriental and half european, so I never witnessed any problem with his sight, and his eyes don't converge.

Anyway I think it is weird to "plan" on getting a certain cat... People say you don't choose the cat/dog, he chooses you, and I think it's right. When someone tells you he has kitties, or if you go to a " cat exhibition", you'll know which cat to pick if you see him. You shouldn't think to much about it, just feel it !

Let us know when you have a new cat ! And again sorry for this thread way out of topic...

Back to Enayla ! :)

04 April 2005, 03:01 PM
oh man...i want a siamese.and not a blind one.i've always had an interest in them,since my name *nubian* is of african/egyption culture i wanted a sphynx,but later i found out sphynx where bred from siamese.

enayla!!! i'm so confuuuuuuuuuuseed!!! and its ur fault!!!

i'll get a white siamese so it can fight ur black cat linda.

that'll show u to doubt the!!


ahem*back to the art* feel free to drop by my M&S ms linda.

04 April 2005, 03:14 PM
Heheh, my Azrael is a killer. All muscle and wickedness towards other cats, in that one - you don't want a little Siamese fighting him.

If you DO get a Siamese, don't get one of those extremely bred ones. They are beautiful cats when they're not 'cat-show' cats. I think the American versions of them are the worst bred ones.... but generally, if you buy the cat from someone who takes them to cat-shows, you'll get those extremely long noses and cross-eyed eyes that cause all of those problems.

Siamese kitties used to look much more like the beautiful cat Rio Yeti posted. You find one that looks like THAT, then don't hesitate.

Then again, like mentioned, you're usually picked by a cat, you don't pick them. Azrael certainly wasn't a planned purchase. I wanted a Norwegian Forestcat but I really wasn't given much choice.

04 April 2005, 03:20 PM
don't worry ,i will use my siamese cat smelling shampoo,and they will be all over me at the pet shop,

*choose me,choose me !!! they will say*



back to the art,do u have plans for a new art piece linda???when can we expect sumthin new?

04 April 2005, 03:22 PM
Linda, I know I promised, and I know you are going to roll your eyes at me (apparently though, I can't hold this promise together, so I'll just stop trying).

I would like to know what you do when you want to paint, just for practice, but have absolutely no idea what to paint. Do you just lay down colors and such until a shape pops out at you, or do you try to fins inspiration somewhere? I'm just asking about practice sketches.

Also, do you think you could possibly post a close-up of Nelicquele, if it wasn't to much trouble? Please?

04 April 2005, 03:32 PM
Nubian -- My best bit of advice regarding cats - don't get a cat because what breed they are, what they look like, or who's selling them. Get the cat because the first time you set eyes on him or her, you feel that connection that tells you that you'll love the kitty.

The first time I saw Azrael, he was just about seven weeks old and he shot out of a cage like a wild, but tiny, black fury. He skid across a floor, he smacked into a wall, got right back up and then nearly rammed me. I don't think I've ever loved anything so instinctually and so completely, as when I first set eyes on Azzy. He was a crazy ball of fluff with bright, bright eyes, and he'd been abandoned to the shelter by someone who obviously couldn't be bothered to find him a real home.

Go check a cat shelter out. You might be as lucky as I was. Cats are companions that will stay with you for up to twenty years (sometimes even longer).

Steph -- Yes, basically just blotching colours until something pops out at me. Generally a face. I paint so many faces I'm embarrassed. It's fun. I love faces. I love features. It's just that I know I get a little boring and repetitive in painting them, so I keep them to myself these days.

I'll see if I can find a closeup on Nelicquele. It's on a dvd somewhere.

04 April 2005, 04:03 PM
Hi Linda,

Congratulations on all your success.I can remember seeing your work on GFX and writing you a little message when I first started doing digital art a couple years ago.And you actually replied,I remember feeling uplifted after seeing that someone with high status would take the time to help out a newbie,so thanks for that.

I would really love to be able to do this for a living as you do,it just sounds as though you are in your own little artistic world.You are living a dream (on some levels) that a lot of us would love to experience.My questions are these:and there are a few.....sorry.^____^

Do people approach you nowadays,to the point were you don't have to give samples of your work? What type of freelancing is it that's required of you? Private commissions,or magazine covers maybe? I'm looking for any advice on the whole freelancing gig,I have enough confidence in my work,I would just like to be able to use that confidence now and don't exactly know where to start.

Your a doll for answering all of these questions us mere mortals pose to you,keep up the exceptional work.If you feel like it,the people at GFX could use some of your inspiration over there.....if you feel like it.^_*

04 April 2005, 04:25 PM
First of all, i want to thank you for taking the time to answer to all of this questions and comments. Even though i did not participate to this thread before now, every questions asked by others is helpful and is interesting for anyone else that reads it which makes the thread very interesting. But isn't getting to know people better always interesting? :)

But man, i am kind of wondering how you can keep up, i tried to go through all of it, read everything to not miss a thing but i was only able if i would divise it in section and tell myself ''okay.. taking 15 minutes to read those two pages then the rest later..''. But it is a very enjoyable reading, really. :) For this week i will put the book i am currently reading aside and focus on the thread i guess, that'll do it! :D

So, onto the ''question'' part... Reading through this thread and also in your section of the d'Artiste book, we could learn that you were fascinated with fairytales and all that sort of stories. But fairytales being what they are, i suspect that maybe you'd also be into ancient mythology (greek, egyptian, norse, aztec..) since so many of their myths might be refered to almost as a fairytales in a way, the line between both is very thin in my opinion. Have you had interest in mythology like fairytales? Their symbolism and everything around them? I actually believe so and i think it might be a little obvious after reading through what you have said but better ask to be sure. :) I always had an interest in them since i was little, since i could actually read, was fascinated with all those different stories that would explain in their culture how this happened, how this appeared.

If you do, i was wondering if you would sometime just paint your own version, your own understanding of a known myth? I know you did not so long ago in the DSG forum in the thread about legends of your country but i meant before that, or anytime actually. Am i making sense? I feel i'm rambling so confusingly (is that even a word?).

Also wondered along the line of the question about colladorations you've already been asked if stories one would write could inspire you to paint something, if the sotry was along the line of what you usually like?

One last question regarding your writtings (gosh this is getting too long, i badly need to learn to write my thoughts in a more concise way), i as wondering if your inspiration for your own stories and fairytales would come up the same way as with paintings. If something you see or read inspires you a little bit of story that could be used somewhere then you have another spark of inspiration that could fit perfectly after the first one you had some time ago and so on. Or even a simple word, as i know you think in colours when inspired for a painting, maybe a simple word or expression might also inspire you something to write?

Okay enough for now. Sorry for the long and confuse reading i'm putting you through there.. D:

04 April 2005, 04:29 PM
Hya Linda ^^

Quite a nice name you have there.
I don`t have much to say, just posting here to let you know im a fan (just another eheh)

I really would like to dive into that painting universe, but I miss something. Something always just go wrong .. and I lack time too. That college thing you know. But its always wonderful to look into your work, its so divinely inspiring. Keep it up!

Oh, ok, just something I cant take out of my head. In your M&S post you said that for painting hair, is important "how it looks, not how it really is". I know what you mean, I just don't know how to get there. Can you go a lilttle further in that subject?

Thanks a lot!

04 April 2005, 04:37 PM
THOSE BEAUTIFUL YELLOW EYES - what a beautiful cat! Me - loves cats! An absolute fan, stubborn and independent little creatures. And very inspiring ones too.

Do you like drawing animals?

04 April 2005, 04:47 PM
Don't worry, Linda, I won't ask you to look at my Master/Servant entry. :D (cause frankly, there's nothing to comment on yet... :rolleyes: :sad: )

Much, and I really mean much, thanks on giving us access to your brushes earlier; I honestly had no idea that the type of effects that you have on your brushes were even possible with using Photoshop brushes! (which I guess shows that a person can always learn something new about the program, considering I've been using PS for 4-5 years and was never aware of that)

Oh, and that is one handsome cat you have there. ;)

04 April 2005, 05:49 PM
in other words artisticvisions wants u to visit his m&s thread.

can i be excepted in the linda school of arts when it comes???:)

04 April 2005, 07:12 PM
Hi Linda,

thank you for your time and effort to answer all these questions here. I came across your excellent work a few days ago. Now it´s itching in my fingers to start sketching again. I lost the passion for it a few years ago due to stress.
I just had to register and grap the opportunity to ask you my questions :D:
1.) I find it very difficult to mix a colour in Photoshop to exactly match a reference. Do you have a tip for me except for practicing?
2.) How large is your pc´s memory?
3.) I was wondering how big the details in your paintings actually are. I hope it is not too much to ask for a tiny 100% crop e.g. of your master and servant contest entry.
4.) I had the chance to see Luis Royo "signing" books. Like I am writing down my name he "signed" the books with an individual sketch for every person in the line. I was wondering if you also have so many ideas flying around your head all the time. Isn´t this quite irritating?

thanks in advance

Ps I hope this second attempt to post my questions will make it to the forum :eek: Last time I was told that I was not logged in :banghead:. Strange.

04 April 2005, 08:23 PM
in other words artisticvisions wants u to visit his m&s thread.
Eh, no... honestly, I'd be embarassed as hell if Linda looked through it. :blush:

04 April 2005, 08:47 PM
Linda, first off i love your work. It's inspirering beyond words and a joy to watch! :)

I have a question regarding a technique, i'm still a newbie painter.

With the ladies of london painting, did you used actuall photographs and then used paint techniques to get the painted feel to it? Or did you created the piece from scratch?

If created from scratch well, then your a wizzard! ;)

Thanks. :)

04 April 2005, 09:05 PM
Thanks SO MUCH for your crits on my master and servant. I was embarrassed asking you- you have so much to do with YOUR master and servant, this Q & A and all your other stuff! I hope it didn't take too much time. I'll definitely experiment with this new technique.
The crits you gave were so interesting- I've never heard of such a way to change colors. I knew it wasn't right before... that I was going down a well of doom while doing it, but you've brought me back on the right track!! (Not that I was remotely near it anyway, but I digress)
Thank're such a nice person! Really! I bet you're a great friend too.
thanks once more!

(If I could insert any more thank-yous, they would go here.)

04 April 2005, 09:12 PM
Hi Linda,
This thread is just too cool. and so we finally have your brushes! :D

Okay, I thought about some questions I wanted to ask.
* How do you feel your way of working have changed over the years? I have seen some of your old work (earliest dated in my collection were from 2000 ^^; ) and just the *finish* of your paintings have changed a lot, yet you mentioned you usually use the hard round brush for everything? Also your latest works seem to be a lot softer than those from maybe one year or so ago. Are you using more soft brushes now you have more control of things, or has your painting technique changed in general? (gosh that was a long one)
* What are your plans after your fairytale book is out? Going to publish anything more to do with your Furiae world after this?
* Last question. Reeeeaaally trivial one, but one I've wondered about for the longest time anyway. How on earth do you pronouce your name? :p

That's all. Thank you in advance. :)

04 April 2005, 09:20 PM
*lol* finally finished reading this thread XD i have one small question, will 'A thought made Flesh' be part of your furiae book when it is published? I'm dying to know the story behind that picture <--morbid fascination ^^''''

Thank you for painting and sharing them with us, I followed you over to cgtalk after you mentioned the daily sketch forum and I'm addicted to this site now :D

04 April 2005, 12:13 AM
Hi Linda

No questions this time, just a general comment. I know you said earlier that you had no intention of releasing a Gnomon style DVD, but given the amount of support for you in the comunity, I'm convinced that if you did it would be a best seller....

04 April 2005, 01:00 AM
As an arrogant arse... I believed I could come up with some unique type of question for Ms. Bergkvist...

Many an isolated minute/hour, I have stared at the ceiling during these last three moons, pondering, debating... pontificating something useful that might be a key to unlocking the secret behind her works... still knowing however, that talent is just talent... and combining hard work with this, yields superb results.

It's been morbidly depressing, coming back and finding that others have asked anything you wanted to know each time... especially for someone like me... Damn you!!! J/K.

I wouldn't mind... but Ms.B, has given full and thoughtful answers to each request whether it was a recycled question or not, thus making a variation on such a question seem redundant. 'Cat' debate was an uncanny plot twist, that's for sure...

Incidentally... to anyone with a cat out there... I had a cat called 'Sludge', who could kick any other cats arse... 23lbs of muscle and sinew... She could eat racing pigeons for breakfast!!! And regularly did... as my father used to have to make frequent apologies to one of our neighbours...

She took his prized bird, while my family were having a picnic on the lawn a few summers ago... I personally didn't bare witness, but my Dad was furious as the 'cheeky bitch' dragged the startled beauty over the fence and out of his grasp...

She started chewing on the poor winged-animal in front of his very eyes... I can almost see small traces of spittle and foam coming out of my 'Old-Man's' mouth, and steam coming out of his ears, as he pondered this situation... best not to picture the expletives being sounded that day...

For those of you who are disgusted already... the 'cheeky cow' used to get more food than the dog!

Anyway... As usual, I digress into somewhat inane and irrelevant ramblings...

Back to the plot... Thanks for being so good to the CG community Madame Artiste... I've said it before... but you are a treasure to this community even at this stage in your development. God knows what tomorrow brings. More 'real' than 'reality' in a 'dreamlike' way I guess...

Thats it! A question! Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

I checked out your M&S thread thing by the way... 53+ pages... I think people should be ashamed of themselves not pushing it to a 100... J/K.

Keep posting. :)

04 April 2005, 01:11 AM
Hiya Linda,

Gosh, what an interesting reading! no question here but just another praise : your mastery of English language is just as impressive as your painting skills! :D

04 April 2005, 01:30 AM
Hi linda *waves* :bounce:

I know I'm gonna sound mundane but I'm gonna state just like the others how much I love your work, it's breathtaking, its enchanting and it's inspiring. You are truly a revolutionary.

Uh....I guess most of the questions were answered but I'm gonna ask anyway....God knows this may be my only chance and a once in a life time opportunity. :scream:

Have you ever felt when you were first started your digital work that you could just give up?? Or was it something that you catched on to quickly? The reason why I ask this is that I recieved my first wacom tablet at the age of 16... been tryin to create art work with it (I'm 19now) and I feel that within that time I haven't improved. Right now I've pretty much given up hope of using it....I just use it to neaten the odd line work or someting. It seems drawing is one thing but painting... I can't seem to even get my head round it. Do you have an tips or colour exercises or anything I can try.... anything that you suggest can only help...

Thankyou ever so much for your time and energy, I know you'd rather be painting right now...:D

04 April 2005, 03:39 AM
Hi lisa. (Insert whole "You have the skill of a Godess" thing here.") So, in anycase, I have a couple of questions. One, what's your technique for blending colors so well on the computer, if you don't mind me asking. Do you work in photoshop, painter, or another package? Do you use the smudge tool much? Do you use normal round brushes, brush presets, or do you create your own?

Thanks for the help.

04 April 2005, 03:51 AM
Hi lisa. (Insert whole "You have the skill of a Godess" thing here.") So, in anycase, I have a couple of questions. One, what's your technique for blending colors so well on the computer, if you don't mind me asking. Do you work in photoshop, painter, or another package? Do you use the smudge tool much? Do you use normal round brushes, brush presets, or do you create your own?

Thanks for the help.

Linda already answered all of those questions, just so you know. If you go through the rest of the thread, you should find the answers you're looking for. :)

04 April 2005, 04:02 AM
Thanks for the comment on my master and servant thread. The suggestion that you made was fantastic!:applause: I have not updated it in a while because i am having problems colorizing a grayscaled image in photoshop.:sad:
Any tips that you have would be helpful.

Since this is meet the artist, I have even more questions for you.
Since you are a cat preson I will have to ask who to you like better
Catwoman from Batman or Blackcat from Spiderman
Which do you like better the Smurfs of the Snorks
(Ha ha sidetracked once more:D)

04 April 2005, 05:01 AM
Hi Linda,
Love your work and appreciate you taking the time to answer question's. I'm just switching over from traditional to digital drawing, and I'm concerned with keeping the colors true from my screen to print. I've seen some incredible differences between the two in the past and would like to avoid it as much as I can. How do you deal with this problem?

04 April 2005, 05:23 AM
Hi Ma'm :) You know I have a lots of respect to You, thanx for ur kind words and feedback on my "Honey with Moon" nope she's still hanging unfinished :( will finish it ASAP.
My qustions for You :)
how do u work? i mean do u use model or u draw from memory ? sorry maybe too many ppl ask this question, but its like magic to see ur work.
want to see ur pencil sketches or WIP, hope u dont mind.
and one more thing....pls dont kill me for this....but i want to talk to u once in my life.... if anyone ask me about my LAST WISH, i will tell...this is my LAST WISH. is this possible ?? u can send me pm also for this, thats all for now :)
thanx for the inspiration and everything, pls dont stop to post ur magical work, let the stupid ppl speak anything about ur work...i always adore u and ur amazing work. i hope i m not talking too much !

bye for now
take care

04 April 2005, 06:35 AM
Dang you so friggin' good! I'm starting to get into drawing and could only dream of being half as good as you. When did you start seriously drawing? When did people accually start seeing talent in you? Thanks for your inspriation! -Terk

04 April 2005, 08:15 AM
Hi, I feel a bit bad posting this because of the sheer amount of typing (and energy) you've put into the responses which is probably keeping you from working on more of your beautiful artwork. So hopefully this doesn't distract you for too long but here's one more rambling question for you to reply to...

I just want to say that your painting 'A Thought Made Flesh' is one of the most striking images I've ever seen. The first time I came across it here (The cropped version) I found myself staring at it dumbfounded for more than a few moments. (Which I unfortunately can't say happens often when I'm looking at art)The amount of interpretations I'm hit with from that woman standing completely calm behind her mask holding, with so little regard, the portion of herself that is so important to most is near limitless. Just amazing....

Okay, the question. A book I read last year (Diary by Chuck Palahniuk, I'm sure you know who he is :) but if you haven't read his books I highly recommend every last one of them) posed the idea that the creations of an artist are all self portraits, that an artist can't help but portray themselves in their work. I'm curious to see what other artists think of this and since your artwork is so striking, I'm interested to hear your thoughts. Do you believe that at least portions of your art, even when not intended or planned, are in a way reflective of you? A self portrait?

The words you used to describe yourself earlier in this thread, do you think they could also be applied to your artwork: Passionate, controlled, escapist, pessimist, perfectionist?

When I read that and thought about it in regards to myself it seemed to make sense. Its maybe why we take criticisim of our work so personally. Anyways this may just be some random philosophical bullshit, but I thought its something to think about anyways, and would maybe give a bit more insight on what your artwork is to you.

Thanks so much for your time and the inspiration! Feel free to answer my longwinded question with a yes a no or not at all. :)
Its all good.


04 April 2005, 08:54 AM
Another quick question, Enayla:

How do you choose your colours in PS/Painter? I mean, I am so used to the "classic" Red-Yellow-Blue scheme, that I try to mix them in the computer as I do with pigments. Obviously, that doesn't work. So, do you choose directly the colour you wish from a swatch or the colours bar, or do you mix them in some way to achieve the result you desire?

BTW, thanks a lot for exposing your secrets and your soul to all of us, poor mortal beings.

04 April 2005, 01:03 PM
there's nothing more to say about Linda. your works are really awesome and stunning. your an inspiration to others and also to me. i have just started digital painting a few months back and when i saw your works i was really amazed and dreamed that someday illl be better doing digital paintings.your works just iinspired me, thanks for the inspiration. you are really GREAT!:thumbsup::thumbsup:

any advice for a newbie like me?:)

04 April 2005, 03:11 PM got so many compliments, im not sure what to say....I'd want you for president!....or something like this ^_^

Great you like, sorry LOVE Burton movies. You should watch Ewan McGregor more often, he's one great actor, just take trainspotting or moulin rouge. He really is on a similar (superhigh) level like Johnny Depp. Don't get confused by the role in star wars, I'd join it for fun too ;)

Anyway I got two question, actually one question and one plea.

1. Do you still have a defined brushstyle when viewing your pictures at 1:1/100% or how much everything worked out.

2. Can you maybe put a 3200x1200px wallpaper of a croped picture on your page someday? Dualscreen wallpapers are so hard to get (especially good ones!)

Stay as calm and dedicated at cgtalk as you are. You and bunch of other great artists here are the supporting base of this great community.
And you should know that the whole community including me appreciates this a lot! (im a bootlicker, sorry, but still better than the president thingie :P )

04 April 2005, 03:21 PM
And, yes, isn't nature the most inspiring thing ever? When I have more money, I'd like to buy a little house in the country side... get a driver's license and live out there with my kitty and my books and my computer, going in to town for wild shopping sprees when I feel alone.

yes...nature is highly inspiring...a long walk after its stopped raining...ah just fantastic...I love to sit in my mom's garden after a swim...nothing more relaxing... it works wonders for my creative juices...

one question : What is your target audience for "Furiae" - your dark fairytale book (of course the CG community is there)...but what kind of age group are you looking at, if at all you are considering anything of that sort...

All the best for your little country -side house (its right out of a story book :D ) enjoy!


04 April 2005, 05:11 PM
Hi linda,
just to say that you do an amazing job. I can't find the works to tell you how your images impress me...

I make lot of 3d but when I see your work it gives me desire for taking my brush and to work during hours. It is now sure I will initiate myself in numerical painting thanks to you linda.
thank you very much:)
and sorry for my bad english

04 April 2005, 06:31 PM
I have been reading all the thread cause I'm a fan (too, hehe, yeah)... I'm amazed the results you achieve every painting, seems to me so beautiful and spiritual...

However, I just wanna ask you a thing, not an answer, just to upload a photo... I just wanna see the face of the artist; If that doesn't uncomforts you :scream:

04 April 2005, 07:21 PM
Linda already answered all of those questions, just so you know. If you go through the rest of the thread, you should find the answers you're looking for. :)

Okay, I'm sorry, I didn't see. Must have been too tired to have read the thread.

04 April 2005, 08:50 PM
Yo, Linda (just thought you got bored of all those "hi"s :P)

Your works are one of the best I've ever seen. I dig your style a lot and I love this dark-fairytale style of yours. Nelicquele is my favourite of your work, I could stare at it for hours...don't know, but there's something in her eyes (metaphoricaly speeking).
Ok, enough of you, here's something about me :P : I have a problem with painting clouds, water, soil and cliffs. Not just in the digital enviroment, but also on paper. I'm obsessed with clouds (especially storm clouds), but when it comes to painting them, I just can't detail them so they look like real clouds. Don't know why, it seems so simple when you look at them, but I just get stuck when I try and paint them, and I was thinking if you could share some tips with me or to describe me some exercises so I can get the hang of making clouds (the same thing applies for water & cliffs, in the digital enviroment). I attached 3 cloud paintings I did, the one with realy blue clouds is made by me without reference and it realy sucks (others have been done after some pictures). And as for the soil, I can't make the details good enough. I can't make soil look like soil or grass look like grass, alll the dots I make look horrible, so again I was thinking if you can give me some tips & advice about this.

Also, I want to know your opinion about my first real high-res painting (the horned demon). I only started seriously digital painting 4 weeks ago, when I got my wacom tablet, but I painted and drew my whole life and I'm going to do so until I'll be no more. I would especialy want to know what do you think it will fit as a background for it (I was thinking about some clouds :hmm: ) and what you think about the tehnique and if you could give me some tips it will be wonderfull.
Aniway, I have one more question for you (kind of stupid): do you also listen Cradle of Filth? Because your style reminds me of Cradle's dark fairytale-like world.
Sorry for keeping you busy so much.

Goths rule

04 April 2005, 09:16 PM
Sience I can only add 3 attachements per post, here's the last one.

04 April 2005, 10:05 PM
I just wanna see the face of the artist; If that doesn't uncomforts you

Hey, there are pictures in the articles mentioned in the first page of this thread. Go peek, good articlees for fans I think. (and on the first page too mind you, it wasn't Leonard fyi:curious:.)

So that's how you do it Dimmur! You've been practising all your life! Keep DSG'ing please, then I can peek to learn. :thumbsup:Nice work on the bird entries, really lovely.

Hi again Linda,

couldn't help but ask for your help again.:D And don't let me stop you from posting any pictures though.
I've been painting in colour for the first time and I'm totally stumped as to why all my images look flat and rather silly:shrug:. I know they are heavily underdetailed, but I wanted to get the colours right. I believe taking babysteps allows me to analyse better, just for the fact that I never have any reference at hand because I don't have a digital camera.

It's silly to be asking you, because I'm afraid I won't understand the why of the what and so on. But I really want to learn what I should be learnnig, uhm... and what I don't know...haha!:shrug:
These are mostly dsg pieces that I made because I usually don't have time for much else. But that's not an issue anylonger. I have more time now, for a while at least. And I want to practice all my skills, 3d AND 2d!:) So I would be very happy if you could help me out on these pieces. Since they were done in a short time you can see more of my intuitive behavior in them.
After a few false starts this is what I have: (all the links are sequential if you want to skip the prattling)

1)subject was childhood dreams

line art for reference in volume and such: >>* (
coloured without extra highlight layer, ambient light I guess:>> * (
coloured with a layer with orange/yellow highlights and blue shadows set to hard light, opacity at about 50%:>> * ( be the judge, I don't even know what I'm doing (yet). Anything at all would help, but colours, ach...

2)subject was flight this time,

lines/sketch:>> * (
intermediates that I like:>> * (
intermediate 2: >> * (

end result: >> * (

3) subject was "I saw myself through the eyes of my lover", don't have one so it's weird, lol.
no lines used, I simply started after reading your advice to me and ended up here, it was really fun just smudging and scratching.

end result: >> * (

4)subject was CGTALK, in regards to the frontpage.
I was actually trying a soft brush and suddenly saw this guy peep through the smudges!:)
He looked funny and cute so I finished him.
quasi lines(after erasing excess stuff): >> * (
end result: >> * (

These are actually all my colour works that weren't accidents, I have about uhm 3 other ones. But since I'm really new to this I'd appreciate any kind of critique with open arms. But I know for sure that studying anatomy is one my A list, and some others like dynamic figures. Which would help in animatoion of certain characters and blah blah blah...*shuts up*

04 April 2005, 02:12 AM
Hey Linda,

First of all, I just wanted to say thank you for participating in this thread and answering all the questions we throw at you and giving so much of yourself for the benefit of the cg community. Your work is truly amazing and an inspiration to all of us. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but your paintings are worth far more; it seems as if a whole story can be told by just one still image. There's something about them that draws you into the painting, as if it's filled with a life of its own.

Hmm, questions... All the questions (art related at least) I could possibly think to ask have already been beautifully answered by you, so thanks for that!

But I was wondering, would you care to share any more images of Azrael? (I know there's some on your website, but they're so small I have 4 cats of my own and know how fun they are to have around (except when they try to walk across your keyboard!). Any new stories you wish to share about him???



04 April 2005, 03:10 AM
Hey, there are pictures in the articles mentioned in the first page of this thread. Go peek, good articlees for fans I think.

ok, thanks, the article is really good, and the photo is cute :scream:

Linda: Just want to say that this fantasy-gothic style you have really rocks me :buttrock:

04 April 2005, 11:43 AM
Eee, I’m helplessly behind. Let’s see if I can catch up.

yerffej -- Thank you :] The embarrassing thing is that I have never applied to a job in my entire life. I sort of … slipped into the business, and now I’ve grown very shy regarding applying – since I’ve never actually tried it – so what work I have, I have because I’ve been approached. I’ve never sent my CV or an application to anyone. Because of this, I am a poor choice in advising you on freelancing. I only know that if you make yourself ‘seen’, there’s a chance that people might notice your work and contact you, but I know for a fact that there are better ways to find work. One thing I can advice you on is to try to show your portfolio in quite a few places, and write a little note with the pictures that you’re currently taking commissions. Aside from that, I have to advice you find someone more skilled in the business side of things than I am :] Good luck :]

Lilie – Hi again :] Yes, I’m very much into mythology, I have been since I was a little girl. Some of my favourite myths would be that of the three Gorgons (Euryale, Stheno, and Medusa herself). According to some legends, so ugly they turned people to stone – and some… so beautiful. I also love the legend of Ikaros, of the Norns (Urd, Verdandi and Skuld), Narcissus and Loki. Gah, I love Loki. Depicting legends, though… I try at times but I just can’t see to get the feel for it, I love them too much and I never feel like I’m doing them justice. Just like me trying to paint Dorian Gray, or Lord Henry – there are just a few too many years of total worship from my side of things, I don’t want to flubber the paintings.

As for painting other people’s stories… I just can’t. I can’t do that as a collaborative project since, for the most part, I do that as work – I paint people’s stories as commissions, if I start doing it for free because I like the person who wrote it, I’ll get completely off track. I think that if I am to do any kind of collaboration, it’ll have to be something very much different than what I do for a living.

And, for my own stories… the stories pop up along with the pictures, pretty much in the exact same way. Colours and visual impressions that I translate into words.

SulaMoon – Thankee :] About hair… gee, I’d have to do a full tutorial to explain all of it. To shorten it into a smaller paragraph, though – when you paint hair, try to think of the hair as blocks of hair, first. Don’t paint every individual strand but paint the clumps, then separate those lightly with faint texture, and then paint some errant strands or strands that you can pick out with light, on top of this.

fooxoo – Glad you like my baby. He’s such a cuddly, wonderful creature. And yes, I do like drawing animals… not cats so much, though, I think that’s because there’s something of their spirit that I always fail to catch… but birds, reptiles and insects – I love painting those.

ArtisticVisions – Heheh, now you’ve made me go look at your M&S entry, there’s just too much talk about it :D I’m glad the brushes are helping you out :]

NOOB! – Hahah, sure thing.

AndreasKn -- Hi hi, and thank you.
1) Don’t try to mix them to exactly match anything. It’s better to pick the colours that feel right than pick the ones that look exactly like something. It’s difficult to explain how to do something like that as I haven’t tried that particular exercise myself. Just… yes, try to exercise, and when you think you have it right, use the colour picker to check the difference :]
2) I honestly don’t know D:
3) Hm, I’m at work right now so I don’t have many of my paintings available, but here’s a full-size cut-out of my M&S entry (at a slightly earlier stage)-
4) Not ‘always’. I do at times, my brain overfloods, but at other times it’s about as empty as a broken fish bowl. It’s weird, like that, going from completely inspired to totally dumb in the matter of minutes :D

-NG- -- Hi, and thank you :] Nah, I don’t use actual photographs in the paintings. Sometimes, I use references – sometimes more directly and sometimes very vaguely… sometimes I don’t use them at all.

Paperclip – Hey, you’re welcome :] It didn’t take too much time, it’s a joy being able to help out. It’s just that I have to kick myself into gear and get around to it (which I don’t always do). <3

Peachysticks – Hi hi :]
1)Hm… my way of working… well, first of all, I don’t use references to the same extent anymore – and when I do, I snap the pictures myself. This has made a world of difference, I feel like the paintings are now all mind from start to end, it’s so much more comfortable than having to reference from someone else’s work (which I did when I was younger). Aside from that, it’s a matter of learning textures and of learning the tools, as well as honing my skills. I’ve stopped using the dodge/burn tool to the extent that I once did, I’ve stopped using the colour schemes that I used to – I worked in a far more monochrome manner when I was younger (usually painting in almost only blue, and thus also keeping highlights and shadows in blue, in the same painting. I’d not do that now). I hope that explains a little.
2) Yeah, I do plan to publish more. I think I’ll do some commission work for a while, and then leap right into either the next book, or the rpg. I just need to find a company that’d be interested in the rpg – it’ll be easier once the book is out.
3) Oh, man. Tell you what – I did a tiny recording for you. here (

rosevine – Heheh, it’s quite a read, isn’t it? Yes, A Thought Made Flesh will be in the book. Rather grisly story, heheh.

Rynosseros – Maybe so :] One never knows what the future holds.

Trower – Oo, here you are… and lots of food for thought in your reply (as always). Thank you <3

Where do I see myself in ten years? Oh, I hate to think about the future. I don’t like planning ahead. But if I were to envision a favourite future, it’d be me working on my furiae world, sitting at home writing and painting all day with my cat as company, the sun shining in through the window and a cup of hot chocolate in my hand. I am honestly not a very ambitious person, as I’ve mentioned before – I sort of slipped in on all of this. I love it though and wouldn’t change it for the world, but I’m not the kind of person who’ll look ten years into the future and see herself as a famous person with lots of money. When compared to being happy with my friends and family, ‘money’ and ‘fame’ become really tiny and insignificant :]

Roger Nguyen – Aw, thank you :D

Folashade – Thankee :] Giving up, eh? Oh, yes, plenty of times. I still do. I go through patches when I want nothing so much as pick the darn wacom up and throw it out the window. I get frustrated with the things I can’t do, I get angry with myself for my flaws and I get stressed out by the pressures that I have on me. I think this happens to everyone, wanting to give up. It certainly happens to me, often enough – I think the trick is just to keep going even when it’s rough. I promise you, you might think you’re not improving but you ARE. You might just be blind to it because you’re too close to the pictures. Just keep at it. Don’t give up, just keep going – attack the pictures from another angle, perhaps. Do a week’s practice of only colours or of only feet, see if you can’t improve a bit :]

ThePumpkinKing – Excellent nickname, by the way. Heeeh. Hi, and yes, I did reply to these questions a little earlier. I’d reply again but I’m lagging behind and I’m fighting to keep up – so… good luck on finding them, and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask :}

Pushav – I’m just glad I can help out a little bit :] As for your question… Hm, Catwoman or Blackcat… I’m honestly not sure. Both are excellent female characters. I think that I might have to go with the Catwoman that Tim Burton depicts, but the comic book version of Blackcat, heheh.

And, I am a HUGE Smurf fan. Nobody notice yet that I named my cat after the cat in the Smurfs? I had over a hundred little smurf figures, I had their houses, their enemies, I had three separate Azraels and four Gargamels. When I got my own cat a few years ago, I just knew I had to name him Azrael. And then a lot of people go ahead and assume I named him after some death angel or other – as if! ;]

Shawz – Hi there :] What you need to do is run Adobe Gamma on your computer… and then just pray for the best. Most of my pictures print rather poorly – you’ll have to do some test runs once the screen is calibrated and see what happens. Always convert to CMYK before you print and check the colours if they’re still all right.

Shyamshriram – hi there :] I love your Honey with Moon piece, I really do hope you finish it soon. My WIP pieces… I honestly don’t sketch with pencil anymore, but go ahead and check out my Master and Servant entry for some work in progress – it’s still not done (just click the link in my signature). I’ll send you a pm when I get home from work :] Thank you, and good luck <3

Terkonn – Thank you :} I don’t know, er, when people began seeing any talent in me. I’ve been painting all of my life and mom’s always encouraged me, every step of the way. Drawing and painting was always my ‘thing’, and though I was bullied, even the bullies would occasionally come and ask me to draw them something. I suppose it was something of a lifeline for a lot of years. Online, I was ‘discovered’ some five years or so, ago, that’s when my work started cropping up all over the place.

Prowl – Heheh, yeah, there’s not been a lot of painting since this topic started. On the other hand, this is quite a lot of fun, too, so I don’t really mind.

I’m thrilled that you like A Thought Made Flesh. From what I understand, it’s a bit too dark for a lot of people. I’ll have to tell you something fun, though – I did that painting as a costume for one of my best friends, for Halloween. I’d made a fake latex ripped-off face she could carry around, and everything. A papier maché mask for her face that looks a lot like the one in the painting, and arranging her hair right took several hours. It was quite lovely :]

Diary is such a gorgeous book… Palahniuk is one of my favourite authors, so, yes, I know him and I’ve read all of his books. I think to some degree it is true that us artists tend to depict ourselves in every painting. I like to think I’m only showing shades of myself, or ways that I could be or could think. In my darkest pieces, you might see a glimpse of my thoughts in my less than pleasant moods (A Thought Made Flesh, for instance, partly circulates among thoughts of beauty and ideals). Many of the faces I paint, though I don’t mean to, end up being almost self-portraits. I hate it, and I try not to do it, but still people who know me tend to point at this or that picture and say, hey, that’s YOU, isn’t it?

So, no, I don’t think it’s philosophical bullshit. You should post a topic about it in the Art Discussion forum. Really.

Tayete – Well, I usually pick one background colour and then paint the rest of the colours with very light pressure: this’ll provide me with beautiful and interesting mixes between the main theme of the picture, and the colours that I care to blend it with. Try it out :]

Karlworks – Aw, thank you kindly. The best advice I can offer to a newbie is… well, as regards to the technique and the tools – learn everything you can, pick up every piece of advice and try every suggestion out. But as far as your personal style and dreams go, stick to your guns and don’t let anyone put you down.

Milho – Heheh, thank you. I do know that McGregor is an excellent actor – I’ve loved him in a lot of movies. I just never, before Big Fish, envisioned him in a Tim Burton movie. Johnny Depp will always be my main actor to connect to Burton, and it was a little surprising to see someone brand new for Burton picked to play the lead in such a lovely movie – and for it to work out so well!
1) Well, yes, in a way I do. If you go check my M&S challenge out, one of the steps that I posted is actually a 100% cut out of the face of the Nature spirit. You can usually see faint brush strokes here and there but a lot of it is still quite smooth.
2) Ha ha, that’s a huuuuge picture. Tell you what, if you tell me which picture you want, I’ll try to put it together as a wallpaper and send it over.

Addy – Hm…my target audience. People from the ages of sixteen and upwards… mainly folks that are interested in fantasy, fairytales, and art. It helps if one likes horror themes as well, as the stories are quite dark and at times even grisly. I don’t want kids getting hold of the books, but then again, the stories aren’t worse than Poe (and I read Poe when I was a kid, so, maybe kids CAN read them, ha ha).

Destroyfred – I’m glad you like my stuff :] Thank you!

Mosconariz – I hope I spelled your user name right, heheh, that was a difficult one. As for my face, as mentioned, there are a couple of pictures in the interviews, etc. I change my hair and style like a chameleon, though, it’s nearly shoulder length and dark brown at the moment (subject to change, soon). I snapped a quick little photo for you –

Dimmur – Hi there :] I don’t see any problems at all with the pictures you attached – they’re all excellent. My favourite would be, however, the one with the bird in closeup. Aside from the lovely clouds, there’s something powerful and beautiful to focus my eyes on. Clouds are difficult to paint. They’re such a mix between wispy, vague colours and sharp edges defined by the sky behind stark white or pink or beige or red. There’s really nothing to do but to exercise. Try to use a lot of different brushes, don’t always resort to blurry edges. I can definitely see that you’re getting there – it’s excellent work so far. It’s just a matter of keeping at it.

I don’t paint soil, and dirt, and grass so much. Every time I do it, I invent a new technique and I attack it at a new angle because I’ve not found a ‘good’ one so far. For my M&S entry, I did a couple of grass brushes (individual strands set to angle, size and opacity jitter) and then overpainted all of them with colours anyway. It’s difficult. I think it might be a matter of finding a ‘trick’, of having to accentuate only a few of the strands of grass or a few clumps of dirt, and the rest of it being merely hinted at.

As for your painting, it’s looking excellent so far. I really like your colour use – you’re painting on a coloured background instead of a white, and that’s a great choice. What I can see is that the pose is a little stiff for such a scary creature. Perhaps rearing its head up a little might be helpful (then again, it seems to be looking at something in its hands?). Adding another colour by light source from whatever flame it’s holding will help with the depth of this: perhaps pick out a colour that’s not contrasting, but at least diverting from the general green of the image. How about something colder, or warmer? (blue or orange, in other words – I think orange would be nice, though not too bright). Anyway, I think you just need to keep practicing. You’re underestimating your skills – the clouds look very lovely as they are :]

Jan-Mark – Oi, oi… long post. Let’s see if I can help you, any.
1) The first one is quite lovely. I feel as if though the colours came out a little muddy, though. I think contrasting the shadows from the highlights a bit more would have helped – picking out a few more brighter highlights in places, for instance (especially in the face, as such a vague shading there makes the features disappear). Most of the picture seems to be stuck a little in the midtones section. You’ve got an excellent grasp of anatomy and feeling, though – I love the pose and I love the expression. Very pretty face :]
2) I have no complaints about this one. It’s beautiful. The problem with the second version as opposed to the first intermediate is that you’ve lost some of the contrast on the bird. It disappears a bit into the background when it’s coloured in greys like it is in the second. The final result is beautiful, though, the greys are gone and the colours feel rich and alive. I’d love to see you continue with this one – some more detailing on the bird would definitely add a point of interest.
3) Ooo… such gorgeous colour use here. I love the orange and purple contrast – and that dab of turquoise is lovely. I have no clue what’s going on in the picture though :D
4) Aw, such a cute wee guy. Again, beautiful colour use. You’re really getting there. I especially like his little face – the skin tones accentuated with cold blue is exactly how I like them handled. The way you’re using highlights here could be nicely applied to 1), where the skin tones aren’t really contrasted :]

Anyway, very nice stuff :] Good luck, I hope I helped a little.

bcairns – Hi Brian :] Thank you very much for your kind compliments… ha ha, and you know how to reach a girl’s heart – Azrael is my favourite thing to share. Lesseeeee…
And new stories… well, he’s been a little hellion all morning. I’ve not slept for three days and he’s frustrated that I’m no fun. He’s managed to tear down all the books from one part of my bookcase on top of massacring one of my plants. I still love him dearly though :]
Happy? :D

04 April 2005, 01:41 PM
Thanks a bunch Linda!

Better stick to hundred or less words next time, heh? Nice pictures you put up! Really love them, especially Azrael on the log.

You're a great gahl!:thumbsup:

04 April 2005, 01:51 PM
Thanks a lot for the feedback, Linda. It means so much for me. :bounce:
Damn, I always read Azazel instead of Azrael.

04 April 2005, 01:58 PM
ArtisticVisions – Heheh, now you’ve made me go look at your M&S entry, there’s just too much talk about it :D I’m glad the brushes are helping you out :]
I told you there was nothing worth looking at in there :rolleyes: (hopefully, that'll change in the next 2 weeks :wip: ).

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go die of shame cause the Goddess fo Digital Painting looked at my piddly, good-for nothing, "not-a-bloody-thing-in-there" thread. :D

04 April 2005, 02:32 PM
It's really nice to know how to pronounce your surname correctly now. You have a very nice voice too.

I think you look quite tall and elegant... maybe 170cm+ range?

Again, you are looking extremely gorgeous in your photo.

Also thank you for being a continuous source of inspiration through the years. I never would of moved on from bleh looking cartoons to try realism if I didn't see your wonderful artworks 4 years ago (when I was about 16)... and from there I have researched and tried a lot of things to become a better illustrator to maybe some day paint the vivid worlds that I see in my dreams as works of art...for others to see.

In a nutshell, your work has inspired me to try and challenge my ability to draw/paint.

04 April 2005, 03:17 PM




04 April 2005, 03:25 PM
Thank you for your reply Linda. :) I cannot wait to have your book in hands to read your stories. I particulary liked Mehach's (spelled right?) story you added to ''The Melody of your Demise''. Also the one about ''Calamity of touch'' which somewhat reminds me in a way of a myth, the one about Hero, though i am not sure i can explain it more. I have like the idea and explanation of it in my head but just cannot put words on it for now (brain's still not totally awake..). It is also about a forbidden love that ends up killing both of the lovers because one lost hope in the other. I'll try to search for it on google and give you a link, i think it could interest you. :)

As for painting other's stories, don't worry i wasn't planning on asking you to do it for me (though i must admit, it would be really great but one can only hope and dream eh? ;)), i totally understand it. But i did think of enquire about commissions and such. I think i will drop you an email later about it.

You should go and try to have some sleep Linda, 3 days without sleep is not good for you even though you might be used to it with your insomnia. Take care of yourself. :) I'd die if i could not sleep for 3 days, but i love to sleep and the time just before falling asleep, that's when i think the most and have the most ideas about, well.. anything and everything(often ending up just getting out of the bed again to write those ideas down in a urge and total frenzy to not forget any of them.). That probably explains it! But still.. :shrug:

Ack.. One again a too long post... Someone, teach me how to write my thoughts concisely! :sad:

04 April 2005, 04:35 PM
Wow... you... uhm, well... you're HOT! LOL.

Great photos of Azz too! I'm saving those to my HD for fur reference (beautiful shades of brown in that dark furry mass of evil... uh, that's the cat... not you! LOL!).

Also, please don't lose heart about finishing and publishing your book of stories and art. YOU HAVE TO PUBLISH THIS!!! I want it sooooo bad. Seriously, though... take your time getting it to where you want it, but be encouraged... we're all wanting to get a copy of this!

Cheers! :bounce:

04 April 2005, 04:46 PM
Linda you sound soo scandinavian! :D :thumbsup: If i had time to take photos, I d show you all my 4 cats :p (they have weird names Old, Black, Mimmis and Mice).

Hey Linda? Are you good with perspective? In my master and servant drawing I cant seem to be able to place the bridge in a nice position, maybe I should crop the right side.... any advice :P thanks in advance :)

P.S I am getting your book 100% cant wait :P

04 April 2005, 06:04 PM
Hiya Linda, first off I'd just like to say what everyone else has been saying and that how amazing an artist you are. Truly inspirational, I love the emotion you portray in your images, how your characters glow. I love the textures and the overall compositions. Keep up the amazing work don't ever stop!!

Now onto my question. I have been pondering over what to ask you for sometime and am yet to come up with anything. all I can think to asks of you, if you have the time, whether you could you give me some advice on this piece: it's something I started working on a while ago and want to finish but for some reason I have run out of ideas. If you could give me some advice on the main character and maybe a background idea?

Thanks so much for your time it has been such a pleasure reading your answeres to people's questions. (sorry for the long post)

04 April 2005, 06:14 PM

I love the images inspired by fantasy and mythology
and I think that's the main reason why I like your work so much
However I am not the kind of person who uses to read stories a lot

What stories, books or writers would you suggest to start getting familiar with this kind of literature?

04 April 2005, 07:49 PM

Haha I was scrolling through the thread and ran across your picture and thought, "WOW! She captured that girl perfectly!" Great photo. :thumbsup:

After seeing your work, I have been really inspired to start drawing again. This Q&A is really informative. I am awestruck that you answer everyone's questions.

I have one, probably pretty basic. I'm fudging around with figure drawing and I keep reading about this "7 heads tall" business. When you are drawing your characters do you still measure out the "head" lengths or is that something that becomes unconscious with practice?

04 April 2005, 08:40 PM
Linda just one more admirer here. I love that painting you did of that fluffy cat of yours I had been to your website before and I had wondered once why you didnt paint him. and now you did!
best of luck to both of you,

04 April 2005, 09:41 PM
Lol a smuf fan I knew it.
That would be awesome to see you make some smurf fanart.

Oh no more questions
Which do you like better Thundercats or Samurai Pizza cats?
Do you like Coca Cola better than Pepsi?
What is your favorite comicbook, videogame and movie?
Does you cat draws as well as you do?:thumbsup:
What do your family and friends think about your art?
Do you wish me to stop asking you theese silly questions?
Do you like the progess that I made on my master and dervant thread so far?

04 April 2005, 01:59 AM
bcairns – Hi Brian :] Thank you very much for your kind compliments… ha ha, and you know how to reach a girl’s heart – Azrael is my favourite thing to share. Lesseeeee…
And new stories… well, he’s been a little hellion all morning. I’ve not slept for three days and he’s frustrated that I’m no fun. He’s managed to tear down all the books from one part of my bookcase on top of massacring one of my plants. I still love him dearly though :]
Happy? :D

Haha...yes, definitely :) Thanks! I love that picture of him in the snow.

It sounds like Azrael is alot like one of my cats, Zorro. Always mischievous and getting himself into trouble, hehe.

04 April 2005, 07:24 AM

Just wondering what do you do for fun? I usually wake up and do an hour of gaming before I start doing work, I find it is like drug, gives me some joy heh.

So yeah do you have any addiction other then design and art?

04 April 2005, 08:51 AM
THANX A TONNE Ma'm :rolleyes: i'll be waiting...and thanx for the great photo :love:

dead pixel
04 April 2005, 12:27 PM
wow finally got through this thread without skipping too much.

like many others, your art is one of the main reasons I pick up my tablet. your skill with colour and form is just simply mind blowing.

thank you so much for the brushes and thanks to everyone for the Photoshop shortcuts, I only found out a few months back that the spacebar in Photoshop and illustrator let you pan about and I’ve been using them for years (I really should read the manual sometime lol ) and it looks like ive been trying to draw in too small a space, 5000 x 6000 ran like a slug when i tried it, but then i tried you brushes and as if by magick it seemed to be normal speed.

most of the questions I was going to ask have been answered but I do have one left. have you got any plans to release a DVD of tips and techniques, maybe showing a painting from start to finish. or do you have one already that I don’t know about. I love your tutorials but I would love it even more if I could see them in action. including mistakes and how you correct them, before someone says something about Ctrl-Alt-z, I mean once you've taken the picture too far and found something wrong with perspective or form etc.

04 April 2005, 06:46 PM
:eek: Thanks for the great photo you posted 4 me :D!... I thought you were a godess... Now I'm sure!, hehehe, just kidding...

Linda, thanks 4 your art, it's always an inspiration and a reflection of your awesome soul. Thanks also for this thread, has been an amazing journey...
Best luck!

04 April 2005, 09:26 PM
Hello Miss Enayla
I have followed your works over the past few months and you are such a huge inspiration to me. I'm a young graphic art student and when I saw your work I fell in love with the ethereal atmosphere and absolutely stunning figures. I saw the beautiful Eyzaathe in a store the other day... it is so aspiring seeing your paintings all over the world!
Your style is so beautiful and has such a deep emotional energy to it. I share your love of mythology and ancient fables, most of my drawings are heavily accented with influences from legends that I love. The only "problem" is that since all great fables are often of darkness, evil or great emotion, my works aren't exactly bubbly happy-go-lucky... I love the style I have but close family members have often mentioned they wish I had a less dark style. I have trouble explaining to them why it is that way but it is something deep within me and words cannot describe it. Can you find words to explain? I ask you because your works have the same beautiful atmosphere that I am trying so hard to achieve and you are simply a master at what you do!
Thank you so much for all the great advice you have provided... your tutorials are such a great help! Can't wait to see more of your masterpieces!:)

04 April 2005, 01:37 PM
Hi again Linda,

Just wanna say hats off for being such a good sport here. You've been great!

Sorry for pestering you again, haha. But since it's closing day at least that's what I gather. I'd really like to hear just a few things, to close things of.:applause:Very curious about this, and it's quiet now.

:DHere goes, for you what is important about your work? I mean the paintings, what works do you like best and what subject/spirit are you looking for in them. There's a solemn and graceful mood to all of them but they depict some mysteries in the end. What is to you, as an artist, important in life? By that I mean in relation to creating art, what is fullfilling and the goals you might have. Or rmaybe even a message for the world. I'm digressing again.:rolleyes:

How do you spiritualy stand to the world in regards to your art?(can't find another way to put it:shrug:, sorry). Because you seem to have a very firm grip on your own output with it. I mean with the last question, your journey in life? Your experiences of life in general along with you work.:D

I don't have any other way of posing these questions. I think they might come across a bit vague? But anyway, thanks again. You're the best!:thumbsup:

edit:looks short doesn't it? I tried anyway.:D

04 April 2005, 03:07 PM
Hello again Linda, hope you're feeling better. :)

Just asking a question that popped out of my head the other day:
How important do you feel that it is for individuals to have an Art background or know Art in some way before going into digital illustration? (doesn't have to be just digital paintings, it could also be things like vector art, design, etc.)

orion 77
04 April 2005, 05:31 PM
hi linda
looks like you have a lot of admirers in more ways than one lol.

i think you look a bit like the master in your challenge painting, is the painting some kind of self portarit about your personal life?

04 April 2005, 10:46 PM
jmBoekestein -- Aw, I'm just glad if I can help :D

Dimmur -- You're quite welcome :] And you're not alone, lots of folks do that.

ArtisticVisions -- Ha! I went there, I saw, and I liked. So hush you :]

Aloriael -- Aw, thanks <3 I'm not quite that tall, though. I'm 167, but nearly always wear high heels. I love high heels. My friends are all insanely tall.

I'm so honoured I've inspired you. Thank you for telling me.

NOOB! -- :blush:

Lilie -- Oo, it does sound interesting :] Thanks for telling. Heh, I did get sleep in the end though not much of it. Only 'real' sleep was last night, when I totally collapsed and slept for eleven hours of dreamless exhaustion. I still feel a little knackered. Damn this strange head of mine.

Artjunkie -- :hides: you guys! :D Just tell me if you ever need Azzy-fur reference, I'd be happy to snap more photos. His fur texture is gorgeous in sunlight, a little like a fuzzy li'll bear.

Fooxoo -- Heheh, yeah, I suppose I do. I tried to pronounce my name the way we do up here rather than how the English and the Americans say it - which is never quite right at all. Despite of training my foreign friends, I can't get them to say it right, heheh.

And, well... I'm sorry to say that I'm terrible at perspective. I'd love to be able to help, but... well... I'll go check your M&S entry out anyway :] Maybe there's some bit of advice I can give.

Enialadam -- Aw, thanks :] I'll go have a peeksie at your piece right after I've replied to this thread, see if I can give you some bit of help there (I'll give it in that thread rather than here, if that's okay :] )

Mahtan -- Thank you :] It's been long since I read any kind of fantasy literature or similar. I stopped with those kind of books when I was a teenager, after having devoured what was honestly massive amounts of them (around four hundred, I suspect). Mythological books, which I do read, tend to be pretty heavy literature. The Iliad is an old favourite of mine. Dante's Inferno is a lovely, but intensely heavy read. The fantasy books that I remember (and still love) are Tolkien's, Katherine Kerr's and some books by Stephen R. Donaldson - a series called The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant... all of these books nice reads and far more accessible than the Iliad. If you have the time or the urge, try to pick up Eddan, old Norse stuff, very inspiring :]

Alden -- :blush: thank you :} I'm glad you've found the Q&A informative - I feel like I'm just babbling in places... it's so hard to stick to the topic at hand, and actually nail what people are asking me about :] As for your question -- I find that I usually get the anatomy right without having to count... I resort to counting when I feel like something's off or not working. The problem is, it's only just good if the subject is not in perspective, not sitting, not bending down or over or leaning in one direction or the other. It's always quite difficult to get proportions right :[

Erpel -- Heheh, thanks :] Azrael is a difficult subject to catch - if I don't do him justice, I feel awfully ashamed of myself.

Pushav -- Heh, your questions are awesome. Now, lessee...
1) Samurai Pizza cats? Er, I think I'll go with Thundercats on that one.
2) Pepsi Max :]
3) Oh my... difficult question. I'd say: The Compleat Moonshadow, Morrowind (though not so much a videogame as a computer one - if I have to name a video game, we'd be going FAR back in history, to LadyBug and Mousetrap), and... my... cruel question. I'd have to say Nightmare Before Christmas, but it'd be joined by about at least twenty others that I absolutely, completely love.
4) Hahah, no, but he's learned how to type. He sometimes leaves my friends cryptic messages if I've accidentally left their icq windows open.
5) I'm happy to say they love it, and have always been very supportive. Mom worries about the really dark stuff, and dad thinks I should just move abroad and make tons of money at it, heh.
6) Nah, it's fun, but the Q&A will soon be over.
7) I'll go looksee in a minute, give you an answer then - but I think I'll be saying yeah :]

bcairns -- Yeup, that'd be him. Very mischievous but so adorable.

Style -- Hi hi :] For fun, eh? That'd be a long list. I read, I play games, I watch telly and movies (and for the moment, shamefully gawking at every Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode, as a friend has let me borrow all the three first seasons, oh my!), I hang out with my friends, I go for walks and I go out dancing. I go shopping. I am such a spendthrift. If I am in a poor mood, I'll go downtown and just buy stuff - preferably pretty stuff, clothes, jewellery, makeup (sigh, am such a girl in some ways). I make masks in papier maché, I take insanely long baths, I read about serial killers, I surf the web, looking at pretty stuff and getting riled up by stupid conversations, and I sit around listening to music. A lot of it like pretty much anyone else, I suspect :]

Shyam -- Ee, forgot to write you, getting right on it...

Dead pixel -- Thank you kindly :] I'm glad the brushes are helpful, I was so hesitant about posting them first but I'm happy I did, now.

I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to making such a dvd. Maybe one day - I think I'd like to focus more on painting, than on showing how to paint, for a while now. That is, after all, why I got into the business in the first place - to paint :]

Mosconariz -- Hahah, silly <3 Thanks though.

Akima28 -- Hi there Monique :] and thank you very much for your kind compliments. Don't worry so much about what your family thinks about your work - my mother always finds my darker projects disturbing, and my brother hates my feminine men ('draw real men!', he'll grump, ha ha). I go with what feels right, though, and I'll try to depict whatever emotions run through me and what stories I come up with. It's difficult to explain to someone who hasn't got the urge to paint, themselves. Not everyone understands that without the darker moments, there can't be any lighter ones - a painting of a happy, beautiful place is always nice to see, but the more haunting pieces are the ones we'll remember... at least that's the way for me, I rarely recall the ones that made me smile for a second and then click and close the window, or turn the page. Just stick to your guns, draw what you love and what you're fascinated with - your family should be happy that you're so inspired, and that you've found some way to convey your emotions and thoughts.

Jan-Mark -- Thankee :] Hm. What's important. Man, you do like to ask the difficult questions, don't you?

I like to convey different things in my pieces. They're usually some little iddy bit of me, of something I've felt or of something I'm unhappy about. I have a couple of pieces about the destruction of nature by mankind, as that's something always close to my heart and always disturbing me (see my old piece "All that I loved is gone" as well as my master and servant entry). Sometimes, I'll paint something that simply makes me feel happy at the moment - some of the pictures are sort of exercises in design or in beautiful things, but I still try to think of a story, of a point to them, of something going on in the background. I'm not one of those people with a major goal - with something they want to scream at the world. When there's a message in one of my pieces, it's discreet and gentle, and it's not there to slap anyone in their face: if someone wants to take it to heart, they'll have to look for it, and it's rarely too obvious. Mostly when I paint, it's to exercise my own demons, to get some thought or picture out of my head. I rarely think, "hey, the people need to KNOW this", I don't have an agenda and I rarely stop to think about how the message will be perceived - most of the time, it just flies straight by and nobody even notices. I don't mind :] Does that answer the question?

ArtisticVisions -- Much better, thanks :] Having art education to back you up when painting digitally is about as important as it is when you're painting in water colours or oils or acrylics. The computer's just another tool, after all. It's nice if you know how to draw, but you can learn it either way, you know?

Orion 77 -- Hi hi :] I'm afraid a lot of my paintings turn out looking a little like me. It's an entirely subconscious thing - I end up painting myself into a lot of my paintings. I try to keep from doing it but it still happens... quite embarrassing really. I think most of my paintings show a little bit of me in one way or the other, though, so I suppose it's just natural :] This one is no more a self-portrait than A Thought Made Flesh is (another painting that all my friends tell me looks just like me). Weird, they both have masks... hm.

04 April 2005, 11:04 PM
Hi Linda and thanks for the explanation, once again...:D

Well, there's much to learn...I always find myself at a lack of time and words...and I do love it!:)

But your answer raises yet the same curiosity in me...blah blah...O_o...:)

You're the best!:thumbsup:

Am seriously anxious to see your book!!!

04 April 2005, 11:56 PM
your up for a silly comment? I was thinking your paintings are a bit like a prerafaelite painter got a wacom and started listening to some Coil, the Shroud and mazzy Star...

Sung-jae Kim
04 April 2005, 01:45 AM
Hello Linda~
Since I couldn't think of a question unanswered, just wanted to say that I love your work :thumbsup:

I want a cat >_>;;

04 April 2005, 01:50 AM
Hi all,

If you have any final questions or critique, please post them now. We'll officially close this session at the end of Monday 18 April.



04 April 2005, 04:23 AM
Glad you that you like my questions. I tried to give you some other questions other than art questions because I knew that they would be the norm here.

Lol Mouse trap. You like Smurfs and thundercats. You truly are an 80s fan.:applause:

Well here are the last batch of questions before the admin locks this Q&A featuring you down on Monday.

Here we go.

Do you like yo-yo's or Play dough?
Would you rather watch Captain planet or G.I. Joe?
Who is you favorite G.I. Joe character?
Do you think that you are paying to much for gasoline for your car?
Who do you like better the care bears, stawberry shortcake, or rainbowbrite?
Which pokemon do you like the best? (yeah I said pokemon lol. Don't act like you have never heard of them lol:D)
Are you a starwars fan or star trek fan?
Has you cat ever scratch you in your sleep or bit you somewhere?
Which do you like better Disney or Anime?
Do you think that splendarifavanglorious is word? If so do you like the word?
If someone was to make a movie about your life, which actress should play you in a movie?
Who do you like better He-man or She-ra?
Who do you like better Bruce Lee or Jet Li?
Have you ever felt like doing this :banghead: somedays?
Who would win a fight Winnie the Pooh or Tigger?
Who would win the robotics division, Power Ranger Megazord or Voltron?

Have you ever thought of being a fantasy card game artist? (like the art on magic the gathering?)

Who rides in a better looking car Speed Racer or James Bond?
Do you think that I have earned the title of "the people's champion"?

Do you wanna ask Pusha V questions like this?

Last question. (I know it is hard and its sad that you will not be able to answer anymore of my questions so I will give you a moment to get some tissue to wipe the tears from your eyes..........................):cry:

Are you a Pusha V fan? :shrug:

Sorry for so many questions this time.

04 April 2005, 05:31 AM
i have a small question..i sent u a PM couple of days ago..just wondering if u received it or not

04 April 2005, 07:32 AM
Hey Linda, thanks for the advice on my painting, it was a great help and has given me the extra boost to continue with it, thanks again,


04 April 2005, 09:06 AM
All right? this would probably be the last time I get the chance to answer.

Jan-Mark -- thanks again :]

Erpel -- hahah, I like that. Thanks!

Sung-jae Kim -- Thankee :] You should get a cat, then.

Pushav -- Heheh, I was a child during the eighties, of course! Here we go...
1) Play dough - I can't play with a yo-yo :[ I suck.
2) G.I. Joe, not sure if we had Captain Planet here.
3) I don't have a car :D Nor a license.
4) Ew. I don't think I like any of those, care bears more hated than... the rest.
5) I hate Pokemon D: D: D: With a vengeance! I've never watched a single episode though, so, I can't actually name a single character. Hah!
6) Well, both, actually. If we're counting the new Star Wars movies, I'm afraid I'll have to go with Star Trek :/ At least those are happily geeky.
7) Yup. He likes to attack my feet when I am asleep.
8) Disney.
9) Sounds like a wonderful word! Heheh!
10) Er, I don't know. Ben Stiller? :scream:
11) He-man :D
12) Bruce Lee, but I like both of them.
13) Of course. Most days.
14) Duh, Tigger!
15) Can't I say Starscream? :[
16) I've done a few cards, actually, for Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu. I will probably do more cards for another game, following summer.
17) Hm, James Bond, maybe?
18) Er, well... not quite, ha ha. As far as I know, you don't have a magical weapon nor a nifty cape.
19) Heheh, I couldn't even come up with questions like this.
20) Aw, thank you, heheh <3
21) Of course!

Have a lovely day :]

Stealth Pharaoh -- I did? D: I'll take a looksee and see if I've missed it, otherwise (if it's gone), I'll send you a note.

Enialadam -- I'm just glad I can help :] good luck!

Anyway, it's been wonderful, everyone! Thanks for your patience and thanks for your kind questions :]

04 April 2005, 10:33 AM
Aw, hehe, it’s been a fun topic. Just a few last words from me..

I see your Meet the Artist is ending today, so I thought I’d ask you a few final questions and give you one big HUG for being so sweet and patient with all of us :) I want you to know that you’re on the top of my Favorite Artists list and that I have a huge amount respect for what you do – and respect for you, as a person. I know it’s hard to keep up with so many people around you – especially with people why constantly try to bring you down for unknown reasons (ack, unknown.. they’re probably just frustrated; at least that’s what the psychology freak in me thinks anyways). You’re a strong person, just don’t let them get to you – not too much. Because they can hurt you only if you let them hurt you. To quote Anastacia, one of the people I admire the most, “You never know what could happen next, what could be positive.”

So yes, Linda, we wuv you :)

Ahahah, you go, girl! I really had a lot of fun reading this topic and learned so, so many new things – thank you! *big hug for you and Azrael*

PS – Oh, and if you have time, check out an awesome band, Poets of the Fall.. I’m not sure if you’re into that kind of music.. I’m not sure if I can define their music, but their songs are simply beautiful. Maybe they fall into soft rock category, I’m not so sure :P Oh well, that was one music tip from me!

Keep rockin’

~ Donna

04 April 2005, 10:58 AM
Linda, I have no further questions but I want thank you for this big effort... all this questions and you answere them so kindly. You are such an great inspiration for my work.
NEVER STOP PAINTING, PLEASE :applause: :applause: :applause:

04 April 2005, 02:45 PM
Reaching the end now, hm, not sure when this is ending as most of you (including CGtalk) aren't in the same time zone as I am. I'm taking the kitty out for a walk now and then snagging a nap. In case it's closed by the time I get back, HUGE hugs for all the lovely people out there <3

D-NA -- Hi Donna, I'm glad you've enjoyed it - I've had a fun time. Thank you for the hug and the kind words :} <3 I promise to check the band out, thanks for the tip.

Falcore -- Aw, it's been my pleasure. I promise I won't (stop painting, that is). Have a wonderful day.

04 April 2005, 03:19 PM
You take your cat for walks?? That is cute, if I took my gran's cat for a walk, she d run away and never come back, fiesty one........... :P

Thanks for the great Q&A :D:D:D

04 April 2005, 05:05 PM
Hi Linda... I'm a bit late to this and i've tried to read through the thread to check my questions aren't 'duplicates' but... *phew*... it's a biggy!!? Congratulations!!

I've just got a couple of technical questions... i hope i'm not too late...

What kinda RAM have you got in your PC? And what size Wacom do you use?

And what versions of Photoshop and Painter do you use...?

I think you've done fantastically well to answer the questions in this thread. It looks like it's been a full-time job in itself!! :eek: It speaks volumes about your commitment to the CG community and your art.

Now i'm going to have a play with your brushes...

04 April 2005, 07:37 PM
Lol. ok I have no magical weapon.
But one day I shall have the title.
:wavey: peace out.

04 April 2005, 08:24 PM
Hey Linda could you bare answering a couple of cheeky questions for me? :D

There a tad bit out of line but what the hey, I've been wanting to ask so I'm gonna.

Euthanasia: Why on earths call it that? Without that title I would have seen a naughty boy/girl just escaped from the monks, but I can imagine things into it with the title under it. I most certainly do :wise: not mean it the bad way. Because I love to think about these things, try and find more to them(yes, that's why I'm still curious). All I'm saying is that it has a morbid title for such a free creature, is it an escape from growing up? Is it going to kill something. Or did you just laugh in the face of inertia, and want to make a statement?

Last thing, really quick. I promise...


I forgot again...

I'll edit this if I remember...:blush:

04 April 2005, 12:09 AM
Okay, last time now :]

Fooxoo -- yes, I do :] Azrael loves to take long walks. He sticks by me unless he spots another cat - then there's a fight. He always wins, heh.

Duddlebug - Hiii :D The thread is insanely long, I'd have to start over and read it from the beginning, heheh. You're asking the toughest kind of questions, for me to try to respond to. I know next to nothing about actual computers - my friends, and my brother, take care of all of that for me. But I think I found the info... it's 1GB's RAM on this machine. Works pretty nicely for me. I'm still just using an Intuos 1 tablet, I'm afraid - size A5. I'd like to update to Intuos 3 pretty soon, but I'll be sticking with the size - I feel uncomfortable with the larger ones. They don't fit nicely on my desk and I usually paint with small movements, anyway :] Anyway, hope you enjoy the brushes <3 Love your M&S entry, by the way.

Pushav -- heheh, good luck :D

Jan-Mark -- Weeellllll... I had many thoughts behind the title of the image. One was the willing death of childhood when we grow up (you got that one right)... another was an idea of the child being Death in its kindest form, calling willing souls from tormented bodies, bringing them into the light. Death doesn't have to be a bad thing :]

Anyway, I'm off to bed now, I suspect the thread might be closed when I wake up. It's been a hoot and a holler, everyone :D Thank you!

04 April 2005, 12:51 AM
A big thanks to Linda Bergkvist for taking the time this week to do the Q&A!

Please do check out Linda Bergkvist's book "D'artiste: Digital Painting (" which she co-authored with Philip Straub, John Wallin and Robert Chang. Every copy purchased supports CGTalk and the arists.



06 June 2005, 06:39 AM
Hi all!

Thanks to paperclip's note-taking efforts, we have a summarised version of this thread available online:

05 May 2008, 05:46 AM
I just thought I'd let you guys know, that we're giving away a free video tutorial by Linda Bergkvist with pre-orders of EXPOSÉ 6.

Go reserve your copy now, here ( or join the discussion thread here. (