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04 April 2005, 03:29 AM
Hey all,

new to the group here and would love some feedback- I'm a compositor and got a job adding rain to a 2k film plate. I'm doing it at home using After Effects 6.5 on my Mac and don't have an adequate plug-in so I'm looking to buy one -SO :

1. which one holds up on film, 2. which one looks real enough with motion blur controls etc., 3. which one is cheap enough so I still make enough money on the job, and 4. is there one that is in the previous three categories that also may come with good plug-ins (as a bonus for me)?

Am I asking for a lot? I'm ready to use something (quick learner) and have a fast turn around (3 weeks) so any and every bit of help is appreciated!!

Thanks much,

04 April 2005, 08:38 PM
trapcode particular is pretty awesome for that kind of thing. it's 3d, and works with AE's comp camera. check it:

04 April 2005, 12:52 AM
I definitely like the trapcode plugins and I have been considering the Particular's plug-ins, but I don't think they have a built in rain element. I would imagine that you can tweak for example the snow preset to behave and look like rain, but I guess I am going to have to download the free version to test it first. It renders 16 bit too, so that's a big plus and it uses the AE camera too. Me like! But I do wish it had a rain preset because I'm lazy! The price is right (actually cheaper than what I'd spend, so that's right!)

Any others so I can compare?? Thanks! bill

04 April 2005, 12:03 PM
check out the cycore plugins that are bundled with AE 6.5. CC rain can work well.

04 April 2005, 07:42 PM
why dont u do the rain element in a 3d package like max or maya

max has some good presets for superspray but to get great looks and good colosions if the rain is hitting things check pflow in max or even thinking particles.

04 April 2005, 05:28 AM
Thanks for the advice - I'm not a 3D guy and I don't really have the time to learn (I do have pretty limited Maya knowledge, but particles are outside that!)

I have been having luck with the CC plug in, however I have another question:

if you are using adjustment layers to place the rain in your scene and you have your Bg on the bottom level, how do you add slight blurs to each rain layer without effecting the Bg?

doesn't seem possible? I understand everything about Pre-Composing, but that effects the Rain Plug-in's depth on the Bg layer. Soooo, does anyone have an answer for this? I love this forum by the way!

Thanks all!

04 April 2005, 05:53 PM
Better pick up particular, you'll be able to adjust the particles to look like rain. I prefer Digital Fusion (awesome compositing app. with incredible particles) or maybe try shooting real rain it and compositing it in, nothing beats reality.

04 April 2005, 04:01 AM
Thanks Much!

I'm going to look more into Digital Fusion (but I'm guessing it's not an app that will be cost effecient for this particular job) - Particular from Trapcode is in the price range and looks good - I'm just trying to use what I have.

But thanks for your help!

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04 April 2005, 04:01 AM
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