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09 September 2002, 02:48 PM
Watch the new spine-tingling trailer from DreamWorks S.K.G.

"The Ring"

09 September 2002, 04:35 PM
holy. This is suck. Does anyone know it is originally from Japan? the storyline and stuff?

Why dreamworks remaking it without any credits.... ahhh just cheap.

09 September 2002, 04:47 PM
Originally posted by HapZungLam
holy. This is suck. Does anyone know it is originally from Japan? the storyline and stuff?

So yes, it is known (the origin), at least by some.

09 September 2002, 04:51 PM
I've seen the trailer a while ago, and was wondering what it was talking about. When I realized that it was a remake of a damn good japanese movie called RING Directed by Nakata Hideo.

I was really "shocked" to see that they were making a remake of such a good movie. It's such a pity that to redo something that was once done in a really good way, and I personnaly think that THE RING will never reach the quality of RING.

It's really a shame on hollywood trying to redo a movie in his own way (most of the time "the american way").

They did change a lot of thing in it like the actors that are not japanese anymore ! Well maybe they think that if they had put in theater the original one maybe the public won't understand it. Maybe the public is not ready to see a foreign movie ...

Well that just pisses me off :annoyed: ! it's just a shame that most good foreign movie are ripped off in such remakes, and the problem is mainly due to the way of the american movie industry.

Too me, it seems this reflect a close-minded attitude. don't you think so ?

Well if you are interested in watching a good movie you should really go see RING first, and THE RING after. You will probably understand why I did this post.

here is good website where you will be able to find some related RING material :

enjoy !

09 September 2002, 06:46 PM
Yeah, pretty lame. The company I work for printed a bunch promo stuff for the premier and it was all low res hasty screen shot crap. It was as if they wanted to try and put a scary movie our for the Halloween season at all costs regardless of how weak.

09 September 2002, 09:46 PM
Yada Yada Yada Yada....

All this, "How can that dirty Hollywood touch a Classic film blah-blah-blah!" is all well and good, but how does the trailer look ?

Does the movie look well done ?

Are the special effects well done ?

Does it star Sylvester Stallone ? :)

09 September 2002, 11:05 PM
Of course it has nothing to do with Hollywood laying its grubby little hands all over a "classic." I've never seen the original. The trailer doesn't look that bad and it looks like the visuals might be intersting. My only point is that promotions people involved in the project seemed rushed and were doing things half assed and at the last minute so I had the gut feeling that *&^% generally runs down hill and that maybe the whole movie is suffering from the same fate. Just a gut feeling though. Hopefully I'll be pleasently suprised.

Agent D
09 September 2002, 11:22 PM
Well, I've never heard of the original, nor heard anyone else talking about it until now, which is probably WHY they're doing a remake for mainstream theaters. :shrug:

10 October 2002, 12:19 AM
i love the trailer ,

I also personally dont care much about the hollywood laying their grubby hands on "classics" and such.

The VFX is being done by Tippett studios , so i am %99 sure it'll rock.

And the movie stars that blonde chick from Mulholland Drive , which is reason enough for me to go and see the ring :p

10 October 2002, 12:25 AM
Originally posted by Agent D
Well, I've never heard of the original, nor heard anyone else talking about it until now, which is probably WHY they're doing a remake for mainstream theaters. :shrug:

Exactly the way you'll find both mustard (sugar mixed with a sort of weird taste) and FRENCH mustard, in USA (It's coming from France, by the way)... Try the REAL original thing. :)

That trailer looks like a Chris Cunningham video at some moments !! I love the editing and most of the b&w treatments...

Watch the last cut-cut part frame by frame...

10 October 2002, 12:58 AM
anyone know if there's a good url to Sadako's (sp?) video from the original? cos that was so tasty + spooky

sorry, found it on the site about hte originals

10 October 2002, 01:59 AM
it s just a rip of an original ammount of tippett studio effects are gonna make it better!!!!!!!So why bother

10 October 2002, 02:45 AM
And the next question is: Will they make "remakes" of Ring 2 and Ring 0? Wouldn't surprise me at all...

Another thing which is quite funny is how it looks if you go all the way. The Ring movies were based on books by a japanese author (whos name I've never known). So it's an american remake/ripoff of a japanese movie based on a book. What ever happened to originality?

10 October 2002, 03:22 AM
hopefully not of ring 2, mind you, they could only improve, the US sadako's vid looks ok, nice body in bag section like audition

10 October 2002, 03:37 AM
And Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was nothing but a "Rip Off" of past films and stories with the exact same plot ?

A story just has to be "well told", not "original" to be good. Very few stories from anywhere are original. Most are different spins on the same motivations and plot. I

I strongly suspect that no movie could be mentioned which *someone* could not think of an even earlier story which it was derived from. In fact for laughs I did a quick google search and came up with this quote:

"RING has the feel of an ancient Ghost story told by old Japanese Fishermen. It could have been a story from Lafcadio Hearn's 1903 book based on Japanese tales of the supernatural (KWAIDAN, or "Weird Tales"). " -

So it looks like the Author of The Ring ripped off even older stories and that just proves my point. It's not the orginality of the story, it's how well the story is executed.

10 October 2002, 03:54 AM
True, most stories (if not all) have a base in our ancient myths and legends, if you really feel like it you can probably trace the Ring story back to 600 BC or something like that. But that is beside the point. As it has been stated many times before, and will be again, Hollywood is re-using old ideas, re-packaging them in new shiny boxes with new effects and try to sell them off as a must-see from the director of the boxoffice hits Shitinabucket and Pooatemytaste.

Instead of making a remake of Ring, how about letting some unknown fikmmaker have a go at something we haven't seen yet? Memento comes to mind as a good example of innovative storytelling. Yes, Memento would probably have been slaughtered by studio bigwigs, but still... A guy can dream right?

(And now someone will say, "Memento was just a remake of blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda")

10 October 2002, 04:35 AM
yes , unknown directors get the chance , depends on the talent.

a good example would be 'the fallowing' also from christoper nolan. or Pi from darren aranovsky

Nolan did it with his own money if I am not wrong in over 2 years or something , i think its much better than memento & insomnia (not saying they are bad movies or anything)

anyway , the ring rocks :D :buttrock:

10 October 2002, 05:47 AM
BTW the original film is called "Ring" not "The Ring".
If they can't even get the title right.....sheesh!

10 October 2002, 07:58 AM
This arguement gets old. Yes, the ring is originally a japanese cult classic that is getting a dreamworks twist. Call it bastardisation, call it copying, call it a good idea, call it a fresh look, call it overlording the market-masses, call it what you will.

When it comes out, compare and make the decision. It will either be good, or it will be like when they remade "Psycho".:D

10 October 2002, 08:16 AM
Agent D: The original movie was never release in theater in the US. So maybe that is why you never heard of it. And think about why wouldn't they do it in the first place ?!!!

Sheep Factory: just like skunk84 said, do you think the special effects are making a good movie ? I am a big fan of everything related to VFX, and will probably go see a movie even a crappy one to check out the VFX, but in no way i would say it's a great movie because there are great VFX shots in it.

URGAFFEL: I totally agree with you. :thumbsup:

10 October 2002, 04:35 PM
I dont remember saying that Vfx makes the movie better or worse. I just stated that since the vfx is being made by tippett , there is a good possibility that it'll be much better than your average vfx.

@skunk: you are one clairvoyant fella , you always seem to know whether the movies are gonna suck or not before they are out.

One thing you guys dont realize is , these movies generate jobs for us. So in the end I cant care less if its a rip off.

10 October 2002, 05:26 PM
sheep factory ....glad you recognise my psychic talents...but i dont think i have commented on any movies but this one

I just dont see the point of remaking a movie that is great in the first place....

10 October 2002, 12:54 AM
Originally posted by skunk184
I just dont see the point of remaking a movie that is great in the first place....

Then you wouldn't end up w/something like The Happiness of the Katakuris, a very off the wall musical remake of the dark comedy The Quiet Family, to quote recent films. Or The Magnificent Seven, to take the Japanese -> American route. Just because something is a remake of something else does not automatically relegate the remake to being bad in and of itself. I'll wait till there's a little more in the way of concrete evidence (something other than the fact that it is a remake) before saying The Ring is a bad movie.

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