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Mathew Everett
04 April 2005, 05:39 PM
Attention 3D & 2D Artisits:

I have seen allot of work here that is just.... phenomenal, I can’t even explain on how great I think most of the artist at CG Talk are. But to the point…

I have been thinking of ways I would like to see my art printed. I have found a way to print 3D Art on Canvas “so I can frame & hang them” The quality is unexplainable….It looks just as if you created it in PS or any other program. I can print home images and they look better on the canvas than they do photo paper.

But I would like to offer all the artist around the world a chance to print there awesome art. So you can hang it or sell it etc… I am not advertising this to make a profit. I would like to do these for you guys at my cost. Which is 1/10 of the price companies around the world charge. I believe that artists like you & myself should be able to have great prints of our art work & not pay hundreds of dollars for them "its our art dangit". Just for a 2’ x 3’ print it might run about $45 bucks plus shipping, Now that is dang cheap…. Let me know what guys think.


I can create samples if you would like. I have a few images I took that I will have posted online for everyone to see.


Mathew Everett

04 April 2005, 01:06 AM
Printing CG art to canvas alone won't do the trick. What makes a real painting fascinating is the fact that it's real pigment with binders, medium, and varnish, all applied with a variety of brushstrokes from various types of brushes, palette knives, sponges, finger tips..etc. Light falls on and enters that multi-layered surface, consisting of transparent, semi-transparent, and opaque qualities, then bounces around, and then reflects back into your eyes (kinda like looking at colored gem stones). Some pigments are transparent, and some less so. Painting mediums can be quite complex, as painters use anything from oils, turpentine, wax, resins..etc and mix them to create their own formulas that imparts desired handling properties and visual characteristics. All of this adds very rich and complex visual qualities that makes a painting, a painting. And that is why simply printing something on a canvas will not do the trick.

There is one trick that works though. Many artists sell giclee prints that are embellished with real paint on top. This creates an illusion of the entire painting being real. Some people print CG artworks and then applie a coat of varnish with clear brushstrokes--this is not quite as effective, since there are no real paint on top.

Mathew Everett
04 April 2005, 06:06 AM
I understand what you are saying. But these prints are don't even know. The printer dose have the ability to paint on & give a texture to theactual digital images. But the whole point of a didgital image is that it is Digital....If people wanted to paint it they would..But Digital art is something more special I think. But in all it is just a different type of art form...But for the price I can do these at & the me they are feaking awesome....

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04 April 2005, 06:06 AM
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