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04 April 2005, 12:54 PM
Hey guys,
I am not sure if this is the right forum, if not please move it.
I am just wondering how you guys manage to get a model (basemesh) from max to zbrush, create a texture-/normal-/bump-/displacementmap and then reimport the model in max for animation and rendering. I know how to ex-/import from max to zbrush sucessfully. creating the maps is no problem too. BUT how in the world am I supposed to export my created maps along with the model so it get displayed right in max? So that's my workflow so far:
create model in max -> export obj to zbrush -> apply uv coordinates (GUV or AUV tiles) -> create texture (2048x2048) -> create morphtarget -> sudivide until I got enough for working -> put details (displacement) and texture with the projection master on it -> when finished get down to level 1 of sub-d, return to previously saved morphtarget and push the buttons for normal and displ. map -> export them -> finally export the mesh (tool) along with the color map -> import in max -> put turbosmooth on top -> assign textures -> getting totally disorted textures -> flip maps vertically in PS -> back in max the color map works but the displ. and normal maps don't really work, they show the borders between the uv-tiles.

So guys, I need a little help. What's wrong with my workflow? I think I am doing something wrong with the mapping or exporting...

Best regards,

04 April 2005, 02:07 PM
you must use the displace modifier with existing mapping checked (use guv tiles in zbrush or lay out your uvs inside max, before importing the low res model to z brush ) and luminance center.Then is a matter of tweaking the values. The more iterations you have in turbosmooth the more detail you will get...For the normal map buff.... well, the best thing you can do is before exporting your original model from max to zbrush lay out your uvīs as i said, and try to hide the seams the best way you can,Zbrush is good doing this with GUV and AUV tiling, but you get a lot of seams over the mesh.

04 April 2005, 03:59 PM
alright thanks for your help mate.
One point though, I find it is way better to unwrap your models in max first, because you always get little mapping errors when using AUV or GUV mapping in Zbrush, or is this when I paint and the brush reaches the borders of the 2.5D canvas? mh either way it is pretty bugging.
Oh and two little questions:
1. I wonder why even a 2048x2048 bump map is not enough and there's always some loss in details, why, what in da world is going wrong there?
2. Is it normal to use the projection master to paint your models? I mean if a texturize a torso e.g. I have to rotate and spin the object serveral hundred times (a bit exaggerated) and turn the proj. master on and off each time to get a map that's seamless. Either that can't be normal, or I am not getting the hang of Zbrush :scream:

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04 April 2005, 03:59 PM
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